"Dear Emily and Richard"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Gail Mancuso

Lorelai, Richard, and Emily are at the elder Gilmores’ house, trying to remember which relative got drunk and hiked up her skirt in front of a photographer at a Christmas party. Rory arrives with guidebooks so that she and Lorelai can start planning the trip they’re going to take to Europe after Rory graduates from high school. Emily and Richard laugh when they learn that the girls plan to backpack and stay in hostels. Richard forbids this, thinking it’s not safe, but the girls want to be spontaneous and not spend too much money. Emily offers to pay for the trip, but the girls don’t want her to. Tom and his construction crew work on Taylor’s new ice cream shop, aided by Dean. Miss Patty passes by to take a look at the construction workers. At the diner, Luke reads Hidden Romantic Gems of the Restaurant World and Jess holds it hostage in exchange for information. Luke admits that he’s taking Nicole (see “Lorelai Out of Water”) to dinner and wants to find a special restaurant. “You’re pathetic when you’re in love,” Jess tells him. Dean arrives and tries to place an order with Jess, who calls him Taylor’s errand boy. Dean shoots back that Jess is Taylor’s waitress. He makes sure that Jess gets the order right, making him read everything back. At the inn, Lorelai and Michel discuss a customer who keeps changing his mind about the theme he wants for his retirement party. Michel suggests burying the guy alive, since death comes after retirement. Rory doesn’t help matters by telling Lorelai that she’s been invited to Sherry’s C-section. Rory debates going and decides to, since the baby will be her sister.

Rory and Lorelai head home with a bunch of Beanie Babies, because now the guy who’s retiring wants a Beanie Baby party. The girls find a box of travel guides from Emily, but they’re all outdated and not the girls’ style. Lorelai thinks that she was the only person in her house growing up who actually read the books. In the first of many flashbacks, a teenaged Lorelai and Christopher head to the Gilmores’ house and make sure that Emily isn’t home. The two are done with midterms and decide to celebrate by raiding the liquor cabinet. Christopher announces that he’s decided to spend some time backpacking in Europe instead of going straight to college after graduation. He also wants Lorelai to go with him. Lorelai notes that Christopher’s parents have had plans for his life forever, so he can’t just throw them aside and do whatever he wants. Christopher encourages her to write her parents a note saying that she doesn’t belong there and then just leave with him. Back in the present, the girls look through the books and decide to stay in a lot of expensive places in Europe. At Chilton, Madeline and Louise discuss Paris’ relationship with Jamie and are happy, since “it wasn’t healthy, all that non-dating.” Louise asks Rory what Jamie is like, but she doesn’t want to talk about Paris. Paris arrives and shows the student council their group photo for the yearbook. Rory notes that she’s sneezing in the picture, but Paris thinks it was the best one overall, so they’re sticking with it. The conversation is interrupted when Rory gets a phone call from Sherry’s friend Maureen, who tells her that Sherry has gone into labor. Rory agrees to go to the hospital.

In a flashback, Emily tries to prepare for Lorelai to have her photo taken in her debutante ball gown, but Lorelai is running late. Emily heads upstairs and finds her trying to zip up her dress. Emily realizes that the dress is too small and wonders if Lorelai has gained weight. She decides that the dressmaker wrote down Lorelai’s measurements wrong and has to cancel the photo session. In the present, Lorelai goes to Luke’s, where she announces that she needs to drink a lot of coffee in the next five minutes so she can survive an evening alone with Emily. She realizes that Luke isn’t there, but Kirk was listening. Luke arrives and Lorelai notes that he shaved and has dressed up a little. She wonders why until Nicole arrives. At the hospital, Maureen tells Rory that the rest of Sherry’s friends are working and, in fact, she has to get back to her office as well. Rory is upset that she’s the only one who will be there for Sherry. She goes to see her and Sherry laments that Christopher is out of town and all of her friends are at work. She wishes that she could go to work and complains that nothing is going the way she planned. Lorelai heads to her parents’ house and she and Emily discuss Rory’s soon-to-be sister. Lorelai wonders what Emily does while Richard is out of town. Emily says that she keeps the house running, attends DAR meetings, and organizes fundraisers. Lorelai wants to know if Emily watches TV or movies at night. She suggests that Emily get a DVD player so she can watch the musicals she likes whenever she wants. Emily would rather arrange her own plans and entertainment.

In a flashback, Emily, Richard, Straub, and Francine (see “Christopher Returns”) gather and discuss their surprise over Lorelai’s pregnancy. Francine suggests sending Lorelai away and Emily says that Christopher and Lorelai are responsible for what happened. Straub doesn’t think that Christopher should have to sacrifice everything his parents have planned for him. He suggests an abortion and wonders what Emily’s terrific solution is. Richard announces that the teens will get married and live in the Gilmores’ house, and Christopher will work for him. Emily thinks that this is a reasonable plan, but Straub thinks that Christopher should become a lawyer and work at his firm. Lorelai and Christopher eavesdrop from the stairs, where Lorelai complains that their parents are trying to plan their lives. Christopher thinks that they need their help, but Lorelai says that they can take care of themselves. Christopher is okay with the plan Richard has outlined. Lorelai reminds him about their desire to go to Europe. Christopher says that he has to get a job and make money for them now. In the present, Rory makes some calls to reorganize Sherry’s life while she’s on maternity leave. A nurse wonders what Sherry plans to do if Christopher doesn’t arrive before the baby is born. “Then we’ll just have to wait,” Sherry replies. The nurse points out that that’s not really an option, so Sherry says that Rory can help her out. Rory heads off to get coffee and calls Lorelai, panicked. She begs her to come to the hospital, which Lorelai agrees to do. She explains the situation to Emily, who wonders why Lorelai would go help the woman who took Christopher away from her. Lorelai says that she’s going because Rory asked her to come.

In a flashback, Lorelai starts having labor pains and heads to the hospital by herself. In the present, Lorelai arrives at the hospital, much to Rory’s relief. Rory is still doing some work for Sherry; Lorelai makes her stop. She tells Sherry to stop working because she’s having a baby. She gives Sherry a pep talk and Sherry says that she hopes her child is as great as Rory is. Later, Rory tells Lorelai that she tried to call Christopher again but can’t reach him. She notes that at least Lorelai is there, since she’s gone through this before. Lorelai points out that she was in a very different place last time. Rory suggests getting a camera in case Christopher doesn’t arrive in time. Lorelai refuses. Fortunately, Christopher shows up and heads to the delivery room with Sherry. In a flashback, Emily and Richard arrive as Lorelai is taken to the delivery room. Emily blasts Lorelai for leaving a note saying that she was going to the hospital; she should have asked her parents for a ride, especially since she doesn’t have a driver’s license. Emily wants to go into the delivery room, but Lorelai refuses. In the present, Rory and Lorelai are both glad that Christopher arrived in time. They sit and wait for news on the baby. At the diner, Jess tells Kirk to go home, since he’s been sitting around for four hours. Kirk says that he has nothing to do since his TV is broken. Jess suggests that he read a book, but Kirk needs a suggestion. Jess tells him to read Moby Dick. Kirk declines and asks for another recommendation. Luke and Nicole return from their date and Jess announces that he’s going out for a while so the two can be alone. Luke pulls him outside and, after an argument, Jess says that he’s staying but can find something to do to occupy himself.

At the hospital, Rory sleeps as Christopher comes out of the delivery room and tells Lorelai that the baby was born. They go to see her as Christopher talks about how amazing the experience was. Lorelai congratulates him and he thanks her. In a flashback, the two look at newborn Rory and Christopher says that he guesses they should get married. In the present, Christopher goes to wake up Rory so she can see baby Gigi. Lorelai heads back to the elder Gilmores’ house with a DVD player and a bunch of movies for Emily. Lorelai says that she’ll hook it up (which surprises Emily) and promises that Emily won’t have anything to worry about after that. Emily isn’t sure why Lorelai got her the player and movies, but she does admire Lorelai’s choices. In a flashback, Richard and Emily find a note from Lorelai, who has left with Rory. In the present, Lorelai takes the DVD player up to her parents’ bedroom. Emily worries that Lorelai will get hurt or set the house on fire. Lorelai ignores her and sings “Easter Parade.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dean: “I gotta place an order.”
Jess: “Talk into the clown.”
Dean: “I am.”

“Do not mention how fat she is. For some reason, she’s extremely sensitive about that today.” - Maureen, re: Sherry

Christopher: “That’s my daughter.”
Lorelai: “I can tell.”
Christopher: “How?”
Lorelai: “I think she conned that one out of his blanket.”

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