"Introducing Lorelai Planetarium"
Written by Jenny Snider; directed by Lee Shallat-Chemel

Lorelai calls Rory and leaves her a message to let her know that she and Christopher are back from Paris (see “French Twist”). She wants Rory to call her back STASAP (sooner than as soon as possible). It turns out that this isn’t the first time she’s left Rory a message, and Christopher tells her she has to stop calling. He then asks if they can get a Barcalounger, a flat-screen TV, and a Big-Mouth Billy Bass fish. (He’s really kidding about everything except the TV, but Lorelai would rather have the fish.) Christopher really just wants something to make him feel better about moving to a small town, and he doesn’t understand why Lorelai, who loves TV so much, wouldn’t want a big one. Rory finally calls Lorelai back and Lorelai invites her to dinner that night. Rory can’t come since she has a study group, but she says she’ll come over on the weekend. Lorelai says that’s not soon enough, telling her they have to eat the snails she and Christopher brought back from Paris. Rory agrees to come, though Christopher isn’t quite in favor of the snails plan. He thinks Rory will be happy to learn that her parents got married. Lorelai wonders if she should tell Rory by herself, but Christopher reminds her that they agreed to tell Rory together. Lorelai says he’s right and she’s just used to having Rory all to herself. The two then try to figure out where they can get snails.

Rory returns home, having participated in some college-like activities, to find Logan waiting for her in the apartment. She’s happy to see him but wishes he would stop surprising her every time he comes to visit. Logan is in town because his company’s pre-launch party for their new website has suddenly been moved up to tonight. Rory tells him she’s going to Lorelai’s for dinner, but she’ll stop by the party afterwards. She tries not to sound jealous that Logan will be spending time with Bobbi, noting that her problems with Bobbi have nothing to do with Bobbi herself. Logan asks if Rory wants to help him look for an apartment tomorrow, since he’s going to move to Manhattan. She’s thrilled that this means he won’t be living so far away. She suggests that he move back in with her, but he’d rather live closer to his office since he’ll be working so much. Rory seems worried that this means Logan will take most of his stuff with him when he moves, leaving her without much in the apartment. He tells her he’ll get himself some new stuff to symbolize his new start. At their apartment, Luke tries to get April’s attention away from her studying so they can eat dinner. He’s obviously very involved in her life now, having talked with her about her friends’ issues and doing her laundry. Luke is surprised that the party April has been invited to is coed, and he grosses her out by asking if anyone there will be kissing.

Rory heads home and is surprised to see that A) Lorelai is cooking and B) Lorelai is cooking snails. Rory admits that she thought “I’m going to cook snails” was a euphemism for “I’m ordering a pizza.” Rory asks what her parents did in Paris, and Lorelai tries to distract her with snails. (Christopher says they taste like buttered Gummi bears.) Lorelai finally announces that she and Christopher got married in Paris, which shocks Rory. She says she’s happy for them, but when Christopher goes to get some champagne from the garage, Lorelai asks how Rory really feels. Rory admits that she’s mad, but she doesn’t tell Christopher that. Later, at the launch party, Rory tells Logan that her parents got married and she’s not happy about it. Logan tells her that since she obviously has a lot to process right now, she doesn’t have to stay at the party if she doesn’t want to. She assures him that she’s good at compartmentalizing and is fine staying, especially since she’s helping him celebrate. Rory meets up with Logan’s coworkers, including Bobbi, and meets a guest named Tripp who likes to talk about the house he’s building. Rory then meets a guy named Hugo who’s starting an online magazine, and the two of them bond over not feeling comfortable around the other guests. He encourages her to submit some writing to his site, noting that a piece about the party would be perfect.

Lorelai starts leaving Rory messages again, wanting to talk to her about the quickie marriage. At her apartment, Rory has already written the article, which Logan is now reading, and decides to ignore Lorelai’s message so it doesn’t destroy her happiness. Logan tells Rory that the article made him mad - even though he was joking around with her about the people there, her piece comes across as judgmental towards them. Rory admits that her anger with Lorelai may have worked itself into the piece, which was supposed to be humorous; she didn’t want Logan to take it personally because he’s so different from everyone else who was there. Logan denies that, saying he doesn’t want to be different from them - he’s a trust-fun kid and not ashamed of it. Rory argues that she was trying to make the point that “people use connections to get ahead.” Logan replies that the party was just about people meeting other people, and he wonders why Rory feels so morally superior. He points out that she went to prep school, she’s at Yale, and her grandparents are building a building with her name, so she’s one of them. She notes that she’s not living off a trust fund, and he shoots back that she’s not paying rent either. At Luke’s, April gets ready for the party even though she’s not feeling well. Luke tries to talk to her about kissing again (using the word “juggling” instead) and about not giving in to peer pressure. It’s a moot point anyway, since April has a fever and Luke decides she can’t go to the party. She tells him he sucks as a father.

Lorelai checks her messages (she has none), then criticizes one of Christopher’s shirts, which is peach. She also discovers that he’s been in possession of her Police Synchronicity shirt for the past 22 years, even though he told her to her face that he didn’t have it. She notes that she accused Emily of throwing it out, and says she and Emily could have had a great relationship if Christopher hadn’t taken the shirt. Christopher moves some things into Rory’s room, which will now be Gigi’s, and Lorelai asks him to slow down a little instead of moving all of Rory’s things around. Christopher reminds her that things are going to change now that they’re married. Lorelai just doesn’t want to make things hard for Rory, and she breaks the news to Christopher that Rory isn’t happy about their marriage. He’s upset that Lorelai didn’t tell him sooner, since Rory is his daughter, too, and he and Lorelai are married now. Lorelai thinks they just need to give Rory some time to come around. Rory visits Lucy and Olivia and complains to them about Logan. Olivia and Lucy offer to let Rory move in with them (they’re technically not allowed to have here move in, but they have a hot plate, which also isn’t allowed, so why not break another rule?). Olivia and Lucy admit that the article is mean, and Rory is shocked to realize that she’s mean, judgmental, and insensitive. Luke tries to tend to April, but soon grows so worried that he calls Lorelai for help. Lorelai thinks April has appendicitis and advises Luke to take her to the hospital.

Hours later, Lorelai joins him there to learn that April has already had an appendectomy and will be okay. He thanks Lorelai for coming and she tells him there’s nothing worse than having to take your child to the emergency room. April’s doctor tells Luke and Lorelai they can see April (thinking they’re both her parents), and Luke notices Lorelai’s wedding ring. Rory returns to her apartment and tells an apologetic Logan that he was right about her article. She assures him that she doesn’t really feel that way about his friends, and she’s proud of his accomplishments. He tells her that he wouldn’t be so upset if she weren’t such a good writer. Rory decides that she needs to move out of the apartment since he won’t be living there anymore. Lorelai arrives and Rory tells her she’s actually happy that she and Christopher got married, she’s just upset that she wasn’t there. Lorelai admits that she thinks if she’d called Rory to come join them in Paris, Rory would have tried to talk her out of the wedding. She just wanted to get married because she’s sure this relationship is right. Rory admits that she would have tried to talk her out of it, but she’s okay with the marriage now, and even with sharing a room with Gigi. Lorelai says she won’t change her name because she doesn’t want to be Mrs. Hayden Planetarium. Back at home, Christopher wakes up in the middle of the night to find Lorelai moving furniture; she tells him Rory is okay with the marriage. Back at the hospital, Luke watches the end of The Philadelphia Story, in which Katharine Hepburn announces that the wedding she originally planned will take place.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Why do you insist on scaring me half to death every time you’re in town?”
Logan: “Well, besides the fact that it’s really fun - well, actually, that’s it. It’s just really fun.”

“The ceremony was in French, so there’s only a 90 percent chance that we’re actually married. There’s a 10 percent chance we were issued a very expensive dog license.” - Christopher

Logan: “See that guy right there? He’s a Rockefeller. He doesn’t like you to talk about the fact that he’s a Rockefeller, but he wants you to know he’s a Rockefeller. So if you talk to him, make sure he knows you know, but don’t say you know.”
Rory: “I’m gonna try to work in the phrase ‘Standard Oil.’”

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