"The Fundamental Things Apply"
Written by John Stephens; directed by Neema Barnette

Rory comes home to find Lorelai gardening, since Babette has brought her bulbs to give her a chance to fill up her apparently empty life. Actually, she brought the bulbs a while ago and Lorelai forgot about them, so now they’re moldy. Rory tells Lorelai that school is going well but Janet and Paris keep fighting because Janet gets up early to go jogging and always wakes Paris up. Lorelai freaks out when Rory throws a bulb at her, so she wipes her hand on Rory’s shirt. Rory then freaks out when she feels something crawling on her leg. Lorelai agrees to decline the next time Babette brings her bulbs. Back at Yale, Rory is woken up by Paris and Janet. Paris tells Rory that Janet is practicing psychological warfare. Since Paris turned off her alarm, Rory has overslept and has to rush to the cafeteria for breakfast in her pajamas. There, she runs into Marty (see “The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles”), who shares some of his food and introduces her to people he eats breakfast with. Apparently she is known as the girl who gave Marty a robe when he passed out in the hallway, naked. He worries that he’s embarrassed Rory, but he’s glad that he can approach her now without being embarrassed himself. Lorelai talks on her cell phone at the diner; Luke tries to kick her out and blasts her for disrespecting his rules. Michel arrives and he and Lorelai talk about designers for the new inn. Lorelai doesn’t think that Michel’s bizarre diet would fit in with Luke’s food, but Michel lets himself go crazy every six months and now wants chocolate cake.

Emily calls Lorelai and asks if she’s planning to come to Friday night dinner, since she failed to RSVP. Lorelai makes tentative plans to come, then throws something at Luke to get his attention so he’ll tell her to get off the phone. At Yale, Rory engages in a discussion about Hemingway, then chats with a guy named Trevor, who invites her out. She declines, telling him she’s not available but would like to go another time. Rory takes her laundry home, since she’s frustrated with the shared machines at school and the fact that people actually throw away her clean clothes. Lane rushes in for pizza before she has to be home for an unappetizing dinner. After she rushes back out, Rory fills Lorelai in on the latest battles between Janet and Paris. Paris locked Janet in her room with a chair, so after Janet got out through her window, she glued Paris’ glue gun shut. She tells Lorelai about running into Marty again; she says he’s sweet but doesn’t seem to be interested in him as more than a friend. She adds that Trevor asked her to dinner but she told him she was busy. Apparently she’s a little disturbed by the fact that he always carries a bottle of water around with him. Lorelai notes that Rory has never really dated - she had a relationship with Dean and a relationship with Jess. Rory replies that Lorelai never really dated either and only had relationships. Lorelai thinks that Rory should date, since she’s in college. Instead of responding, Rory heads off to do her laundry. Lorelai wonders if she won the discussion.

Lorelai meets with a decorator named Natalie at the diner; Luke isn’t happy that their books are taking up so many tables. Lorelai is surprised to learn that Natalie remodeled a floor of Emily’s house. At Yale, Rory tells Trevor that she’d like to go to dinner with him after all. Downtown in Stars Hollow, Sookie reveals to Lorelai that she wants to name the baby Davey. Apparently Jackson wants to name the baby Davey if it’s a boy and Colgate if it’s a girl. Lorelai is glad that at least Sookie knows the baby is a boy. Sookie says that she had to fight Jackson on the name Colgate because if she didn’t, he would figure out that the baby is a boy. Unfortunately, they got into a fight about it. Lorelai tells Sookie that she’s not happy that Natalie knows Emily; her life has always revolved around her ability to separate herself from her mother. Sookie reminds her that they like Natalie and asks her to give her a chance. Lorelai heads to the diner, where Luke complains that he’s been taking messages for her all day. Lorelai promises to call everyone and tell them not to call her there anymore. She then asks if anyone delivered a package there for her. Luke gives a guy named Ed tickets to a baseball game and rags on him a little. Lorelai notes that Luke has been in a bad mood recently. Luke explains that he originally bought the tickets for himself and Nicole, and he should have accepted the failure of the relationship and gotten rid of them earlier. He talks about expectations leading to disappointment, which causes Lorelai to call him cynical. She invites him over for movie night the next evening. She’s surprised by the number of classic movies he hasn’t seen.

Lorelai arrives for Friday night dinner and learns that Rory will be late, so she goes back to her car. Emily interrupts her while she’s listening to the radio and lip-synching. She makes Lorelai come inside, criticizing her for not being able to be in the house without Rory for a few minutes. Emily then says that she just found out that Sookie is pregnant and wants to know why Lorelai didn’t tell her. She thinks she should have known, since she went to Sookie and Jackson’s wedding, and thinks that Lorelai is intent on keeping Emily out of her life. Lorelai asks how Emily found out but Emily gets revenge by not telling her. Rory arrives and tells Emily how school is going. Rory reveals that she’s going on a date and Lorelai asks for details on how the acceptance came about. Emily thinks that Rory asked a boy out, which she disapproves of. She’s not any more pleased to learn that Rory just made sure that Trevor knew she was available. She tells Rory that how she conducts herself socially at school is as important as how she conducts herself academically. Emily wants to know what Rory knows about Trevor and his family; Lorelai wants to know what she’s planning to wear. Emily doesn’t want Lorelai to dress Rory. Lorelai is surprised that Emily knows about Sex and the City. Lorelai, Sookie, and Natalie look around the Kims’ antique shop and Lorelai tries to show Natalie that everything in their lives is perfect. After Natalie walks off, Lorelai tells Sookie that she’s being careful because she thinks Natalie is telling Emily things. She doesn’t want Emily to know that they’re having money problems.

Sookie says that Natalie couldn’t have told Emily about the pregnancy because Natalie didn’t know until today. Sookie wants to talk to Natalie about the situation, so they go outside and Lorelai says that she doesn’t like sharing things with Emily. Natalie assures her that she hasn’t been in touch with Emily for a while and doubts that she’ll speak to her again any time soon. Happy that things are smoother now, Natalie points out a lawn jockey that Lorelai doesn’t really like. Natalie says that Emily would hate it. “Wrap it up,” Lorelai says. At Yale, Rory gets ready for her date, trying to bond with Tana over clothes-picking. Tana thinks that Rory should run in place until the date so she’ll give off pheromones. Paris has called a roommate meeting for just before the date; she mostly wants to complain about Janet. Rory has trouble picking a side. Janet has problems with Paris’ crafts and constant negativity. Paris thinks that Janet is obsessive. Trevor arrives as Paris offers to race Janet. If she wins, Janet can’t set her alarm before 7 a.m., and if Janet wins, Paris will move her crafts stuff to her and Rory’s room. Luke arrives at Lorelai’s for movie night with food; she’s already gotten some, so she’s set for the week. She tells him to get situated and “squish around” to get comfortable. She tells him about Hardbodies, then tells him they’re watching Casablanca. Lorelai goes over the rules - no talking, no moving around, no phone calls, no bathroom breaks, and no pausing the film. She starts the movie and Luke immediately asks what the FBI warning is. “You’re beyond monk. You’re über monk,” she tells him.

Rory and Trevor make awkward conversation at the restaurant before they’re seated. Trevor sits down on the same side of the table as Rory. At movie night, Luke tells Lorelai to stop looking at him; she says that she likes watching people while they watch certain parts of certain movies. He tells her that she keeps looking over when something big is about to happen, so he knows it’s coming. She rewinds the movie a little, since they missed some dialogue while they were talking. The phone rings and Lorelai decides to break her rules and answer it when she hears on the answering machine that Rory is calling. Rory complains that she’s being an idiot and everything is going badly. She also hates sitting on the same side of the table as Trevor. After the girls hang up, Luke tells Lorelai that Rory should tell Trevor there’s a draft where she’s sitting so she can move to the other side. Lorelai calls Rory back and passes on the advice. After they hang up again, Luke says that he hates dating. He thinks that you can know if things will work out by instinct. He starts fast-forwarding the movie, wanting to get to the good parts, so Lorelai heads to the kitchen to get dessert. The phone rings again and Luke answers it. It’s Emily, and Lorelai isn’t happy when Luke tries to give her the phone. Emily says that she called Natalie to do some redecorating and Natalie blew her off. Lorelai says that she never told Natalie not to work for Emily. She agrees to let Emily have her, but Emily passive-agressively says that Lorelai can have her and she’ll just never talk to Natalie again. Rory heads home, where Luke has fallen asleep during Hardbodies, and tells Lorelai that Trevor was nice but not her type. Lorelai tells her that if dating continues to go badly, she can go with Luke’s instinct thing. Back at Yale, Rory meets a guy in the laundry room and asks him out for coffee sometime. He declines.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Babette: “Oh, and just you wait till spring. You’re gonna wake up one morning, walk out, and pow - color coming out of your yin-yang! I’ll see you girls tomorrow.”
Lorelai: “I’m going to have color coming out of my yin-yang.”
Rory: “Well, then maybe you’ll finally get a man.”

Emily: “They treat you like an adult in college.”
Lorelai: “In college, yes. In the Gilmore house….”

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