Written by Shawn Ryan; directed by Turi Meyer

Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn have dinner in a fancy restaurant, where Cordelia tries to keep an eye out for celebrities. It turns out that Angel is there as well; we couldn’t see him because the others were being reflected in a mirror. The group is celebrating the fact that Cordelia was cast in a commercial that’s shooting early the next morning. She admits that she feels guilty about leaving the MoG while they’re in the middle of a case, but they assure her that they can handle things. Wesley and Gunn discuss the Haklar demon they’re supposed to face, doing a little bonding and sort of ignoring Angel. Angel suddenly spots a woman wearing a shawl and blasts her for wearing a demon battle shroud. Cordelia has to drag him away, apologizing to the woman, who was just wearing a regular shawl. Back at the table, Cordelia gets sick from her sashimi appetizer. At the Hyperion the next morning, Wesley calls his father to wish him a happy birthday and winds up getting the third degree. Angel heads to the set of Cordelia’s commercial to ask her a question about her vision about the Haklar. The director arrives and tells Cordelia to take off her bathrobe; she’s wearing a skimpy bikini underneath, which surprises Angel. Angel gets angry over the director’s treatment of Cordelia and orders him to apologize. The director responds by calling security and blasting Cordelia for bringing her “boyfriend” along. Cordelia starts to kick Angel off of the set in an attempt to save her career, but first he has to ask her about the Haklar. “I hate my whole life,” Cordelia remarks.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley and Gunn are discussing the Haklar when Rondell and George (see “The Thin Dead Line”) arrive, telling Gunn that they’re after a group of vampires in a park. Gunn thinks that they want him to help them kill the vamps, but they actually just want to borrow his truck. Gunn decides that he wants to go along, telling Wesley that he’ll come back when Angel knows where the Haklar is. Angel arrives, announcing that the Haklar is in an area where a race is about to take place, and Wesley tells Gunn that he’ll have to come with them. Gunn tells Rondell and George that he’ll meet up with them later. While the MoG are getting ready, Angel wonders why Cordelia would want to be a part of the acting world. At Caritas, Lorne is singing “Superstition” when a portal opens behind him and a demon jumps out. The demon breaks some stuff, then heads out of the club as Lorne tries to convince everyone (and himself) that everything’s okay. On the set, Cordelia runs into problems with modesty and talent. The MoG return to the Hyperion after their Haklar-fighting and meet up with Cordelia, who blasts Angel for his earlier behavior. She calms down and asks about the Haklar-fighting; they tell her that they managed to kill it before it could eat the racers. Lorne arrives, announcing that he wants to hire the MoG to find a demon called a Drokken. Wesley isn’t familiar with the name and Lorne tells him that the demon is from another world. He wants the MoG to kill the Drokken, which is currently hunting down people on the street.

The MoG ask Lorne for more information on the Drokken, but he only gives them the bare minimum. Angel starts to take charge of the case but stops when Cordelia reminds him that Wesley is now the boss. Wesley agrees with Angel’s ideas and the MoG are on their way to Caritas when Cordelia has a vision. She sees a girl named Winifred Burkle, aka Fred (Amy Acker), who’s wearing a locket, look at a book and then get sucked into a portal. Lorne doesn’t care about the vision, since he’s anxious for the MoG to kill the Drokken, but Wesley and Angel think there’s a connection between the demon coming through a portal and the girl disappearing through a portal. They decide to head to the library and Lorne tags along. Gunn heads to his crew’s base camp and learns that Rondell was killed during the battle with the vamps. At the library, Lorne points out that he and Angel always wind up there (see “Happy Anniversary”), then pretends that he’s there for the children’s reading program. Cordelia asks a librarian about the girl from her vision and learns that Fred disappeared five years earlier. The MoG head to the foreign language section, where Fred disappeared, and find the book she was holding in Cordelia’s vision. Cordelia reads the demon language in the book, accidentally opening another portal. A green demon emerges from the portal, and while he and Angel are fighting, Lorne recognizes him as Landok (Brody Hutzler). Landok recognizes Lorne as well, supplying his full name, Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan. Lorne says that he prefers Lorne, even though he doesn’t usually go by it because he’s green and people make a Lorne Greene connection. (Angel’s the only one who gets the joke.)

Lorne introduces the MoG to Landok, his cousin, who says that Lorne’s disappearance was mysterious. He says that he’d hoped Lorne had gone looking for atonement by sacrificing himself in a canyon. Lorne confirms that he also came to L.A. through a portal and Landok tells him that they can go back home together. Lorne says that he’s staying and Landok starts talking about Lorne’s mother, who is angry about her son’s disappearance. The MoG tease Lorne for being a coward and say that they want to hear more about Lorne’s family. Lorne reminds them that they’re supposed to be on a Drokken hunt, but Landok says that it’ll be hard to kill without thromite. He says that he can track the Drokken, since he’s been trained to, and the MoG tell him that they’re happy for his help. Elsewhere, Gunn blasts George for taking the crew out to fight without him. George replies that they’ve been waiting for him to come back for months. Landok, Lorne, and the MoG track the Drokken as Lorne talks more about his home world - everything is black and white and everyone is either good or evil. Everyone settles issues with fighting and there’s no allowance for feelings or creativity. Wesley wonders where Gunn is and Cordelia tells him that they can’t worry about him. Landok calls him a coward for not participating in the “sacred joust,” but Lorne explains that he couldn’t because he could see both sides of it; he didn’t understand how he could fight with someone when he partially agreed with him.

The group heads to a warehouse and encounter the Drokken. Wesley wonders if they can create a diversion, but Landok is more on the side of just attacking it. Angel decides that this is a good idea as well. Landok fights the Drokken, which injures him, and then Angel takes over the fight. Lorne explains to the others that Landok has been poisoned by the Drokken’s bite and that the only antidote is back in their home world. Angel returns from his unfinished fight and tells Wesley to save the Drokken’s captive while he goes after the demon. They start to do so, but Wesley runs into the Drokken and tries to fight him off. Angel finally kills the Drokken, commenting, “That was fun.” Landok tries to get Lorne to promise that if he dies, he’ll perform the appropriate rituals. Cordelia says that she thinks she knows how to send Landok back - he has to read from the book in a place where they know there’s a portal. Angel worries that sending him through the portal will bring something else to L.A., but Cordelia thinks she’s sure that it won’t. As the group heads off, Gunn and George burn Rondell’s body so that he won’t become a vampire. Landok, Lorne, and the MoG arrive at Caritas, where Landok praises Angel for being able to kill the Drokken. He tells Lorne that he thinks they’ll meet again, but Lorne isn’t happy about that idea. Landok reads from the book and reopens the portal, which sucks him back in. Lorne, Angel, and Wesley agree to forget everything that happened, and when they ask Cordelia if she will, too, they realize that she’s not there. Cordelia is in the middle of the woods someplace with two suns. “Oh, crap!” she says.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: The past can come back to bite you.

R.I.P.: Rondell

GRADE: B- Just get to Pylea already!

WELCOME TO L.A.: Fred, Landok

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I’m not cheap, I-I’m just old. I-I remember when a few bob got you a good meal, a bottle, and a tavern wench.” - Angel

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