Angel episode guides

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Season 1

1. City Of - Angel finds that L.A. isn't too different from Sunnydale, at least in the demon department. Fortunately, he has Cordelia and a half-demon named Doyle to keep him company. Unfortunately, he also has an evil law firm to battle.
2. Lonely Hearts - Angel has a run-in with a demon that can jump between bodies. Singleness has its drawbacks. He also meets Kate, a cop who will prove to be both handy and not-so-handy in the future. Cordelia and Doyle fight like brother and sister.
3. In the Dark - Spike pays Angel a visit, looking for his precious gem, which Oz has brought to L.A. Cordelia and Doyle try to act useful.
4. I Fall to Pieces - Angel's newest client is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, who can disassemble himself. Cordelia's still a material girl.
5. Room with a View - Cordelia's sick of her horrible apartment, but the best place she can find is haunted. She starts to believe that she's the same snob she was back in Sunnydale. Angel tries to help Doyle with the parts of his life that aren't quite so wonderful.
6. Sense and Sensitivity - All of the cops in L.A. become super-sensitive, followed by Angel. Cordelia and Doyle are confused. Kate has daddy issues.
7. The Bachelor Party - Doyle's wife comes to town looking for a divorce and his blessing to remarry. Unfortunately, the guy wants to eat Doyle's brain. Cordelia realizes that Doyle might not be quite as objectionable as she thought.
8. I Will Remember You - Buffy arrives in L.A. and gets to have sex with Angel again, thanks to a demonic encounter. Cordelia is sick of the Saga of Buffy and Angel.
9. Hero - Doyle is reluctant to come to terms with his mixed heritage, but a clan of demons needs his help. Cordelia finally discovers that Doyle is part demon, but she doesn't care that much.
10. Parting Gifts - Wesley arrives in L.A., hunting demons and trying not to make a fool of himself. Meanwhile, Cordelia is shocked to learn that she's acquired Doyle's visions. Angel and Wesley have to team up to save her from a deadly auction.
11. Somnambulist - Angel wonders if he's been killing people in his sleep. He soon realizes that a vampire he sired is closely involved. Kate comes face-to-face with the supernatural and doesn't like what she sees.
12. Expecting - Cordelia wakes up pregnant and Angel and Wesley try to figure out what happened to her. In the end, they learn that sex is bad. Or relearn it.
13. She - Angel tries to save a bunch of female demons who are being controlled by the males of their clan. It's all a not-so-thinly veiled metaphor. Cordelia and Wesley...are also there.
14. Iíve Got You Under My Skin - Angel and Wesley attempt to exorcise a little boy who wants to throw their pasts in their faces. They come to learn that not everything bad can be blamed on demons.
15. The Prodigal - Angel and Kate have parallel daddy issues. There are flashbacks, and deaths, and Kate hates Angel. Again.
16. The Ring - A couple of humans force captured demons to battle it out in a ring. Angel becomes one of them and tries to arrange an emancipation. Cordelia and Wesley use their brains to help.
17. Eternity - Angel saves a TV star who wants to know what it's like to stay young forever. Cordelia's brush with a celebrity makes her giddy.
18. Five by Five - Faith makes her way from Sunnydale to L.A. and is recruited by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. She's still trying to come to terms with her past misdeeds but isn't exactly a fan of atonement. Cordelia and Wesley become targets when Faith won't give up on her revenge.
19. Sanctuary - Buffy follows Faith to L.A., upset that Angel isn't punishing her for everything she's done. Wesley isn't as beloved by the Council as he's led people to believe.
20. War Zone - Angel tries to team up with Gunn, a vampire hunter who wants nothing to do with him. Gunn finds his business becoming personal when his sister is abducted by vamps.
21. Blind Date - Lindsey decides that he wants out of Wolfram & Hart, so he turns to Angel for help. Angel grabs a prophecy from Wolfram & Hart, thinking that it might have something to do with him.
22. To Shanshu in L.A. - Wolfram & Hart tries to weaken Angel Investigations by going after Cordelia and Wesley. Angel learns that his reward for his good deeds is to become mortal.

Season 2

23. Judgment - Angel attempts to help a young woman who needs a champion. Meanwhile, Lindsey bonds with Darla and Gunn comes closer to joining Angel Investigations.
24. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been - In flashbacks to the '50s, we see Angel deal with discrimination and ultimately commit an act he still hasn't atoned for. Wesley and Gunn don't like each other.
25. First Impressions - Cordelia sees what Gunn's life is like and tries to become his savior. Angel and Wesley ride a motorcycle, and Angel gets a strange visit from Darla.
26. Untouched - Wolfram & Hart attempts to control a girl with telekinetic powers, wanting to pit her against Angel. Meanwhile, Angel has dreams about Darla and wonders how real they are.
27. Dear Boy - Angel's dreams about Darla continue, joined by flashbacks to their past mischief. Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn suspect that Angel is losing his mind over Darla.
28. Guise Will Be Guise - Angel heads off for a retreat, leaving Wesley to impersonate him (badly). Cordelia and Gunn play sidekick.
29. Darla - Angel has more flashbacks about Darla while he tries to find her in L.A. Darla is dying and wants Angel to sire her so that she can be immortal again.
30. The Shroud of Rahmon - Angel poses as a Vegas vamp, Gunn poses as his cousin, and Cordelia and Wesley act wacky, thanks to a shroud. Kate does something helpful.
31. The Trial - Angel offers to undergo tasks to try to ensure Darla's immortality. In the end, Wolfram & Hart finds a different way.
32. Reunion - Darla and Drusilla wreak havoc in L.A., leading Angel to contemplate whether his good deeds actually mean anything. Wolfram & Hart undergoes an unexpected downsize.
33. Redefinition - Angel gears up for a fight with Darla and Dru while the other MoG try to determine what their futures hold. Darla and Drusilla recruit for an army of vamp soldiers.
34. Blood Money - Angel tries to help out a teen shelter which has been funded by Wolfram & Hart. Meanwhile, Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia are pleased to learn that they can handle fighting evil without Angel.
35. Happy Anniversary - A geek tries to freeze time. Angel and Lorne team up to try to stop him. The other MoG play detective.
36. The Thin Dead Line - Zombie cops harass the citizens of L.A., and it's Gunn and Wesley who wind up trying to stop them. Anne and her shelter are back, and Gunn wants to protect them.
37. Reprise - Angel's after a ring which will let him find out what Wolfram & Hart are up to. Darla's still in L.A., and she wants to show Angel a good time. Or kill him. Whichever.
38. Epiphany - Angel suddenly realizes that he's been a little mean to the other MoG, and he wants to make things right. If they make it through the night, that is.
39. Disharmony - Harmony drops by L.A. to see Cordelia, but no one knows that she's a vampire until Willow enlightens them. She's also having a hard time finding her place in the good/evil scheme of things.
40. Dead End - Lindsey gets a new hand, but it's kind of evil. Meanwhile, Cordelia's visions aren't making her any happier.
41. Belonging - A visitor from Lorne's home dimension brings him closer to the MoG. Everyone feels a little out of place, especially Cordelia. Lucky for her, it's time to travel to another world!
42. Over the Rainbow - Cordelia's stuck in Pylea, treated as a slave and alienated because of her visions. Lorne and the other MoG try to rescue her. Cordelia meets Fred, the reason she's in Pylea in the first place.
43. Through the Looking Glass - Lorne's not thrilled to be back in Pylea, but at least his fellow demons didn't kill Cordelia. Also, she gets to com-shuk with a groosalug. Angel turns feral, but Fred still likes him. Wesley and Gunn are taken captive.
44. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb - Cordelia has a vision of Groo fighting a demon and tries to stop him. Angel befriends Fred. Lorne isn't dead. Gunn and Wesley storm the castle.

Season 3

45. Heartthrob - Angel's upset over Buffy's death, and the sudden arrival of a couple of former friends doesn't help. Especially when he kills one of them. Fred doesn't like L.A. Darla has a big surprise.
46. That Vision Thing - Wolfram & Hart tortures Cordelia with visions. Angel don't play that game, so he makes a deal to free a prisoner in exchange for Cordelia's health. Meanwhile, Darla wants some answers.
47. That Old Gang of Mine - Gunn's friends aren't happy with his choices, so they decide to take things out on Caritas. They've also been killing demons that don't need killing. The MoG try to bond with Fred, but she's still skittish.
48. Carpe Noctem - Angel switches bodies with an elderly man who takes advantage of his younger body. Lilah will never forget it. Oh, and Buffy's alive.
49. Fredless - The truth about Fred comes out when her parents pay her a surprise visit. However, she's not hiding anything really big, so it's not that important.
50. Billy - The prisoner Angel freed in "That Vision Thing" starts infecting men, causing them to abuse women. Fred finds herself in danger when Wesley becomes infected and goes after her. Cordelia blames herself for Billy's release and decides to help Angel.
51. Offspring - Darla returns to L.A. with the news that Angel's going to be a daddy, despite the fact that vampires aren't supposed to be able to have children. Cordelia's upset that Angel lied about sleeping with Darla. Meanwhile, Fred notes that Angel and Cordelia have a special bond, and a demon named Sahjhan has yet another surprise for Angel and Darla.
52. Quickening - Holtz is after Angel and Darla, and a bunch of demons are after their "miracle child," who turns out to be a boy.
53. Lullaby - Darla's in labor, but Angel still has to face off with Holtz. Poor Lorne's club is destroyed again.
54. Dad - With Darla out of the picture (for good this time), Angel is left to take care of the baby on his own. The MoG try to get him to let them help, but he's quickly becoming an overprotective father. Meanwhile, Wolfram & Hart is still running surveillance on the Hyperion.
55. Birthday - Cordelia has an out-of-body experience in which she gets to see a path she might have taken if she hadn't met Angel. However, things aren't better for the other MoG. Fortunately for Cordelia, there's a way to make her visions less painful.
56. Provider - Angel's worried about money, so he's happy when jobs start pouring in. A group of demons gets Fred to help them construct a puzzle, but they really just want her big, juicy chess club brain.
57. Waiting in the Wings - Angel takes the MoG to the ballet, where he and Cordelia do a take-off of "I Only Have Eyes for You." Lorne is left behind to babysit, but he's not bitter.
58. Couplet - Angel grows more and more jealous of Groo, who's encroaching on his bond with Cordelia. Also, there's an evil tree.
59. Loyalty - Wesley's obsessed with his new prophecy and is determined to make sure that it isn't fulfilled. This somehow requires him to talk to a giant hamburger. Yeah, you heard me. Gunn and Fred fight some vamps, because they're not allowed to have an interesting story of their own.
60. Sleep Tight - Angel realizes that Lilah and Sahjhan have been plotting against him. Wesley takes matters into his own hands to ensure that Angel doesn't hurt Connor. Holtz takes the opportunity to get his revenge.
61. Forgiving - Angel's ticked about Wesley's betrayal and takes out his anger on Linwood. Gunn and Fred figure out why Wesley did what he did.
62. Double or Nothing - Once upon a time, Gunn traded his soul. Now the demon he traded it to has come to collect, and Gunn wants to protect Fred. Also, Cordelia and Groo are back.
63. The Price - Angel learns that his attempt to get Connor back yielded some unfortunate results, the brunt of which are affecting Fred. And yet he winds up getting his wish anyway.
64. A New World - Angel tries to track down Connor, who's gotten himself in some trouble. The other MoG try to close the portal before anything else weird can come through it.
65. Benediction - Angel tries to bond with Connor, who's still attached to Holtz. Holtz still wants revenge, and he gets it but good.
66. Tomorrow - Cordelia and Angel finally start to acknowledge their feelings for each other, but it might be too late. Connor wants to continue Holtz's vendetta against Angel. Lorne's headed for Vegas.

Season 4

67. Deep Down - Angel's spent the summer underwater, Cordelia's spent it on a higher plane, and Connor's spent it fighting demons and lying about Angel's whereabouts. Wesley may still be ostracized, but he's going to help Angel anyway.
68. Ground State - Angel's in search of the Axis of Pythia, which could help him locate Cordelia. But first he has to fight off Gwen, who has strange electromagnetic powers. Wesley and Lilah are still hitting the sheets.
69. The House Always Wins - Lorne is still in Vegas, but he's not as happy as everyone thinks he is. Angel, Fred, and Gunn plan a sneak attack, but Angel winds up the target of a bizarre future-stealing scheme. Cordelia's still missing, but not for long.
70. Slouching Toward Bethlehem - Cordelia's back in L.A., but she doesn't know what's going on. Connor's ready and willing to lend a hand. Wesley owes Lilah a dollar.
71. Supersymmetry - Fred meets up with an old professor but learns that he's responsible for her time in Pylea. Her relationship with Gunn is put to the test when he tries to protect her from the dark side. Cordelia wants to know about her relationship with Angel.
72. Spin the Bottle - Lorne attempts to restore Cordelia's memory, but he accidentally makes all of the MoG revert to their teenaged personalities. In the end, it all works out, but of course that doesn't mean the MoG will live happily ever after.
73. Rain of Fire, aka Apocalypse, Nowish - The Beast is in L.A., and he's a big killing machine. Cordelia and Connor are too busy in bed to notice the fire falling from the sky.
74. Habeas Corpses - Connor thinks he's connected to the Beast, and he wants info from Wolfram & Hart. Unfortunately for him, the Beast is also targeting Wolfram & Hart. Unfortunately for Gavin and the girl in the white room, the Beast isn't going to spare them. Unfortunately for Cordelia, Angel is on to her.
75. Long Dayís Journey - Angel has a history with the Beast, but he's not sure how to defeat him. The Beast is killing members of the Ra-tet, so the MoG have to help protect one of them. Gwen is back to lend a hand. Wesley wants to bring Angelus back to fight the Beast.
76. Awakening - Wesley's plan to make Angel revert to Angelus doesn't work. Or does it?
77. Soulless - Angelus resorts to psychological torture in between Wesley's research sessions. The MoG decide to restore Angel's soul, but someone's playing hide-and-seek with it.
78. Calvary - Angelus is still talkative. He's also still Angelus, no matter what the MoG believe. The answer is definitely among the MoG.
79. Salvage - Wesley talks to a not-so-alive Lilah, then helps Faith break out of prison. Angelus learns that she's in town and is somewhat disappointed that she's not Buffy. The Beast is dead. Cordelia's pregnant. It's the circle of life, baby.
80. Release - The MoG try to protect themselves from Angelus. The Beast's master offers to let Angelus stay Angelus. Faith faces off with Angelus once again.
81. Orpheus - Angelus and Faith take a trippy ride through Angelus' past. Willow drops by to help restore Angel's soul, but Cordelia isn't happy to see her.
82. Players - Gunn helps Gwen with a heist, then hits the sheets with her. Cordelia targets Lorne, but she's not as smart as she thinks she is.
83. Inside Out - Connor agrees to protect Cordelia from the MoG. Angel goes to Skip for info, but Skip isn't as helpful as he was in the past. Darla appears to Connor and tries to stop him from shedding innocent blood.
84. Shiny Happy People - Everyone loves Cordelia's daughter (aka Jasmine). Fred figures out what's going on and finds herself on the outside.
85. Magic Bullet - Everyone still loves Jasmine, except Fred, who manages to win Angel over to the side of truth. But not until after he and Connor sing the world's worst version of "Mandy." The other MoG are eventually convinced that Jasmine isn't what she appears to be, but Connor's a tougher sell.
86. Sacrifice - The MoG hide out underground from the Jasmaniacs and Wesley encounters a demon who might be able to help, if he can pull himself away from torturing vamps long enough to. Connor's worried about Cordelia, but he can't let it get in the way of his loyalty to Jasmine.
87. Peace Out - Angel saves the day by destroying Jasmine's illusion, but the world might not actually be better for it. Connor just wants to make sure Cordelia's okay. Lilah may be dead, but she still looks pretty good.
88. Home - Connor's freaking out about the changes in the world. The MoG can't decide whether or not to make a deal with Wolfram & Hart. Angel just wants Connor to have a good life, even if he has to sacrifice his own principles.

Season 5

89. Conviction - The MoG are starting over at Wolfram & Hart, trying to settle in and not be evil like the firm used to be. Gunn is smarter than usual, and Eve isn't going anywhere. Everyone's in for a big, blond surprise.
90. Just Rewards - Spike is stuck in L.A. and neither he nor Angel is happy about it. They try to work together to fight a necromancer, but they're mostly just fighting each other.
91. Unleashed - The MoG try to help a woman who's recently become a werewolf and is being pursued. Spike attempts to be helpful.
92. Hellbound - Spike tries to keep himself out of Hell, and the MoG actually try to help him. Angel and Gunn head back to the white room.
93. Life of the Party - Lorne accidentally manages to replicate Willow's willing spell from "Something Blue." Wesley and Fred are drunk, Angel and Eve are friendly, Spike is cheerful, and Gunn has a little problem.
94. The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco - Angel tries to help out a former Mexican wrestler so that he can fight an Aztec warrior. Spike wonders if he could be the souled vampire mentioned in the Shanshu prophecy.
95. Lineage - Wesley's daddy issues come to light when his father pays him a visit. Also coming to light is his obvious infatuation with Fred. Too bad Knox is in the way.
96. Destiny - Spike is corporeal again, but everyone is acting strangely. Angel and Spike learn that one of them can become mortal very soon. You'll never guess who's been sleeping in Eve's bed.
97. Harmís Way - Harmony has a rough day as a vamp in a human's world. Things don't get any better when she wakes up next to a dead guy. She tries to bond with Fred, but it's Spike who actually makes her feel a little better.
98. Soul Purpose - Angel's stuck in bed, dreaming of weird stuff, like the way he has to compete with Spike. Lindsey pays Spike a visit, pretending to be Doyle. Eve's in a lot of trouble.
99. Damage - A crazy Slayer causes trouble for the MoG, who are also entertaining a visit from Andrew. Spike is the one the Slayer winds up targeting. Andrew provides us with details of the Scoobies' whereabouts.
100. Youíre Welcome - Cordelia awakens from her coma and reunites with the MoG in time for them to discover Lindsey's return. Just when it looks like things are going to turn out well, they, of course, don't.
101. Why We Fight - Angel and Spike shared a submarine during World War II. Now, one of their fellow soldiers is taking the MoG hostage and threatening to bore us all to death.
102. Smile Time - Angel investigates a children's television show, and on a visit to the studio is turned into a puppet. Fortunately, he can still fight. Meanwhile, Fred and Wesley grow closer.
103. A Hole in the World - Fred is infected with a deadly disease, partially thanks to Knox. Angel and Spike travel to the Cotswolds to find a cure. Wesley's not happy.
104. Shells - Fred is gone, but she's left Illyria in her place. If Illyria ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Gunn's partially to blame, and Wesley wants him to know it.
105. Underneath - Lindsey's trapped in suburbia, but someone is soon going to take his place. Eve's new replacement is a little meaner. Wesley and Illyria are boring, so let's just ignore them.
106. Origin - The MoG have a chance encounter with Connor, but, of course, only Angel knows who he really is. Vail makes a deal with Angel to have Connor kill Sahjhan. Illyria wants a pet Spike.
107. Time Bomb - Illyria's freaking out, and it's not really her fault, but she's making things very confusing. The MoG decide to kill her, sort of, but everything works out fine for her. Angel has to figure out a deal between a pregnant woman and some demons. Gunn makes it back from suburbia in one piece.
108. The Girl in Question - Angel and Spike travel to Italy, where Buffy is shacking up an old enemy of theirs named the Immortal. Wackiness ensues. Fred's parents drop in, but no one bothered to tell them that their only child is dead. Illyria plays along.
109. Power Play - Angel tries to infiltrate the Circle of the Black Thorn, but the MoG aren't pleased with his behavior. Lindsey's back again, and everyone still hates him. Illyria and Drogyn play video games.
110. Not Fade Away - The MoG work to bring down the Circle of the Black Thorn, trying to enjoy what might be their last day on earth. Gunn helps out Anne, Angel hangs out with Connor, and Spike revisits his poet past. Lindsey and Wesley are taken out in the process, and everyone else might die.

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