"Five by Five"
Written by Jim Kouf; directed by James A. Contner

A guy named Marquez approaches a group of people around a trashcan fire under a bridge. He tells someone that he’s in the wrong place and someone points a gun at him. It turns out that the guys around the fire are really demons, and they start to chase Marquez. Angel and Wesley arrive in Angel’s convertible; Angel beheads a demon and they grab Marquez, offering him a ride. Elsewhere, a bus arrives in town and a girl steps out. Nearby, a guy lights a cigarette, and as the girl gets closer, we see that she’s Faith (Eliza Dushku), fresh from her body-swapping adventure in “Who are You.” The guy warns her that she’s in a dangerous part of town and that someone might try to take advantage of her. He offers to “help” and she says that she’s cold. He starts to give her his jacket and she beats him up, taking his jacket, keys, and wallet. She’s pleased that she now has money and a place to stay: “I think I’m gonna like it here.” In Romania in 1898, Darla and a blindfolded Angelus enter a house, where Darla says she has a present for Angelus. She’s gotten him a gypsy girl for his birthday. (Good job, Darla. Enjoy the consequences of that decision.) Angelus, as you can guess, starts to bite the girl. In the present, Angel brings Marquez to his office and tells him that if he wants to stay alive, he has to do the right thing. In the outer office, Cordelia tells Wesley that she doesn’t think Marquez will “do it,” even though Angel saved his life. She doesn’t think that Angel will be able to change him; Wesley points out that Angel used to be unchangeable and Cordelia replies that the gypsy curse forced him to change. In the other office, Marquez refuses to face his “demons” and Angel says that he’ll have to face his instead.

Faith dances in a bar, cutting in on a girl and her boyfriend and getting into a fight. The next day, Lindsey (see “City Of”) is in court, being accused of tampering with a witness. As he asks for his client’s charges to be dismissed, Angel and Marquez enter, just in time for Marquez, the witness in question, to be called to the stand. After the testimony, Lindsey talks to someone on the phone, explaining that Angel interfered. Lee (see “Sense and Sensitivity”) hands him some papers and tells him that there may be a solution. Lilah (see “The Ring”) enters looking for Lee because she’s somehow already heard that he has a plan to deal with Angel. Lee has also managed to discover that Faith is in L.A., though he doesn’t know where she is. Lilah announces that she knows where she is and will go get in touch with her, an idea which displeases Lee, though he can’t stop her. At Angel Investigations, Cordelia tells a client on the phone that they don’t do divorce cases, then changes her mind when she hears how much money they could make. Angel and Wesley return and tell her that Marquez’s testimony was useful to the case. Cordelia tells them that they’re meeting their new client for lunch the next day, then notes that she thinks Angel looks a little happier than usual (“you can always tell when he’s happy. His scowl is slightly less scowly”). Wesley, however, is worried that Wolfram & Hart will try to get revenge on them for their interference. Downtown, Lilah leaves a bar with Faith, telling her that they’ve been keeping an eye on her. Faith is reluctant to talk to Lilah until she sees that they get to ride in a limo.

Back in 1898, Darla returns to the house she’s apparently sharing with Angelus and finds him huddled against a wall. He seems to be remembering some of the people he’s killed, which means that he’s making his transformation from Angelus to Angel. He tells Darla that the gypsy girl’s tribe found out that he’d killed her and did something to him in return. Darla figures out that they gave him a soul, then tries to stake him with a chair leg. Angel tries to tell her that he’s still like her, but she says, “You’re not like anything” and kicks him out. In the present, Faith paces around a Wolfram & Hart office as Lindsey tells her that there’s a warrant out for her arrest in Sunnydale. He wants to make a deal with her - she kills someone for them and they make her record go away. As soon as she hears that they want her to kill Angel, she agrees. Lee tells her that Wolfram & Hart can’t be connected to what she does and she can’t make him look bad. Faith starts beating Lee up, which makes Lilah proud. Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley head for their lunch meeting and Cordelia explains that they’re dealing with a divorce rather than demons. Faith plays sniper, attempting to shoot Angel with a crossbow, but, in an interesting contrast to “Graduation Day, Part 1,” he catches the quarrel before it hits him. “That was so cool! This is gonna be fun!” Faith says. She runs off as Angel, Wesley, and Cordelia react to the realization that Faith is no longer in a coma.

Back at the office, Angel gets off the phone with Giles (that must have been a great conversation), who has described Faith as “borderline psychotic.” “That explains her outfit,” Cordelia remarks. Wesley wonders why Giles didn’t call to warn him, since he was Faith’s Watcher. Angel says that Giles was worried about Buffy and didn’t think that Faith would go after Angel. He asks Cordelia and Wesley to check police reports for information about Faith, then lie low so that she won’t try to go after them. Wesley doesn’t like this idea; he thinks that they should stick together. Angel says that he doesn’t want him and Cordelia to get involved in his fight. Wesley reminds him that Faith is a human and thinks that she should be reasoned with. Angel says that he tried that (see “Consequences”), but his plans were interrupted when Wesley butted in and tried to get the Council to take her away. Later, Angel is looking through his cabinet o’ weapons when he hears someone in his office. He heads up to find Faith there and the blinds up. She holds a gun on him, telling him that it’s actually for him - she plans to torture him and make him die a slow death and wants to give him a chance to shoot her to make them equal. He does so, soon realizing that the bullets in the gun are blanks. She wonders if he’ll be truly happy if he kills her and will revert to Angelus. She mocks him for not killing her and says that she’ll get him instead. Faith shoots at Angel, this time not firing blanks, and hits him in the chest. “Let the games begin,” she says before jumping out the window.

That night, Lindsey and another lawyer talk at Wolfram & Hart as Angel enters, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. (GH fans - the lawyer is played by Tyler Christopher.) The lawyer mistakes Angel for a Wolfram & Hart attorney and Angel tries to play along for a minute. He then heads for Lindsey’s office and asks where Faith is. Lindsey pretends not to know what he’s talking about and reminds Angel that he killed one of his clients (again, see “City Of”). He tells Angel that vampires can’t walk into the building with security knowing; a security guard approaches and Angel quickly knocks him unconscious. He starts to leave and Lindsey says, “You know, just when I think I got you figured out, you show up in a suit.” Cordelia and Wesley head towards her apartment, studying reports of various crimes that were most likely committed by Faith. Cordelia tries to open her door but Phantom Dennis shuts it again, apparently jealous that she’s brought Wesley home. Inside, Cordelia and Wesley come face to face with Faith, who says that she wants to do something that will make Angel really hate her. Wesley tells her that he doesn’t think she’s really a bad person, but she tries hard to prove him wrong by starting to fight with them. In the past, Angel walks down a street and gets in a fight with three men. He grabs the woman with them and starts to bite her. Angel arrives at Cordelia’s apartment and finds Cordelia regaining consciousness. They’re both disheartened to realize that Wesley is gone. Faith has taken him to her “borrowed” apartment, where she’s tied him up and gagged him, thrilled to be able to torture him. He starts to insult her, but that just makes her angrier. And you wouldn’t like Faith when she’s angry.

Angel and Cordelia map out the locations of the crimes they think Faith committed, then decide to go visit a guy she may have beaten up. Faith grabs a lighter and tells Wesley that she wonders what might have happened if he’d been Buffy’s Watcher (which, technically, he was) and Giles had been hers. She wonders if Giles would be in Wesley’s position now or if fate would have worked things out the same way. She starts spraying him with lighter fluid and tells him that she pretty much always hated him and is glad to be able to torture him. Angel arrives and Faith holds a knife to Wesley’s throat, asking Angel if he’s ready to play. In the past, Angel stumbles away from the woman, deciding that he can’t kill her. In the present, Angel and Faith face off, Angel trying to convince her that she should leave Wesley out of their fight. The battle begins and Wesley starts to cut his bonds on Faith’s knife. Angel and Faith wind up going out a window (because Faith seems to like doing that in fights) and Faith hits him, telling him to fight back. After Wesley frees himself he grabs a butcher knife and heads outside. Faith starts screaming, “I’m evil! I’m bad!” and begs Angel to kill her. Instead, he hugs her and tries to comfort her. Wesley takes in the scene and drops the knife.


GRADE: B Look, I don’t have anything against Faith, but this is getting a little old.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You call them back and tell them that’s our drop-dead offer, and you make sure that they understand we mean literally, not figuratively.” - Lilah

“Jesse, I think you better make it three for dinner instead of four.” - Lindsey as Faith beats up Lee

“I like the plan where I’m scarce.” - Cordelia

Wesley: “A fight in a bar, several arrests made, and a woman fitting Faith’s description was involved - however, not arrested.”
Cordelia: “She charm her way out?”
Wesley: “Apparently she managed to break a policeman’s jaw with his own handcuffs before she disappeared into the night.”
Cordelia: “Hmm. For Faith, that is charm.”

Cordelia: (to Phantom Dennis re: Wesley) “Don’t worry. Hell will freeze over before I have sex with him.”
Wesley: “Thank goodness for small favors.”

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