Written by Drew Goddard; directed by Jefferson Kibbee

Wesley meets with a guy named Emil in a warehouse, unhappy that he’s with bodyguards when Wesley was supposed to meet with a distributor. Fred appears and brings out a weapon Wolfram & Hart wants Emil to buy, with the agreement that it’s not used in L.A. Wesley refuses to do business until he meets the distributor. Emil starts to give him the name of the distributor, but he’s suddenly pulled out of the air by a hook. Wesley and Fred hide as Emil yells that he was double-crossed. Wesley shoots Emil’s bodyguards, leaving Fred unarmed, and kills them. Emil is suddenly confronted by a guy in black who snaps his neck with a chain. As Wesley is attacked by another guy in black, Angel arrives and kills the guy with his own chain. He gets a jolt of electricity, and when he pulls of the guy’s mask, he sees a metal plate instead of a face. Wesley realizes that Fred has been hit through the shoulder with something; Angel isn’t happy. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel blasts Wesley for putting Fred in danger as Eve tries to calm him by saying that she should be fine. Wesley says that he needed Fred there to explain the weaponry to Emil; he chose her because she wouldn’t make Emil suspicious. Angel calls this a “reckless decision” and says that before Wesley does anything like this again, he has to clear it with Angel. Wesley leaves and Eve tells Angel that he was a little hard on Wesley; Angel says that Wesley was being careless. Eve wonders if Angel is really still mad at Wesley for taking Connor (see “Sleep Tight”). Angel argues that Wesley was trying to do the right thing. “Are you worried about the next time Wesley betrays you trying to do ‘the right thing’?” Eve asks.

With her arm in a sling, Fred reunites with Wesley, expositing that she got caught in the arm with a grappling hook. She tells him that they’re taking the cyborg apart in the lab to learn more about it. Wesley apologizes for getting her hurt, but she criticizes herself for not being able to hide without getting hurt. He says that he should have protected her and she blasts him for being condescending. “Stop trying to be valiant,” she tells him. “You’re coming off like a self-pitying child.” Wesley looks past her and greets his father; she thinks he’s being sarcastic, but his father, Roger Wyndam-Pryce, is actually there. Fred meets him, then rushes off, embarrassed. Roger tells Wesley that they have to discuss some business - now that the Watchers Council has been destroyed (see “Never Leave Me”), the other former Watchers, including Roger, want to reform the Council. Some people think that Wesley has been an “embarrassing failure” to the Council, but they’ll consider taking Wesley back after Roger gives an assessment. Wesley says he’s not interested and Roger replies that he has the chance to clear his name (by which he means the Wyndam-Pryce name). Wesley repeats that he’d rather stay where he is. Roger notes that Wolfram & Hart is an evil law firm; Wesley tells him it’s not evil anymore. Lorne passes by, discussing movie business, and meets Roger, who’s sarcastic about the effect an entertainment division will have on fighting evil. Gunn arrives to tell Wesley that the lab wants him to come look at the cyborg from the previous night. Wesley reluctantly lets Roger tag along.

In the lab, Fred tells Angel that the body housing the cyborg may have once been human. Spike starts blabbing about humans having sex with robots; okay, we get it. Fred says that if they can get into the cyborg’s memory base, they can find out what it did before it attacked and possibly figure out what it was up to. Wesley and Roger arrive; Roger meets everyone and mentions that he met Spike in Vienna in 1963. Fred asks Wesley to decipher some symbols found on the cyborg, but as he gets to work, he realizes that he may have just activated a bomb. He yells for everyone to evacuate the building; Spike starts to leave, then realizes that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Wesley orders Fred to get as far away from the building as possible, announcing that he’ll stay back and try to defuse the bomb. Suddenly, the bomb stops, thanks to Roger, who explains what the symbols meant and how to stop the bomb. Later, Fred and Wesley explain the situation to Angel and tell him that Roger fixed everything. (Roger is currently listening to Lorne talk about Hollywood stars, so Fred runs off to rescue him.) Angel says that Wesley is rattled by Roger’s presence, because everyone on this show has to have daddy issues. They discuss a report of assassins which might be cyborgs; Wesley notes that they were fighting evil and Angel tells him to look into it. Later, Roger tells Fred some stories about Wesley and Wesley asks for his help in dealing with the possible cyborgs.

Once they’re alone, Roger asks about Wesley’s feelings for Fred, but he doesn’t want to chat about his love life. He mentions that his last girlfriend was murdered (see “Calvary”) and he had to chop her up (see “Salvage”). Wesley shows Roger the special Wolfram & Hart books, which he thinks are dangerous and could attract evil thieves. Up on the roof, a bunch of cyborgs drop out of a helicopter. Eve gets into an elevator and is joined by Spike, who thinks that she’s been watching him. He thinks that there’s more to her than she’s letting on and she accuses him of the same. Spike wonders why Wolfram & Hart is keeping him connected to the amulet that brought him back, since it was intended for Angel. Eve replies that he can’t assume it was intended for Angel. The lights suddenly go out and Spike yells at Pavayne (see “Hellbound”), eliciting a strange look from Eve. Gunn tells Angel that they may have lost contact with security. The cyborgs infiltrate and start fighting. A cyborg heads to Wesley’s office, where Wesley keeps his father from fighting it. Roger is upset about this and notes that the cyborg went straight for the books. They gather up the books and head through a secret compartment, where Roger allows that Wesley handled the cyborg well. He then knocks Wesley out and says to someone via a communications device, “Phase one complete. Begin phase two.”

Angel, Gunn, and some others fight cyborgs in the lobby as Wesley regains consciousness in the secret compartment. Back in his lobby, he sees that the cyborg he fought earlier is still alive. Fred runs into Roger, who says that Wesley went up to the roof to investigate something and asked him to tell Angel. Fred offers to take him to Angel. In his office, Wesley tortures the cyborg for information, demanding to know what Roger is up to. In the lobby, Angel and Gunn keep fighting and are joined by Spike. Spike concentrates long enough to hit the cyborg attacking Gunn. Roger and Fred arrive and tell Angel to meet Wesley on the roof; Angel and Roger head up. Once they arrive, Angel realizes that Wesley isn’t there. Roger does something to Angel with a wand he took from Wesley’s vault; white smoke comes out of Angel and goes into the wand. Wesley arrives and holds a gun on Roger, expositing that Roger is removing Angel’s will so that Angel will be his slave. He says that Roger ordered the cyborg attack so he could smuggle in a weapon via a cyborg. Fred comes up to the roof as Roger blasts Wesley for working for Angel when he knows who he is. Wesley taunts that Roger doesn’t like him because he fears Wesley is better than him. As a helicopter arrives to extract Roger, he demands the wand, telling Wesley that he’ll kill him for it if he needs to. Wesley threatens to drop the wand, which will break it and return Angel’s will to him. Roger tries to threaten Fred’s life by pointing his gun at her, but Wesley immediately shoots Roger without giving it a second thought. This makes him sick, but fortunately for him, Roger was actually a cyborg.

Later that night, Wesley and Angel discuss the cyborgs and wonder why they were after Angel. Wesley says that they must have crossed someone when they took over Wolfram & Hart. Angel says that they see them as weak, but Wesley says they see him as weak, which is why they went after him. Angel says Wesley isn’t weak - he does what he has to to protect people and do what he knows is right. “You’re the guy who makes all the hard decisions, even if you have to make ‘em alone.” Wesley is disturbed that the Roger cyborg knew him so well. Angel points out that it had access to the Watchers Council files and got everything there. He tries to connect with Wesley by reminding him that when he first became a vampire, he really did kill his father. Wesley says this is a little different. On his way out of Angel’s office, Wesley passes Spike, who says that when he first became a vampire, he killed his mother (see “Lies My Parents Told Me,” at your own risk). Wesley makes him stop talking. He goes to his office and Fred stops by and says that it’s not like he really killed his father - part of him knew that it wasn’t him. Wesley says that he was sure it was him and he tried to kill him because he was threatening Fred. Knox interrupts to take Fred home and Wesley lets her go. Once he’s alone, he calls his father, but their relationship isn’t any different than it was before.


GRADE: B- Again with the daddy issues? How about some creativity, guys?

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Emil: “You are making me so hot right now.”
Fred: “Wow. Turned on by a woman holding an enormous gun. What a surprise.”

“Well, look at you. It’s like Winston Churchill and a young Richard Harris had a beautiful love child, which, according to my sources, may not be as ridiculous as it sounds.” - Lorne to Roger

Roger: “We’ve met. 1963. My colleagues and I fell upon you slaughtering an orphanage in Vienna. Killed two of my men before you escaped.”
Spike: “Oh…how’ve you been?”

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