Written by David Fury; directed by Jefferson Kibbee

Angelus finds Lilah’s body (see “Calvary”) and, disappointed that he didn’t get to kill her himself, remarks, “That’s not fun.” Gunn and Wesley come across Angelus, who is taking a few sips from Lilah, and understandably assume that he killed her. Angelus runs off and Gunn goes after him while Wesley stays behind and mourns. In the lobby, Connor removes the arrow that Angelus shot into Cordelia’s leg in “Calvary.” Gunn arrives and tells them, Fred, and Lorne that Angelus killed Lilah and took off. Cordelia pretends to be worried; no one sees her smiling. Gunn and Wesley wrap up Lilah’s body and Connor breaks the MoG’s awkward silence by asking why they’re not going after Angelus. Wesley says that he’ll be back and Cordelia agrees, since the MoG are the people Angelus wants to hurt. Connor wants to kill Angelus before he can hurt anyone else, but Wesley reminds him that they were reckless before and Lilah was killed as a result. Fred wants to do something to make the hotel safer for them, but Gunn argues that it won’t make a difference. Lorne suggests using the sanctuary spell he used on Caritas (see “That Old Gang of Mine” and “Lullaby”), which won’t stop Angelus from entering but will ensure that he can’t hurt anyone. (They should use the anti-invitation spell from “Passion” instead.) Connor isn’t a fan of this idea, arguing that the MoG rely on magic too much. Fred wonders why the spell to re-ensoul Angel (again, see “Calvary”) didn’t work; Cordelia claims that she doesn’t know. Gunn blames Lorne for not correctly reading Angelus, but Cordelia says that they should blame her, since she let Angelus out of the cage. Connor announces that they need to destroy Lilah’s body, in case Angelus sired her. Wesley says that he’ll take care of it.

Angelus heads to a demon bar, where he’s automatically recognized by respectful vampires. He encounters a vampire named Rosaria, whom he met in Tuscany in 1845. He gets annoyed with her and stakes her, complaining about his fame. He asks a star-struck demon if he has any info on the Beast; another vamp tells him that he’s seen him. In the basement, Wesley talks to…Lilah’s spirit, I guess, and tells her that he didn’t want this for her. She tells him that he’s free from their relationship now and he denies that it was a relationship. “There’s a signed dollar bill in your wallet I think proves different,” she replies. She tells him that whatever they had was the only true thing she’d ever known. He says that she didn’t love him and she replies that they’ll never know. A couple of vamps take Angelus to a highway underpass where they claim to have seen the Beast. Angelus gets impatient and heads off, leading one of the vamps to berate the other for making Angelus nervous. Back at the Hyperion, Lorne talks to the Furies (see “That Old Gang of Mine”) on the phone, trying to get a short version of the sanctuary spell. This version involves using cloves instead of bloodroot. Connor reveals that once the spell is in effect, he’s going to go after Angelus and kill him, no matter what Wesley said. Gunn tells Connor that they should listen to Wesley and stick together. Connor says that Angel told him to kill him if something went wrong (see “Awakening”), so he’s going to. Fred reminds him that Angel’s soul is still out there somewhere, so they still have the chance to bring Angel back. Connor shoots back that more people could die before they can re-ensoul Angel. Cordelia points out that people will die if Angel isn’t around to save them. Connor starts to leave and Cordelia tries to stop him, but faints. Connor and Fred take her upstairs and Gunn tells Lorne that they’re not going to be able to hold Connor off for long. Gunn wonders who can tame Connor now that Angel’s gone. The answer appears to lie in the still-imprisoned Faith (last seen in “Judgment”).

Faith does some fighting with another inmate, winning easily. Down in the basement of the Hyperion, Wesley is still talking to Lilah’s spirit; she asks him why he’s taking so long to just dismember her already. She notes that he couldn’t save her - not from the Beast, but from herself. She says that he always thought he could redeem her, but it’s too late. Lilah apologizes, starts the dismemberment, and cries. Angelus heads to a warehouse, attracted by the scent of Lilah’s blood on the knife Cordelia used to kill her. The Beast tells him that he’s not there to fight - his master told him to get Angelus there. He explains that the attack on the MoG, the rain of fire (see “Rain of Fire”), the blocking of the sun (see “Long Day’s Journey”), and the nabbing of Angel’s soul “Soulless”) were all part of the Beast’s master’s plan. Angelus doesn’t like the idea of taking orders from the Beast rather than meeting the master; he taunts the Beast for awhile and then leaves. After he’s gone, Cordelia appears and blasts the Beast for letting Angelus get to him. Back at the Hyperion, Lorne does the sanctuary spell, but the MoG aren’t sure that it succeeded. Lorne proves that it did when he tries and fails to hit a complaining Connor over the head with a candlestick. Wesley comes back upstairs and announces that they’re going to bring Angelus back in alive. Connor doesn’t like this idea, but Wesley thinks that it’s the only way to defeat the Beast. He also thinks that Faith is the only person who can help them. He heads to the prison, where he meets with her in the visiting room and tells her that the MoG need her help. She is reluctant to help, not thinking that she would be useful, until Wesley tells her that Angelus is back. She tells him to step back from the glass, then jumps through it. The two of them jump through another window and land on the roof of a car. “You okay?” Faith asks. “Five by five,” Wesley replies.

As Faith changes clothes in the back of Wesley’s jeep, he fills her in on most of the events of late season 3/early season 4. She says that she won’t kill Angelus, no matter what, since Angel is the one person who’s always helped her out. Wesley assures her that he knows and that he wanted her help because he knew she wouldn’t kill Angelus. Wesley wants to make sure that Faith is up to the challenge of fighting all of the vamps and demons in L.A. She proves herself when they’re attacked by a vamp and she takes him on. Another vamp spots her, recognizes her as a Slayer, and runs off. Wesley takes Faith to the Hyperion, where she meets the MoG and Cordelia expresses her displeasure over the Slayer’s return. Faith agrees that Cordelia has no reason to trust her, but they can save their personal issues until after they take care of Angelus and the Beast. Faith takes over as leader, reminding everyone (especially Connor) that they’re on a salvage mission, not a search-and-destroy endeavor. She orders Connor not to kill Angelus, and to let her handle him. Out on the streets, Angelus rescues a woman from vampires, then starts to feed on her himself. He overhears a couple of vampires talking about the fact that there’s a Slayer in town. Unsure which one it is, he calls Buffy’s house in Sunnydale and learns from Dawn that Buffy is there. Somewhat disappointed, he heads off to look for Faith. Faith, Wesley, Gunn, and Connor follow Angelus’ trail; Faith tells the others not to make a move until she tells them to. A vampire attacks and Connor ignores Faith’s order, killing it. Upset that he won’t listen, Faith sends him back to the hotel. He’s upset that she’s asserting her authority over him and she tells him that she’s a murderer. She lets him know that if it comes down to choosing between him and Angelus, so far she has no reason to choose Connor’s side. As Gunn leaves with Connor, Faith and Wesley head to the roof of a warehouse. They spot a banner hanging from a building that reads, “Welcome Faith,” then get ambushed by vamps. After the fight, Faith runs into both Angelus and the Beast.

Angelus introduces the Beast to Faith; the Beast isn’t happy to have a Slayer in his midst. Angelus points out that if the Beast doesn’t get rid of her, she’ll screw up his plans. Faith tries unsuccessfully to shoot the Beast with a crossbow arrow, then starts in with the hand-to-hand. He beats her up pretty well as Angelus narrates. The Beast taunts Faith, but Angelus decides to give her a hand. He notes that the Beast can be harmed by something that’s a part of him, so he stabs him with the knife he used in a ritual in “Calvary” and that Cordelia used to kill Lilah. The knife wound glows brighter and brighter until it consumes the Beast and shoots into the sky. Still fighting vamps, Wesley sees the light and notices that it unblocks the sun. The Beast crumbles and Angelus laments that killing the Beast really does make the sun come back. Faith tries to attack him, but she doesn’t do too well and he takes off. Back at the Hyperion, the other MoG are happy to see that the Beast is dead and the sun is back. Connor realizes that Faith must have killed the Beast. Gunn thinks that if Faith was able to do that, she’s probably gotten control over Angelus by now as well. Connor heads upstairs to give Cordelia the news, but she has some news of her own - due to their night together in “Rain of Fire,” or so she claims, she’s now pregnant, and she and Connor are connected forever.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Convicted criminals are people, too.

R.I.P.: the Beast

GRADE: B Welcome back, Faith!

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “But, hey, I’m no different than the next guy. I put my victims’ skin on one leg at a time.” - Angelus

“Hi, Dawn. Yeah, it’s me. Is your sister home? She is. (hangs up) It’s the other one.” - Angelus

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