Written by Jeffrey Bell, Steven S. DeKnight, and Mere Smith; directed by Bill L. Norton

Wesley, Cordelia, and Connor go back to Wo-Pang and tell him that Angel’s soul is missing (see “Awakening” and “Soulless”). Wo-Pang doesn’t know where the soul is, but he claims that it’s still inside the Muo-Ping. Unfortunately, they need the Muo-Ping to restore Angel’s soul. If the jar is opened or destroyed, the soul can either be destroyed or returned to Angel. At the Hyperion, Fred and Gunn watch Angelus on the monitor. Angelus tries to convince them that he’s done with being evil and wants to be Angel again. Gunn fires up a flamethrower in response. Fred says that Angelus must know that his soul is missing; Gunn thinks that he knew before the MoG did. He also thinks that they never should have brought Wo-Pang over to take Angel’s soul. (He seems to feel this way mostly because it was Wesley’s idea.) Angelus starts taunting them about their relationship and Wesley’s intrusion, leading Gunn to turn off the monitor in frustration. Fred tells him that Angelus can only use words to hurt them because he’s never going to get out of his cage. Downstairs, Lilah appears with a crowbar and approaches Angelus’ cage. They banter a little before Lilah tells Angelus that she wants him to stop the Beast. He’s not sure he wants to do that. She tells him that the Beast killed everyone who worked for Wolfram & Hart except for her. He relents, saying that they might be able to make a deal. Upstairs, Gunn and Fred argue about his fight with Wesley (see “Soulless”) and their failing relationship. Gunn blasts her for going to everyone else but him. Wesley, Cordelia, and Connor return and break the news to them that Wo-Pang can’t help them. Gunn suddenly notices that Lilah is in the basement with Angelus and runs off. Everyone heads for the basement, where Gunn shoots Angelus with a tranquilizer dart and Lilah runs off into the sewers. Wesley goes after her and Gunn tells Connor to stay back in case it’s a setup.

As Connor checks the locks on the cage, Gunn wonders why Lilah would want to let Angelus out. Cordelia wonders how Lilah knew that he was there in the first place. Connor suggests that she took Angel’s soul and Gunn thinks that Lilah has some sort of connection to the Beast. Wesley catches up to Lilah in the sewers and she tells him that she wasn’t going to release Angelus; she just wanted him to think that she was desperate enough to. Wesley finds her copy of Rhinehardt’s Compendium and learns that it has a passage about the Beast that his copy doesn’t. Because her book is from another dimension, Wesley decides that it would be a good idea to do more research in other dimensions. Back in the basement, the MoG decide that someone is working for the Beast. This person allowed the Beast to kill Manny (see “Long Day’s Journey”) and killed the Svea Priestesses (see “Soulless”). Gunn thinks that the Beast has minions working for him, but Angelus speaks up that the Beast himself is a minion. “I’m saying there’s something bigger,” he announces. “Something worse. The Beast has a boss.” Gunn demands that Angelus tell them more, but Angelus doesn’t want to cooperate. He does mention that the Beast is making smart moves for a guy who’s not too bright, which indicates that he’s not working alone. Wesley brings Lilah to the Hyperion; “what, no cake?” she asks when she receives a less than happy welcome from the MoG. Cordelia and Fred ask her where Angel’s soul is and Wesley tells them that Lilah doesn’t have it. The MoG note that Lilah survived the Beast’s attack on Wolfram & Hart (see “Habeas Corpses”) and was just in the basement with Angelus, so she may know more about the Beast than she’s let on. However, Lilah is surprised to hear that the Beast is being controlled. Wesley reveals Lilah’s copy of Rhinehardt’s Compendium and says that all references to the Beast have been erased in their dimension; this explains why Angel didn’t remember meeting him.

As Wesley and Fred get to work with the book, Gunn heads downstairs to keep an eye on Angelus. Angelus tells Gunn that he likes how Gunn plays to his strengths; he sticks with what works instead of trying to change. He tries to taunt him about Fred, noting that he knows what happened with Seidel in “Supersymmetry.” He adds that even when Gunn did something dark, Fred was still in love with someone darker. In the office, Wesley and Fred research together and he asks her to talk to Gunn for him. She replies that they’ve split up and he tells her that he’s not exactly sorry to hear that. Lilah and Cordelia enter to get an update and Wesley decides that it’s time to try something else. Lorne returns from trying to talk to his contacts but hasn’t learned anything. Lilah brings up releasing Angelus to kill the Beast, not caring that he’d probably kill the MoG as well. She and Cordelia fight a little and Cordelia accuses Lilah of being scared and pessimistic. Lilah replies that she’s just being realistic - no one’s going to save them. Suddenly Cordelia’s eyes turn white (see “Awakening”) and she announces that she knows how to get Angel’s soul back. Fred fills Wesley in downstairs and Angelus taunts that the Powers That Be are finally taking pity on the MoG and helping them out. He starts talking about their relationship and spills the beans that Wesley and Lilah have been sleeping together. Fred thinks he’s lying, but soon realizes that he’s not. Gunn and Connor dig in a cemetery, looking for the skull of a soul-eater that was buried by the Chumash centuries earlier. According to Cordelia’s vision, this skull can be used in a spell to restore Angel’s soul. Unfortunately, Gunn and Connor have to fight the soul-eater before they can get its skull. In a cave somewhere, the Beast performs some sort of ritual with a knife.

The MoG re-gather at the Hyperion with all of the ingredients for the re-ensouling spell. Wesley is surprised that Lilah is still hanging around; she says that she would have left, but she usually has a meeting at this time, and everyone who’s supposed to be there is dead. She mostly wants to prove that the Powers That Be are “all hat and no cattle.” The MoG set up the spell in the basement over the background noise of Angelus and Lilah’s pessimism. Angelus points out that even if the spell works, Angel won’t be able to stop the apocalypse. Fred and Lilah bicker and Angelus taunts that the MoG can’t even get past their personal issues to fight evil: “so tangled up in your own crap, you can’t even find the world to save it.” He says that Angel knew they were failures; he gave up and let Angelus come back because he knew the MoG wouldn’t succeed. Cordelia manages to send Angelus into a wall as Wesley starts chanting. Smoke comes out of the soul-eater’s skull and surrounds Angelus, lifting him off of the ground. The skull explodes, the smoke disappears, and Angelus falls to the ground. He looks over at the MoG and tells them that he’s sorry. All of the MoG note that the spell worked and Angelus is Angel again. To prove it, Angel sings “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” and Lorne confirms that he’s Angel. Angel says that he should stay in the cage for now, since they can’t be sure that the spell is permanent. He orders the MoG to stop fighting, making out, and getting revenge until the apocalypse has been stopped. He adds that he hasn’t given up on them and they’ll get through everything together. “I can’t believe we didn’t crush you people years ago,” Lilah says. Angel sends out the troops, but Cordelia refuses to take orders from him if he’s too much of a coward to leave the cage. She thinks that he doesn’t want to have to look the MoG in the eyes. She tells him to leave everything that’s happened in the cage and go back to being Angel. She opens the door and Angel - really still Angelus - vamps out and grabs her.

Cordelia manages to get away from Angelus and locks herself in his cage. He reaches through the bars and knocks her out, then heads upstairs. He finds Fred in the office and she tries to convince him that she’s not afraid of him now. They meet up with the others in the lobby and Angelus announces that he’s going out to save the worlds. After he leaves, Fred wonders where Cordelia is. No one sees her in the cage on the monitor. Later, after she’s been discovered, the other MoG head out to find and kill Angelus. Angelus isn’t that happy to see that L.A. has turned into a demon playground, since there’s no challenge anymore. He returns to the hotel, where Cordelia tries to shoot him with a crossbow arrow; he grabs the arrow and throws it at her leg. Lilah runs off and Angelus heads after her. Out in the streets, Connor loses track of Angelus and notes that it’s strange that he wouldn’t want to feed. Fred realizes that he doubled back and they all rush off. Angelus plays cat-and-mouse with Lilah, lamenting that they didn’t get a chance to work together. Lilah gets away from him and runs down a hall. Cordelia grabs her and pulls her into a room. “He’s gonna kill us,” Lilah tells her. “I know,” Cordelia replies. She pulls out the knife the Beast used in his ritual, stabs Lilah in the neck, and says, “Why do you think I let him out? You stupid b%$@#.”


R.I.P.: Lilah

GRADE: B+ Nooooooo! Lilah!

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Look at yourself, Lilah. All these years, wanting to meet me. Couldn’t run a comb through your hair, maybe slap on a little lipstick? Evil doesn’t have to mean sloppy.” - Angelus

Cordelia: “Man, I’d love to punch your face in.”
Lilah: “Are you trying to turn me on?”

Angelus: “Mm. Man, I’m telling ya…man, if I swung that way…. Look at him, (whistles) all rugged and handsome and brains…man, he’s da%$ near perfect.”
Wesley: “Thank you.”

“Wesley, would you please warn this walking infection that I haven’t forgotten how she poked my head open like a Capri-Sun? And while my love for humanity allows me to tolerate her presence, if need be I will smack her down! Be a doll. Thanks.” - Lorne, re: Lilah

Angelus: “Have you all lost your mind? You’re going to use black magic to restore my soul? People, this never goes well. Am I the only one paying attention?”
Lilah: “Ten to one, the entire hotel gets sucked into a hell dimension.”

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