Written by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain; directed by Bill L. Norton

Fred is screaming in her bedroom at the Hyperion, but don’t worry - it’s a happy scream. She’s had an article published in Modern Physics Review and is sharing the good news with Gunn. The article is called “Supersymmetry and P-Dimensional Subspace,” and Gunn announces that he’s going to read it, but soon realizes that the pictures are easier to read than the words. They wind up getting friendly instead. Elsewhere in the hotel, Angel tends to Lorne (see “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”) and subtly hints that he wants Lorne to read Cordelia again; Lorne refuses, because he doesn’t want Wolfram & Hart to come after him again. Angel thinks he hears something, so he goes to investigate, but finds out that it’s just Connor. Angel tells him that he doesn’t have to sneak in when he wants to come to the hotel; Connor says he just wanted to get some of Cordelia’s things. Angel isn’t happy to hear that Connor and Cordelia seem to be sleeping together. Later, Fred gives Angel the good news that she’s been asked to present her article at the Physics Institute. Gunn tells Angel that she talked about it all night; they both are surprised that she’s gotten back into physics. Fred tries to downplay the discovery she writes about in the article but says that she’s excited about everyone listening to her article at the institute. The MoG discuss Cordelia, and Fred says that things will work out for her. Lilah brings Wesley a present at his apartment; he calls it a bribe. He notes that the antique helmet she gave him must have been expensive, and she tries to get friendly to earn her payback, but he’s uninterested. He leaves and she notices that he was reading Fred’s article.

At the museum (again, see “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”), Cordelia labels photos so she can tell who’s who; she notes that Connor didn’t get any photos of Angel from the hotel. After Connor takes a look down her shirt, Cordelia says that she thinks something’s missing. He hands her a battle axe and says that she might miss fighting demons, so they should go do some practicing. Fred, Gunn, and Angel go to the Physics Institute, where Fred discovers that she’s speaking between two important physicists. She spots one of her former professors, Seidel, who compliments her work and tells her not to be nervous. He asks her if she can stop by his office sometime to chat, and she agrees to come the next day. In the auditorium, Angel bumps into a guy wearing a shirt that says “Thwack” and spots Wesley in the back of the room. Seidel introduces Fred and as she begins speaking, Lilah arrives and sees Wesley. She heads out, dialing her phone, and Angel spots her. In the middle of Fred’s presentation, a portal opens over the stage and a snake-like demon reaches out. Angel and Gunn rescue Fred as the rest of the audience skedaddles, except for Mr. Thwack, who’s taking pictures. Lilah tries to leave via the parking garage but is stopped when Angel rips through the cloth roof of her convertible (“that’s cool. The top just comes right off.”) He asks her about the portal but she denies knowledge of it. He says that if he and Gunn hadn’t been there to save Fred, Wesley probably would have. She notes that if she had tried to kill Fred, she wouldn’t do it in public and then make her exit. Angel lets her go, warning that eventually they’ll have a conversation about what she did to Lorne.

That night, Gunn awakens to find Fred scribbling on the walls of her room, a habit she retired in “Fredless.” He tries to convince her that she’s not going back to Pylea just because a portal opened. He reminds her that she’s going to visit Seidel, but she doesn’t want him to see her in this state. Gunn assures her that he and Angel will take care of everything demon-related. The next morning, Angel sets up a bunch of chairs in the lobby, trying to recreate what happened at the institute. Gunn is surprised to learn that Lilah was there, but Angel says she was just following Wesley. Angel remembers Mr. Thwack and Gunn says that he thinks he knows where they can find him. They head to Thwack Comics, where Gunn makes it clear to Mr. Thwack that he doesn’t like people messing with Fred. “Think Daredevil 181,” Gunn says. “I’m Bullseye, you’re Elektra. One wins, one dies.” Mr. Thwack explains that he went to the symposium to find out if Fred was really one of the students who disappeared; Gunn is surprised to learn that other students have vanished. Fred goes to see Seidel, who is stunned to hear that she’s been to another dimension. He introduces her to a TA named Laurie, who really isn’t that important, so don’t worry about it. Seidel gives Fred the last exam she took with him, noting that he gave her an A- rather than an A+ because he held her to a different standard. He wants her to be his student again, but Fred says that she has a different life now. Seidel argues that Fred didn’t choose the life she’s living; she says that it chose her. Back at the comic store, Mr. Thwack realizes that Angel is the famous Angelus. He mentions that there are chat room forums devoted to Angel (I could name a few…). As Angel and Gunn leaves, Angel asks, “They talk about me in the chatty rooms?”

While Seidel is out of his office, Fred starts looking at the books on his shelves and finds one that’s in the wrong place. She flips through it and sees that it’s full of symbols and contains a drawing of the snake demon that attacked her onstage. At the Hyperion, Angel discovers that all of the missing students were taking classes with Seidel. Fred returns and announces that Seidel was responsible for her trip to Pylea. Gunn and Angel assure her that they’ll make him pay, but Fred wants to go a step farther - she wants him to die. She tries to come up with the perfect weapon to use, but Gunn tells her that they can’t kill him. He warns that if she kills a human, she’ll always be haunted by it. Fred backs down and announces that she’s heading upstairs to lie down. After she goes, Gunn and Angel agree to get revenge on Seidel themselves. Fred hightails it over to Wesley’s and fills him in; she’s surprised to hear that he was at the symposium and has been keeping track of her. Wesley repeats what Gunn already told her about killing a human, but she says that Seidel is a serial killer. Fred gets a call on her cell phone, but instead of a note telling her who the call is from, she sees symbols on the screen. A portal suddenly opens and Wesley grabs Fred, pulling her away from it. Cordelia and Connor do some vamp-fighting, then share a kiss. Back at the Hyperion, Gunn and Angel discover that Fred has left and realize that they were kind of dumb for believing that she was just going upstairs. Gunn worries that Seidel will kill Fred before she can kill him. Angel decides to head off on his own, since he can get to Seidel’s faster, and Gunn agrees to catch up to him.

Wesley and Fred drive to Seidel’s and Wesley wonders why Gunn isn’t with them. Fred says that he doesn’t have it in him to kill a human, which is one of the reasons she loves him. Wesley offers her the chance to back out, if she doesn’t think her plan is right, but she says it’s not about doing what’s right. They arrive and Fred goes in by herself. Angel has beaten her there; Seidel quickly opens a portal and releases a demon so that he can make an escape. On his way out via a lab, he runs into Fred, who points her crossbow at him and says, “You know what they say about payback? Well, I’m the b%$@#.” At the museum, Cordelia decides that she and Connor need to talk about their kiss. He thinks that she wants to go back to the Hyperion, but she just says that she needs some time to think about things. Angel fights the demon, finding it harder than he’d expected. In the lab, Seidel tries to convince Fred that she’s not a killer, but she says that her time in Pylea changed her. She notes that Seidel was threatened by her when she was a grad student; she thinks that Laurie is still a TA because she’s not smart enough to overshadow Seidel the way Fred was. Fred speaks a spell she got from Wesley and opens a portal, but before it can pull in Seidel, Gunn arrives. He tells her that she can’t send Seidel through a portal, since he won’t survive. He tries to convince her that they’ll find another way to deal with him, but Fred is afraid that Seidel will do what he did again. “If you kill him, I’m gonna lose you,” Gunn says. He snaps Seidel’s neck and shoves him through the portal, which closes behind him. Angel arrives and Gunn simply says, “It’s taken care of.” Back at the Hyperion, Gunn and Fred let Angel believe that Seidel was sucked into his own portal. Gunn and Fred, unusually quiet, head upstairs as Cordelia arrives. She and Angel go to the garden to talk; she tells him that she knows they were friends and she wants to know the truth about something - were they in love?


GRADE: B- Go, Fred, go!

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Tragedy struck Gidget? Really? Did she go to that place in the big Texas sky?” - Lilah

Angel: “You remember when I ripped your car in half?”
Lilah: “Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash.”

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