"Sleep Tight"
Written by David Greenwalt; directed by Terrence O'Hara

It’s the morning after the fulfillment of Loa’s “Earthquake, fire, blood” prophecy (see “Loyalty”) and Wesley is staring at his translation of the other prophecy, “The father will kill the son.” Connor starts crying nearby and Wesley goes over to him, looking down into the bassinet. Angel enters with a glass of blood and tells Wesley that he should pick up a crying baby. Wesley notes that Angel is very “chipper,” despite the fact that he didn’t sleep well and they just had an earthquake. The two hear singing from the garden and Angel takes Connor (and his glass of blood) out to hear one of Lorne’s clients. Angel starts showing Connor weapons and talks about how they’ll have to start baby-proofing the hotel. Fred comes downstairs, talking on her cell phone about how great Texas is and how the state “loves the black man.” Gunn enters from outside, talking to her on his own cell about how great California is. Angel mentions to Wesley that Connor seems to like him; Wesley says that he’d like to spend the day with him sometime soon. Lorne calls the MoG out into the garden and introduces them to his singing client, Kim. She sings a little more and then morphs into a demon. In the office, Kim explains that she recently joined a new band which seems to consist of demons. Wesley assures her that she just as a temporary infection and can get rid of it with a “mystical antibiotic.” Angel is gung-ho to go kill the other demons, who rehearse in a loading dock in a park; Wesley sends Gunn and Fred with him and asks Lorne to stay with Connor. Fred wonders if they should call Cordelia and Groo and have them come home from their vacation (see “Couplet”), but Angel doesn’t want to interrupt them.

At Holtz’s warehouse lair, Justine trains a guy, telling him to never trust a vampire. “Are you ready?” Holtz asks Justine. She assures him that she is, but is worried that they’ll have to kill a bunch of the MoG. He tells her that even though they’re human, they’re evil because they work with a vampire. Wesley pays his second visit in so many days (again, see “Loyalty”). Angel, Gunn, and Fred arrive at the loading dock, Gunn and Angel fighting the demon band while Fred makes sure their groupies are all right. Angel vamps out to do his fighting, which surprises Gunn. Back at Holtz’s, Wesley says that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt in the Holtz vs. Angel battle. Justine thinks that Wesley is there to stab them in the back. Wesley notes that if Justine is working with Holtz, she must have lost someone; he asks who it was. Holtz tells him that Justine’s sister Julia was murdered by vampires (see “Dad”). Wesley says that he’s sorry Justine has lost part of her family, but the MoG are his family and he really doesn’t want to see them get hurt. Holtz admits that he trusts Wesley and assures him that he can trust him. Wesley is skeptical about this. Holtz says that Wesley’s main problem is that Angel is going to kill Connor: “You know you have to do something about it. You know if you don’t, I will.” He says that he won’t let Connor be murdered, but he also won’t attack innocent people unless he has to. “How long do I have?” Wesley wants to know. “I’ll give you one day,” Holtz replies. “You may not trust me, but I trust you to do what’s right. One day. After that…everyone will get hurt.”

Back at the Hyperion, Lorne is using stuffed animals to tell Connor a story about the Rat Pack. Angel, Gunn, and Fred enter and tell him that they took care of the demon band; Angel heads to the fridge for more blood. Lorne tells Angel that Connor wants him and Angel says that the baby needs “a lot of things. All day, every day.” He exclaims that Connor needs to grow up and complains that he never gets a moment to himself. Connor starts crying and Angel yells at him to shut up; Fred yells back that he can’t yell at a baby. “He keeps it up, he’s not gonna be a baby for long!” Angel shouts, throwing his glass of blood at the wall. He suddenly realizes that something is very wrong. Lorne asks when Angel started drinking so much blood; Angel says that it was a few days ago, when he got a new batch from his regular butcher, though it tasted better. Lorne wonders if someone is spiking Angel’s blood, and Fred offers to do some tests on it. In L.A. that night, Wesley senses Justine following him and calls her on it. She tells him that she wants to talk but doesn’t want Holtz to know. They bicker about whose boss is more noble, Wesley pointing out that Holtz says he wants justice but really wants revenge. Wesley leaves and Holtz arrives, letting Justine know that he’s been eavesdropping. Back at the Hyperion, Fred confirms Angel’s fears that his pig’s blood has been spiked with Connor’s. He and Lorne figure that Wolfram & Hart want him to get a taste for Connor’s blood and crave more. Lilah goes back to the bar where she met with Sahjhan (again, see “Loyalty”); Angel tracks her down and starts insulting her. Sahjhan arrives and calls Lilah a traitor for meeting with Angel. Angel notes that Lilah, Holtz, and Sahjhan are all working against him. Angel wonders why Sahjhan hates him but still doesn’t get an answer.

Wesley returns to the Hyperion and packs up some of Connor’s things. Lorne catches him and Wesley explains that he’s taking Connor to his apartment for the night so that they can go to the park in the morning. Lorne says that Angel didn’t mention this, but he rushed off and probably just forgot. Wesley starts humming to quiet Connor, then suddenly realizes that Lorne is watching him. Lorne’s eyes widen as he realizes that Wesley is going to take Connor for good. Wesley puts the baby down and tackles Lorne, knocking him out with a statue in the office. He starts to leave with Connor and runs into Angel; he tells Angel that Lorne had to go out and that he’s taking the baby to his place. Angel buys the story and says goodbye to Connor for what he thinks is just the night. He asks Wesley if he can research Sahjhan before he leaves, but as Fred and Gunn return, Wesley says that he has better books at home and can research there. Wesley and Connor leave and Angel notes that this will be his first night without the baby. Gunn and Fred assure him that they’ll stay up all night with him. They hear moaning from the office, but before they can check it out, Holtz arrives with his crew. After some small talk (and Holtz’s confirmation that Connor isn’t there), the fighting starts. Lorne emerges from the office and helps out a little by singing a really high note. After the fight, Angel tells Fred to call Wesley, but Lorne announces that Wesley beat him up before the attack. He explains that he read Wesley while he was humming and saw that Wesley’s met with Holtz a couple of times. “And he’s not taking the baby overnight,” he says. “He’s - he’s taking the baby away - for good.” Wesley makes a stop by his apartment, then leaves again with Connor. He runs into Justine, who appears to have been beaten up. She tells him that he was right about Holtz - he went after Connor and beat her up when she questioned him. As Wesley moves closer to help her, she slits his throat with a knife and grabs Connor.

Back at the Hyperion, the MoG wonder why Wesley would take Connor. Fred reports that he’s not answering his phones or pager and they wonder where he is. Angel says that Holtz knew Connor wasn’t there and was stalling in order to let Wesley get away with the baby. He wants to go after Holtz, despite the MoG’s warnings that he’s too angry to think straight. Angel starts questioning Holtz’s men and gets an address. He heads off and Gunn and Fred decide that they need to find Wesley before Angel can. Some Wolfram & Hart commandos report back to Lilah that they haven’t found Holtz or Connor, though they’ve found two of Holtz’s men. They track Holtz to a bridge and head off to catch him, but are intercepted by Angel. Holtz meets up with Justine and says to Connor, “Hello, son. I’m your father. And that strong lady with the black eye is your mother. Your name is Steven Franklin Thomas. And you’re going to grow up with me on a little ranch in the middle of nowhere.” He seems to be leaning towards Utah. Holtz, Justine, Connor, Angel, Lilah, and the commandos converge on the bridge, where Holtz keeps everyone at bay by threatening to kill Connor. Lilah tells Holtz to give her the baby, much to Angel’s dismay. Sahjhan arrives and notes that Lilah is the only person who wants to see the baby dead; however, she tells him that she now wants him alive. Angel grabs a gun from a commando, telling the others that they can shoot him without killing him, but he can shoot and kill all of them, plus Lilah. Holtz announces that if he shoots, Holtz will kill Connor, but if Angel lets him take the baby, he’ll let him live. Angel agrees, preferring to let Holtz have the baby than to letting him die. Sahjhan opens a portal to a dark world called Quortoth, warning that if Holtz doesn’t go through it, the world will kill everyone. No one moves, so Lilah orders the commandos to shoot. As they face off with Angel, Holtz pushes Justine away and jumps through the portal with Connor. Sahjhan closes the portal behind them, happy with the way things have turned out, and Lilah tells the commandos that they should just let Angel suffer. Angel stares towards the portal and says, “Connor.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: You can’t always get what you want.

GRADE: B+ The scene where Lorne reads Wesley is worth an extra half grade.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Yeah, and you look like hell. Not the fun one, where they burn you with hot pokers for all eternity, but the hardcore one, you know, Nixon and Britney Spears?” - Angel

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