Written by Tim Minear and Jeffrey Bell; directed by Tim Minear

It’s the morning after the MoG’s outing to the ballet (see “Waiting in the Wings”), and Angel and Lorne are at the Hyperion, discussing Groo, whom Angel thinks looks shorter than the last time they saw him. He’s a little annoyed that Cordelia took Groo home with her, though it means that Angel won’t have to deal with him at the Hyperion. Lorne notes that Angel’s tux jacket smells like perfume and Angel explains that they were under a spell (again, see “Waiting in the Wings”). He thinks that Groo has good timing, since Cordelia “deserves a champion, and now she’s got one.” Angel claims that he would rather be alone anyway, since he’s used to it. He can’t help smelling Cordelia’s perfume one last time, though. At her apartment, Cordelia changes clothes as Groo tells her that the people of Pylea turned on him and revolted. However, he’s happy about that, because he didn’t like heading up the government. Groo and Cordelia kiss, but she recoils when he seems to turn into a spiny monster. The next morning, Angel notes to Wesley that Cordelia is late to work; Wesley thinks that they were up late “catching up.” Wesley wants to talk to Angel about Connor’s arrival and its place in the Nyazian prophecies, but Angel thinks he’s talking about Groo and wants to know if he might be evil. He wonders if they should make a move on Wolfram & Hart to get more information about Connor, but Wesley wants to check out other possible sources first. Cordelia arrives with Groo, who admires Angel’s weapons. Cordelia admits to Angel that they didn’t have sex the previous night because she saw the monster, which turned out to be from a vision. She explains to him and Wesley that if she and Groo had “com-shuked” in Pylea (see “Through the Looking Glass”), her visions would pass to him, so the same might happen in this dimension. Wesley says that it might not, since Cordelia is part demon now (see “Birthday”), but Angel kicks him to shut him up. Wesley wonders if they can find “some form of “supernatural prophylactic,” but Angel suggests they take up jogging. “At least I won’t be upsetting the average around here,” Cordelia comments. “Nobody in this office is ever gonna get any.”

Fred and Gunn are eating breakfast in a diner, as they did in “Waiting in the Wings.” Gunn comments that until their kiss the previous night, he thought that she and Wesley were going to get together. Fred assures him that they’re just friends. Fred worries that the other MoG will start to talk about them and Gunn points out that they’ve been having breakfast together for weeks. She says that now that they’ve kissed, things are different. They split their check, then receive pages from Wesley, who wants them at the hotel. There, Wesley explains that the monster from Cordelia’s vision was a Senih’d and will probably arise somewhere mid-city before the sun sets. When it rises, it will be hungry and will go looking for a victim to feed on. Wesley announces that Angel will go through the sewers and the others will drive to Sorenson Park, where they’ll head underground to double back. Groo recognizes the monster, which resembles a demon from Pylea, and says that it will be easy to track but hard to kill. Wesley sends Groo with Angel, much to Angel’s chagrin (especially since Cordelia gives Groo Angel’s favorite broadsword). Angel and Groo head through the sewers, where Groo confides that he thinks Cordelia is unhappy. Angel tells him that Cordelia is happy, but she’s afraid to be close to him because she could lose something. The two track the Senih’d to a park, but since the sun is out, Angel has to let Groo do the rescuing and fighting and killing and getting congratulated. Back at the Hyperion, Groo reenacts the demon-killing for Cordelia, Fred, and Gunn while Angel meets with a woman named Ms. Frakes who believes that her fiancé Jerry is cheating on her with a witch. Wesley, watching Fred having fun in the lobby, talks to someone on the phone about something that will help with the Nyazian prophecies. Ms. Frakes give Angel the screen name of the possible “other woman” and tells him to follow Jerry to find her. Wesley enters and assigns Gunn to the case. Unfortunately for Wes, Fred assigns herself to help him.

Angel and Wesley head to a rare bookstore, where Angel complains that Cordelia and Groo should just go ahead and have sex already. Wesley realizes that Angel is worried about Cordelia using Groo to replace Angel, since Groo can do everything Angel can, as well as some other things. Wesley tells him that he’s the reason they’re on their mission in the first place. Back at the Hyperion, Cordelia starts to cut Groo’s hair, planning a makeover to get him more situated in this dimension. Groo notes that Cordelia believes that if they grow intimate, she’ll become less than the person she was. Gunn and Fred follow Jerry to a park, where he heads over to a tree. Gunn and Fred set up surveillance and start making out rather than paying attention to Jerry. After they realize that they should be working, they note that Jerry has disappeared. Angel and Wesley return to the Hyperion to find a short-haired Groo wearing Angel’s clothes. Cordelia pulls Angel aside and asks him to help her, well, have sex with Groo. She admits that the threat of losing her visions is just an excuse and she’s tried to being lonely. She says that she can’t be the only woman in the world who has a supernatural gift that can be lost through sex, so she did some research and found a potion that will protect the visions. A woman named Anita can make it for her, and she wants Angel and Groo to go get it. (She wants Angel to go because she doesn’t want to send Groo to a demon brothel by himself.) Back at the tree, Fred and Gunn check things out but don’t find Jerry. They check out their surveillance video and discover that the tree’s roots came up from the ground and pulled Jerry under. Suddenly, life imitates art and Fred and Gunn are pulled underground by the tree.

Angel and Groo arrive at Anita’s mansion, where they’re mistaken for a couple. Anita explains that there are enchanted rooms in the mansion where people can live out fantasies. In a bedroom, Groo tries to free a man who’s chained up and Angel has to explain that the man wants to be there. Angel pays for Cordelia’s potion and is told that she has to drink all of it. Anita asks Angel what’s in this trip for him, but Angel is saved by his cell phone - Gunn is calling to tell him that he and Fred are trapped inside a demon tree. Fred spots the tree’s Internet connection (no, seriously) and notes that it must pretend to be human online to lure people to it. Unfortunately for Angel, Fred and Gunn are only calling him because they want Groo’s help. Angel and Groo head to the tree and Groo starts fighting the branches, getting stabbed by a root in the process. Luckily, Angel is there to save the day. Fred tells him that the tree seems to draw energy from its victims, and it’s getting stronger now that it’s captured Groo. Angel starts hitting Groo, taking out his anger and talking about how he’s smarter, until the tree lets go of Groo and puts a root through Angel instead. Too bad the tree can’t kill him, since he’s already dead, and he winds up draining the tree until Gunn can finish it off. The MoG return to the Hyperion, where Wesley criticizes Gunn for not telling him that he and Fred had a relationship. He tells Gunn that Fred made her choice, but he just wants her to be okay. Cordelia tends to Groo’s wounds and makes sure that the potion made it to the hotel. Angel tells Cordelia that Groo did a good job and Groo tells her that Angel was the true champion. Before Cordelia and Groo leave the hotel, Angel gives Cordelia some money and tells her to take Groo on a vacation for a couple of weeks. Later, Angel goes to see Wesley in his office, startling Wesley, who thought he was alone. Angel smiles at Connor and says, “So did I.” He leaves and Wesley looks back down at the prophecy he’s finished translating: “The father will kill the son.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: You can have too much of a good thing.

GRADE: C Sex and an evil tree? Is it my birthday already?

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Wesley: “Why can’t you have sex?”
Cordelia: “I could lose my visionity.”
Wesley: (hearing “virginity”) “If you wanna play it that way.”

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