Written by Tim Minear and Joss Whedon; directed by Michael Lange

Post-fight (see “Five by Five”), Angel and Faith head to his apartment, where Angel takes Faith to the bedroom and tells her to rest. She starts to say something to him, then changes her mind. In the office the next morning, Wesley apologizes to Cordelia for letting her get attacked, but she blames Faith, not him. Angel arrives to collect donuts for Faith and Wesley objects to treating her like a guest rather than a prisoner. Angel reminds him that Faith is a human, not an animal, and that their job is to help people who need it. Wesley argues that he’s coddling a murderer and Angel points out that Wesley was recently arguing for her rehabilitation. Wesley replies that that was before Faith attacked him. Angel says that Faith wants to change, but Wesley thinks that she’ll kill again if Angel lets her go. He leaves and Angel tries to convince Cordelia that Wesley will eventually change his mind. Cordelia agrees to everything he says while she gets him to sign some checks; when he’s done, he realizes that the checks were made out to her. She tells him that she’s taking a paid vacation while he deals with Faith, then heads off. The police, including Kate, look around Faith’s “borrowed” apartment and suspect that Faith was involved in what happened the night before. Another detective, Kendrick, wonders if Kate is interested in the case because of rumors that Faith has “supernatural powers.” After a confusing conversation about The X-Files, Kate tells Kendrick that she believes in that stuff.

Angel brings Faith donuts and notes that she’s holding a knife, which he gets her to give to him. He tells her that she should rest, but she reminds him that she was in a coma for eight months. At Wolfram & Hart, Lilah enters Lindsey’s office and tells him that Faith has been found at Angel’s. They wonder why Faith hasn’t killed Angel; Lilah mentions that Angel must be tough to kill if a Slayer can’t do the job. (She also mentions that he used to date one.) Lindsey says that the Senior Partners won’t be happy when they hear the news. Lee enters, looking bad after his own run-in with Faith, and announces that they should kill her to keep her quiet. In Angel’s room, Faith flashes back to killing Finch (see “Bad Girls”) and subsequently telling Buffy that she didn’t care. She starts packing and Angel enters, telling her that if she leaves, she’ll spend the rest of her life running. She asks if she’s his prisoner and he says she’s not, telling her he’ll let her go if it’s what she wants. He tells her that she chose the dark side and things didn’t turn out so well, so why should she choose it again? She finally asks for his help. That night, Wesley drinks in a pub and is joined by Collins, Weatherby, and Smith (see “Who are You”). They do some catching up and Collins tells Wesley that the Council is willing to reinstate him as a Watcher. The only catch is that he has to give up Faith. Wesley declines to do so and Weatherby accuses him of being loyal to a vampire. Collins tells Wesley that Faith has betrayed the Council’s calling and, since she’s doing evil, has to be stopped.

“So, how does this work?” Faith asks as Angel joins her in his kitchen. He tells her that it won’t be easy and that no matter how many good things she does in the future, she might never make up for the bad things she did in the past. In fact, she may be haunted by her past deeds for the rest of her life. (And there you have the entire motto of the show in a nutshell.) Faith reveals that she was asking about the microwave. Angel suggests that Faith apologize to Wesley, wondering if she’s actually sorry for torturing him. Faith thinks that there are some things that can’t be taken back no matter how sorry a person is, but Angel disagrees. He tells her that she’s supposed to hurt, but if she deals with that, she might be able to be free. She wonders if she’s “the first Slayer in history sponsored by a vampire” and he points out that Buffy already beat her in that area. Faith isn’t sure how to make things up to Buffy; she was the first person who tried to reach out to Faith and Faith was horrible to her. She mentions sleeping with Buffy’s boyfriend (again, see “Who are You”) and Angel is confused, reminding her that they never did anything. She reveals that she slept with Buffy’s new boyfriend, who Angel didn’t even know existed. Lindsey, Lilah, and Lee gather in Lindsey’s office, making a deal with a demon to kill Faith. Meanwhile, Collins gives Wesley a syringe containing a sedative; the Council wants to take Faith back to England so that they can rehabilitate her. When he’s taken care of Faith, the others will come to get her. Wesley says that he doesn’t want anyone to hurt Angel. The others aren’t thrilled with this idea, but Wesley tells them that he’s done more good while working for Angel than he did while working as a Watcher. (Well, that’s because you were an amazingly inept Watcher, Mr. I’ve Faced Two Vampires Under Controlled Circumstances.) Wesley and Collins shake on their deal.

Some creature walks around Angel’s apartment unnoticed while Faith watches TV. She sees a report about herself and panics a little. Angel tells her that it doesn’t change anything and convinces her that she’s safe there. Suddenly, the creature drops down from the ceiling and Angel and Faith do battle. Faith grabs a butcher knife and stabs the creature, freaking herself out in the process. Angel tries to comfort her with a hug, just in time for Buffy to arrive and see them together. Buffy says that Giles told her Faith tried to kill Angel, so she can’t understand why Angel would “punish her with a severe cuddling.” Angel tells Buffy that Faith needs help but Buffy is still upset about what Faith did to her. She doesn’t want to give Faith a chance to change; she’d rather see her in jail. Faith tries to apologize but Buffy stops her. Angel sends Faith upstairs but Buffy is uncertain about letting Faith out of her sight. She starts to go after her but Angel stops her, receiving a punch in the face in return. He hits Buffy back, then apologizes. Up in Angel’s office, Faith runs into Wesley, who confirms that Angel is downstairs. Back at Wolfram & Hart, the three Ls learn that their assassin demon didn’t quite get the job done. Lindsey thinks that, since they’re lawyers, they should work inside the law. Lilah decides that he’s being ironic and Lindsey replies that he knows what they should do. Back at his apartment, Angel tells Buffy that Faith isn’t going to run; Buffy doesn’t think that she would, since she has Angel to take care of her now. She thinks Faith is putting on an act and came to help Angel. Angel tells her that he may not know what Buffy is going through, but she has no idea what Faith is going through. She bitterly says that she can’t, since she’s never murdered anyway. Wesley brings Faith downstairs, telling Angel that the Council will arrive soon and will expect to see Faith drugged and Angel gone. Angel and Wesley agree to sneak Faith out through the sewers, but Faith has already split.

Angel thinks that Faith went to the roof, where the Council will find her, so Buffy heads up to get her. Wesley says that Buffy will take care of Faith, but Angel isn’t sure Buffy will want to. Wesley assures Angel that he’s helping Faith not because he necessarily wants to but because he trusts Angel’s judgment. At the police station, Lindsey tries to give Kate information, letting her know that they have Angel as a common enemy. He knows that vampires killed her father (see “The Prodigal”) and tells her that she should be able to do whatever she wants outside the law to get her revenge. He reminds her that Angel is a vampire, then tells her that Faith is with him. Buffy finds Faith on the roof and Faith says that she can never make things right between them. Buffy thinks that eventually Faith will become “bored with the guilt thing” and would come back to cause more trouble. She reminds Faith that she gave her every chance to be a good girl but Faith just took advantage of her and made her a “victim.” Faith shoots back that Buffy is “all about control” and doesn’t know what it’s like to be on the dark side. She wants to know how to make things better. Before Buffy can respond, Collins arrives on the roof with a machine gun and opens fire. At the entrance to the sewers, Angel and Wesley hear the shots from the roof and are soon joined by Weatherby, who has a machine gun of his own. Buffy and Faith start to jump to another building but are stopped by a helicopter carrying Smith and his own gun. They run behind a skylight, because apparently glass is a good thing to hide behind when people are shooting at you. Wesley tries to talk to Weatherby, but Weatherby is disgusted that a Watcher would work with a vampire. (I guess no one should tell him about the times Giles and Angel worked together, huh?) Buffy decides to attack Collins while Faith stays behind; she does so, and Smith is unable to shoot her because Collins is too close.

Wesley tells Weatherby that he’s keeping his Watcher oaths, since he promised to protect the innocent. Wesley tells Angel to make a break for it, then runs off himself. Wesley grabs the syringe and throws it at Weatherby’s neck, knocking him out with his fist for good measure. Angel heads up to the roof through the skylight, pulls Smith out of the helicopter, and tells the pilot to land. Buffy turns to look for Faith, but she’s gone again. The police arrive and Kate asks Angel where Faith is. He doesn’t reply, so she tells another cop to arrest him for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Buffy and Wesley go to the station in Angel’s car and Kate says that she’ll put them in Angel’s cell, which faces east. Buffy is shocked that Kate knows that Angel’s vampire and is willing to let him die. She doesn’t want Angel to take the fall for Faith, but he won’t have to - Faith has come to the station on her own to turn herself in. Later, Buffy tells Angel that he should’ve filled her in, then blasts him for making her see them together again. He tells her that he was trying to help her and reminds her that they agreed to stay away from each other. She says that she came because she thought Angel was in danger, but he accuses her of coming to get revenge on Faith. She argues that she has the right to, but he replies, “Not in my city.” Buffy tells him that she has someone in her life now and that their relationship is different than hers with Angel was because she can trust Riley. Angel shoots back that he’s not allowed to find someone new, and every time he sees Buffy, he gets hurt again. “You don’t know me anymore,” he tells her. “So don’t come down here with your great new life and expect me to do things your way. Go home!” Buffy actually listens, telling him that this means Faith wins again (though I’m not sure how Faith being in jail constitutes winning). After Buffy leaves, Wesley arrives and asks Angel if he wants to go after her. Angel admits that he does. Wesley thinks that Angel did the right thing for Faith, and hopes that she’s strong enough to rehabilitate herself. Angel says that she has a chance now.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Atonement is for everybody, atonement is for everyone….

GRADE: B Okay, enough with the Council already.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “It wasn’t too long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation.”
Wesley: “It wasn’t too long ago I had full feeling in my right arm!”

“People always get a little funny right after they’ve been sadistically tortured. Well, you’d know.” - Cordelia to Angel

“This is getting ridiculous. The first assassin kills the second assassin - sent to kill the first assassin - who didn’t assassinate anyone until we hired the second assassin to assassinate the first assassin.” - Lee

Buffy: “You hit me.”
Angel: “Not to go all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first.”

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