Written by Marti Noxon; directed by David Greenwalt

Cordelia is hosting a party at her apartment; it’s being attended by a bunch of her new friends, as well as Angel and Wesley. Angel claims that he’s having a good time, despite not knowing anyone there. Cordelia is excited that Steve Paymer, brother of actor David Paymer, came to the party, and she heads off to talk to him. Wesley, who’s been dancing, approaches Angel and raves about the food. He asks Angel if he wants to go talk to some girls, but when a girl talks to him, he gets flustered and pretty much scares her off. Elsewhere in the room, Cordelia tells her friend Diego to leave his pants on. Her friend Laura chats with Angel, and when she asks him to dance, he pictures himself…well…I can’t really describe it. It’s not dancing, that’s for sure. But it’s hilarious, and they even show it again during the closing credits. Angel smartly tells Laura that he doesn’t dance and she walks off. Angel heads for the kitchen and spends some time with Phantom Dennis instead. Elsewhere, a guy hears noises coming from a coffin-like box labeled, “Danger - Hazardous material - Do not open.” For some reason, he decides that the warning doesn’t apply to him and opens the box with a crowbar. He’s shocked to see light and steam coming from the box.

At the office the next morning, Angel tells Cordelia that her party was great. She says that he was boring and sucked the energy out of everyone. He tells her that it’s hard for him to get close to people but he’ll try harder in the future. He wonders if the “quiet, reserved thing” makes him seem cooler, but Cordelia informs him that Wesley, who has just arrived, was cooler. “Now I’m depressed,” Angel remarks. Wesley says that he enjoyed the party, especially the food. Angel notes that Wesley must not have any money, since he’s fishing around for leftovers. He asks if Wesley wants a job and Wesley excitedly confirms that he does. Angel says that he doesn’t have much, but if Wesley helps out, he’ll be entitled to whatever they earn. After making sure that she doesn’t have to give up any of her own paycheck, Cordelia expresses her pleasure that the three of them will be a team. Cordelia suddenly has a vision of the guy and the coffin-like box - only now the guy’s skin is blistered and his eyes are exploding. She sends Angel and Wesley to an ice factory, telling them that they’re in search of a corpse. They head off and Wesley waits in the car while Angel goes into the factory. He finds the guy’s ID - his name was Peter Wilkers - and notes that he was in private security. He also sees that the box contains ice. Nearby, a demony guy with a ridge in his forehead starts to pick up a crowbar, but Angel stops him and takes the crowbar from him. He gets the demon to tell him that his name’s Tay and he was sent from another dimension to stop “the bringer of chaos.” This so-called bringer is “more than a mere demon,” stronger than one man, and almost destroyed Tay’s world. He warns Angel to stay away from it if he wants to live.

Back at the office, Angel draws a picture of Tay and shows it to Wesley, filling him in on Tay’s information. Wesley wonders if he came through a portal, because this show loves portals, as we’ll find out in seasons 2, 3, and 4. Wesley promises to try to find out where Tay is from and Cordelia agrees to find out if anyone else has been incinerated lately. Angel announces that he’s going to Wilkers’ office to find out who hired him. He does so, using grappling hooks to scale the building. In Wilkers’ office he finds a shipping order from the ice factory in an envelope full of money. Suddenly, he’s thrown across the room by a woman with a black tattoo over her eye. The woman, Jhiera, accuses Angel of working for “them” and trying to hunt her and her people. He basically accuses her back, thinking that she was the person who incinerated Wilkers. They fight, but Jhiera wins, throwing Angel through a door. She gets a call on a cell phone and leaves. As she drives off in a car, Angel drops down from the building and follows her in his own car. He tries to make a call on his own phone but gets a low battery signal. He finally gets through to Cordelia, who tells him that there have been 4 other incinerations in the past year. He tells her that he found the woman responsible, but their signal gets messy, causing Angel to comment that cell phones “were definitely cooked up by a bored warlock.” He tells Cordelia and Wesley to keep looking for Tay, then describes Jhiera before their connection fails.

Angel follows Jhiera to a museum, where she tells a security guard that a man is following her and might try to hurt her. She points out Angel and the guard alerts others to his presence. Noticing the guards, Angel removes his jacket and joins a group of tourists near a painting. He pretends that he’s a tour guide and tells them about the Monet. Meanwhile, Jhiera heads down a hallway towards an art restoration room. Angel keeps talking until he sees the guards leave, then follows Jhiera’s trail. Back at the office, Wesley’s cry of discovery awakens Cordelia, who was dreaming of a sale. He tells her about Tay’s tribe of demons, the Vigories of Oden Tal, whose women are their slaves. Because the Vigories eat rotting plants, Wesley and Cordelia decide that they can track them down at a compost heap. At the museum, Jhiera is surprised to see Angel, noting that he can’t be human. She tells him to leave, but before he can find out why, a portal appears and a girl falls through it. Jhiera tells the girl that they need to get away and Angel asks what they’re running from. Before the women can leave, Tay arrives with other Vigories. Some of them grab the girl as Angel and Jhiera fight the others. Just as the fight is ending, they see the men drive off with the girl. Angel asks what will happen to her and Jhiera replies, “She will be unmade.”

Angel takes Jhiera to his apartment and tells her that he’s a good guy, thanks to his nifty gypsy curse. Jhiera tells him that the girl was running away and that she was trying to help her. The girl would have been unmade in their homeland. Jhiera explains that the Vigories’ passions and personality are located in the Ko, the ridge each demon has. When women mature, the Ko controls their sexual and physical power. The men remove the women’s Kos in order to control them. Jhiera was the first woman to escape and has been able to help other women change. When women arrive in this dimension, they’re hot, which is why Jhiera was at the ice factory. Angel asks why she hurt the guard and she says that he tried to touch one of the girls. Angel asks if she killed the other guys who were incinerated and she accuses him of following her. He replies that she can’t just go around hurting men. She tells him that she has to do whatever she can to help the women who are coming to this dimension. Angel responds that he has to help the people in this dimension as well, and Jhiera tells him to keep them away from her. She says that she doesn’t need his help, then leaves. Wesley and Cordelia head to the California Flower Mart, though Cordelia is slightly nervous about working without Angel. They sneak into a back room, where Tay is telling other Vigories to take the girl back to their dimension while others find some of Jhiera’s escapees. Tay announces that they can’t stop until they find Jhiera. Jhiera shows up at a spa outside of L.A., where someone is looking after the girls for her. The girls are cooling down with ice, and Jhiera wants to get them out quickly before they’re found. The guy watching after them says that they’re not ready and offers to help Jhiera move then to a place in the desert. She agrees, deciding that they’ll leave in the morning. Cordelia and Wesley are still eavesdropping on the Vigories and trying to call Angel. They decide to head back to the office and try to meet up with him. They briefly think that they’ve been spotted, but Tay and the Vigories head off to a location where ice has recently been shipped.

Cordelia and Wesley rush to Angel’s and are upset that he was taking a shower while they were trying to reach him. They fill him in and Angel decides that their best plan is to track the Vigories and “start hitting people.” At the spa, Angel tells Wesley to stay behind in case he needs to alert Angel to the Vigories’ arrival; Wesley manages to make a fool of himself anyway. Angel goes inside and demands to see Jhiera and the guy helping her points him towards the girls. Angel warns Jhiera that the Vigories are on their way and that they can’t wait until the next morning to leave. Cordelia and Wesley rush in and tell them that the Vigories have just arrived. Cordelia and Wesley sneak the girls out and the spa guy tries to stall the Vigories, who knock him out. Angel and Jhiera fight the Vigories as Cordelia and Wesley help the girls into boxes of ice. After they’re done, they run back to join the fight, but they’re soon taken hostage. Tay tells Angel that he’ll release them when he gets the girls back. Jhiera doesn’t seem to care, so she runs out to join the girls. A lot of the Vigories run after her, making the rest of the fight easy for Angel to win. Tay is about to cut off Jhiera’s Ko when Angel arrives and gets another Vigory to release Jhiera. Jhiera drives off with the girls and Angel warns Tay never to bring his dimension’s war there again. At the office the next morning, Wesley grovels, blaming himself for what went wrong the day before. Angel assures him that he’s not responsible for what happened and won’t be fired. Jhiera arrives and tells Angel that the girls are safe somewhere outside of L.A. He’s glad to hear that, but not about her almost letting Cordelia and Wesley get killed. He tells her that if she wants to protect innocent people, she can’t pick and choose. She says that she’ll do what she believes is right, whether he agrees or not. He says that he’ll do the same. She leaves, possibly literally hot for him, but who really cares, because we never see her again.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Controlling women is wrong. And this show’s metaphors aren’t very veiled. But Marti Noxon wrote it, so what do you expect?

GRADE: B- We get it, guys.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “This is, ah….”
Cordelia: “Your idea of hell?”
Angel: “Actually, in hell, you tend to know a lot of the people.”

“I-I got two modes with people: bite and avoid. Hard to shift.” - Angel

“Now, Baudelaire - interesting fellow. In his poem Le Vampire he wrote, ‘Thou who abruptly as a knife didst come into my heart.’ He, uh, strongly believed that evil forces surrounded mankind. And some even speculated that the poem was about a real vampire. Oh, and, uh, Baudelaire was actually a little taller and a lot drunker than he is depicted here.” - Angel

“Groveling isn’t just a way of life for you, it’s an art.” - Cordelia to Wesley

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