"Peace Out"
Written by David Fury; directed by Jefferson Kibbee

The MoG, minus Angel, are fighting Connor and his band of Jasmaniacs in Clicky’s lair (see “Sacrifice”). The MoG are not faring well. Angel and the blue orb are in the demon world, where he’s spotted a bridge to a city that holds a temple. Connor takes Wesley, Fred, Gunn, and Lorne captive and announces that he has to kill them. He says that the MoG are all alone and don’t belong there. Gunn is happy not to belong, since everyone else is worshipping a false god. Before Connor can kill anyone, a guard speaks in Jasmine’s voice and tells him to bring the MoG back to the Hyperion. As Angel climbs a cliff to the temple, Jasmine thanks some of the Jasmaniacs for being loyal followers. Connor brings in the MoG and Jasmine tells them that they’ve caused themselves pain by abandoning her. She asks where Angel is and Wesley taunts that she should know, since she’s omniscient. Wesley asks about Clicky and she compares his past world to the humans’ world. She says that when she came along, she “kicked their evolution up a few ticks,” but it obviously didn’t work out. She adds that Angel is wasting his time in the demon world, but Wesley says that if she really believed that, she would have killed the MoG already. Jasmine tells a follower to tell the media that she’ll be down soon; Wesley realizes that she’s about to beam out her “love” to everyone. Fred tries to get Connor to stop her, telling him that Jasmine will enslave everyone, but he says that she’ll bring everyone together. Fred says that they tried to show him what Jasmine really is; he tells her that he knows. He looks at Jasmine, and we see that he sees what the MoG have been seeing - her maggot-infested flesh. “She’s beautiful,” Connor says. Jasmine heads for her press interview, telling Connor that she won’t be able to keep an eye on everyone while it’s going on, so he’ll have to do that for her. Connor asks what Angel has gone after and Jasmine replies, “The unattainable.”

Angel makes it to the temple, where he encounters the high priest Clicky mentioned. The priest says that he’s come this far only to die. He calls himself “guardian of the word, caretaker of her most blessed temple” and Angel notes that there don’t seem to be any other followers. The high priest is sure that Jasmine will return when she’s done with the human world. Angel tries to get the priest to say Jasmine’s name, but the priest won’t say it. Angel tries to intimidate him and the priest tells him, “You can take away her power, but you’ve already lost…everything.” Connor sticks the other MoG in Angelus’ cage in the basement (see “Awakening”) and Lorne notes that the blood ritual didn’t work on Connor because he’s seen Jasmine’s true face all along. Connor says that appearance doesn’t matter to him, since he grew up in Quor-toth. Fred tries to get Connor to feel badly about Cordelia; Connor tells her that Cordelia has been moved. Wesley asks Connor what Jasmine eats, since Clicky called her “the devourer.” Connor denies that he knows, but Wesley has already figured out that she eats the Jasmaniacs she has come to her room. Gunn worries that Cordelia has already been eaten. Angel demands that the priest give him Jasmine’s name, but the priest reveals that he can’t - only the Keeper of the name has it. The priest is the guardian of the word, but the guardian of the word is not the keeper of the name. The word is the name, so the priest is the guardian of the Keeper - the keeper of the Keeper. The Keeper happens to be in the corner of the room, but the priest warns that he’ll only speak Jasmine’s real name with his last breath. Turns out he’s right, since the Keeper’s mouth is sewn shut.

Connor heads to the banquet hall, where Jasmine is chatting with some Jasmaniacs who have no idea that they’re about to be eaten. He pulls her aside and asks where she took Cordelia. Jasmine assures him that she didn’t eat Cordelia; Connor tries to pretend that he didn’t think that, but he’s relieved. However, Jasmine won’t tell him where she took Cordelia. Angel fights the Keeper as the priest taunts that the MoG are probably dead by now, so there’s no reason for Angel to try to fight for his world. The priest points out that his world doesn’t care about him or want him, but Angel counters that it needs him. The priest says that he’s actually fighting for Connor; he’s already lost Cordelia, and he’s going to lose Connor as well. The press sets up for the conference, excited to be sharing Jasmine with the rest of the world. A reporter tries to get an interview with Connor, but he’s not up for it. He finds a couple of Jasmaniacs who moved Cordelia and demands to know where she is. Back at the temple, the priest wonders why Angel keeps trying to make things right with Connor. The priest points out that Connor was only brought about to bring Jasmine into the world. “He will never love you,” the priest taunts. Angel says that it doesn’t matter. He ducks a swing from the Keeper and lets the priest get knocked into a wall instead. In the basement of the Hyperion, Gunn is kicking the cage to try to bust out of it, but he’s mostly just succeeding at annoying Lorne. Fred notes that Connor left them unguarded. Wesley wonders why Jasmine had Cordelia moved, since the MoG were the only people using her blood to turn others. He asks why Jasmine doesn’t just kill Cordelia. Fred thinks that she can’t and Wesley agrees that Jasmine is dependent on Cordelia - she can’t hurt her without hurting herself. However, Cordelia might be able to hurt Jasmine. The MoG decide that they should figure out how to wake up Cordelia, though first they’ll have to find her.

Connor finds a church (with a sign reading, “God is nowhere. Jasmine is the way”) and tries to get past the police officers outside. Connor knocks the cops out and goes into the church, where he finds Cordelia. Back at the banquet hall, Jasmine eats a bunch of people and then prepares for her press conference. At the church, Connor gives a little impassioned speech to Cordelia about needing a reason to fight. He says that he doesn’t have one now and wants to just stop. He admits that he never believed in Jasmine but went along because everyone else did and he wanted to belong. She’s bringing peace to everyone and helping them get rid of their hatred, but it’s not working for him. He says that his whole life has been built on lies, but he thought this one was better than the other ones. In the lobby of the Hyperion, the media prepares for the press conference. Upstairs, one of the men Connor attacked for info on Cordelia fills Jasmine in. Jasmine heads to the press conference and starts talking about love, her image broadcast around the world. From the basement, the MoG hear the audience cheering and realize that Jasmine has started her world broadcast. They note that they really are alone now. Back at the conference, Jasmine tells everyone that they don’t have to give her anything, just show her love. (Though she wouldn’t say “no” to a temple.) Speaking of temples, Angel opens a portal and returns from the one in the demon world, carrying the blue orb and the head of the Keeper. Jasmine yells for everyone to kill Angel, but he holds out the head and apologizes. He then raises a knife and cuts through the threads sewing the Keeper’s mouth shut. The Keeper speaks Jasmine’s name and Jasmine’s face glows green, then becomes clearly maggot-infested. Everyone freaks and runs off as Jasmine tries to tell them that it’s a trick.

The MoG hear the screaming from the lobby and think that Jasmine is eating everyone. Gunn finally kicks the door of the cage open and the MoG head off. Out in the streets of L.A., everything is chaotic and Jasmine is upset that no one is worshipping her anymore. She contacts Connor through one of the cops at the church; Connor runs off to find her. Angel catches up to Jasmine and tells her that she lost. She replies, “There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven’t you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered paradise. You chose this!” He counters that he chose this world because he could; she had taken choice away from everyone. “And look what free will has gotten you,” Jasmine says. Angel responds that free will is what makes humans human; Jasmine points out that he’s not human. “Working on it,” he says. She heads off, wanting to be alone, and Angel says that he’s not going to let her hurt anyone else. He lists the things she’s done, pointing out that thousands of people are dead because of her. Jasmine asks how many people will die because Angel stopped world peace. She argues that she murdered thousands in order to save billions, but now the world has to fend for itself. “The price was too high, Jasmine,” Angel says. “Our fate has to be our own, or we’re nothing.” He tells her that everyone has done horrible stuff, but they can make up for it; she doesn’t have the world she wanted, but she can still try to make it better. Jasmine doesn’t want to. She punches Angel off of a bridge and then uses a car as a weapon. She tells him that she loved the world and sacrificed everything to be there. Angel counters that she did so in order to run the world. Jasmine says that the other Powers That Be didn’t care enough and he knows it.

The fighting continues and Jasmine reminds Angel of the prophecy that said he would play a role in the apocalypse. He never knew which side he would be on, but now he does - she’s going to wipe out the world, and it’ll be his fault. He tells her where to go and she replies, “You first, baby,” then kisses him. (Ew! That’s her grandfather!) Connor arrives, noting that once again Angel is involved with a girl who was Connor’s first. Jasmine is thrilled that Connor is finally there. The MoG search the hotel but find that everyone has taken off. Lorne notes that all of the TV stations are off the air, which means that something big happened. Wesley realizes that Angel came back and that they need to find him and Cordelia before Jasmine does. Before the MoG can get out the door, they’re met by something - or someone - surprising. On the bridge, Jasmine tells Connor that Angel can’t defeat both of them. “You still believe in me, don’t you?” she asks. “You still love me?” “Yes,” Connor replies, before punching her through her maggoty head and killing her. Angel tries to comfort Connor, but he runs off. Angel heads back to the Hyperion, where he’s shocked to see that the rest of the MoG are alive. He tells them that Jasmine is dead and Connor killed her. As Wesley tries to interrupt and tell him something, Angel says that he’s never seen Connor like that before. “I think he’s gonna do something,” Angel says. “You know, he might--.” “End world peace?” a woman replies. Angel looks over to see Lilah (last seen in “Salvage”) in the office doorway. “Well, you already took care of that,” she says. “Congratulations.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Maybe there is a huge demand for photo books of serial killer autopsies when you’re living in a utopian wonderland.

R.I.P.: Jasmine

GRADE: B Once again, the MoG save the day. Sort of.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Gunn: “People? She eats people?”
Fred: “Oh, no.”
Gunn:To Serve Man. It’s To Serve Man all over again.”

Connor: “So tell me, and I’ll crush your windpipe.”
Jasmaniac: “You mean ‘or,’ right? ‘Or’ you’ll crush my windpipe?”

Connor: “I need to get in here.”
Cop: “Okay, friend…we’re not communicating. You can’t, so turn around and leave now, or my partner and I are gonna have to get rough.”
Other cop: “Please.”
Cop: “Oh, right. Please.”

Wesley: “Gunn, will you stop wasting your--?”
(Gunn kicks open the cage door)
Gunn: “Never give up, never surrender.”
Wesley: “Let’s go.”
Gunn: “That’s it? No thank you?”
Fred: “Thanks, Charles.”
Gunn: “I just want my props, is all.”

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