Written by Ben Edlund; directed by David Straiton

Connor has just yelled to alert Jasmine to the presence of the enlightened MoG in the Hyperion (see “Magic Bullet”). Angel tries to convince him that Jasmine is controlling him, but Connor says that it doesn’t matter and he and the Jasmaniacs are going to destroy the MoG. As Angel holds the door against Connor and some Jasmaniacs, he tells the other MoG to get the car - “someone who knows the truth has to live through this.” Gunn, Fred, Lorne, and Wesley run off as Connor tells Angel that he finally belongs and is part of something. Angel punches through the door and starts beating up his son. The other MoG pull a car up outside the hotel and wait for Angel. Connor and Angel land on the hood of the car; Angel shoves Connor off and gets in the car. He tells Wesley to drive off without Connor. As the five MoG drive along a highway, they listen to a radio announcer reporting that the mayor has named L.A. a “citadel of Jasmine.” In addition, all Catholic churches in L.A. are removing “false idols” and replacing them with images of Jasmine. The MoG discuss the fact that the universe owes them a break; they wonder if they should have brought Connor with them. Back at the Hyperion, Jasmine heals Connor. He tells her that all of the MoG have turned against her; she assures him that they can’t do anything, since they’re all still a part of her. The MoG head to a gas station, where Wesley says that if they can get far enough away from Jasmine and the Jasmaniacs, they might be able to warn others. The MoG demonstrate a preemptive offense, trying to make sure that everyone at the gas station stays away from them. The people there start speaking to them in Jasmine’s voice and trying to attack. The MoG fight back and drive off, deciding that they can’t just run - they’ll have to disappear.

The exhausted MoG head to the sewers, thinking that no one will know them as well as Angel does. Gunn isn’t happy that they don’t have a plan, but Angel points out that everything happened without warning. Fred thinks of Cordelia and Angel tells her and the others that they have to forget about her for now. They walk past a vent, where something underneath is clicking. At the Hyperion, Connor sits with Cordelia and notes to Jasmine that the MoG used her blood to reveal the truth. Jasmine kicks Connor out so that she can be with her mother. In the sewers, Lorne tells Fred that Angel seems a little heartless. Angel says that they can’t let their hearts get in the way or Jasmine might take them over again. The MoG miss how Jasmine made them feel and Fred remembers Jasmine asking her what her name should be. They find it strange that she doesn’t have a name and Lorne suggests that it’s something embarrassing that she doesn’t want spread around. Angel and Wesley suddenly fall through a hole; Wesley manages to keep himself from falling too far, but Angel winds up at the bottom with a gang of teenagers with weapons. The teenagers start insulting Lorne and the MoG start fighting the teens until Angel stops them. He determines that the teens aren’t Jasmaniacs and, in fact, don’t even know who Jasmine is. One of the teens recognizes Gunn’s name and Gunn realizes that he’s the younger brother of an old friend. The MoG hear a noise in the distance and one of the teens says, “It’s back.” At the Hyperion, Connor returns to Cordelia’s room to see that she’s gone. Jasmine explains that she had her moved so that no one else could take her blood. Connor wants to know where she is, but he’s still willing to go along with whatever Jasmine wants.

In the sewer, the MoG learn that the teens have barricaded themselves from whatever demon is living nearby. They’ve also set up various traps to try to catch demons. Fred notes that one of the kids, Matthew, is really young; the leader, Golden, explains that his parents were murdered by vampires and the rest of the teens saved Matthew. Angel leads the others in an attack on whatever demon is out there. At the hotel, Connor asks Jasmine to let him go after the MoG; she says it’s not time yet. She adds that the governor is dissolving the city’s government and everyone will now answer to her. Connor says that he’s happy to hear this, but he doesn’t look like he’s happy. Jasmine says that he hasn’t completely surrendered to her love yet; he’s still keeping his pain from her. “Pain has been the only constant in your life, the one thing that has never abandoned you,” she says. “You think that pain is yours to keep and bear alone. But it’s not.” She digs her fingernails into his hand and tells him that she wants all of his pain. Crying, he agrees and she shows him that the marks she made on his hand are now on hers; she then makes them disappear. The MoG head through the sewers as Fred reminds Angel that the teens are just kids; he says that they need something to fight. A creature suddenly grabs Golden and Angel fights it. Matthew sees Angel in vamp face and freaks out, running away. Gunn and Fred go after him as Angel suddenly realizes that Wesley isn’t there. Wesley has been grabbed by the clicky creature (what they heck; let’s call him Clicky) and brought to his lair. “We loved her first,” says Clicky.

Angel announces that he’ll track down Clicky and Wesley while Lorne takes the teens back to their lair to wait for Fred and Gunn. Lorne likes this idea, but the teens don’t. Elsewhere, Clicky tells Wesley that before the humans were around, his kind loved Jasmine. He’s upset that the humans gave Jasmine a name, since she’s “the devourer…the song…the peace…the whole….” He repeats that his kind loved Jasmine first and Wesley asks how his kind defines love. “Same as all bodies,” says Clicky. “Same as everywheres. Love is sacrifice.” Fred and Gunn look for Matthew in the sewers and worry that a demon got him. Fred suggests that they could have just heard rats, but rataphobic Gunn doesn’t want to think about that. He can’t believe that the previous day, he was happier than he’d ever been, and now they’re fugitives and hunting for a teenager in the sewers. Fred tells Gunn to think about how Matthew feels and Gunn reminds her that Angel said feelings can’t enter into their lives right now. Fred is angry about this, saying that they can’t fight for a world where they can’t feel. He blasts her for being unfeeling after the whole Seidel mess (see “Supersymmetry”). He says that she did what she thought she had to do at the time and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Fred tells him that she didn’t turn off her feelings and it still gets to her now. The teenagers are still holding weapons on Angel and Lorne, angry that they’re stuck with two demons. Angel tells him that he’s not going to justify who he is, but he will hurt the teens if they don’t let him go look for Wesley.

In Clicky’s lair, where the demon is carving up bodies on the walls, Wesley notes that the door is open and he could just escape. Clicky says that he’s “good at catching furries.” He tells Wesley that he’s from another world, pointing out a nearby blue orb and telling Wesley that he can use it to take a peek. Wesley asks if Clicky is preparing a spell; Clicky replies, “Mmm, this blood magic. Flesh magic. Older than words. More much power. This magic she will hear. She will hear and remember her true ones.” He tells Wesley that Jasmine doesn’t care about words and starts to say that there is only one word she minds. Wesley asks which word that is and Clicky says, “You is talky meat. Don’t make me come down there.” One of Clicky’s victims, a vampire, wants Clicky to stop with the “cliché serial killer crap” and just kill him already. Clicky wonders why the victim won’t die and Wesley explains that he’s a vampire and is already dead. Clicky asks if Angel is a vampire and Wesley says that he is. Clicky criticizes humans for throwing their names around, saying that they’re weak because so many people know their names. Wesley realizes that Jasmine’s real name is the one word she cares about. Clicky panics and tries to get him to shut up. Fred and Gunn find Matthew outside; Matthew is surprised to see that the sun has come back (see “Salvage”). Fred tries to convince him that the MoG are good guys, despite the fact that two of them are demons. Gunn has to knock Matthew out to take him back to the sewers, an action which surprises Fred.

Back in Clicky’s lair, Wesley is talking about how Jasmine’s name has power over her, which is why she hasn’t told anyone what it is. “La la la la la la! I’m not listening!” Clicky replies. He says that it doesn’t matter, since he’s not the keeper of Jasmine’s name - the high priest is. Angel arrives and fights Clicky with a sword. Lorne lectures the teenagers on using nice words, but they really don’t care. Fred and Gunn arrive with the unconscious Matthew and Gunn explains that he had to knock him out to keep him from heading into Jasmine territory. It’s too late, however - Matthew wakes up and starts speaking in Jasmine’s voice, trying to talk the other teens into turning against the MoG. The MoG take off, but they run into a group of Jasmaniacs, led by Connor. “Hello again, children,” he says in Jasmine’s voice. “I believe you’ve met my father.” Angel fights Clicky and Wesley tries to help, but doesn’t do much. Angel manages to kill Clicky and Wesley tells him what Clicky said about Jasmine’s name and the world they came from. “I think the universe just handed us our first break,” Wesley says. As Fred, Lorne, and Gunn run from the Jasmaniacs, Angel and Wesley study the blue sphere. Connor searches for Angel and Wesley as Jasmine smiles triumphantly back at the hotel. The MoG catch up with Angel and Wesley and barricade themselves in Clicky’s lair. Wesley remembers that Clicky mentioned “blood magic” having more power than words; he puts some blood on the blue sphere and it opens a portal. Angel tells the others to go into the other world, but Wesley says that only Angel should go - the atmosphere will kill humans, but not Angel. “Someone who knows the truth has to live through this,” Wesley says. “Hearts get in the way, right?” Fred adds. Wesley gives Angel the sphere and Angel heads into the portal as Connor and the Jasmaniacs make it into the room and fight the MoG. Jasmine receives the Jasmaniac’s wounds, but heals them instantly as they keep fighting. In the other world, Angel finds himself surrounded by Clicky’s kind. He’s not happy about it.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Don’t go into demon worlds without weapons.

GRADE: B+ Clicky’s kind of fun.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Anyone else feel like the last frisky wife in Stepford?” - Lorne

Matthew: “You didn’t tell me the sun came back out.”
Gunn: “Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you - sun came back out.”

Lorne: “And that’s why, when we use words like ‘ugly-a%$’ and ‘beastie,’ we can sometimes do more damage than we intend to. It ain’t all about sticks and stones, my young friends. That’s all. A little life lesson. One to grow on. Knowing…knowing is half the--.”
Golden: “Man, shut up!”

“I really hate today.” - Lorne

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