"There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
Written and directed by David Greenwalt

Cordelia cries by Lorne’s severed head (see “Through the Looking Glass”), blaming herself for what happened to him. She thinks that the Trombli killed Lorne to teach her a lesson for pardoning him. She announces that she wants to go home; suddenly Lorne’s eyes open and he tells her that he wants to go, too. Cordelia gives a long scream and quiets when Lorne explains that demons from the Deathwok clan can be decapitated and still live; they only die if their bodies are mutilated. He starts to suggest that they get to the mutilation chamber and get his body before anyone can do anything to it, but he’s interrupted by a couple of slaves. Cordelia gets rid of the slaves and Lorne tells her to find someone who knows where the mutilation chamber is. Elsewhere, Silas questions the slaves and sends the captain of the palace guard out to find Wesley, Gunn, and Angel. Silas complains that the MoG are giving the slaves hope; he blows off the head of a slave to teach them a lesson. He also reveals that he has a console which allows him to kill all of the slaves. At the rebels’ camp, Wesley and Gunn are about to be killed and have no plan for how to escape. Fortunately, the palace guards arrive to fight the rebels. Wesley and Gunn decide to try to escape, but the guards spot them and go after them. Wesley and Gunn manage to smack them with the stocks around their necks. Fred returns to her cave with berries, trying to be a good host for Angel. They talk about demons, being strange, and tacos, which Fred loves.

Cordelia tries to connect with one of her maids, then asks her to take her to the mutilation chamber. The maid tells her that Cordelia can’t be seen in the chamber, so Cordelia decides to trade clothes with her. Back at the cave, Angel tells Fred that he can only be in the sun in Pylea; she points out that, in that way, things are better for him there. He replies that that’s not really true, since his demon side emerges in Pylea. He reads some of the things she’s written on the walls, recognizing them as the words they used to open the portal to Pylea (see “Belonging” and “Over the Rainbow”). She tells him that they stand for a math formula which opens a portal, but it hasn’t worked yet. Angel tells her that Landok and the Drokken went to L.A. through portals (again, see “Belonging”), so Fred may have opened them without knowing it. She tells him that she doesn’t think so, since the priests are the ones with the power. Suddenly she’s attacked by a couple of palace guards, who Angel fights off, willing himself not to change. The captain of the guards stabs him with a spear, but Fred smashes him over the head with a boulder, then begs Angel not to die. At their camp, the rebels finish chasing off the guards and one of the rebels, Sasha, asks Wesley and Gunn why they were after them. Wesley explains that the guards know they’ll try to rescue Cordelia from mating with Groo (again, see “Through the Looking Glass”). Another rebel confirms that this mating will fulfill a prophecy and “consolidate their power.” Sasha notes that Wesley and Gunn are on the same side as the rebels and orders the others to release them. As they walk off, the rebels give them five cheers; Wesley is happy to note that they get five cheers rather than three in Pylea. He and Gunn start to head off to find Angel again, but decide that the rebels could use their help and could also be helpful in rescuing Cordelia.

Fred tends to Angel, noting that he heals quickly and also didn’t change while he was fighting the guards. She offers to throw the captain, who’s tied up, over a cliff, like she did with the other guards’ bodies, but Angel wants to talk to him. He asks about Cordelia and Groo, learning that she’ll be killed (like Lorne, supposedly) after the com-shuk. Angel tells Fred that he has to go help his friends, but Fred tells him that he’s safer in the cave. The captain quietly frees himself from his binds and tries to stab Fred; Angel stabs the captain instead. Cordelia heads to the mutilation chamber with a bucket holding Lorne’s head; he spots his suit but notes that it’s on a body that isn’t his. Cordelia hears someone coming and asks Lorne, “Do you mind if I hit him over the head with you?” Groo enters and reveals that he took Lorne’s body, then put his clothes on someone else’s body. Cordelia is thrilled by this news and by Groo’s loyalty to her. Lorne learns that his body was taken to his mother’s farm (again, see “Over the Rainbow”); Landok has agreed to help reunite Lorne with his body. At their camp, the rebels discuss storming the castle but aren’t entirely sure they won’t all be killed. Wesley tells them that they need to make a sneak attack and come in from different points. The rebels figure out that they need to kill Silas in order to take away the priests’ strongest ally. Sasha decides to make Wesley their leader and Wesley asks Gunn, “Why do people keep putting me in charge of things?” Gunn says that he doesn’t know. Angel finally leaves Fred’s cave to find the MoG, but returns when he realizes that he doesn’t know where he’s going. Fred offers to take him where he wants to go.

In the throne room, Cordelia tells Groo that he was right to defy the Trombli, since it’s his job to fight evil. He tells her that when they mate, her visions will pass to him. She announces that that can’t happen; she needs the visions to help the MoG fight evil. He wants to take over her burden, but Cordelia says that the visions are a part of her and she considers them an honor. Suddenly she has a vision of Groo being attacked by a beast. Wesley, Gunn, and the rebels have a strategy session, deciding that they need to get Groo out of the castle to level the playing field. Wesley decides to split up the troops, though Gunn doesn’t agree with that. Wesley learns about Silas’ console, thinking that Silas will use it to kill all of the slaves if he sees that he’s being defeated. Angel and Fred appear and Wesley and Gunn realize that Fred is the girl from Cordelia’s vision (again, see “Belonging”). Gunn and Wesley explain that Wesley has taken over as the rebels’ leader; Wesley offers to let Angel lead instead, but Angel is afraid that he’ll become his demon self again. He tells Wesley and Gunn that Fred might be able to open a portal for them, then starts to tell them that Lorne is dead. The rebels capture Landok, who has Lorne’s head, and Wesley and Gunn are told that Lorne is dead. The MoG scream in surprise when Lorne opens his eyes, asking why no one is praising him in his death. Later, after Landok has left with Lorne’s head, the other MoG discuss the attack on the castle. Gunn tells Wesley that some of the rebels will definitely die; Wesley replies that he knows, and that if he tries to keep everyone alive, everyone will be killed. He tells Angel to go to the village, call Groo out, and kill him. Angel says that he won’t be able to without turning into his demon self; Wesley says that he knows. Angel reveals that when he fired the MoG (see “Reunion”), he did so because he felt himself returning to the dark side and didn’t want them to be affected by it. Wesley tells him that they know he can succeed and they won’t let him stay on the dark side. Fred offers to go with Angel, since she knows how to “prepare the challenging torch,” so they leave. Gunn asks Wesley if he really thinks they can get Angel back from the dark side. Wesley replies that he needs Angel to believe that they can.

At the castle, Cordelia tells Groo not to fight any green demons. Silas enters and orders the two of them to get with the mating. Suddenly a priest enters and announces that something is going on in the village square. They look outside to see Angel and Fred approaching with the torch. Angel announces that he wants to fight Groo; Fred cringes when he calls Groo “spineless.” Silas tells Groo that he has to fight, but Cordelia protests that he can’t. Groo heads off for the fight, despite Cordelia’s pleas. Outside the throne room, Silas tells Groo that if Angel beats him, he’ll go after Cordelia and kill her. Groo accepts Angel’s challenge and Wesley sends the rebels in for the attack. Fred wishes Angel luck, telling him that Groo overcomes everything. Groo grabs an axe and a club, heading for Angel and quickly getting the upper hand in their fight. Fred tells Angel that he can’t hold back or Groo will kill him. Wesley, Gunn, and some other rebels head after Silas but wind up getting into a sword fight with some guards. Silas heads back to the priests’ chambers, where Cordelia begs him to pull Groo out of the fight. He tells her that the fight is herself, since she gave the rebels hope that they could change things. He pushes her aside, announcing that he’ll use the console to kill all of the slaves. Groo and Angel continue fighting, Groo still winning. Angel goes demon and finally starts winning. Wesley, Gunn, and Sasha make it to the priests’ chambers and try to talk Silas out of killing the slaves. Behind Silas, Cordelia raises a sword and beheads him. She tells Wesley and Gunn that they need to go save Groo from his fight; Wesley tells her that he’s fighting Angel. In the village square, Angel turns back into his human form and tells Groo that he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Cordelia arrives, stopping the fight and announcing that she loves Groo. She tells everyone that Silas is dead, the priests have been defeated, and that she’ll punish anyone who hurts a human.

The next day, Angel gets a reassembled Lorne from his mother’s house and tries to get him to say something nice to her. Lorne’s mother blasts him for returning to Pylea and being friends with the woman who freed all the slaves. As Angel and Lorne leave, Lorne’s mother orders Numfar (again, see “Over the Rainbow”) to “do the dance of shame.” Lorne tells Angel that he realized he did need to come back to Pylea in order to find out that he didn’t need to come back. He knows for sure that he belongs in L.A. rather than Pylea because no one really belongs in L.A.; therefore, it’s perfect for people who don’t belong. Lorne is inspired to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which drives a couple of demons crazy. Back at the palace, Cordelia proclaims equality for everyone in Pylea, then smashes the console. Wesley, Gunn, and Fred grab the Wolf, Ram, and Hart books, which contain formulas to open a portal. Cordelia leaves Groo in charge of everyone and Gunn warns that he’ll have a hard time with reconstruction, since there’s still a lot of racial discrimination in Pylea. Cordelia tells Groo that she doesn’t want to go, but she’s needed back in L.A. (She’ll see him again in “Waiting in the Wings.”) Fred and the MoG ride Angel’s convertible back through the portal in Caritas, causing more damage to the already damaged club. Angel, Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn, and Fred head to the Hyperion, where Cordelia tells Fred about all the great things she can still expect to find in L.A. As they enter the hotel, Angel starts to say, “There’s no place like home,” but stops when he spots Willow. He sees how sad she is (see “The Gift”) and realizes that something has happened to Buffy.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: There may be no place like home, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get bad news there.

R.I.P.: Buffy (over on her show)

GRADE: B Eh. “Through the Looking Glass” was better.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Gunn: “I’ve got a plan.”
Wesley: “Oh, thank God! What is it?”
Gunn: “We die horribly and painfully, you go to Hell, and I spend eternity in the arms of baby Jesus.”
Wesley: “Oh.”

“Where is the praising and extolling of my virtues? Where’s the love?” - Lorne

Angel: “She loves me, too, right?”
Cordelia: (to Groo) “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”
Angel: “As a friend and co-worker.”
Cordelia: “Can I get some medical attention around here, people?”
Angel: “Maybe love is too strong a term.”

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