Written by Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan; directed by James A. Contner

Gunn brings Angel to the Hyperion, unsure of what happened in Darla’s hotel room (see “The Trial”). Cordelia thinks that Darla did something to Angel, but he tries to tell them that Darla’s dead. He says that “they made her drink” and mentions that Drusilla was involved. Gunn realizes that Drusilla is a vampire as Angel starts looking through his office for a stake. He tells Wesley that he can kill Darla and save her from becoming a vampire again. Later, Gunn is trying to clarify Angel’s “family tree” and who sired who. He notes that “the granddaughter remade the grandmother.” Angel decides that he wants to go to Lindsey’s apartment and tells the others that he wants them to stay behind. He heads over and learns that Lindsey is moving out. A woman tells him that an English woman was visiting Lindsey and mentioned that she was having a baby. She reveals that Drusilla wanted her “baby” to be born near the stars, despite the fact that it’s hard to see the stars in L.A. (No, the cosmic stars.) Drusilla, Lindsey, Lilah, and Holland are in a greenhouse with Darla’s body, where Drusilla is getting ready for Darla’s “birth.” Holland says that they would stay, but they already have plans. Lindsey contemplates staying, but Holland tells him that it’s a “family matter.” After he, Lindsey, and Lilah leave, Dru sings Darla the same song she sang to the boy in “Lie to Me.” Back at the Hyperion, Angel tries to figure out where Drusilla might have taken Darla. He remembers how much Drusilla liked the greenhouse at the mansion in Sunnydale, so the MoG decide to look for a nursery that might be connected to Wolfram & Hart.

Angel finds the greenhouse and approaches Darla with a stake. He’s about to do the job when Drusilla smacks him over the head with a shovel. As Angel and Drusilla fight, Darla wakes up. Angel breaks the shovel and starts to stake Darla with the handle, discovering that she’s no longer in the dirt. Darla grabs him by the throat and Drusilla says, “Now everybody’s home.” Angel and Darla do some fighting and Angel almost tries to stake Darla yet again. He pauses when he sees her in her human face, looking confused, and Dru takes the opportunity to get him away from Darla. Darla jumps off the roof and Dru disappears as well. Angel heads back to the Hyperion, gathering up the MoG and some weapons. He admits that he doesn’t know where Darla and Drusilla are, but he thinks that they’ve separated, which means that he can stop them from doing anything. Wesley points out that it’s not a great idea for them to drive around the city looking for two people. Angel agrees, saying that they’ll go to Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia notes that he can’t because he’ll be caught. Angel says that anyone who’s up for going can come, but they don’t have to. All four of them wind up going. At the firm, Holland asks Lindsey if he’s bringing a date to the party he and his wife are having at their house that night. Lindsey doesn’t have one, and Holland encourages him to find time to socialize. He’s on his way out when he runs into Drusilla. She tells Lindsey that she’s worried about Darla and Holland isn’t happy to hear that Angel was at the greenhouse. Lindsey gets word that there’s an “untagged” vampire in the building. He opens his office door to find Darla there. She throws him across the room and she and Drusilla run out together.

In the car, Cordelia has a vision of a guy with a gun. She tells Angel that they have to head back in the other direction, which he reluctantly does. Darla and Drusilla are walking downtown, Darla fighting with Dru and other random people. Darla wants to know why Drusilla did what she did, and Drusilla is upset that Darla isn’t grateful. Darla kills a random guy, which makes Drusilla think that she’s back to normal. To celebrate, the two decide to go shopping. The MoG find the guy from Cordelia’s vision; he’s worshipping a demon named Morgog and holding a gun. Angel quickly stops the guy from making himself a sacrifice to Morgog. Wesley tells Angel that they can’t be done that easily; Gunn thinks that the Powers That Be might not want Angel to go after Darla and Drusilla. Angel tells the MoG to help the guy while he goes after Darla and Dru. The two of them are at a boutique, where they’ve killed some people and are looking at clothes. They get a call from Holland, who’s heard what they’ve been up to and wants them to commit a massacre next. Lilah thinks that Drusilla and Darla will cause Angel a lot of trouble, which will keep him from bothering Wolfram & Hart. Of course, Angel shows up right then, crashing through Lindsey’s office window and grabbing him. He officially meets Holland, who he notes is responsible for Darla’s raising. Holland informs Angel that Drusilla and Darla are out causing trouble but won’t tell him where. Guards arrive to get rid of Angel and Holland confirms that he’s just going to let Angel walk out of the building. He mentions that he’s having a wine-tasting at his house and mocks that Angel can’t come. Outside, Angel tells Lindsey that after he stops Dru and Darla, he might come back for him. The guards put Angel in a police car, where Kate is waiting for him. She tells him about Darla and Drusilla’s “shopping spree” and lets Angel go.

Lindsey arrives at Holland’s house, where he’s greeted by Holland’s wife Catherine and heads to the wine cellar. Holland announces to the lawyers that the Senior Partners are happy with the way things have been going, then praises Lindsey and Lilah for their work. Darla and Drusilla arrive at the party, having been invited inside by Catherine, who they bit. Darla points out that Holland said he wanted her and Dru to commit a massacre, so they’ve come for one. Angel heads to the boutique and sees the aftermath of Darla and Drusilla’s fun day. In the cellar, Holland tells Darla that he thought Angel cared about her more than he does. Angel encounters a woman still in the dressing room and tells him that Darla and Drusilla were on their way to a “tasting.” Holland and Drusilla discuss the fact that the cellar used to be a bomb shelter. Darla notes that Lindsey doesn’t seem to be afraid, even though he could die. Darla tells Drusilla that when they get a new place, they “have to put in a people cellar.” Angel arrives at the mansion and Catherine, who’s still alive, begs him for help. Downstairs, Drusilla senses that Angel is there. He heads down to the cellar and tells Darla that he’s sorry he couldn’t get to her before she caused trouble. Drusilla is disappointed that Angel is thinking about the lawyers rather than his “family.” Lilah and Holland beg for help, telling him that people are going to die. Angel says that he “can’t seem to care,” then leaves the cellar, trapping Holland and the other lawyers inside with Darla and Drusilla. Back at the Hyperion, the MoG are shocked to hear that Angel didn’t save the lawyers. Angel points out that Darla and Drusilla made the decision to go after them and he can’t stop them yet. Wesley warns Angel that he’s heading back to the dark side and that he, Cordelia, and Gunn are the only people keeping him from it. He says that he knows that, then fires them.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Angel has a weird way of helping the helpless.

R.I.P.: Darla (technically; again), Holland, a bunch of other Wolfram & Hart lawyers

GRADE: B The start of a strange arc.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “Stick with cemeteries, something with a view of the night sky.”
Cordelia: “So, just outside cemeteries then.”

Drusilla: “I saw you coming, my lovely. The moon showed me. It told me to come into the twentieth century.”
Angel: “It’s the twenty-first century, Dru.”
Drusilla: “Hmm, I’m still lagging.”

“She should have done this before we left the hotel.” - Angel re: Cordelia, who’s having a vision in the car

“I’m ringing. Do you hear it? I’m ringing all over! (Darla pulls a cell phone out of Drusilla’s dress) Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.” - Drusilla

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