Written by Jeffrey Bell; directed by Turi Meyer

Angel is in his suite at the Hyperion, alone with Connor’s empty crib (see “Sleep Tight”). Fred is in Wesley’s apartment, listening to the message she left him on his answering machine. Gunn emerges from the bedroom and she tells him that it doesn’t make sense that Wesley would take Connor. Gunn says that they can ask him when they find him, but if Angel finds him first, he’ll kill Wesley. Fred suggests that she stay there until Wesley comes back and Gunn go stay with Angel, but Gunn doesn’t think that Wesley is coming back, since he took a bunch of his things with him. “He wouldn’t betray us,” Fred tries to convince herself. She wonders where his diaries are, thinking that they might hold an answer. As they head out to Gunn’s truck, Fred tries calling Wesley again. They drive off without hearing Wesley’s cell phone ringing in the nearby park, lying next to the barely-conscious, bleeding Wesley (again, see “Sleep Tight”). Justine returns to Holtz’s lair and stakes the two training vamps they’ve been keeping there. “No more training. No more practice,” she tells some members of Holtz’s crew. “From here out, everything’s real.” Someone asks where Holtz is and Justine replies that he left with Connor, as they’d planned. (Liar!) She says that Holtz wants them to keep doing what they were doing: “We’re going to kill Angelus.” Back at the Hyperion, Lorne tells Fred and Gunn that Holtz took off with Connor. Fred is upset about the baby’s disappearance, as well as the fact that he had to go through a portal, the same way she was transported to Pylea. Gunn comforts her and asks Lorne whether Wesley gave Connor to Holtz. Lorne explains that Wesley and Holtz were meeting secretly, but he doesn’t know much else. Angel enters and says that it doesn’t matter why Wesley did what he did - he just wants to get Connor back, then punish the people responsible for his disappearance, including Wesley. Angel asks Lorne to find out everything he can about Quortoth, where Holtz took Connor; Fred says that when they figure out how to go there, they’ll all go. Gunn tries to awkwardly ask how they’ll open a portal to Quortoth without Wesley. Angel says that they don’t need him - Sahjhan opened the portal, so they’ll get him to open another one.

At Wolfram & Hart, Linwood drops by Lilah’s office and notes that she met with Sahjhan and Angel behind his back. He tells her that they’re always in “a war…full of sticky moral quandaries,” but she should always choose his side. Lilah argues that she didn’t have much of a choice in giving Connor to Holtz; he agrees but points out that Holtz had a big victory. She notes that he did wind up in a Hell dimension. Linwood seems to subtly threaten to do something to Lilah’s mother if she goes behind his back again. Angel, Gunn, and Fred look through the office at the Hyperion for information on Sahjhan but don’t have much luck. Fred starts to call Cordelia (who’s apparently in Mexico; see “Couplet”) but Angel stops her, not wanting to ruin her vacation with Groo. “She’ll be back soon,” he says, barely keeping it together, “and when she does, she’ll…she’ll have presents. For Connor. And he’s gonna be here so she can give them to him. Okay?” After a few moments, he tells her and Gunn to stop what they’re doing and leaves. Fred and Gunn decide that they need to go back to finding Wesley. Wesley’s barely alive and still in the park, where he’s been found by a homeless man. The man steals his wallet but leaves to go get help. Back at the hotel, Lorne gives Angel the bad news that Quortoth isn’t exactly Disneyland, and it’s impossible to open a portal to it. Sahjhan had to “rip right through the fabric of reality” in order to do so. Angel gathers up some pointy things (including a staple remover and a spindle) as Lorne continues that even if Angel were to find a way to get to Quortoth, it would be nearly impossible to find Holtz and Connor. Lorne follows Angel into his room to find Linwood tied up and looking a little worse for wear. Linwood tries to warn Angel that he’ll be in massive trouble for abducting him, but Angel says that Wolfram & Hart will kill Linwood before they kill him. Lorne tries to remind Angel that Linwood is human and that killing him won’t bring Connor back. Linwood starts to threaten to press charges, but then sees all of Angel’s pointy little weapons and changes his mind. Angel asks Linwood how to get in touch with Sahjhan; Linwood calls Lilah and tells him he’s sending Angel over.

Justine is sharpening a stake in Holtz’s lair when Fred and Gunn arrive. They ask her about Wesley, but she’s not in the mood to be helpful. Some of the crew members show up and they start fighting. One of the crew members comes close to slitting Gunn’s throat, but Justine remembers slitting Wesley’s throat and stops him, letting Fred and Gunn leave. Angel and Lilah meet up at Wolfram & Hart and Lilah says that Linwood told her to take Angel to “the white room.” Apparently this room is somewhat secretive (she didn’t even hear about it until she’d been working at the firm for a few years) and can be reached by the elevator. As Lilah talks about someone who went to the white room and is now in an asylum, Angel uses Linwood’s instructions and presses a few buttons in the elevator until a white button appears. He presses it and everything suddenly goes white. Angel and Lilah find themselves in the huge, empty, aptly-named white room, where they encounter a little girl (Kay Panabaker). She greets them, compliments Lilah’s nail polish, and notes that Angel likes revenge. He tells her about Sahjhan and she explains the way his demon clan was in the past - they loved to create chaos, so the girl and her fellow beings (more on them in “Long Day’s Journey”) made them immaterial in order to keep them from killing anyone. Sahjhan’s essence can be captured and held in a Resikhian urn, but the girl recognizes that Angel wants to do something a little more hands-on. She tells him that there will be a price for that and orders him to kill Lilah. Angel grabs her and the girl stops him, instead giving him a ritual that will make Sahjhan corporeal. Fred and Gunn, inspired by seeing all of the trash in Holtz’s lair, head to a dumpster near Wesley’s house to see if he threw away his diaries. They come up successful and take the diaries inside, reading through the meticulous records. Gunn finds the “the father will kill the son” prophecy and they realize that Wesley took Connor because he thought Angel was going to kill him. Fred wants to tell Angel about the prophecy, but Gunn doesn’t think it’ll make him forgive Wesley. He thinks that Wesley should have come to them instead of making the decision he did. Fred believes that Angel will eventually come around.

Back at the Hyperion, Lorne plays the angel on Angel’s shoulder while Lilah plays the devil. Angel paints a pentagram on the lobby floor as Lorne tries to convince him that he shouldn’t use dark magic to try to get Connor back. Angel needs human blood for his ritual and Lilah makes a move like she’s going to get it from Linwood, but she winds up cutting her own hand instead. Angel does the ritual to summon Sahjhan, but instead of materializing in the hotel, Sahjhan appears in the middle of a street. A truck runs over him and hits another car, turning over. Back at the hotel, Angel drags Linwood (who’s still tied to a chair) upstairs as Linwood begs Lilah to do something and Lorne pleads with Angel again not to kill Linwood. Lilah calls the firm and learns that Sahjhan may have appeared in the middle of a street. Angel lets Linwood fall down the stairs, then starts to head off. Fred and Gunn arrive and Fred tells Angel about the Nyazian prophecies and the fact that Wesley was trying to protect him and Connor. Angel swears that he would never hurt anyone he cared about, then orders Fred to get out of his way so he can leave. Fred tells Gunn that they need to go after him, but Gunn says they can’t. As Angel leaves the hotel, Justine arrives with some of Holtz’s crew members and they start fighting. Angel holds a stake to Justine’s throat and tells her, “I’m not your boyfriend. Find somebody else to smack you around.” Surprised that Angel is leaving without killing her, Justine heads off as well. Fred and Gunn leave the hotel and spot her, noting that she’s driving away in Wesley’s car. Angel meets up with the truck driver who (sort of) hit Sahjhan and tries to convince him that the accident wasn’t his fault. Justine heads to Sahjhan’s underground chamber and is quickly joined by Fred and Gunn, who ask again where Wesley is. Justine realizes that Holtz lied to her and only wanted Connor, not her. She tells them that Wesley’s innocent and admits that she slit his throat. Fred slaps Justine and Gunn stops Justine from hitting back. “I trusted the wrong man,” Justine notes. Gunn demands that Justine take them to Wesley, but they’re interrupted by Sahjhan.

Sahjhan starts fighting Fred, Gunn, and Justine as Fred tries to use her cell phone. Angel arrives and as he faces off with Sahjhan, Justine takes the opportunity to make a run for it. Angel demands that Sahjhan take him to Quortoth, but Sahjhan says that he can’t. He starts talking about the Nyazian prophecies and Gunn realizes that he made up the one about Angel killing Connor. There had previously been a prophecy about Connor - “the one sired by the vampire with a soul shall grow to manhood and kill Sahjhan” (see “Origin”); Sahjhan changed it, then made up the new one. Sahjhan says that if Holtz had killed Connor when Darla was still pregnant, none of this would have happened. Angel finally loses it and the fighting begins. Sahjhan gets the upper hand and is about to stake Angel when Justine returns with a Resikhian urn. She opens it, trapping Sahjhan inside. She explains that Holtz left it there and Angel thanks her. Fred asks again about Wesley and Justine says that she left him in the park near his apartment. The MoG head to the park just before sunrise but can’t find Wesley. Back at the hotel, Angel laments to Lorne that he made a bad decision by going after Sahjhan because he put Gunn and Fred in danger. Lorne points out that if Sahjhan and Lilah had pulled off their scheme, Angel would have Connor’s blood on his hands. “Don’t I anyway?” Angel asks. Lorne says that he did everything he could with what he knew, just as Wesley did. “Maybe the way to start forgiving yourself is by starting to forgive him,” Lorne suggests. Fred calls and tells Lorne that Wesley has been found and is in the hospital, still alive. Angel heads over and goes in to see Wesley, telling him that he understands why he did what he did. “You thought I was going to turn evil and kill my son,” Angel says. “I didn’t turn into Angelus. It’s important to me that you know that. This isn’t Angelus talking to you, it’s me, Angel. You know that, right?” Once he’s sure that Wesley knows, he picks up a pillow and starts to smother him. Fred, Gunn, and some medical personnel run in to stop him as Angel yells at Wesley that he’ll never forgive him and he’s “a dead man.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Betraying Angel is probably a bad idea.

GRADE: B Poor sad, angry Angel.

WELCOME TO L.A.: the girl in the white room

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Can’t wait to see how it turns out. You have a website?” - the girl in the white room to Angel

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