"Room With a View"
Written by Jane Espenson; directed by Scott McGinnis

Cordelia reenacts an audition in Angel’s office, complaining to Doyle about cheap plastic trash bags as he gives her encouragement. Aura, a friend of Cordelia’s from Sunnydale (see “Welcome to the Hellmouth”), leaves a message on the answering machine, but Cordelia doesn’t pick up the phone to talk to her. She tells Doyle that she doesn’t want to speak to Aura because she doesn’t want to admit that she lives in a horrible apartment and hasn’t become a famous actress yet. Doyle offers her the use of his apartment (and most likely his bed) if she ever wants it. She heads out for the night and Doyle asks Angel for information on her. Angel tells him about the Cordettes, saying that they were “like the soviet secret police, if they cared a lot about shoes.” He explains that her parents lost all of their money, but thinks that she’s doing all right for herself. Cordelia arrives at home and has some encounters with bad water, a stuck key, and cockroaches. She grabs the phone and calls Doyle to take him up on his offer. However, before Doyle can answer the phone in his apartment, he’s greeted by a demon who claims that Doyle owes him money. Instead of giving him the money, Doyle gets away from him.

At his apartment, Angel exits the shower in time to hear someone knocking on his door. Cordelia enters with some bags, sending him to fetch another suitcase in the hallway. She says that she sunk low enough to seek help from Doyle, but since he didn’t answer the phone, she’s going to make herself at home in Angel’s apartment until she finds a better place for herself. The next morning, Doyle goes to Angel’s apartment and finds Cordelia there, trying to use a vase as a mirror. She asks him if he’s ever felt like he couldn’t shower enough to get clean. Angel enters and accuses Cordelia of getting peanut butter on the bed. Doyle freaks out and Angel has to explain to him that nothing happened between him and Cordelia. Doyle asks if anyone’s called looking for him and Cordelia says that a “cousin” called the day before. Angel notices that Doyle has a bruise on his hand; Doyle says that he got it playing badminton. Later, Doyle catches Cordelia cutting up Angel’s floors to see if there’s hard wood under the vinyl. Doyle looks at the trophies Cordelia brought over and notes that her diploma is burned (see “Graduation Day, Part 2”). Angel announces that a guy is there to see Doyle; as Angel goes to let him in, Doyle takes off through the back door. He’s met by Angel, who asks to know what’s going on. In the office, Doyle explains that he owes some people and some people owe him, so he doesn’t even know who the demon is getting money for. Angel reminds Doyle that he has a problem of his own, then makes him a deal - he’ll take care of his debt if Doyle will find Cordelia an apartment.

Cordelia and Doyle head out to look at apartments, though Cordelia doesn’t want to use Doyle’s “guy” to help them. The first apartment they look at is miniscule and mildewy. The second is part of a “community” with public bathrooms, early morning meetings, and chanting that starts at 4 a.m. The third comes with a neighbor who has a key to the apartment and is thrilled that Cordelia’s single. Cordelia finally tells Doyle that she’s willing to meet with his “guy.” At Doyle’s apartment, Angel looks around and is grabbed by the debt-seeking Kailiff demon. Elsewhere, a woman shows Cordelia and Doyle a nice apartment that comes furnished and doesn’t cost too much. Cordelia is thrilled with her new place and grateful to Doyle and his “guy” for helping her find it. As they leave, they don’t see a bulge similar to a face appearing on the wall Cordelia wants to get rid of. The Kailiff beats on Angel until he gets his name out of him (Griff), then admits that he doesn’t know the name of the guy who hired him. He says that if he doesn’t get the money from Doyle, he has to kill him in order to send a message to any other possible shirkers. Angel assures him that he’ll get the money and Griff wonders why he’s helping a “half-breed.” Angel makes him a deal and Griff agrees that if Angel can get the money to him, he’ll leave Doyle alone. That night, Cordelia is asleep in her new apartment when her radio suddenly turns on. The song “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love” comes on and drawers begin opening and closing. “What do you think you’re doing here?” a voice asks. “You never should have come.”

Angel fills Doyle in on the deal at his apartment, but Doyle isn’t happy about having to pay money he doesn’t have. Angel wonders how Doyle can live his life this way, but Doyle says that he likes to keep his expectations low. He’s at least happy for Cordelia and her new apartment. However, over in Cordelia City, she’s having a little trouble with a lamp that won’t turn on, a glass of water that starts to boil, and a levitating bed. She tries to put on a brave front to her invisible tormentor, mentioning that she’s from Sunnydale, but in the morning, she’s still awake and scared. She gets dressed, not seeing the gray figure of an old woman next to her reflection in a mirror. Cordelia does battle with a chair and a curtain cord, then yells at her ghostly roommate that he or she isn’t winning. Angel and Doyle arrive with a housewarming gift of a cactus, but Cordelia is reluctant to let them in. She stops the ghost from trying to kill Angel and Doyle without them noticing, but all three of them see the word “DIE” appearing across the wall, looking like it’s written in blood. Angel tries to get Cordelia to leave the apartment but she refuses, reminding him that it’s rent-controlled. Angel and Doyle agree to try an exorcism, and on the way out, Cordelia shouts to “Casper” that the battle isn’t over. After they’re gone, a woman’s voice says, “All right, dear, if that is what you think is best.” Doyle researches information about the apartment building in Angel’s office while Cordelia again says that she doesn’t want to move out. She’s afraid that having to leave will mean that she’s still being “punished.” Her father losing everything was her punishment for being mean to people in high school, and getting the apartment was a way of getting back to herself.

Doyle discovers that a woman named Maude Pearson died in Cordelia’s apartment - she was the first person to live in the apartment, and the name “Pearson Arms” is carved on the building’s entrance. Doyle leaves to get some ingredients for a cleansing spell and Angel goes to talk to Kate about more information. Cordelia wonders, “How come Patrick Swayze is never dead when you need him?” Later, Cordelia gets a call from Angel, who tells her to meet him at her apartment. When she arrives, she goes into the bedroom and encounters the ghost of Maude, who lured her there using Angel’s voice. Maude says that Cordelia doesn’t belong there and adds, “Too bad you wouldn’t leave my son alone.” At the police station, Kate, who’s still suspicious of Angel, finds out that Maude had a son named Dennis, whose fiancée wasn’t one of Maude’s favorite people. Dennis and his fiancée disappeared the same day that Maude died of a heart attack, and the police never found him. Kate reports that there were no other murders in the apartment, but after Angel asks about suicides, they find that three young women all killed themselves in the apartment. Angel calls Doyle at the office and, noting that Cordelia isn’t there, discovers the message on the machine that he didn’t make. Maude tells Cordelia that she’ll never be good enough for Dennis and that the apartment isn’t her home. Cordelia tries to stand up to her, telling her that her friends will come to help her. Maude mocks that no one cares about her and that she doesn’t deserve to live there. Angel and Doyle drive towards the apartment, Angel filling Doyle in on what he’s learned. Angel thinks that Maude has been killing people because she was murdered and “she can’t rest until the truth comes out.”

Maude starts attacking Cordelia, insulting her and trying to kill her with a cord. Cordelia almost passes out and Maude disappears just before Angel and Doyle arrive. Angel tries to assure Cordelia that they’ll be able to defeat Maude, but she cries that she’s weak and can’t do it. Angel tells her that Dennis killed Maude and that Maude is trying to get Cordelia to believe that she’s taking Dennis away so that she’ll play into her delusion. Doyle starts chanting in Latin while Angel tries to get Cordelia to fight back against Maude. Maude makes things smash into the walls and whispers to Cordelia that her friends don’t care about her and want her to fail. Angel decides that they should leave before someone gets hurt, but on their way out the door, Griff, another Kailiff, and a human stop them. Maude rails against the new intruders, making the lights pop and throwing more stuff around the apartment. The human tries to shoot at her, but one of his bullets breaks a fireplace tile. As Angel and Griff fight, a drawer in the kitchen opens and knives fly out, hitting one of the demons. Cordelia is shoved into the bedroom, where she continues to cry and tells Maude that she’ll leave the apartment. However, when Maude calls her a “stupid little b%$@#,” Cordelia stops crying and decides to fight back. “I’m not a sniveling little cry-Buffy,” she announces. “I’m the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. I take crap from no one.” She screams at Maude to get out of the apartment and Maude is thrown back into the wall.

Angel finishes beating up Griff and everything in the apartment stops flying around. Cordelia leaves the bedroom and in the living room her eyes glaze over white. She grabs a lamp and tears a hole in the wall she’d wanted to take down. Inside is a tied-up skeleton. Maude screams and we see a flashback of her bricking Dennis behind the wall as the song “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love” plays on the radio. She tells him that she’s trapping him so that he won’t get married, then claims that it hurts her more than it hurts him. However, seconds later, she has a heart attack and dies. Back in the present, Maude’s ghost looks at the skeleton as a white light emanates from it. The light heads for Maude and engulfs her as she says that she did what she did for Dennis’ own good. She disappears and Cordelia says, “I knew I didn’t like that wall!” Later, Doyle puts up some new locks in his apartment and Angel assures him that he’ll help him out when he needs it. In her new apartment, Cordelia chats with Aura on the phone, saying that she has a roommate but never sees him. Cordelia finds herself the new boss of the apartment she shares with the newly-nicknamed Phantom Dennis.


GRADE: B+ And thus begins the transition from Old Cordelia to New Cordelia.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Phantom Dennis

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Doyle: “Well, if you ever want to - I don’t know - stay a night away from the place, maybe give me a call.”
Cordelia: “Well, stranger things have happened. No, wait, they really haven’t.”

Cordelia: “First thing, hire someone to take out that wall.”
Doyle: “I though you said it was perfect.”
Cordelia: “Yes, and part of being perfect is there being one tiny flaw for me to fix.”

Cordelia: “I am not giving up this apartment!”
Angel: “It’s haunted.”
Cordelia: “It’s rent controlled!”
Doyle: “Cordy, it says ‘die’!”
Cordelia: “Hey, maybe it’s not done. Maybe it’s ‘diet.’ That’s friendly. A little judgmental, sure.”

Cordelia: “It’s beautiful, and if it goes away it’s like….”
Angel: “Like what?”
Cordelia: “Like I’m still getting punished.”
Angel: “Punished. For what?”
Cordelia: “I don’t know. For what I was? For everything I said in high school just because I could get away with it? And then it all ended, and I had to pay. Oh, but this apartment - I could be me again. Punishment over, welcome back to your life! Like, like I couldn’t be that awful if I get to have a place like that? It’s just like you!”
Angel: “Working for redemption.”
Cordelia: “I-I meant because you used to have that mansion.”

Kate: “Pop stars and popes, those are the one-name guys.”
Angel: “You got me. I’m a pope.”

“Ah, Angel Investigations. We hope you’re hopeless. No, wait, that’s….” - Doyle

“Oh, man, Latin. One of those dead languages you always mean to learn.” - Doyle

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