Written by David Greenwalt; directed by Turi Meyer

Hey, look! Flashbacks! Angelus is in Rome in 1771, being chased by monks. The monks are joined by Holtz (see “Heartthrob”), who chains him up and begins to torture him for killing his family. Later, Holtz tells Angelus that he’ll find Darla; he also wants to know if anything will be left once he burns the demon out of Angelus. He thinks that since Angelus doesn’t have a soul, he “can’t be saved.” Darla arrives with a gang of vamps, a crossbow, and flaming arrows. The vamps fight the monks and Darla and Angelus escape, leaving Holtz behind, still alive. In the present, Darla arrives in L.A. by bus, having killed most of her fellow passengers and freaked out the driver. Cordelia decorates her training space in the basement of the Hyperion with flowers and Angel tells her that he’s never met anyone like her. They do some sparring and Cordelia wonders if Angel is off his game because of an apocalyptic prophecy Gunn and Wesley are pursuing. Wesley and Gunn do some breaking and entering (more entering than breaking, since the door to the place they want to go in is unlocked). As they’re looking for a scroll, a guy with a gun enters the room and starts to call the police. Wesley tells him that when the police arrive, he’ll tell them that the guy has GHB, since a supernatural substance he has looks just like it. The guy threatens to just kill Wesley and Gunn instead. Gunn starts juggling expensive spheres, letting one break to show that he’s serious; the guy puts his gun down. Fred watches the end of Cordelia and Angel’s training session, then tells Angel that she thinks the two of them have “kye-rumption.” Apparently it’s the only nice word she remembers from Pylea, and “it’s when two great heroes meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate.” She says that it’s natural that Angel and Cordelia would be attracted to each other, since they’re both heroes. He tries to protest that there’s nothing going on between them, but Fred tells him that she also sense moira - “the gut physical attraction between two larger than life souls.” Angel’s still in denial.

Wesley asks Fred to help him and Gunn with the math in the Nyzian prophecies they’ve brought back. Up in the lobby, Fred does the math as Wesley and Gunn try to figure out what bad thing might be coming. Wesley explains to Fred that he’s already made a mistake with one prophecy (see “To Shanshu in L.A.”) and doesn’t want to screw up the translation of another one. The MoG talk about how things would be if Angel became human; Cordelia says that she would buy him plaid shirts and take him to the beach. Fred finishes her calculations and announces that if the math is right, the “bad thing” should already be in L.A. Angel has an awkward conversation with Cordelia about how people relate and how different they are. She wonders if he’s trying to say that he loves her; she easily says that she loves him, too. “Angel loves me. I love him,” she announces to the other MoG in the next room. “We love you, Angel,” Fred, Wesley, and Gunn call back. He tries again to talk about all that they’ve been through together (as friends, of course), and all the good and bad stuff they’ve seen. Suddenly one of those bad things walks in - Darla’s arrived. As the MoG boggle over her arrival and the fact that she’s pregnant, Gunn explains to Fred who Darla is. Cordelia realizes that, despite what he told her in “Disharmony”), Angel did sleep with Darla in “Reprise.” As Cordelia fumes over this, Angel gets Wesley to back him up on the fact that vampires can’t have children. Darla smacks Angel, but Cordelia blasts him for not treating her well, then starts to tend to her. She criticizes Angel for using Darla to make himself feel better during his “dark time,” saying that he’s not much of a hero now. Darla says that she’s been to a bunch of shamans but no one can explain why she’s pregnant. She wants the MoG to figure out what’s going on “and how to stop it.”

Cordelia asks Angel if he’s going to take some responsibility; he says that he will. He tells Wesley to look through his books, so Wesley humors him and says that he’s found something, which makes Angel optimistic. “It says, ‘I have absolutely no idea what’s going on,’” he reports, disappointing Angel. At Caritas, Lorne is redecorating (see “That Old Gang of Mine”) and the Furies are redoing the sanctuary spell. Lorne is upset with one of the rebuilders, Arnie, who can mimic peoples’ voices. (That will be important in “Lullaby.”) The MoG arrive with Darla and Cordelia immediately starts snarking on the Furies (“and here we have three more of Angel’s chippies. You girls are on the pill, I hope”). Fred wonders if Angel is going to sing; the other MoG aren’t in favor of this idea. Darla sings a little of “O Danny Boy” and demands to know what she’s pregnant with. Lorne kicks out the Furies and his workers and says that he has no clue what’s going on, either. Wesley and Fred tell him about the prophecies, which mention a Tro-clan “born out of darkness to bring darkness.” Cordelia takes Darla to Lorne’s room to lie down, declining Angel’s offer to help out. Back in the club, Lorne says that it would be unfair if Angel fought evil for so long and then was partially responsible for bringing something evil into the world. Wesley wonders if the Shanshu prophecy might from “To Shanshu in L.A.” might refer to Angel and Darla’s child rather than Angel. He wonders if Angel’s destiny might be to bring the child in the world, but Angel wonders if his destiny is to stop the child. Fred thinks that destiny is dumb, but Angel wants to know more about the prophecy, so he sends her back to the hotel to get all of their information. Angel asks Lorne about Cordelia and he advises her to keep his distance for a little while.

“Why would anyone bring something into this world?” Darla asks Cordelia in the bedroom. Cordelia tries to bond by telling her about her demon pregnancy in “Expecting,” but she makes the mistake of mentioning food and reminding Darla of how much she likes to drink. Cordelia starts to leave but Darla vamps out, telling her that she’s always hungry. Cordelia punches her and tells her that pregnant or not, Darla’s not coming anywhere near her. Darla responds by throwing her across the room and biting her. Cordelia has a vision of an arcade as Angel comes to her rescue and takes her over to the bed. He promises to kill Darla for biting Cordelia, but Darla’s already disappeared. Angel heads back into the club with Cordelia and learns that the MoG couldn’t stop Darla from leaving. Angel takes Cordelia to the Hyperion and she tells him about her vision, in which Darla headed somewhere to try to sate her hunger. Angel grabs some weapons, tells Wesley that he needs to find Darla on his own, and heads off. Fred points out to Wesley that Angel will have a hard time killing Darla because she’s carrying his child - “the one thing he can never have, even if he lives forever.” Darla finds a lost little boy at an arcade and pretends that she’s going to help him find his mother. At the Hyperion, Cordelia has a strange dream and tells Wesley that it was like a vision that told her why Darla keeps seeking younger victims. At the arcade, Darla vamps out and scares the boy, who runs off to his mother. Angel arrives and starts fighting Darla. She blasts him for getting her pregnant, telling him he can’t stop what’s inside her. He tries to strangle her (apparently forgetting that vampires don’t breathe), then starts to stake her. Before he does, he hears the baby’s heartbeat. She urges him to kill the baby, but he tells her that if the baby has a heartbeat, it also has a soul. He thinks that that’s why she’s been craving purer blood. Darla doesn’t want to accept the news, but she doesn’t have a choice. Angel takes her back to the Hyperion and tells Gunn to make sure that she can’t go anywhere near Cordelia or Fred. Fred realizes that her calculations were a little off and the thing in the prophecy might be awakening rather than arriving. In an underground chamber, a demon named Sahjhan (Jack Conley) performs a ritual and waits impatiently. Finally, a statue crumbles, revealing a human inside - it’s Holtz.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Babies may be bundles of joy, but their mothers might not be.

GRADE: B Go away, Darla.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Sahjhan

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Next birthday, you think we could skip the two hundred and fifty odd candles on the cake and the inevitable fire marshal and just go with a little song?” - Cordelia to Angel

Fred: "Who’s Darla?"
Gunn: “Angel’s old flame from way back.”
Fred: “Not the one that died?”
Gunn: “Yeah. No, not that one. The other one that died and came back to life. She’s a vampire.”
Fred: “Y’all have a chart or something?”
Gunn: “In the files.”

“This is way beyond my ken…and my Barbie and all my action figures.” - Lorne

Fred: “Can I say something about destiny? Screw destiny! If this evil thing comes, we’ll fight it, and we’ll keep fighting it until we whoop it. ‘Cause destiny is just another word for ‘inevitable,’ and nothing’s inevitable as long as you stand up, look it in the eye, and say, ‘You’re evitable!’ Well, you - you catch my drift.”
Lorne: “Wow. I like her so much!”

“We tried to stop her by hitting her fists and feet with our faces, but….” - Gunn

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