Written by Howard Gordon; directed by David Semel

Angel inadvertently sneaks up on Cordelia as she’s putting on lipstick in the office. They talk about Cordelia’s confusing filing system, a conversation which basically only serves to kill time until Wesley can arrive. He wants to know if Cordelia has had another vision because he’s anxious to go out and kill something evil. Two girls named Sarina and Emily arrive to pick up Cordelia on their way to Lounge La Brea with a guy named Wilson Christopher, a fashion photographer who Cordelia has been dating. Sarina compliments Wesley’s axe and he winds up swinging it over his shoulder into the wall. Angel asks why Cordelia hasn’t mentioned that she’s dating Wilson and she tells him matter-of-factly that she’s ashamed of him and doesn’t want him to grill Wilson. Suddenly, Cordelia collapses behind Angel’s desk and Angel tries to cover it up by knocking over some letters and asking her to pick up a file. He then distracts Sarina and Emily with questions about Lounge La Brea, leading them to invite him to tag along. Meanwhile, Cordelia is still having a vision. Sarina notes Angel and Wesley’s behavior and thinks that they’re gay. After Cordelia’s vision is over, Angel asks her about the client he’s supposedly meeting that night. She describes her vision as being about “a big baby hatching from a big egg.” She gives him an address and leaves with Sarina and Emily. Wesley tries to nonchalantly ask Angel if he needs any help; Angel indicates that he wants him to come along. He may or may not rethink his decision when Wesley is unable to get the axe out of the wall without falling over.

Angel and Wesley head to the address Cordelia gave them, Wesley prepared with weapons. Wesley kicks in the door of the house, but when Angel tries to enter, he finds that he can’t. Wesley encounters a couple watching TV and demands to know where their demon eggs are. Angel looks through the window of a nearby house and sees the demon from Cordelia’s vision hatching there. He tries to make the couple think that Wesley was talking about termites (“we fight termites, wherever they may roam”) and the two of them leave, Wesley apologizing to the couple about breaking their door. In shadows, we see and hear Angel and Wesley fighting the demon at the other house, eventually succeeding. Wesley thinks that Cordelia hasn’t been paying enough attention to her responsibilities, but Angel excuses her screw-up, pointing out that she’s just started having visions and is still dealing with Doyle’s death. Wesley is slightly critical of Cordelia’s choice to go out that night, but he softens when Angel says that he thinks the girls liked him. At the La Brea Lounge, Sarina gets a guy named Jason to pay for her drink as Emily complains that she’s bored. Nearby, Cordelia and Wilson are deep in conversation about Cordelia’s move from Sunnydale to L.A. She tells him that she’s really starting to like L.A., stating that Wilson probably never feels like he doesn’t belong there. Wilson says that they’re different because, as a photographer, he watches life through a camera, but Cordelia actually goes out and lives it. After their date, Wilson takes Cordelia back to her apartment and she invites him inside. Phantom Dennis (see “Room with a View”) plays with the lights and radio, forcing Cordelia to tell Wilson that there’s something wacky with the wiring in the building. Cordelia heads to the kitchen to make some tea and threatens to play Evita if Dennis doesn’t stop messing around. She and Wilson do some kissing and wind up in the bedroom. The next morning, Cordelia wakes up alone and, to her surprise, visibly pregnant.

Angel and Wesley arrive at Cordelia’s apartment, worried since she didn’t show up for work. Angel breaks into the apartment and he and Wesley are shocked to see that Cordelia is pregnant. She tells them that she’s “ready to wake up” and Angel assures her that everything will be all right. She tells him about her date and Angel decides that she needs to call Wilson. Cordelia thinks that she’s being punished for something. Angel is unable to reach Wilson and Cordelia asks her and Wesley to leave so that she can have some time alone. They do, but Dennis is still there to comfort Cordelia with tissues. Angel tries to track Wilson down through a contact but still has no luck. He and Wesley discuss the type of demon that Cordelia must have encountered; it would have implanted its seed inside her in order to reproduce. However, the human women affected by these demons don’t usually survive the birth. Since she became so pregnant overnight, Wesley thinks that Cordelia could give birth any time. Angel says that she needs to have a prenatal exam; he wants Wesley to handle that while he goes on a hunt for Wilson. Angel heads to the La Brea Lounge and asks a bartender about Wilson. The bartender tells him that guys like Wilson travel in groups; the guys follow the girls around, paying for everything, and the girls determine where they go. The bartender thinks that Wilson only came to the lounge because Sarina wanted to go there. In the waiting room of a hospital, Cordelia freaks out when another woman tries to touch her pregnant stomach. When they visit the doctor, Wesley tells him that they’ve just moved there from England and haven’t been to another doctor in California. During the ultrasound, the doctor detects seven heartbeats and decides to draw some of Cordelia’s amniotic fluid.

Angel heads to Sarina’s apartment, where he finds her drinking heavily, despite the fact that she’s pregnant as well. (She’s drinking because she wants to hurt the baby.) The doctor draws amniotic fluid from Cordelia, but before he can do anything with it, the syringe cracks and the fluid starts eating through the floor. Instead of asking what that was all about, Cordelia asks Wesley if the babies look healthy. Back at Sarina’s apartment, Angel tells her that Cordelia is experiencing the suddenly almost-full-term pregnancy as well. Sarina tells him that she knew Jason, Wilson, and another guy named Nick beforehand, but she thought there might be something strange about them. She tells Angel that their money seemed to smell and that they were anxious. Suddenly, Sarina doubles over in pain, screaming, as Cordelia does the same in the elevator on the way to Angel’s office. Wesley takes her to Angel’s bedroom and tries to get her comfortable. She says that he’s afraid because he saw what was inside her, and that he doesn’t think she’ll be able to deal with it. She knows that the babies aren’t human, but she’s not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing, since Angel isn’t human but is still an okay guy. Angel arrives and tells Wesley that Sarina is also pregnant, which means that Wilson and his friends must be connected to what’s going on. Wesley tells him that there are seven babies, which means that the demons responsible are raising some sort of army. Angel starts looking through the phone book for gun clubs, since Sarina mentioned that Wilson and his friends hung out in one. They spot Cordelia chugging blood in the kitchen, which squicks even Angel out.

Angel tracks down Wilson at a gun club and tells him that he’s a friend of Cordelia’s. After beating him up a little, Angel notes that Wilson is human and can’t be the father of the babies. Wilson refuses to give up any information, so Angel pounds on him a little more. Back at Angel’s, Wesley compares Cordelia’s ultrasound photo to a picture of a demon in a book. He tells Cordelia that since they’ve figured out the demon’s species, they might be able to help her. Cordelia responds by hitting him over the head with the book and knocking him out. She tells him no one, including him, is going to hurt her babies. At the club, Angel decides that the guys must act as the demon’s proxy in exchange for some sort of life force. There’s some fighting and shooting and Angel finally reveals that he doesn’t in fact enjoy it when people shoot him. Cordelia heads to a deserted warehouse, where other pregnant women are also gathering. Angel calls Wesley from a phone booth and Wesley tells him that the demon they’re looking for is a Hacksaw beast. He says that Cordelia ran off and blames himself for making her anxious. Angel tells him that Wilson revealed the location of the group’s shrine to the demon and Wesley wonders how Cordelia could know that. Angel says that she has a telepathic link to the babies through the umbilical cord, which is how she’s being controlled. Once they cut the cord and kill the demon, everything will be over. Unfortunately, the beast is difficult to kill. “Wesley, can you shoot straight?” Angel asks.

At the warehouse, the women change into white robes, then walk up a flight of stairs and into a vat of yellowish liquid. Wesley arrives and tries to get the women out of the vat. The Hacksaw demon shows up and Wesley announces that he’s prepared to fight him “to the death.” (That would be Wesley’s death, I’m assuming, because, well, it’s Wesley.) Wesley tries to get the demon closer to the vat, attempting to make small talk in order to stall. Angel finally appears with a tank of liquid nitrogen, which he throws at the Hacksaw demon. Wesley draws a gun and shoots a hole in the tank, which opens up and starts to freeze the demon. The women’s stomachs all deflate and Cordelia gets out of the vat, grabbing a pulley and using it to shatter the frozen demon. “I really hate dating,” she announces. Later, Angel and Wesley organize a small welcome back party for Cordelia at the office. Cordelia tells them that she’s fine and that she’s going on a date with the producer of a commercial she auditioned for. She jokes that he just wants to impregnate her with demon spawn, then reminds Angel and Wesley that, though her ordeal was tough, she got through it. She even learned something - that she can always count on Angel and Wesley.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: If you’re going to have sex with someone, make sure he’s not connected to a demon first.

GRADE: B Aww, poor Cordelia.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “We seem to be evil-free at the moment.” - Angel

Wilson: “This is a private club. Featured word ‘private’.”
Angel: “You don’t talk to me, I’ll kick your a%$. Featured word ‘a%$’.”

Cordelia: “I learned, um…men are evil? Oh, wait, I knew that. I learned that L.A. is full of self-serving phonies. No, had that one down, too. Uh…sex is bad?”
Angel: “We all knew that.”

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