Written by Tim Minear; directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

Angel is inside a virtually abandoned building, looking for whatever it is that’s making some strange noises. He finds himself in a room full of goats, then heads into the next room, where two men (one of them played by David Fury) are reading instructions and diagrams on how to sacrifice the goats. Angel remarks on the number of goats and bends the guys’ ceremonial dagger so that they can’t use it. He notes that Wolfram & Hart owns the building and asks the guys what they’re supposed to be worshipping. They admit that they were paid to do the sacrifice and don’t know what the ritual’s for, since they don’t speak Latin. Angel chases them off so they can’t do the sacrifice. At the reduced MoG’s new office, Stephanie (see “The Thin Dead Line”) is third eye-free and Cordelia is assuring Francine that it shouldn’t come back. (Wesley is in a wheelchair, recovering from being shot in “The Thin Dead Line.”) Francine refuses to pay the bill, since her husband claims the supernatural stuff is impossible and thinks that the MoG are scamming them. Gunn gets frustrated and decides to head out and fight some evil. At Wolfram & Hart, Lilah tracks down Lindsey and reminds him that everyone is up for a 75-year review soon. She’s adamant that they pass the review, but Lindsey is a lot more casual. Lilah reminds him that they screwed up with regards to Darla and Drusilla, whom they haven’t heard from since “Redefinition.” She doesn’t want anything to happen in the next couple of days that might screw up their review.

Angel is at the police station, telling Kate that a lot of dark rituals have been happening around town, most likely due to Wolfram & Hart. She tells him that she can’t help him, since she’s about to undergo her own review - she’s in trouble for letting Angel into the captain’s office in “The Thin Dead Line.” She’s also worried about her connection to him with regards to the wine cellar massacre (see “Reunion”) and refuses to help him. Lindsey heads home and greets Darla, whom he’s been tending to since her brush with fire in “Redefinition.” Apparently Drusilla went to Lindsey and told him that Darla was dying in a sewer. When he goes to take a shower, Darla snoops through his files, reading one that Lilah gave him. Angel goes to Caritas and, noting that a lot of lawyers are there and that Lorne has read them, wants to know what’s coming. Lorne tells him about the 75-year review, which is run by a Senior Partner. Later, as two lawyers sing “Reunited,” Angel asks Lorne for more information. Lorne tells him that the rituals people have been performing don’t really mean anything; the lawyers are just trying to make themselves look a little better as the review approaches. He says that he doesn’t know what’s coming for the review and that Angel won’t be able to stop it. The only things he can tell Angel are “the band of Blacknil” and “home office.” Angel heads back to the Hyperion and looks for helpful books, but can’t find any. He goes to the reduced MoG’s new office and starts looking through their books, much to Cordelia and Wesley’s surprise and annoyance. Cordelia tries to stop him and Angel intimidates her by saying, “Don’t make me move you.” Wesley stands up and tells Cordelia to just give Angel what he wants so he’ll leave. She does so, telling Angel that she doesn’t know who he is anymore. After Angel leaves, Wesley notes that he’s reopened his gunshot wound and tells Cordelia to call an ambulance.

Kate undergoes her review at the police station; she’s accused of isolating herself after her father’s death (see “The Prodigal”). She wants her father’s death and her feelings over it to be her own business, but the reviewers think that they shouldn’t be, since they’re affecting how she does her job. As a result of her performance, Kate is fired. She tells the reviewers that they don’t know what’s really going on in L.A. One of them responds that she’s probably going to start talking about monsters and the supernatural again. As Kate turns in her gun and badge, a lieutenant remarks, “I’m just glad your father’s not around to see this.” Angel goes to a bookstore and greets Denver (see “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been”), who remembers him from the 50s. After some discussion on the events of “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been,” Angel asks Denver if the Senior Partner could be a Kleynach demon, which can move back and forth with a ring called the band of Blacknil. Angel wonders if he can use the band of Blacknil to get to the “home office,” but Denver thinks that he would be crazy to try. In order to kill the Kleynach and get the band, Angel needs a glove, which Denver happens to have. Suddenly, Denver is stabbed with a sword and collapses, revealing Darla behind him. She grabs the glove and tells Angel that “the ring’s not about the vengeance…it’s about power.”

Wesley is back at his apartment, being blasted by Virginia for popping his stitches. She says that she didn’t really understand how dangerous his job is. She wonders if he would be willing to give it up and he asks if she would want to be with him if he did. He notes that she’s breaking up with him. (He apparently finishes the job off-screen, since we never see Virginia again.) Kate takes her stuff from work to her apartment and cries over her dead father. Angel ambushes Lilah’s bodyguards at Wolfram & Hart and has her sneak him inside. Wesley calls in sick to the reduced MoG’s new office and tells Cordelia that she should go out for the night. He tries to assure her that things will get better for them, but he doesn’t sound too confident. On her way out, Cordelia gets a call from Francine, who says that she changed her mind about paying the MoG and wants Cordelia to come to her house to pick up the check. She doesn’t realize that it’s a trap - Francine was forced by a demon to make the call, and shortly afterwards, the demon kills her. At Wolfram & Hart, lawyers (including Lindsey and Nathan) gather for a review and learn that a vampire has entered the building. Angel and Lilah enter and Angel reveals a disguised Darla. The two of them start fighting and Angel gets the glove away from Darla, putting it on. He attacks a Kleynach demon, killing it but falling through a window in the process. Lindsey tries to tend to Darla, but she runs off. Outside, Angel puts on the band and the doors of an elevator open, revealing Holland.

The not-so-alive Holland congratulates Angel on his “victory,” explaining that he still has a connection with Wolfram & Hart despite the fact that he’s dead. The elevator heads for the “home office” and Holland asks Angel what he plans to do. Holland reminds him that he’s supposed to play a role in the apocalypse; Angel wonders why Wolfram & Hart bothers fighting when they can’t win. “The world doesn’t work in spite of evil, Angel,” Holland replies. “It works with us. It works because of us.” The elevator stops and the doors open, showing the same street it showed when Angel got into the elevator. Holland announces that this is the home office and Angel knows it. “You see,” Holland tells him, “if there wasn’t evil in every single one of them out there, why, they wouldn’t be people. They’d all be angels.” Angel drops the glove and leaves the elevator; Holland wishes him a nice day. As Angel heads home, passing not-so-angelic Angelinos, Kate retrieves pills from her bathroom cabinet, Wesley stares into space in his apartment, and Cordelia starts to leave the office. Angel arrives at the Hyperion and hears a message on his machine from a drunken Kate, who curses him for his role in her firing. She says that soon she “won’t feel a thing.” Upstairs, Angel encounters Darla and offers her the band, then makes out with her. “I just wanna feel something besides the cold,” he tells her. They fight a little, breaking some glass (that’s a rule for all Buffy/Angel fights, apparently) and Angel says, “It doesn’t matter. None of it matters.” They wind up in bed together. In the middle of the night, Angel awakens suddenly, in a scene similar to the one at the end of “Surprise.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Life sucks for everyone, apparently.

GRADE: B Oh, yay, Darla’s back.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You know…I’ve, well, I really couldn’t help but notice the goats. Yeah - a lot of goats. Goats - many. Those are goats, guys!” - Angel

Lindsey: “Look, either we pass the review, or we won’t. You really think that a few last-minute dark rites and rituals are gonna make a difference now?”
Lilah: “Everybody else seems to think so. I heard Henderson actually pulled her firstborn out of company daycare to offer it up to…. Brownnoser. My mother was right. I should have had children.”

“Um, will you give me the address again? The British guy drove last time and there was a lot of, ‘Right side! Right side!’ going on, so I don’t....” - Cordelia to Francine (from the original script)

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