Written by Mere Smith; directed by Michael Grossman

Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn are leaving the Hyperion, in shock over having just been fired (see “Reunion”). Wesley notes that Angel has been acting strangely lately and might change his mind and rehire them. Gunn points out that Angel just let Darla and Drusilla kill a bunch of people. Cordelia thinks that Angel’s behavior has changed because of Darla, which means that “it’s always some little blond driving him over the edge.” Gunn isn’t too upset about being fired, since he didn’t work for the MoG fulltime, and he’s not concerned if Angel wants to go off on his own. Cordelia and Wesley decide that they should just leave Angel alone for a little while. In the basement, Angel burns some sketches of Darla. Later, he does some training stuffs and voices over that he’s not ready to fight yet, but will be soon. (Note: All of Angel’s dialogue in this episode is in voiceover.) Back in Holland’s wine cellar (again, see “Reunion”), Lindsey awakens among the corpses of the other Wolfram & Hart lawyers. Later, the paramedics are arrived and Lindsey is surprised to realize that Darla didn’t kill him. He notes that he’s the only survivor and is soon disappointed to learn that Lilah survived as well. Wesley goes to see Virginia (see “Guise Will be Guise”), who can’t believe that Angel fired Wesley when they were supposed to be on a “mission” together. She thinks that Angel is jealous because Wesley made a better Angel than he did. She asks what else Wesley can do and he admits that there isn’t much. Angel is still in the basement of the Hyperion, noting that he can’t take lives from a distance, like Wolfram & Hart does. He heads into the sewers, claiming that he’s ready and determined to “bring the fight to them.”

The next day, Lindsey and Lilah are back at work, where Lilah thinks that Lindsey is upset that Darla didn’t kill her. They both think that people are suspicious of them because they were the only survivors of the massacre. Lindsey says that he was following orders by bringing Drusilla to Darla, but Lilah says that it won’t matter. In Lindsey’s office, he and Lilah encounter Darla and Dru, who promise not to kill them. Lindsey asks Darla why she didn’t kill him in the cellar; she tells him he knows that she’s in love with him. She starts laughing, joined by Dru and Lilah, who Darla tells to shut up. Darla points out that Lindsey could get promoted, since she ate his boss. She claims that she wants to “keep the line of communication” open with Wolfram & Hart, thinking that they might be able to help each other. She wants to continue causing trouble in L.A., and Wolfram & Hart has the connections and money to help ensure that they can. Darla figures that whichever of the two remaining lawyers Wolfram & Hart doesn’t kill can be their liaison. Lindsey asks if Darla is going to go after Angel, but she doesn’t want to talk about him. Lindsey says that he thought Darla might kill Angel, and she replies, “All in good time.” Angel encounters some vampires in the sewers and does some fighting, deciding that he’s ready. At Caritas, Lorne sings “Lady Marmalade” as Wesley orders a “bloodless” Bloody Mary and prepares to sing, possibly something by Cat Stevens. He runs into Cordelia, who accuses him of coming there to sing. He accuses her of doing the same (she hasn’t decided between Madonna or Shania Twain yet). The two are soon joined by Gunn, who’s there to sing a song he claims Wesley wouldn’t be familiar with. Cordelia blames Angel for their collective “patheticness.”

Angel tortures Merl (see “Judgment”) until he learns that Darla and Drusilla are recruiting demons for some sort of crew. He gets the name of a demon club they haven’t been to yet and leaves Merl tied upside-down to a pipe, which he totally deserves, because he’s annoying. At the club, Darla and Dru do some intimidating and announce their intentions to recruit demons. They don’t realize at first that Angel is standing in the crowd; Drusilla finally senses his presence and tells Darla, “You’ll never be alone again.” Darla gives the demons her business card and she and Dru hurry off. Out in an alley, Angel thinks that he’s too close to Darla to fight her. At Wolfram & Hart, Lilah heads to Lindsey’s office and tells him that she can’t sit around anymore waiting to find out if one of them is going to die. She tells him that if they decide to stick together and make a run for it, they can save themselves. Lindsey points out that Wolfram & Hart would just hunt them down. Lilah says that they can steal some files as insurance, pointing out that Lindsey tried to do that before (see “Guise Will be Guise”). Lindsey leans closer to Lilah, looking like he’s about to kiss her and accept, then suddenly confirms that she’s wearing a wire. He tells her that whoever the firm wants to kill will be killed, and she should “take it like a man.” Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn are still at Caritas, all a little tipsy and trying to figure out who to blame for their firings. They wind up singing “We are the Champions” onstage together. As the club is closing, they regret drinking so much and Lorne regrets their singing. Cordelia asks Lorne what he read about them while they were singing; instead of answering, he puts his jacket behind Cordelia’s head just before she has a vision. She sees a girl being dragged through an alley by a demon and the reduced MoG head out.

The phone rings in the lobby of the Hyperion but Angel ignores it, gathering weapons instead. Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn arrive at the alley to find blood but no sign of the girl. They figure out that the demon took the girl into an abandoned building. Darla and Drusilla decide to head to their factory; Dru warns Darla that Angel isn’t going to leave her alone. Darla says that if she had her way, Angel would be wreaking havoc with them. Drusilla says that she sees fire, pain, and suffering, but Darla doesn’t listen to her. Angel approaches an abandoned building with an axe and encounters a bunch of demons. Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn enter their abandoned building, finding the girl and encountering the demon. Cordelia gets the girl out while Wesley and Gunn fight the demon, eventually killing it. Darla and Drusilla arrive at the abandoned building where Angel met up with the demons and find them all dead. Angel is across the room, smoking a cigarette. He throws it on the ground into a line of gasoline, which leads to Darla and Drusilla and the puddle of gas they’re standing in. The vamps are ignited and Angel leaves. Darla and Dru run outside, smashing open a fire hydrant. Darla says that Angel wasn’t Angel or Angelus; she wonders who he was. (Dru leaves L.A. after this and winds up in Sunnydale in “Crush.”) The next day at Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey and Lilah discuss the fire. They meet up with a man named Hunt, who tells them that they’ve both made huge mistakes and neither really deserves to fill Holland’s position. However, their competition with each other is good for them, and therefore they’ll both fill the position until the firm can decide which of them should take it over. Back in the basement of the Hyperion, Angel throws knives at a target, missing. Wesley comes down to talk to him and tells him that he, Cordelia, and Gunn are going to keep running Angel Investigations without Angel because “someone has to fight the good fight.” After he leaves, Angel voices over, “Let them fight the good fight. Someone has to fight the war.” He closes his eyes, throws another knife, and hits the bulls-eye.


GRADE: B+ Rock on, Angel.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Gunn: “No skin off my nose.”
Cordelia: “Well, my nose skin is angry - and hurt!”

Virginia: “Although you should be in a union. My father always used union conjurers.”
Wesley: “I didn’t know that.”
Virginia: “Oh, the wizard community is very progressive.”
Wesley: “Your father tired to sacrifice you to the goddess Yeska.”
Virginia: “Yeah, one of the many reasons why I’ll never talk to him again.”

Wesley: “Well, how is the man supposed to run a business if his employees won’t follow directives?”
Gunn: “Was one of his directives ‘hire pansy-a%$ed British guys?’”
Wesley: “My a$# is not pansy.

Cordelia: “…You have an obsession, you pretty much squeeze it into your schedule, no matter what!”
Wesley: “Aha! So you admit it’s an obsession.”
Cordelia: “No. I mean, yes. But no.”
Wesley: “Hypocrite.”
Cordelia: “A%$-pansy.”

Darla: “But where is he? Probably flogging himself in a church somewhere.”
Drusilla: “Ooh, flogging! Eww, churches.”

“Dead already? Bad soldiers!” - Drusilla

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