Written by David Fury; directed by Dan Attias

The Scoobies are at the Bronze, celebrating its reopening after the havoc wreaked by Olaf in “Triangle.” Spike approaches Buffy and complains that the prices have been raised. She criticizes him for thinking that they’re friends and he reminds her that he helped her fight Glory (see “Blood Ties”). Xander chases him off, but not before Spike steals his change. The Scoobies begin to discuss Glory, but Buffy asks them not to, since she just wants to relax. Tara notices that Ben is there and Buffy goes over to thank him for looking after Dawn (again, see “Blood Ties”). A train arrives at the Sunnydale station and a porter discovers that all of the passengers are dead. Unfortunately for him, he’s next.

Buffy returns home, where Giles is hanging out with Dawn and Joyce. As he leaves, he advises Buffy that she should treat Dawn normally. Buffy immediately blasts Dawn for taking her clothes without asking. Dawn denies doing so but Buffy wants to know where her blue sweater is. Turns out Spike has it, because Harmony doesn’t seem to be satisfying him. She suggests that they play a game, and Spike introduces her to a role-playing activity called Harmony Pretends to be Buffy. At UC Sunnydale, Willow and Tara discuss The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which Buffy was supposed to read but didn’t. She spots a newspaper article about the train slaughter and determines that it was the work of a vampire. Spike finds Dawn hanging out in his crypt and tells her to go home. She tells him that she likes that he treats her differently from everyone else, then makes him think that Buffy thinks highly of him.

Buffy arrives at home and Joyce tells her that Dawn still isn’t back from school. Spike tells Dawn a story about slaughtering a family and is interrupted by Buffy before he can finish. She gets angry at him for letting Dawn hang out with him, and he changes the end of his story to make it more little sister-friendly. On their way home, Buffy admonishes Dawn for going to Spike’s and believes that Dawn has a crush on him. Dawn replies that he wouldn’t notice anyway, since he’s in love with Buffy. This is news to the Slayer, who is apparently completely oblivious. Buffy and Xander check out the train and she tells him that Dawn thinks Spike is in love with her. Xander starts laughing and tells her that Spike is just delusional. He grows jealous when she tells him that Dawn has a crush on Spike. They leave the train, not seeing a blindfolded doll in the luggage hold.

At the Scoobies’ house, Buffy is shocked to see Spike chatting with Joyce and Dawn. Spike tells Buffy that he has information on the person who killed the train passengers and announces that he wants to take her to see some vampires in a warehouse. (Because that worked out so well the last time - see “Into the Woods.”) In his car, he offers her a drink of bourbon and tries to find out if they have the same musical tastes. They head into the warehouse, where the vampires recognize Buffy and run instead of fighting. Buffy notes that the vampires have nested, which means they didn’t just arrive in town, as the murderer did. She accuses Spike of wasting her time and asks him if he got her out there on some sort of twisted date. He asks her if she wants it to be a date and she starts to leave. Spike tells her that there’s something between them, but Buffy says it’s not anything romantic. He starts to say that he loves her, but she stops him and leaves. Spike returns to his crypt and senses that someone is nearby. Drusilla (last seen outside of a flashback in “Becoming, Part 2”) reveals herself.

Spike sums up Drusilla’s exposition of “The Trial,” “Reunion,” and “Redefinition,” and Dru tells him that she wants them “to be a family again” back in Los Angeles. He replies that he doesn’t want to leave Sunnydale, but she says that he just can’t kill anymore. She says that the chip makes him think that he’s not a “bad dog” when he really is. Harmony arrives and thinks that Spike has picked up a faux Dru for a threesome. She blasts Drusilla for breaking Spike’s heart and tells her that he’s moved on. Spike takes the opportunity to break up with Harmony, telling her that he’s returning to his wicked ways. At the Summers’ house, Willow and Joyce are shocked that Spike actually admitted his love for Buffy. Willow encourages her to talk to Spike again and make it clear that nothing will develop between them.

Spike and Dru head to the Bronze and stake out (no pun intended) possible victims. Buffy heads out to talk to Spike and asks Willow for a favor. Drusilla kills a woman and moves in to kill her boyfriend. Spike tries to decide whether or not to partake. He feeds off of the dead girl as Buffy heads to his crypt, where she finds his stash of Buffy memorabilia. Spike and Dru arrive and Dru zaps Buffy with a taser. Spike tells Dru that he’s done playing and zaps her as well. Buffy regains consciousness in an underground cave and finds herself chained up. Dru is also tied up nearby. Spike announces that he’s going to prove that he loves Buffy. Drusilla laughs and tells him that she knew he was in love with Buffy (see “Fool for Love”). Buffy says that Spike can’t love without a soul, but Drusilla protests that he can. Spike says that he’ll prove his love by killing Drusilla.

Buffy tells Spike that she doesn’t care if he kills Drusilla. He replies that, if she doesn’t admit that she has feelings for him, he’ll untie Drusilla and let her kill Buffy. She tells him that his only opportunity with her was when she was unconscious. Spike blames Dru for his troubles, saying that if she hadn’t left him, he wouldn’t have returned to Sunnydale. He wonders if killing both of them will help him out, but before he can finish his thought, Harmony arrives and shoots him in the back with an arrow. He fights her as Buffy and Drusilla try to free themselves. Dru succeeds first and starts to fight Buffy. Before she can do much, Spike grabs Dru and pulls her off of Buffy, then unchains the Slayer. Dru tells Spike that he’s so lost, even she can’t save him, then leaves. Harmony announces that she’s leaving as well and heads out. (She can next be seen in the Angel episode “Conviction.”)

Buffy punches Spike, then storms out of the crypt. He follows her and she tells him that she wants him out of Sunnydale. She tells him not to come near her or her family or friends, but he tells her that there’s something between them. He announces that he’s in her life and she can’t shut him out. As they reach the Summers’ house, he tries to enter and finds that he can’t. As with Angelus in “Passion,” Willow has performed a deinvitation spell to keep him out.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Where Drusilla is concerned, absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.

GRADE: C+ Yes, Dru is exactly who we wanted to see again.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Spike: “It's just, we took on that Glory chippie together, I was right there with you, fightin' the fight.”
Buffy: “Actually, you were sleeping the sleep of the knocked unconscious.”
Spike: “Still, points for intent. You'd think that would be enough to cut me a sliver of slack. Earn a little consideration, respect.”
Xander: “Hey, uh, Evil Dead, you're in my seat.”
Spike: “Bugger it.”
Anya: “Xander, I think you may have hurt his feelings.”
Xander: “And you should never hurt the feelings of a brutal killer. You know, that's, uh, that's actually some pretty good advice.”

Tara: “Let's just call ‘she who will not be named’ another name. Let's just call her--.”
Buffy: “Ben!”
Tara: “For example.”

Xander: “The point is, I work hard for that money.”
Spike: “ And you're saying I didn't?”
Xander: “You stole it.”
Spike: “And you're making it into very hard work!”

Buffy: “I'm not joking.”
Xander: “Oh, I hope not. It's funnier if it's true.”

(Spike offers Buffy his flask)
Buffy: “Ew.”
Spike: “It's not blood, it's bourbon.”
Buffy: “Eeeeew.”

“Well, that was sad. I’m embarrassed for our kind.” - Spike, after vampires run away from Buffy

Spike: “I lie awake every night!”
Buffy: “You sleep during the day!”

Joyce: “Honey, did you…somehow, unintentionally, lead him on in any way? Uh, send him signals?”
Buffy: “Well, I…I do beat him up a lot. For Spike, that's like third base.”

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