Buffy episode guides

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Season 1

1. Welcome to the Hellmouth - Buffy moves to Sunnydale, meets the future Scoobies, and finds that she can't escape her past brushes with vampires. Other than that, she's just your typical teenager. Willow is a geek, Xander is kind of a loser, and Cordelia is Miss Popularity. Giles isn't Buffy's favorite person in the world. And the vampires are annoying.
2. The Harvest - In the second part of the "Welcome to the Hellmouth"/"The Harvest" duo, Buffy must stop the Harvest with some help from the now-established Scoobies and mysterious stranger Angel. And yet, it's just beginning. Willow and Xander team up with their new friend to battle demons they never knew existed.
3. Witch - Buffy wants to be a normal teenager, so she tries out for the cheerleading squad. Of course, things go haywire when cheerleaders fall prey to a spell, and the Scoobies have to figure out who's behind it.
4. Teacher's Pet - Poor Xander is in love with Buffy, who only thinks of him as a friend. Xander tries to move on by falling for a substitute teacher, but she's a little different than he expected. Buffy is after Fork Guy, a demon Angel has already had a run-in with.
5. Never Kill a Boy on the First Date - Buffy goes out with a guy named Owen who seems like a quiet, Dickinson-loving poet. In the meantime, the Order of Aurelius threatens to disturb Buffy's sort of peace, and the Annointed One earns his future nickname.
6. The Pack - A bunch of Sunnydale High students (including Xander) are possessed by hyenas, leading them to act on their animal urges. That spells danger for Willow and Buffy.
7. Angel - Buffy finally learns the truth about Angel, leading her to think that he's just another vampire. Also, Angel kills Darla, so let's all say "thank you."
8. I Robot, You Jane - Willow gets her first boyfriend. Unfortunately, he's a demon. Also, Jenny and Giles, sitting in a tree.
9. The Puppet Show - Giles is given the task of organizing Sunnydale High's talent show, and the Scoobies are forced to take part. It's hard for them to find the time, since they're dealing with an organ-stealing demon and a creepy dummy, which might be the same thing.
10. Nightmares - Sunnydale students' dreams are coming true, and Buffy keeps seeing a little boy who's supposed to be in a coma. Why, yes, the two things are connected!
11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight - Buffy has to deal with an invisible girl who's ticked that she's been ignored. She's targeting Cordelia, but Buffy still wants to help.
12. Prophecy Girl - Buffy finds herself getting closer and closer to facing off with the Master, despite the fact that a prophecy claims she'll die. She has a pretty dress, though. Willow is confronted by the reality of the Hellmouth, and Cordelia and Jenny find themselves growing closer to the Scooby fold.

Season 2

13. When She Was Bad - Buffy's back from a summer in L.A., and she's having a hard time dealing with...well, her life. Her friends aren't too happy about that. They're especially not happy when they're kidnapped. Surprisingly, Cordelia's the one who makes the most sense.
14. Some Assembly Required - Girls' body parts are disappearing, leading the Scoobies to believe that someone is building the perfect girl. Cordelia has a huge crush on Angel, but he seems to only have eyes for Buffy.
15. School Hard - Snyder orders Buffy to organize parent/teacher night, but she's also worrying about the Night of St. Vigeous, the recent arrival of Spike and Drusilla, and her mother's reaction to what her teachers have to say about her. Guess which one Snyder thinks should be her top priority?
16. Inca Mummy Girl - Xander falls for an exchange student, unaware that she's really a mummy. Good taste you have in women there, Xand. Willow is jealous and doesn't realize that Oz has a crush on her.
17. Reptile Boy - Buffy wants a night off from slaying, so she heads to a college party with Cordelia. Unfortunately for them, the frat guys they're hanging out with have been sacrificing girls to a giant reptile monster. Buffy winds up deciding that Angel might not be so bad for her after all.
18. Halloween - A spell turns people into their costumes, leaving Xander a soldier, Buffy a noblewoman, and Willow the Ghost of Hookers Past. Giles learns that an old friend might not be as far in the past as he'd hoped.
19. Lie to Me - Buffy meets up with a former classmate who wants to become a vampire. Meanwhile, Angel is jealous and turns to Willow for help.
20. The Dark Age - Giles' past comes back to haunt him when a demon he and his friends used to summon starts possessing different people. Jenny isn't too sure she can be with someone whose life is so dangerous.
21. What's My Line, Part 1 - Buffy is upset that she doesn't have much of a future, but she has to participate in Career Week anyway. She's also dodging the Order of Taraka and trying to spend time with Angel.
22. What's My Line, Part 2 - Buffy's counterpart, Kendra, is the perfect little Slayer. Buffy doesn't have too much time to worry about her, since she's trying to get Angel away from Spike and Drusilla. Also, Cordelia and Xander, sitting in a tree.
23. Ted - Joyce's new boyfriend isn't as perfect as she thinks. However, Buffy's the only one who notices. Things don't even get better when she kills him.
24. Bad Eggs - The Scoobies learn about responsibility in their health class, but Buffy still just wants to smooch Angel. She's also dealing with egg demons and the not-so-bright Gorch brothers.
25. Surprise - Buffy's ready to have sex with Angel, and she thinks her birthday is a good time for it. However, Angel may have to leave town to get rid of part of a demon called the Judge. In the meantime, Willow and Oz, sitting in a tree.
26. Innocence - Angel is the evil Angelus again, and Buffy can't help mourning her loss. She gets mad, then gets even when she learns Jenny's secret and has to stop the Judge from destroying humanity. Also, Cordelia and Xander's relationship is out in the open.
27. Phases - Willow's falling for Oz, who's trying to keep secret the fact that he's a werewolf. Buffy wants to bag her a wolf, partially to shut up an annoying werewolf hunter, but she also has to get used to the fact that Angelus isn't Angel anymore.
28. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - Cordelia breaks up with Xander, leading him to try to perform a love spell to win her back. Things backfire and every girl in town except Cordelia falls in love with him. Buffy is briefly a rodent.
29. Passion - Angelus steps up his harassment of Buffy, stalking her and her friends. He goes for the jugular by targeting Jenny just as she figures out how to restore his soul. Giles gets mad and tries to get even.
30. Killed by Death - Buffy's in the hospital with the flu, trying to figure out why kids are being killed by an unseen predator. Xander stands up to Angelus.
31. I Only Have Eyes for You - The spirits of dead lovers possess a bunch of people, finally finding their ways to Buffy and Angelus. Giles thinks Jenny might be involved.
32. Go Fish - Something's attacking members of the swim team, and Buffy thinks there's some sort of fish demon on the loose. Xander decides to do some undercover work.
33. Becoming, Part 1 - Angelus teams up with Drusilla to end the world, giving Buffy a nice distraction from her finals. Unfortunately, she falls for one of Angelus' traps and the Scoobies wind up in danger.
34. Becoming, Part 2 - Buffy makes a strange deal with Spike to try to stop Angelus and Drusilla from ending the world. At the same time, she's worried about the abducted Giles and has to tell her mother the truth about her life.

Season 3

35. Anne - Buffy's spent the summer on her own in L.A., living a life she hates but unable to return to Sunnydale. A trip to Hell gives her a new perspective. Back in Sunnydale, the Scoobies adjust to slaying without a Slayer and Joyce blames Giles for Buffy's disappearance.
36. Dead Man's Party - Joyce and the Scoobies don't act as thrilled about Buffy's return as she wanted them to. Also, there are a bunch of zombies.
37. Faith, Hope, and Trick - Buffy meets Faith, Kendra's replacement, who seems like the impulsive side of her. She also encounters Trick, a new vampire, and tries to find love again with Scott Hope, while dealing with the truth about Angel's death.
38. Beauty and the Beasts - Angel's back from Hell, but Buffy doesn't want to tell anyone. Besides, she's too busy dealing with a killer.
39. Homecoming - Buffy and Cordelia's rivalry over becoming Homecoming Queen drives them and the Scoobies crazy. They become the targets of Trick's SlayerFest, which forces them to work together. Meanwhile, formalwear has a strange effect on Willow and Xander
40. Band Candy - Cursed candy bars make the adults of Sunnydale act like teenagers. The teenagers of Sunnydale are not amused, even though Giles is hot. Buffy is still keeping quiet about Angel.
41. Revelations - The truth about Angel's return comes out, turning almost everyone against Buffy. In the meantime, Faith's new Watcher annoys Giles.
42. Lovers Walk - Spike returns to Sunnydale, determined to win Drusilla back and settling on magic as his desired method. He decides to force Willow to do the work for him, but her relationship with Xander is the one that winds up becoming the most important.
43. The Wish - Cordelia's ticked at Xander, but she blames Buffy for most of her problems and wishes that the Slayer had never come to Sunnydale. Thanks to Anya, she gets her wish. Xander and Willow are vamps, Angel's a captive, Buffy's not amused, and Giles and Oz are white hats. Oh, and Cordelia's dead.
44. Amends - Angel's being haunted by the First Evil and keeps remembering various people he's killed. He decides to end his life, but Buffy and some miracle snow aren't going to make it easy for him.
45. Gingerbread - The adults of Sunnydale turn the town into Salem after some children are found murdered. The Scoobies, especially Willow, bear the brunt of their actions, unable to use their normal methods to figure out what happened to the kids.
46. Helpless - Buffy's 18th birthday brings a task that forces her to get along without her powers. Unfortunately, the test backfires, pitting her against Giles and putting Joyce in danger.
47. The Zeppo - Xander finds himself the useless member of the Scoobies and decides that he wants to be cool. However, he hooks up with the wrong crowd. Meanwhile, the other Scoobies try to avert another apocalypse.
48. Bad Girls - Faith turns Buffy into a partying slay girl, then turns reckless herself, accidentally killing a human. Also, Wesley is the Slayers' new Watcher and Balthazar is the best villain ever.
49. Consequences - Buffy finds it hard to keep quiet about the deputy mayor's death, but in the end she realizes the right thing to do. Wesley tries to subdue Faith, but, of course, his plans backfire. Willow is upset that Xander hit the sheets with Faith.
50. Doppelgangland - Willow accidentally summons Vamp Willow, setting her loose to wreak havoc in Sunnydale. Willow's also upset that everyone sees her as an uninteresting pushover.
51. Enemies - Buffy wants to know what Faith is really up to, but Angel isn't going to be much help, since he's Angelus again.
52. Earshot - An encounter with a telepathic demon leaves Buffy with the ability to read people's minds. At first she's pleased with her new skill, but she learns more than she wanted to about her peers, including the fact that someone is homicidal.
53. Choices - Buffy is trying to figure out what to do with her future, and is mostly wondering if she can leave Sunnydale without everyone getting killed by monsters. Willow is abducted by Faith and the Mayor, leading her to decide that she likes fighting evil.
54. The Prom - Angel decides that he wants Buffy to have as normal a life as possible, so he breaks up with her. Buffy tries to find time to grieve while she's tracking down the person responsible for setting hellhounds on people. Xander decides to go to the prom with Anya.
55. Graduation Day, Part 1 - The Mayor is gearing up for the Ascension, and though Buffy wants to stop him, she's also trying to deal with her feelings for Angel. Faith decides that the best way to bring Buffy down is to start with her ex.
56. Graduation Day, Part 2 - With Faith out of the picture, Buffy gives herself over to save Angel. The Mayor's made things personal, and he wants his Ascension to go well for Faith.

Season 4

57. The Freshman - Buffy and Willow start college, having very different experiences from the start. Buffy feels strange in her new role as college student, especially since everything else around her is changing. There are still vampires, though!
58. Living Conditions - Buffy hates her roommate. Her roommate may or may not be a demon. Everyone else thinks Buffy is crazy.
59. The Harsh Light of Day - Buffy and Anya find themselves hurt by Parker and Xander, respectively. Plus, Spike and Harmony are back in the mix, and they're not making things easier for anyone.
60. Fear, Itself - Halloween finds the Scoobies trying to have fun while dealing with secret fears. Also, Anya's afraid of bunnies.
61. Beer Bad - Buffy drowns her sadness over Parker in beer, but unfortunately chooses the cursed beer, which turns her and some frat guys into neanderthals. Xander tries to save the day while Willow stands up to Parker.
62. Wild at Heart - Oz cheats on Willow with a female werewolf and leaves town, breaking her heart as well as the hearts of many fans.
63. The Initiative - It turns out that Riley works for a secret government group that goes after demons. He also likes Buffy. Spike is frustrated to realize that he can't hurt people anymore.
64. Pangs - Buffy tries to organize a Thanksgiving meal for the Scoobies while battling the spirits of Native Americans. Willow and Giles can't agree on the best way to deal with the spirits. Angel is lurking around town, trying to keep an eye on his ex.
65. Something Blue - Upset over Oz's departure, Willow does a spell to try to make herself feel better. It goes wrong, as do most spells on this show, and Buffy and Spike wind up engaged.
66. Hush - Demons steal the voices of everyone in Sunnydale, rendering everyone silent. The Initiative tries to help keep the peace, but Riley winds up accidentally blowing his cover.
67. Doomed - It's time for another apocalypse, and Spike is ready for it, since he hates not being able to hurt people. Buffy is trying to deal with the news that Riley is a commando and isn't sure that she can make place for him in her life.
68. A New Man - Ethan pays Giles a visit, turning him into a demon. Buffy doesn't realize until too late that she's been ignoring her Watcher.
69. The I in Team - Buffy gets involved with the Initiative, spending more time with the commandos than with the Scoobies. Maggie doesn't like how much she's meddling and decides to get rid of her.
70. Goodbye, Iowa - The Scoobies are forced to hide out from the Initiative, though Riley doesn't see how dangerous the group is.
71. This Year's Girl - Faith awakens from her coma and returns to Sunnydale to get revenge on Buffy. With some help from the Mayor, she pulls off a surprising plan.
72. Who are You - Happy in Buffy's body, Faith lives it up as the solitary Slayer. Unhappy in Faith's body, Buffy tries to escape from inevitable captivity. Riley finds himself in the middle.
73. Superstar - Jonathan is suddenly Mr. Popular, and no one thinks it's strange. Of course, his actions have consequences and he has to decide whether or not to come clean about what he's done. Buffy and Riley try to work past the wrench Faith threw into their relationship.
74. Where the Wild Things Are - Riley's frat house is haunted, but Buffy and Riley are too busy having lots of sex to notice. The other Scoobies try to work out their relationships and deal with ghosts at the same time. Also, Giles sings.
75. New Moon Rising - Oz pops in for a visit, getting himself captured by the Initiative. The truth about Willow and Tara's relationship is revealed, and Riley decides that he's too disillusioned by the Initiative to stay. Buffy also wants to spill the truth about her relationship with Angel to Riley.
76. The Yoko Factor - Spike teams up with Adam, trying to bring down the Scoobies by turning them against each other. Meanwhile, Adam plans to take down the Initiative from the inside.
77. Primeval - The Scoobies reunite to battle Adam, but first they have to sneak into the Initiative.
78. Restless - The Scoobies have bizarre dreams, bringing their hidden feelings to light. They all encounter the First Slayer, who inspires Buffy to wonder about her future.

Season 5

79. Buffy vs. Dracula - Dracula pays a visit to Sunnydale, causing Buffy to wonder what a Slayer really is. Riley doesn't like Buffy's strange fascination with Dracula, though it's Xander fascination with him that he should be worrying about. Oh, and Dawn is there.
80. Real Me - Dawn is jealous of Buffy and wants to show how special she is. She really isn't. Also, Harmony has minions, and Giles wants to take over the magic shop.
81. The Replacement - Xander gets zapped by a demon and splits in half. Meanwhile, Anya wants to know where their relationship is going.
82. Out of My Mind - Spike wants his chip out. Now. Also, Riley is freaking out.
83. No Place Like Home - Buffy starts to suspect that Dawn isn't who she thinks. She's right. Glory wants to cause some trouble.
84. Family - Tara's father, brother, and cousin pay a visit, showing the Scoobies that all is not perfect in Maclayland.
85. Fool for Love - Buffy narrowly escapes a staking and decides to find out more about past Slayers. The only person who can help her is Spike, but he just wants to spend time with her. The Scoobies take over slaying, but Riley isn't much of a team player.
86. Shadow - Glory summons a snake demon to find her precious Key, but Buffy is on to her. Joyce is sick, and it's all sad and stuff.
87. Listening to Fear - Just before her surgery, Joyce heads home and becomes the target of the Queller Feller, sent to silence crazy people who might help Glory find the Key. Ben wants Glory's minions to leave him alone.
88. Into the Woods - Riley's piccadilloes are catching up to him, with a little help from Spike. Buffy challenges Xander to reexamine his relationship with Anya.
89. Triangle - Willow and Anya can't stop fighting, even when they have to team up to battle a troll. Buffy is trying to get over her breakup with Riley, and she worries that her friends' relationships will fail as well.
90. Checkpoint - The Council pays a visit, trying to find out how powerful Buffy is. She's not amused. Glory is still targeting Buffy, lending more to her current stresses.
91. Blood Ties - Dawn finally finds out that she's the Key, and she's really not happy. Luckily for her, Glory's still clueless.
92. Crush - Dru's back, and she wants to become Spike & Dru again. Unfortunately for her (and Harmony), Spike luvs Buffy.
93. I Was Made to Love You - A geek's robot girlfriend follows him to Sunnydale, wreaking havoc and teaching Buffy a bizarre lesson about love. There's no happy ending here, though.
94. The Body - Joyce is dead. It's okay to cry.
95. Forever - Dawn isn't too happy about Joyce's death, and she wants to bring her back. The other Scoobies try to make their lives more meaningful.
96. Intervention - Buffy is worried that being a Slayer has made her unable to feel, so she heads off for a vision quest with Giles. In the meantime, Spike's new Buffybot confuses the Scoobies, and Glory's minions go after Spike.
97. Tough Love - Glory targets Tara, whom she suspects is the Key. Willow wants to get revenge, but Buffy doesn't think it's a good idea. Buffy also wants Dawn to shape up.
98. Spiral - The Scoobies skedaddle but find themselves chased by guys on horses. Ben tries to come to the rescue, but since he's also Glory, he's not too helpful.
99. The Weight of the World - Buffy's catatonic, but the Scoobies have to soldier on. Unfortunately, they haven't quite grasped the fact that Ben is Glory. Spike's plan to get information backfires and the Scoobies make a new enemy.
100. The Gift - Buffy heads into her final showdown with Glory, recruiting the Scoobies to help her protect Dawn. The ending isn't what you'd think.

Season 6

101. Bargaining, Part 1 - After a summer of fighting beside the Buffybot, the Scoobies decide that it's time to resurrect Buffy. Dawn and Spike stay behind to try to protect themselves from biker demons.
102. Bargaining, Part 2 - Believing that their resurrection spell went awry, the Scoobies resign themselves to fighting off biker demons without Buffy. Dawn and Buffy head back to the tower.
103. After Life - Buffy's return has opened the door for another demon, and the Scoobies are trying to make things as normal as possible. This includes some slaying. Buffy confides to Spike that she wasn't in Hell after all.
104. Flooded - Demons infiltrate Buffy's normal life again when she tries to get a loan and has to battle a trio of geeks at the same time. Giles pops in for a visit and blasts Willow for being reckless.
105. Life Serial - Buffy isn't sure what to do with her life, so she's trying a few different things. The Trio takes the opportunity to mess with her. In the end, she just gets drunk and plays kitten poker.
106. All the Way - Dawn wants a boyfriend. Of course he turns out to be a vampire. Meanwhile, Tara thinks that Willow is using too much magic, and Xander and Anya announce their engagement.
107. Once More, With Feeling - A musical demon visits Sunnydale, causing everyone to break into song and spill their feelings. It's awesome. Buffy reveals that she wasn't in Hell and the Scoobies wonder, "Where do we go from here?"
108. Tabula Rasa - Willow's last-ditch effort to make things right for Buffy and Tara goes haywire and the Scoobies wind up with amnesia. Everyone winds up sadder than they were in the beginning.
109. Smashed - Spike's crush on Buffy reaches a boiling point and neither of them can resist each other any longer. He learns that his chip doesn't stop him from hurting her, but he'd rather kiss her anyway. Also, Amy's not a rat anymore.
110. Wrecked - Amy's a bad influence on Willow, who decides that regular old witchcraft doesn't cut it anymore. While she gives in to temptation, Buffy tries to resist it.
111. Gone - The Trio accidentally render Buffy invisible, but she's having too much fun to worry. Xander wonders if Willow has already gone back on her promise not to use magic.
112. Doublemeat Palace - Buffy reluctantly takes a job in fast food and learns that the demons will never leave her alone. In the meantime, Willow has a hard time living without magic.
113. Dead Things - Warren's desire to turn Katrina into a sex slave backfires and she winds up dead. He makes no effort to come back from the dark side, and Buffy's the one facing the consequences.
114. Older and Far Away - Dawn accidentally traps the Scoobies and some random guest stars in the Summers' house. It's as boring as it sounds.
115. As You Were - Riley's back, and he has a surprise - a wife. Buffy tries to help him track some demons and finally makes up her mind about Spike.
116. Hells Bells - Xander and Anya's wedding day is less than perfect, and Xander isn't sure if he can go through with it. Buffy finds it hard to see Spike with another girl.
117. Normal Again - After a run-in with a demon sent by the Trio, Buffy isn't sure if her life is real or just an illusion. Unfortunately, she chooses a dangerous method of finding out. Tara, surprisingly, comes to the Scoobies' rescue.
118. Entropy - Anya's back and upset with Xander; she wants the Scoobies to help her make him pay. She turns to Spike for solace and everything blows up in their faces.
119. Seeing Red - Buffy's sick and tired of the Trio, who she almost manages to take down. Unfortunately, Warren is ticked, and Buffy's not the one who winds up the main target of his revenge.
120. Villains - Willow makes it her mission to make the Trio pay for Tara's death, but she's going too far. The Scoobies are distraught that they aren't powerful enough to stop her.
121. Two to Go - Warren may be dead, but Willow won't stop until Jonathan and Andrew are, too. She's even willing to hurt the Scoobies to get what she wants.
122. Grave - Giles returns to Sunnydale to try to stop Willow from hurting anyone else. Too bad he can't stop her from trying to end the world. Meanwhile, Spike gets a present.

Season 7

123. Lessons - Dawn's first day at the rebuilt high school goes badly, partially thanks to Buffy and partially thanks to zombies. Meanwhile, Willow's in England with Giles, learning how to control her powers.
124. Beneath You - The Scoobies try to help a woman whose boyfriend was turned into a worm by Anya. Spike attempts to lend a hand, but he's still crazy. Willow is on her way back from England.
125. Same Time, Same Place - Willow returns to Sunnydale, but the Scoobies can't see her and she can't see them. They're also dealing with a skin-eating demon who's almost as creepy as the Gentlemen.
126. Help - Buffy's new job as a school counselor leads her to try to help a girl who thinks she's going to die. The Scoobies are back to their researchy ways.
127. Selfless - Anya realizes that her return to the vengeance demon fold isn't as great as she thought it would be. Buffy decides that she needs to get rid of her, but Xander isn't thrilled with that idea.
128. Him - Dawn rushes into love with a guy from school, leading the Scoobies to suspect a love spell. Unfortunately, Buffy, Willow, and Anya all wind up affected as well. Xander and Spike try to lend a hand.
129. Conversations with Dead People - Buffy chats with a former classmate, Willow chats with supposedly-dead Cassie, Dawn is haunted by Joyce, and Spike kills someone.
130. Sleeper - Buffy wonders what Spike's been up to at night, learning that he's been killing people despite his chip. Anya's not so good with the art of seduction.
131. Never Leave Me - Andrew's back, and the Scoobies want to keep him away from the dark side. They also want to control Spike, who's being visited by the First Evil.
132. Bring on the Night - Giles returns to Sunnydale with some potential Slayers in tow, revealing that they're targets of the First Evil. Buffy gets her butt kicked by a vamp.
133. Showtime - The Scoobies can't figure out how to keep the multiplying potentials under control. In the meantime, Anya and Giles try to find out why the First Evil is making an appearance.
134. Potential - Dawn thinks that she might be a potential Slayer. Meanwhile, Buffy and Spike take the potentials on a field trip.
135. The Killer in Me - After kissing Kennedy, Willow turns into Warren and finds herself having to confront her girlfriend's killer. Giles takes the potentials on a vision quest, though some of the Scoobies think he's really the First. Buffy and Spike try to deal with his malfunctioning chip.
136. First Date - Buffy agrees to go on a date with Wood, wanting to find out more about him. Xander goes out with a girl who turns out to be a vampire. Of course. Anya's jealous, though she denies it.
137. Get it Done - Buffy turns into more of a dictator, starting the process of alienating herself from everyone. The Scoobies do a spell to learn more about the First Slayer and accidentally open a portal.
138. Storyteller - Andrew hides behind a video camera so he doesn't have to admit that he did some evil stuff. Also, Xander and Anya are totally not over each other.
139. Lies My Parents Told Me - Giles tries to get to the root of Spike's trigger song, learning more about his mother in the process. He decides that Spike is too much of a liability and tries to work with Wood to get rid of him. Buffy doesn't like this idea.
140. Dirty Girls - Willow returns from L.A. with Faith, a reluctant addition to the Slayer lineup. The Scoobies and potentials face off with a new enemy, Caleb, who proves more powerful than they expected. Xander can never again say that he has double vision.
141. Empty Places - Buffy alienates herself from everyone so much that they wind up kicking her out of the house. Meanwhile, Spike and Andrew take a road trip to find out more about Caleb.
142. Touched - Everyone has sex, because it might be the end of the world. Faith unknowingly leads the potentials into a trap.
143. End of Days - Buffy gets some help in the form of a scythe, bringing herself back into the fold. Angel tries to lend a hand, but he mostly just stands there and watches.
144. Chosen - The Scoobies and potentials head to the school for a final showdown, determined to beat the First or die trying. They kind of do both.

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