"Out of Mind, Out of Sight"
Written by Joss Whedon, Ashley Gable, and Thomas A. Swyden; directed by Reza Badiyi

Cordelia, Harmony, and Cordelia’s boyfriend Mitch are excited about spring, especially the upcoming end of school dance and the May Queen elections. They run into Buffy, who spills a bunch of weapons, but they don’t care what she’s up to. In the locker room Mitch is attacked by a baseball bat wielded by an invisible assailant. The Scoobies criticize Cordelia’s campaign tactics for the May Queen elections, and Buffy reveals that she was May Queen at her old high school. As Mitch is wheeled out by paramedics he tells Buffy that he was attacked with a bat that floated in the air. Willow and Xander distract Snyder with false claims of litigation so Buffy can check out the crime scene. She finds the word “look” painted on the lockers.

Giles suspects that they’re dealing with a ghost who had a vendetta against Mitch. Someone has a flashback to Cordelia and Harmony ignoring a student named Marcie who attempted to talk with them. Harmony is pushed down the stairs by an unseen assailant; Buffy hears someone laughing but can’t see her. She heads for the band room, where the invisible attacker climbs through a ceiling hatch. Two men in black suits watch the students as the Scoobies discuss who Buffy now believes to be an invisible girl. They realize that Harmony and Mitch had Cordelia in common and set out to research dead or missing students. While watching Cordelia prepare to be crowned May Queen, Buffy hears a flute playing and follows the music. Angel pays Giles a visit in the library and warns him that the Master is planning something. He offers to get Giles a book he has been unable to find. Marcie has another flashback to a time when Cordelia and her friends ignored her. Cordelia is crowned May Queen; the Scoobies notice the men in black suits watching the coronation. They find Marcie’s picture in a yearbook but Willow and Xander don’t remember her.

Back in the band room Buffy finds the hatch and climbs up to see Marcie’s things. One of Cordelia’s teachers is almost suffocated and the word “listen” is written on the blackboard behind her. The Scoobies determine that Marcie turned invisible after being ignored by so many people, including Xander, Willow, and the teacher she tried to kill. Cordelia goes to Buffy for help, knowing that she has experience dealing with strange occurrences. Buffy tells her that her attacker is an invisible girl but Cordelia doesn’t remember Marcie. Buffy goes with Cordelia to get ready for the dance and Cordelia confides that being popular doesn’t mean she never feels lonely. Xander, Giles, and Willow, hear flute music and follow it to the boiler room. They discover that the music is coming from a tape recorder as Marcie locks them in and opens a gas valve. Buffy tells Cordelia that she used to be popular, but their conversation is interrupted when Marcie grabs Cordelia. Buffy goes after her as the Scoobies realize they can’t turn off the gas. Buffy finds Cordelia unconscious above the band room just before she is knocked out herself.

At the Bronze Buffy and Cordelia find themselves tied to the May King and Queen’s thrones. Cordelia tells Buffy that her face is numb as they notice that the word “learn” is written on a curtain. Marcie announces that she is going to give Cordelia “a face no one will ever forget.” The Scoobies pass out as Cordelia tries to sympathize with Marcie. Buffy frees herself and begins to fight Marcie. Angel finds the Scoobies in the boiler room and gets them to safety. Buffy tells Marcie that she once felt sorry for her but now believes her to be insane. She wins the fight just as the men in black suits arrive. They announce that they are FBI agents and are there for Marcie. Buffy notes that Marcie’s situation is not unique but the agents remain tight-lipped.

The next day Buffy asks how the Scoobies got out of the boiler room, but Giles chooses to keep the truth from her. Cordelia thanks Buffy for her help but when Mitch shows up she pretends that she still thinks the Scoobies are losers. Elsewhere, Marcie joins a class of invisible students who are studying “Assassination and Infiltration.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Ignoring people makes them crazy.

GRADE: B Marcie is creepy, but also unintentionally funny.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Giles: “Um, I've never actually heard of anyone attacked by a lone baseball bat before.”
Xander: “Maybe it's a vampire bat. I'm alone with that one, huh?”

Xander: “Oh, hey, do you wanna come to our place tonight for dinner? Mom's making her famous phone call to the Chinese place.”
Willow: “Xander, do you guys even have a stove?”

“A vampire in love with a Slayer! It's rather poetic! In a maudlin sort of way.” - Giles to Angel

Cordelia: “This is all about me! Me, me, me!”
Xander: “Wow! For once she's right!”
Buffy: “So you've come to me for help.”
Cordelia: “Because you're always around when all this weird stuff is happening. And I know you're very strong, and you've got all those weapons.... I was kind of hoping you were in a gang.”

Giles: “You know, I...I don't recall ever seeing you here before.”
Cordelia: “Oh, no, I have a life.”

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