"Prophecy Girl"
Written and directed by Joss Whedon

Xander prepares to ask Buffy to the Spring Fling by practicing on Willow. Meanwhile, Buffy slays and Giles researches, learning that the Master will soon rise. Sunnydale is struck by an earthquake as the Master declares that his “time has come.” The next morning Giles acts strangely around Buffy but she doesn’t seem to notice. Xander attempts to ask her out but she turns him down, telling him she only thinks of him as a friend. Upset, he takes a dig at Angel and hurts Buffy’s feelings. Jenny tells Giles that she knows something strange is going on - there are signs of an impending apocalypse. Cordelia asks Willow to help her set up for the Spring Fling and, distracted by Xander’s melancholy, Willow agrees. She learns that Buffy rejected Xander; he asks her to go to the dance with him instead but she tells him she doesn’t want to be there with him when he really wants to be with Buffy. After the water in the locker room turns into blood, Buffy goes to Giles to let him know that things aren’t normal. She overhears him telling Angel that he’s found a prophecy stating that the Master will rise and Buffy will die.

Buffy reacts emotionally to the news that she is destined to die - she announces that she quits and rejects Giles and Angel’s attempts to comfort her. She tells them that they don’t understand what she’s going through and that she doesn’t want to die. At home Joyce reveals the dress she bought for her and encourages her to go to the Spring Fling. Cordelia and Willow arrive at the school to discover that a group of boys has been slaughtered. Buffy consoles Willow, who is stunned by the proximity of the violence. Buffy decides to fulfill her destiny and heads off in her new dress, which Willow likes.

Jenny reacts to the news that Buffy is the Slayer with surprise and relays the information that the Anointed One may be a child. Giles announces that he will face the Master in Buffy’s place but Buffy arrives and tells him that she’s going. He tries to stop her but she knocks him out. She encounters the Anointed One, who is to lead her to the Master, and goes with him. Willow and Xander find out that Buffy has gone to fight the Master and Xander vows to help her. He goes to Angel and encourages him to prove that he’s worthy of Buffy’s admiration. The Scoobies try to determine where the Hellmouth will open while the Master welcomes Buffy to his lair.

Giles, Willow, and Jenny believe that the Master’s vampires will attack the people at the dance at the Bronze, so Jenny and Willow decide to head over. Before they can get to Jenny’s car they see a crowd of vampires coming towards them. The Master quickly bests Buffy, biting her and letting her fall into a pool of water. (He likes her dress, too.) Angel and Xander arrive to see that the Master has left his lair and that Buffy is dead.

Xander refuses to let Buffy stay dead and decides to give her CPR. Just as Jenny and Willow start to panic, Cordelia drives up and tells them to jump in her car. Xander revives Buffy as Cordelia literally drives through the school to get to the library. The remaining Scoobies barricade the doors to the library as tentacles begin to grow up through the floor. Buffy heads off to find the Master again, easily defeating minions on her way. The Hellmouth opens in the library and a three-headed creature appears. The Master is shocked to see Buffy alive, since she was fated to die. They fight each other as the Scoobies fight the Hellmouth monster. The Master is impaled in the library and turns to ash, leaving his bones behind. The vampires and Hellmouth creature disappear and the Scoobies slowly realize that they’ve won the battle. They head for the Bronze to celebrate...and Angel likes Buffy’s dress.


R.I.P.: the Master, Buffy (for about five minutes)

GRADE: A- The first classic episode.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Willow: “Even I was bored. And I'm a science nerd.”
Buffy: “Don't say that.”
Willow: “I'm not ashamed. It's the computer age. Nerds are in. They're still in, right?”

“On a scale of 1 to 10? It sucked.” - Xander

Giles: “All the...the signs indicate....”

“When he wakes up tell him...I don't know. Think of something cool, tell him I said it.” - Buffy to Jenny, after knocking Giles out

Angel: “You're in love with her.”
Xander: “Aren't you?”

Angel: “What?”
Xander: “You were looking at my neck.”
Angel: “What?”
Xander: “You were checking out my neck! I saw that!”
Angel: “No, I wasn't!”
Xander: “Just keep your distance, pal.”
Angel: “I wasn't looking at your neck!”
Xander: “I told you to eat before we left.”

Master: “You were destined to die! It was written!”
Buffy: “What can I say? I flunked the written.”

Xander: “So what's the story with the car?”
Cordelia: “Oh, that was me, saving the day!”

Angel: “By the way, I really like your dress.”
Buffy: “Yeah, yeah. Big hit with everyone.”

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