"The Killer in Me"
Written by Drew Z. Greenburg; directed by David Solomon

Note: When Willow becomes Warren, I will refer to her as Willen.

Giles and the potentials prepare to go on the same quest he took Buffy on in “Intervention.” (Kennedy won’t be going, as she’s “sick.”) He tells Buffy to be safe while he’s gone. She heads to the basement to see Spike, who is happy that all of the girls have cleared out of the house. Suddenly he experiences intense pain and tells her that something is wrong with the chip. Upstairs, Buffy teases Willow about Kennedy, then asks her about Spike’s chip. Willow replies that there isn’t much information about it, since it was part of a secret government project. Willow brings Kennedy a cup of tea and finds her getting dressed to go out. She tells Willow that she doesn’t want to join the others in the desert because she has her own “mission.” But Kennedy is a liar, and she just wanted to go to the Bronze, where Willow quickly catches on that she lied.

Kennedy asks Willow how long she’s known that she’s gay; Willow asks why she assumes that she’s gay. Willow finally admits that she knew three years ago, and that there was only one woman involved. Back at home, Buffy wonders if the chip has been affected by Spike’s soul or by his trigger. Kennedy asks Willow if her parents know that she’s gay; she says that they do, and that her mother supported her “political statement.” (Yep, sounds like Sheila.) Willow catches herself speaking about Tara in the present tense. Buffy tries to get in touch with Riley but is told that she has called the wrong number, which she’s not sure she believes. Kennedy tells Willow about herself and mentions the things that they have in common. They head home after their…whatever, and Kennedy leans in for a kiss. As they finish kissing, Kennedy sees that Willow has turned into Warren.

Willow, now Willen, doesn’t realize that the transformation has happened and wonders why Kennedy is so shocked. She sees her reflection and panics, telling Kennedy, “It’s the man I killed.” Willen goes downstairs, where Xander, Anya, and Dawn see her and think that she’s the First. Buffy sees Willen and immediately punches her, proving that it’s not the First. Andrew hugs Willen, who rejects the sentiment. Kennedy and Willen try to convince everyone that she’s Willow, but can’t explain what happened. Willen announces that she’ll handle things on her own because she doesn’t want the others to have to see her looking like Warren. During the conversation, Spike finds himself in pain again and tells Buffy that he’s not sure they can wait for Riley to get back to them.

Kennedy follows Willen down a street in Sunnydale and Willen tells her to go home. She says that she tried to reverse whatever happened but couldn’t. She finally allows Kennedy to tag along and tells her she’s going to see some old friends. Meanwhile, Spike and Buffy head into the woods to find the site where the Initiative used to stand. He tells her about a drug that he was given while he was help captive that helped with the pain and they head underground to find it. At the Summers’ house, the remaining Scoobies (and Andrew) receive a call from Robson (the Watcher in “Sleeper”). After speaking with him, Xander tells the other that Robson was attacked, then found by Giles. Robson reported that the last thing he remembers is seeing the Bringer trying to behead Giles; when he regained consciousness, Giles was gone. The Scoobies wonder why Giles never mentioned anything, and begin to fear that he is dead and the First has taken his form. They can’t remember seeing Giles touch anything or anyone. They all head for the car to track down the potentials in the desert.

Willen and Kennedy wind up at UC Sunnydale, where Willow’s old Wicca group is meeting. Before Willen can explain what’s going on, someone else stands and says she can explain - it’s Amy (last seen in “Doublemeat Palace”). She explains that she hit rock bottom and came to the group for some sort of AA, Wicca-style. She tells Willen that she’ll try to help her. She performs a spell that doesn’t work; Willen grows frustrated and hits her, then says that it wasn’t her - it was Warren.

Willen tells Kennedy that she’s turning into Warren, then angrily says that Kennedy doesn’t understand anything about magic. She heads off, leaving Kennedy behind. In the car, Andrew attempts to play a game but the others are too nervous about the potentials being in danger. Amy tells Kennedy that Willen will be all right, but Kennedy grows suspicious when Amy refers to her as a potential, which she never told her. “Oops,” says Amy. Buffy fights off a demon in the Initiative headquarters; Spike attempts to help her but is hit by pain again. The demon abandons Buffy and drags Spike away. Willen heads to the same gun shop where Warren bought the gun that killed Tara.

In the desert, Xander, Anya, Dawn, and Andrew attack Giles, quickly realizing that he is corporeal and therefore not the First. Spike encounters the demon again and kills it. The lights come on and Buffy and Spike see a number of soldiers pointing guns at them. One tells Buffy that Riley informed them that she tried to contact him. He assures her that they will help her and Spike (though he refers to him using a more derogatory term, repeating Riley’s exact words). After examining Spike, the soldier tells Buffy that the chip has degraded and that if it stays inside his head, it will kill him. He tells her that it’s her call - they can either repair the chip or remove it.

Kennedy demands that Amy tell her why she did something to Willow. Amy explains that she hexed Willow with a spell that “lets the victim's subconscious pick the form of [his/her] punishment.” Kennedy tells her to undo the spell. Amy refuses, saying that Willow always had more power and never had to work to use it. Willow “gave in to evil,” yet everyone forgave her. She hints that if Willow is really turning into Warren, she might have gone to do something dangerous. She snaps her fingers and Kennedy is transported to the Summers’ backyard.

Willen appears, gun in hand, and repeats Warren’s words to Buffy before shooting her: “Think you can just do that to me? That I'd let you get away with it?” Kennedy tries to calm her down and quickly grows confused when Willen says, “I killed her.” Kennedy asks who Willow killed and she replies that it was Kennedy’s fault. She accuses Kennedy of tricking her into forgetting, and Kennedy realizes that she’s talking about Tara. Willen says that she’s being punished for kissing Kennedy because when she did, she “let [Tara] be dead.” Willen begs Tara to come back as Kennedy says that magic is like a fairy tale. She kisses Willen again and she turns back into Willow. Kennedy takes her back to the house to make

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Tara’s rolling over in her grave.

GRADE: C Kennedy has too much screentime. Couldn't the Scoobies have helped Willow get closure?

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Giles: “Do you think they appreciate the gravity of what we're undertaking? It's frightening, and it's difficult. And then, apparently, someone told them that the vision quest consists of me driving them to the desert, doing the hokey pokey until a spooky Rasta-mama slayer arrives and speaks to them in riddles.”
Buffy: “That's not exactly how I put it….”

Dawn: “Molly and Rona are fighting over who gets to drive the first leg.”
Buffy: “Bet you wish you renewed that California state driver's license now, huh?”
Anya: (entering) “You should probably let Molly out of the trunk.”

Willow: “What, you think you have some special lesbidar or something?”
Kennedy: “Okay, you know there's a better word for that, right?”

Willen: “I’m Willow.”
Xander: “Are you sure?”
Willen: “There are other stories from kindergarten. Non yellow crayon stories in which you don't come out in such a good light. An incident involving Aquaman underoos, for example. You want me to start talking?”
Xander: “Hey, Willow!”

Xander: “Touch him. Touch him.”
Dawn: “Oh, I feel him. I feel him.”
Xander: “Me, too.”
Andrew: “Me, too.”
Giles: “We all feel each other. Including some of us who don't know each other well enough to take such liberties, thank you. I assume there's a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation here.”
Anya: “We thought you might be non-corporeal evil.”
Dawn: “We got a call. We couldn't remember you touching anything.”
Xander: “We had to make sure you were okay. We were worried.”
Giles: “Oh. That's very sweet. Now wait a minute - you think I'm evil…if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?”

Giles: “Well, thank goodness I needn’t worry myself with the idea of bad things happening in my absence. You getting shot, for example. Or throwing everyone in the basement and trying to kill them. Or Willow turning evil….”
Dawn: “Oooh, don’t forget, Anya turned evil, too.” (from the original script)

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