"Seeing Red"
Written by Steven DeKnight; directed by Michael Gershman

It’s morning at the Summers’ household, and Willow and Tara have spent the night together. They wonder if Buffy is okay and Tara tells Willow about Buffy and Spike’s relationship. Willow is surprised that Buffy didn’t tell her about it and Tara says that she was probably afraid of the way Willow would react. Willow gets up and goes to see if Buffy returned home the night before; she encounters Dawn, who is thrilled to see that Tara spent the night. Buffy breaks into Nerd Headquarters Version 2.0 and calls out to the nerds, who aren’t there. She begins looking through their papers and finds a white board with “TOO LATE!” written on it. Suddenly a buzz saw cuts through the board, narrowly missing Buffy. More buzz saws appear and Buffy starts grabbing papers and books on her way out of the lair. She escapes unharmed, but her jacket doesn’t. And for that, they. Will. Pay.

Willow and Tara finally venture out of bed for a slightly sparse Scooby meeting in the living room. Buffy produces the papers and books she grabbed, stating that everything else was destroyed by the buzz saws and that they need to find the Trio before they can cause any more damage. Willow asks if they should call Xander but Buffy doesn’t think his head would be in the game. Dawn suggests getting Spike to talk to some demons but Buffy replies that Spike isn’t helping them anymore. At a restaurant bar, Anya drinks with another woman, who is complaining about her cheating boyfriend. She starts to try to get the woman to make a wish but winds up complaining about Xander. Underground somewhere, Andrew apologizes to a demon and begs for his life. Warren zaps the demon with a taser, then hands Jonathan a knife and tells him to get to work. Dawn goes to Spike’s crypt and tells him that everyone’s mad at him. She asks if he loves Buffy and, if he did, why he hurt her.

Back underground, the Trio stands near a barrier that only the kind of demon they killed can pass through. Jonathan puts on the skin of the dead demon and Warren shoves him through the barrier. As Jonathan heads off, Andrew and Warren wonder if Jonathan knows what’s really going on. Warren assures Andrew that, but the end of the night, they won’t have to worry about him anymore. Jonathan returns with a wooden box, which Warren uses a special device to open, revealing the Orbs of Nezzla’khan. The two orbs provide invulnerability to whoever holds them, as is proven when they envelop Warren in purple light. Warren deftly kills a demon and tells Jonathan he can have the orbs when he’s done with them.

Buffy goes to Xander’s apartment and tells him that Anya still loves him. He tells her he doesn’t understand her relationship with Spike and is mad that she lied to him about it. She replies that being back from Heaven was difficult for her and says that he hasn’t made the best decisions either. She assures him that the relationship is over but he’s still mad. At the Summers’ house, Willow and Tara look through the Trio’s papers (in bed). They find blueprints but aren’t sure what they’re of. Xander goes to the Bronze, where a woman attempts to flirt with him. The Trio arrives but doesn’t see Xander.

Buffy has a hard night patrolling and starts to take a bath at home when Spike arrives. She tries to get him to leave and he tells her he still cares about her. He claims that he only slept with Anya to try to get over Buffy. He tries to convince her that she loves him but she says she doesn’t trust him enough to love him. He tries to kiss her and she attempts to push him off. They wind up on the floor and, injured, she has a difficult time fighting him off. She keeps protesting and yelling, but he keeps at it. He is determined to make her “feel it again.” She finally shoves him away and says, “Ask me again why I could never love you.” Spike realizes what he almost did and Buffy tells him he only didn’t do it because she stopped him.

At the Bronze, Warren chats with a woman while Andrew and Jonathan watch. Jonathan worries that Warren will get them into trouble and tries to talk Andrew into leaving him; Andrew tells Jonathan that Warren is the boss and that they have to follow his command. Warren’s conversation with the woman is interrupted by her boyfriend, who isn’t happy about Warren talking to his girlfriend. Warren seems to know him from high school and tells him he’s taking his girlfriend. The man tries to fight Warren but finds that he can’t; however, Warren is able to throw him across the room with little effort. He fights some other guys, then tells a group of women that he’ll pay for their drinks. He breaks open the cash register and takes some money just as Xander spots him. Warren mocks him about Anya sleeping with Spike and Xander hits him, but finds that he hurts himself more than he hurts Warren. Warren starts to fight Xander but Jonathan stops him, reminding him that they have to be somewhere.

Xander heads to the Summers’ house and spots Spike’s jacket on the banister. He goes upstairs and finds Buffy still in the bathroom, upset. She tells him that Spike tried to hurt her. Willow returns home and Buffy lies that nothing happened. Downstairs, Willow and Tara tell Buffy and Xander that they deciphered everything except what turns out to be love poems written in Klingon. They reveal that the Trio has blueprints and schematics to vaults, banks, and armored car routes. They decide that the Trio is headed for one tonight, and Buffy is glad that, now that Warren has extra strength, she doesn’t have to go easy on him. In his crypt, Spike flashes back to earlier in the evening. Clem arrives and Spike tells him that the chip is keeping him from being the monster he used to be.

Guards deal with money in an armored truck outside of an amusement park and are about to drive off when Warren lifts the rear of the truck so that they can’t leave. Warren turns the truck onto its side as Buffy arrives. They start to fight and, though Buffy remains determined, Warren is able to match her. She sends him flying into a stone gate, which collapses on him. She starts to deal with Jonathan and Andrew as Warren emerges from the rubble. He and Buffy fight again as Andrew eggs Warren on. Buffy tells Warren that he’s a murderer and he reminds her that he beat her. Jonathan jumps onto Buffy, pretending to fight her, and quietly tells her that she should smash Warren’s orbs. She does so, and quickly regains the upper hand. Warren activates a jet pack and flies away, leaving her incredulous and frustrated. Andrew revels his own jet pack, which Jonathan wasn’t aware of, and tries to fly off, only to hit his head on an overhang and knock himself out. Jonathan and Andrew are taken to the police station, where Andrew complains that Warren abandoned him. He whines that Warren never really loved…hanging out with them. Elsewhere, Spike rides out of Sunnydale on his motorcycle, stating that things are going to be different when he returns.

At the Summers’ house, Willow and Tara spot Xander in the backyard, arriving to speak to Buffy. She apologizes for not telling him about her relationship with Spike and they agree that they’ve both done some stupid things recently. As they are hugging and making up, Xander sees Warren angrily entering the yard. He asks Buffy if she really thought she would get away with stopping him, then suddenly fires a gun at her and Xander. One of the bullets goes wild and flies through Willow’s bedroom window. Blood splashes across her shirt and she looks over to see that Tara has been shot. In the backyard, Xander looks down to see that Buffy has also been shot. Willow begs Tara to get up as Xander attempts to tend to Buffy. Willow’s eyes turn black, then red.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: If a guy you ticked off is still running around, stay out of the backyard.

R.I.P.: Tara

GRADE: B- Great (though sad) ending, but the attempted rape is too much, and everything else is pretty boring.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Woman: “You’re all wet.”
Xander: “It’s a good thing I’m part fish.”
Woman: “Which part?”
Xander: “The part with the hook in it.”
Woman: “Careful. Someone might reel you in.”
Xander: “Yeah, but then there’d be the flopping and the…gasping, and…sure, maybe it’d work out, but chances are I’d up and leave you at the helm in your white dress. Then find you spawning with another fish who turns out to be spawning my very good friend night and day behind my back. Then comes the fighting and again with the flopping and the gasping, ‘cause, hey, Chicken of the Sea here’s not doing too good with the women these days.”

Xander: (upon seeing Buffy poking in the bushes with a stick) “Time for the Spring Poking already?”
Buffy: “Just making sure there are no more Evil Trio cameras. Or Evil Uno.”
Xander: “The sinister yet addictive card game?”

Xander: (after Buffy tells him that it’s too early for her to be drinking) “The tyranny of the clock must be overthrown.”
Buffy: “So how many coup d’etats is that?”
Xander: “General Cirrhosis has seized control of the Liver Parliament.” (from the original script)

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