"Get it Done"
Written and directed by Doug Petrie

Buffy walks through the house, looking in at all of the sleeping potentials. She hears crying coming from the hallway and finds Chloe huddled in a corner. She goes to speak to her and is suddenly attacked by the First Slayer (last seen in “The Weight of the World”). They fall down the stairs and the First Slayer says, “It’s not enough.” Buffy awakens from her dream and sees that all of the girls are present and accounted for. The next night, Anya and Spike stroll down an alley as Anya discusses her disgust with being a human. They both agree that they are sick of welcoming more potentials into the house and she hints that she would like to have sex again. One of D’Hoffryn’s demons appears; Spike hits him and runs off with Anya.

At the high school Wood tells Buffy that students have been fighting and vandalizing more than usual, and that some students are missing. She tells him that this is normal, though it’s starting a little earlier than usual. He gives her a bag (the same one Buffy had in “Restless” that contained mud) and tells her it’s an emergency kit that belonged to his mother. He asks to go to her house to see what the Scoobies are doing to prepare for battle. They go to the house and find Andrew making funnel cake. He shows them the “big board,” a dry erase board which depicts a map of Sunnydale. Out on the back porch, Buffy and Wood watch as Kennedy leads the other potentials in different moves. Chloe does one incorrectly; Kennedy, drunk on her own power, calls her a maggot and makes her do push-ups. Willow comes outside with a bunch of weapons and tries to come up with a lie to explain them before Buffy tells her that he knows what’s going on. Willow declares him “so much cooler than Snyder.” Buffy tells Wood that she’s worried Willow and the potentials won’t be able to perform when the time comes. He tells her she’ll be fine and asks to see “the vampire.”

Anya and Spike talk in the basement about D’Hoffryn’s attack and the fact that Spike ran rather than fighting the demon. He is glad that Wood is on their side, but Wood is skeptical that Spike is a good guy even with his soul. He tries to figure out how long Spike has been in Sunnydale and Spike becomes suspicious of his behavior. Later, Dawn tells Buffy that she opened the bag and found weapons, a textbook written in ancient Sumerian, and an unopenable box, which she thinks is the most important part. As the two share a light-hearted moment, they are suddenly shocked to find Chloe, who has hanged herself in one of the bedrooms. Kennedy, Rona, and Amanda enter and are shocked to see Chloe’s body. The First suddenly appears in the guise of Chloe and says that she talked the real Chloe into killing herself. Buffy tells the others not to listen and assures the First that they will battle it when the time comes. First!Chloe changes her voice to Buffy’s and repeats words she said to Wood that the potentials haven’t heard: “They're not all gonna make it. Some will die, and there's nothing I can do that will stop it.” Buffy digs a hole in the backyard and buries Chloe.

Everyone gathers in the living room and Buffy tells the potentials that Chloe was weak. Kennedy tells Buffy that she’s out of line but Willow defends her. Kennedy argues that Willow is more powerful than Buffy, but Buffy says that she uses the power she has while everyone else waits for her. Xander says that they follow Buffy because she’s the leader; she says that from now on, she will give the orders and they will follow them. Xander reminds her that they’re also there because they’re her friends, though Anya has to protest. Buffy asks what purpose Anya serves and tells her she’s there because she’s scared. Xander says that they’re all scared; Buffy says they can be scared and useful at the same time. She tells them to push themselves to do better. Spike decides to leave, tired of the lecturing, and she insults him. She tells him that he was a better fighter when he was evil and that she wants the original Spike back. (Don’t we all, Buffy. Don’t we all.) Buffy informs Dawn that it’s time to use the emergency kit.

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya, Dawn, Wood, and Kennedy go through the bag and Buffy breaks open the formerly unopenable box. They find shadowcasters inside which will tell a story once put in motion. Dawn reads from the book that “you can't just watch, you have to see.” She tells the others that she thinks they tell the story of the Slayer’s origins. Buffy reveals that she dreamed about the First Slayer and thinks that is significant. The Scoobies put the shadowcasters in motion and Dawn reads from the book. They can hear drums in the background as the first shadowcaster is placed. In the story, there is first the earth, then demons, then men, and then a girl: “And the men took the girl to fight the demon - all demons. They - they chained her to the Earth.” As Xander places shadowcasters, more sounds can be heard - growling, chanting, and a scream. There is also something about darkness but Dawn is unsure what it means.

Dawn continues, “It says you cannot be shown. You cannot just watch, but you must see. See for yourself, but only if you're willing to make the exchange.” The words are now in English rather than Sumerian. The Scoobies watch as the shadowcasters show a demon attacking the chained girl. The shadowcasters begin to spin faster and a bright blue light emanates from them. Buffy realizes that she must go inside the light to “make the exchange.” She tells Willow to find a way to get her back and jumps in. The portal closes, there is another flash of light, and a demon appears - the “exchange student.”

Willow attempts to use magic to stop the demon but fails. Wood fights it as well but is defeated. Dawn and Kennedy try to kill it with swords but are overpowered. Spike arrives and fights the demon, which throws him through the ceiling. At the other end of the portal, Buffy finds herself in the desert (possibly the same place that Giles took her in “Intervention”). Willow is unsure what kind of magic to use to get Buffy back. Anya says that bringing Buffy back might risk Willow’s life, as well as all of their lives. She argues that if Buffy is so great, as she thinks she is (in her “‘everyone sucks but me’ speech”), she can find her own way back. Xander tells her that if Buffy isn’t there, the First has a greater chance of defeating them. While the Scoobies try to figure out what they’re going to do, Spike leaves to get something he says he needs.

Buffy encounters three men dressed in tribal clothes and tells them she’s the Slayer. They speak to her in another language, but she can understand them. The shadow men tell her that they’ve been waiting for her; they’ve been there since the beginning, and “now, we are almost at the end.” They tell her that she is the last guardian of the Hellmouth and that they can give her power. She challenges that this isn’t real and one of the shadow men knocks her out. The Scoobies decide to create a barrier to contain the portal until Willow can figure out what to do. Buffy awakens to find herself chained. The shadow men tell her that they are at “the source of [her] strength” and that this is why she was brought there. She learns that the First Slayer was created from the energy, spirit, and heart of a demon. She refuses to receive the same from the shadow men but they tell her that she will be made ready to fight. She tries to fight them but they begin to give her the demon essence anyway, telling her that it’s what she came there for.

Spike looks through boxes in the school basement until he finds his leather jacket - the one he took from Nikki after he killed her. (See “Fool for Love.”) In the hallway he passes Wood, who compliments his jacket and asks where he got it. “New York,” Spike replies. Willow continues her spell and demands that the portal be reopened. She sends magic through Anya and Kennedy and pulls power from them. The portal opens and Willow’s hair turns black again. Xander pulls Willow out of the circle and her hair goes back to red as Kennedy looks upset by what has happened. Spike fights the demon again as Buffy blasts the shadow men for violating the girl who became the First Slayer and fights them.

Spike kills the demon as Buffy breaks the staff of one of the shadow men, ending their spell. Spike carries the demon to the Summers’ house while one of the shadow men puts his hand to Buffy’s head. Spike throws the demon into the portal while Buffy looks concerned by whatever it is she’s seeing. The exchange is made and Buffy returns safely. Later, Kennedy tells Willow that she’s not pleased with what Willow did to her during the spell. Willow goes to check on Buffy, who admits that she acted harshly earlier. She tells Willow that she thinks she made a mistake by rejecting the power she was offered. We catch a glimpse of what Buffy was shown - a gigantic army of Turok-Han forming an underground army.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Setting up mysterious shadowcasters is not a good activity for a Saturday night.

R.I.P.: Chloe

GRADE: B- Only redeemed by the creepiness of the shadowcasters.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Anya: “I swear, if Buffy rooms or boards one more of the potential girls, I'm gonna call a - I'm gonna call a health inspector.”
Spike: “I like my plan better. Get up, get out, get drunk. Repeat as needed. It's just more elegant.”

Buffy: “Andrew is our - actually, he's our hostage.”
Andrew: “I like to think of myself more as a (making air quotes, even though he’s wearing oven mitts) ‘guestage.’”
Wood: “So, you - you hold him here against his will?”
Buffy: “Well, he was evil, and people got killed, and now he…bakes. It's a thing.”

Buffy: “Don't you have any real homework?”
Dawn: “Oh, you mean, like, schoolwork?”
Buffy: “Yes.”
Dawn: “Well, I've got a system. It's called flunking out. No, just kidding. I'm paying someone to do my work. I'm kidding. I love to see your eyeballs change color….”

“Anyone want to say a few words about Chloe? Let me. Chloe was an idiot. Chloe was stupid. She was weak. And anyone in a rush to be the next dead body I bury, it's easy. Just...think of Chloe, and do what she did. And I'll find room for you next to her and Annabelle. I'm the Slayer. The one with the power. And the First has me using that power to dig our graves. I've been carrying you - all of you - too far, too long. Ride's over.” - Buffy to potentials

Xander: “But let's not try to forget, we're also your friends.”
Anya: “I’m not.”
Buffy: “Then why are you here? Aside from getting rescued, what is it that you do?”
Anya: “I provide much-needed…sarcasm.”
Xander: “Um, that would kinda be my job, actually.”

“Welcome to our perfectly typical American household where nothing unusual happens.” Andrew to Wood (from the original script)

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