"Two to Go"
Written by Douglas Petrie; directed by Bill L. Norton

Buffy, Xander, and Anya run through the woods, trying to get to Willow before she can go after Jonathan and Andrew. Anya mentions that Willow can’t teleport and will therefore take awhile to get to the jail; she then disappears. Xander tells Buffy that Warren may have deserved what Willow did to him. Buffy replies that Jonathan and Andrew don’t. They arrive at Xander’s car, which Willow has rendered undrivable. Buffy runs off, leaving Xander behind to figure out how to get out of the woods on his own. (Nice thinking, there, Buff.) In their jail cell, Andrew is trying to pick up signals from Warren while Jonathan tells him again that Warren won’t be getting them out of there. Andrew admits that he and Warren were going to abandon Jonathan and the two start to fight when Anya suddenly teleports into their cell.

Anya warns the nerds that Willow will kill them if they don’t get out of jail. She calls for a guard while Andrew tells Jonathan that he doesn’t trust her. She explains that Tara and Warren are both dead and that Willow is coming after them for revenge. A guard appears and is surprised to see Anya, who explains that the nerds are in danger. Outside the station, Willow makes a dramatic entrance and magically begins removing bricks from the wall of the nerds’ cell. Cops try to stop her but she magically protects herself. She continues to destroy the wall as Jonathan tells Andrew that they are done for. Buffy arrives and heads up to the cell. Willow floats herself up and into the building, but when she arrives, the nerds are gone. She realizes that Buffy rescued them as Anya appears and asks her to stop. Willow blasts her with magic, then screams. Outside, Buffy, Andrew, and Jonathan are picked up by Xander, who has “borrowed” a police car.

Buffy promises to keep the nerds safe from Willow but Andrew isn’t thrilled that her plan involves running and hiding. Jonathan wonders why Willow doesn’t just magically make them dead; Buffy tells him that she wants to actually kill them. Jonathan is in shock that Willow, who he grew up with, has turned into this. Suddenly, the car is pushed from behind by a large truck; Willow is standing on top of the cab. Jonathan asks if Willow knows that Buffy and Xander are also in the car but no one responds. Willow begins to weaken and Jonathan says that she’s draining. The truck driver, whom Willow had controlled with magic, regains control of the truck and stops it as Xander continues speeding away. At Spike’s crypt, Clem tries to keep Dawn entertained, but she is frustrated that she has to stay there. She asks for his help, telling him she wants to go somewhere and needs the help of a demon. Back in Africa, Lurky (see “Villains”) begins Spike’s trial by sending out a large man with flaming hands to fight him.

Out in downtown Sunnydale, Dawn gets Clem to help her find Rack’s place, though he’s nervous about going there. Buffy, Xander, Anya, and the nerds meet up at the magic shop and Anya reveals that she can no longer feel Willow’s presence - she’s moved beyond plain vengeance. Anya brings out books that Willow wasn’t aware of and sets to work translating an anti-magic spell. Jonathan offers to help but Buffy is against the idea. She says that Willow can’t kill Jonathan and Andrew, or she’ll have crossed a line. If she’s running out of magic, she’s probably gone somewhere for a boost. Indeed, Willow has gone to Rack’s, where she decides to “take a little tour.” Minutes later, Dawn and Clem arrive and Dawn goes in. In the back room, she finds Rack dead and Willow suddenly veiny.

Dawn brilliantly notices that Willow is back on magic; Willow replies that she is magic. Dawn tries to leave but Willow stops her. Dawn says that she also misses Tara but that Willow is handling things the wrong way. Willow mocks Dawn for always crying and whining, and wonders if it’s because Dawn doesn’t belong in this world. She asks if Dawn wants to go back to her world and end her pain. Buffy arrives and tells Willow to get away from Dawn. At the Magic Box, Anya is trying to translate the anti-magic spell. Jonathan offers a helpful suggestion but Xander shuts him down. Andrew asks Jonathan why he’s helping them and suggests that they use magic to do something for themselves. He wants to head out of town and become the Duo. Jonathan tells him to grow up.

Andrew tells Xander and Anya that Willow is going to kill all of them, and Anya worries that Willow will indeed kill her and Xander. He responds that she doesn’t care if he lives or dies, and she says that she does - she just hasn’t decided which it is yet. She tells him that she can’t hurt him with vengeance and he says that seeing her with Spike hurt enough. She replies that that wasn’t vengeance, it was solace. Anya states that he’s to blame for what’s happening, and he agrees - he should have been able to protect Buffy from Warren. She tells him that she meant he’s to blame for what happened in their relationship.

Back at Rack’s, Buffy tries to get Dawn to escape but Willow magically locks the door. She tells Buffy that she was always a loser and that the only good thing she had in her life was Tara. Buffy tries to convince her that she has a lot to live for but Willow reminds her that she doesn’t want to live, either. As they talk, the room seems to rotate. Willow tells Buffy that she was only ever happy when she was dead, and that she became unhappy when Willow brought her back. The three suddenly find themselves in the Magic Box. Willow attempts to blast Jonathan and Andrew with magic, not seeing that Anya is hiding and reciting the anti-magic spell. Back in Africa, Spike is still fighting the man with the flaming hands. He finally wins and Lurky tells him that he’s only past the first stage of the trial.

Buffy stops Willow from going after Andrew and Jonathan and the two start fighting. Xander grabs Dawn and the nerds and gets ready to leave; he tries to convince Anya to go with them, but she decides to stay to continue the counter-spell. Buffy and Willow face off, Willow calling herself the Slayer. Buffy promises to show her what a Slayer really is and they get down to it, Willow proving that she has more power than Buffy. Andrew tells Jonathan that they should go to Mexico and threatens Xander with a sword from the magic shop when he tries to stop them. Willow notices Anya, who keeps chanting. Jonathan threatens Andrew with his own sword, getting him to back down from Xander. Jonathan announces that they’re staying in Sunnydale, and that when Willow has been taken care of, they’re going back to jail.

Willow grabs Anya, who yells for Buffy to help her. Willow throws her aside, knocking her out. She tells Buffy she gets it now: “The Slayer thing really isn't about the violence. It’s about the power.” She blasts Buffy with magic and Buffy stays down for a minute. “And there's no one in the world with the power to stop me now,” Willow announces. Suddenly she is hit with a bolt of magic and thrown across the room. “I’d like to test that theory,” Giles replies.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Giles has really nice timing.

R.I.P.: Rack

GRADE: B- Aww, leave the nerds alone. Or, at least Jonathan, who was sorry.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Jonathan: “You're checking for implants?”
Andrew: “Lex Luthor had a false epidermis escape kit in ‘Superman Versus the Amazing Spiderman’ Treasury edition--.”
Jonathan: “Okay, first of all, those were sonic disrupters. And second of all…you are sadness personified.”

“Boys, if you don't knock it off, I will pull this car over and you can just walk to your painful deaths from here.” - Xander to Andrew and Jonathan

“Ohh…you're not going to get yourself in trouble now, are you? Or me? 'Cause your sister's the Slayer; I'm a demon, that's real good incentive to get along with her.” - Clem to Dawn

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