Written by Doug Petrie; directed by James A. Contner

Willow, Xander, and Cordelia listen to Dingoes Ate My Baby at the Bronze, and when the set is over, Oz joins them at their already crowded table. Willow is forced to sit close to Xander, and the two try to overcompensate by keeping their distance from each other. Willow tries to distract them by bringing up Buffy’s seemingly strange behavior. Cordelia wonders if Buffy has a secret boyfriend and doesn’t want to tell anyone about him because her “last steady killed half the class.” Buffy arrives and reveals that she is in fact going out with someone that night. However, that someone is Faith, and their going out is less a date than a patrol. In the cemetery, the two Slayers demonstrate their new “synchronized slaying” techniques and are critiqued by a British woman who has just arrived. She introduces herself as Gwendolyn Post, Faith’s new Watcher (see “Faith, Hope, and Trick”).

The group heads to the library, where Faith protests that she doesn’t need a Watcher. Gwendolyn criticizes Giles’ book collection, and Buffy teases that he’s on “academic probation,” since Gwendolyn is supposed to keep tabs on him for the Watchers Council. Gwendolyn informs Giles that the Council is worried that he’s become too American, an idea which he and Buffy both find surprising. Gwendolyn announces that a demon named Lagos is headed for Sunnydale in search of the Glove of Myhnegon, and the Slayers will have to scour the cemeteries, where the Glove is suspected to be. “Interesting lady,” Buffy comments after she leaves. “Can we kill her?” Later, Buffy and Angel do T’ai Chi at his mansion and come close to kissing. Buffy decides that it’s best for her to skedaddle, so she makes an excuse to go. She tells him that they need to break their bad habits and not rekindle their relationship. She mentions Lagos, which worries him, and he tells her to be careful. At the library, Giles, Willow, and Xander spend a sleepless night researching Lagos but are unable to find any information on him. Frustrated, Giles orders Willow and Xander to keep working, which only makes them frustrated. They retreat to the stacks, where things turn a little friendly and they unsuccessfully try to avoid temptation. Their potential make-out session is interrupted when Giles finds information about the Glove and sends them home.

Downtown, Faith complains about the poor choices she’s made regarding boyfriends and asks Buffy for her own stories. Buffy declines to talk about Angel, and the two go their separate ways. Faith encounters Lagos in a cemetery but is unable to defeat him. Xander heads towards a different cemetery, having offered to go get the Glove because he feels guilty about what he’s been doing with Willow. He spots someone with a bundle in his arms and soon sees that it’s Angel. He follows him to the mansion, where he sees Buffy and Angel making out. Buffy and Angel finally break off their kiss, realizing that they’ve made a mistake and are falling back into old patterns. Changing the subject, Angel reveals that he found the Glove for her. She starts to touch it and he warns that if she puts it on, she can never take it off. She tells him to keep the Glove, promising to fill Giles in on it in the morning. At Giles’ apartment, he triumphantly finds information on the Glove, but Gwendolyn still isn’t impressed. He tries to assure her that he still has some authority over Buffy, but she isn’t convinced. Xander doesn’t help matters by arriving and announcing that they have a problem that has to do with Buffy.

The next morning, Buffy heads to the library and tells the Scoobies that she has the Glove. She quickly realizes that something is wrong, and is disheartened to learn that a) the Scoobies know that Angel is alive, b) Xander saw her with him, and c) the Scoobies are aware that she kept his return from them. Xander jumps to attack, but Willow tries to get everyone to use “I” statements to express their feelings. Cordelia is the only one who listens, announcing that she feels worried because Angel’s a killer. Buffy protests that she doesn’t need an intervention and promises that she and Angel aren’t together. Oz points out that Xander saw them kissing. Buffy tries to convince the Scoobies that she didn’t want to put them in danger and she just wanted to wait a little while before telling them about Angel. Xander is unsure that she should have left the Glove with Angel, and Willow is worried that Buffy can’t see clearly with regards to her ex. Giles finally breaks up the discussion, stating that their main priority is to keep the Glove away from Lagos. After everyone else leaves, Buffy thanks Giles for defending her, but he turns around and tells her that she made a mistake. “I won’t remind you that the fate of the world often lies with the Slayer,” he says. “What would be the point? Nor shall I remind you that you’ve jeopardized the lives of all that you hold dear by harboring a known murderer. But, sadly, I must remind you that Angel tortured me…for hours…for pleasure. You should have told me he was alive. You didn’t. You have no respect for me, or the job I perform.”

Gwendolyn visits Faith in her hotel room, calling her decorating style Spartan. She says that they will train hard but the results will be favorable. Gwendolyn mentions the Scoobies’ “secret meeting,” and Faith seems hurt that she was left out. She cheers up a little when Gwendolyn suggests that they do some training. Back at school, Buffy encounters Willow in a hallway and asks if Willow’s mad at her. Willow assures her that she isn’t, trying to convince both Buffy and herself that it’s all right to keep secrets. Buffy says that she’s going to try to kill Lagos that night in order to make things up to Giles. At the Bronze that evening, Faith encounters Xander and tells him that she knows he and the Scoobies were talking about the Glove earlier. He spills that they were talking about Angel, who’s back (possibly with a vengeance) and has the Glove. Faith points out that he could do a lot of damage with the Glove, though Buffy claims that he won’t. Faith says that they shouldn’t wait around to see what he’ll do - they should go kill him right away. “Can I come?” Xander asks rhetorically. Gwendolyn meets with Giles in his office and learns that the Glove is being held in Angel’s mansion. She announces that they need to get it, and Giles suggests that they destroy it when they do. When he turns around to check something, Gwendolyn grabs a statue and knocks him out with it.

Willow keeps Buffy company on patrol in a cemetery, trying to convince Buffy that things will get better now that her secret has been revealed. She asks if things were more romantic while Buffy was keeping things quiet, but Buffy says that she was too tense because she was under so much pressure. Willow decides that she needs to finally tell Buffy about her Xander kissage, but before she can, Buffy has to battle Lagos. Buffy defeats the demon and asks Willow what she wanted to tell her. Willow decides against the confession and instead says that she opened her SAT booklet five minutes early. Xander and Faith head to the library to stock up on weapons and find an unconscious Giles. Xander calls 911 while Faith, thinking that Angel knocked Giles out, announces that she’s going to go kill herself a vampire. In his mansion, Angel begins the Living Flame ritual that will destroy the Glove. Buffy and Willow arrive at the library as paramedics are taking Giles to an ambulance, and Giles tells Buffy to destroy the Glove. Xander informs Buffy and Willow that Angel must have come after Giles, then lets them know that Faith has gone to finish Angel off. Buffy tells Willow to figure out how to destroy the Glove, then heads off. Angry that Xander jumped to the wrong conclusions, Willow orders him to help her.

Gwendolyn arrives at Angel’s mansion and claims that Giles sent her to help him destroy the Glove. As soon as he turns his back to get it, she knocks him out as well. As she’s trying to open a trunk to get the Glove, Angel pops back up, vamped out. She tells him that if he’d been human, as she assumed, he’d be dead. They begin to fight, and are interrupted by Faith. Thinking that Angel is trying to hurt an innocent Gwendolyn, Faith begins to fight him. The battle is disrupted by the arrival of Buffy, who quickly tries to get Faith away from Angel. Xander and Willow gather the ingredients for the Living Flame ritual and rush off to perform it at the mansion. Buffy informs Faith that she can’t let her kill Angel, though Faith is certain that, as a Slayer, she’s supposed to. Gwendolyn tells Faith that Buffy is “blinded by love” and says, “Trust me.” The two Slayers engage in battle, equally matched, and manage to break a bunch of stuff in the mansion. Willow and Xander arrive and Gwendolyn tells them to help Faith. Willow and Xander try to break up the fight as Gwendolyn gets the Glove out of the trunk. She puts it on and invokes the power of Myhnegon, inviting a nice thunder and lightning show. “A word of advice,” she says to Faith. “You’re an idiot.” Angel shoves Willow out of the way before she can be hit by lightning reflected off of the Glove. The two Slayers finally work together and Buffy cuts off Gwendolyn’s arm, making the Watcher disappear.

At school the next day, the Scoobies discuss the now-destroyed Glove and wonder what Buffy will do next. She arrives and tells them that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Xander assures her that he trusts her, though Cordelia admits that she doesn’t, “just for the record.” Giles informs the Scoobies that Gwendolyn had been kicked out of the Watchers Council for misusing dark power - “they swear there was a memo.” Buffy heads to Faith’s hotel room and tells her that Gwendolyn had everyone fooled. Faith says that she should have known knew she couldn’t trust anyone. Buffy says that she can trust her, but Faith isn’t 100% sure. “I’m on your side,” Buffy promises. “I’m on my side, and that’s enough,” Faith replies. Buffy starts to leave, then stops when Faith begins to say something else. She changes her mind and Buffy leaves Faith alone in her room.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: If your boyfriend comes back from Hell, tell your friends.

GRADE: B- There’s too much crammed into this episode that doesn’t fit together.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - “Hey, you’re not the Watcher of me.” - Xander to Giles

Willow: “What does he want from us, anyway?”
Xander: “The number of a qualified surgeon to remove the British flag from his butt?”

“Hey, Giles, here’s a nifty idea: why don’t I alleviate my guilt by goin’ out and getting’ myself really, really killed?” - Xander to himself

Gwendolyn: “Faith, do you know who the Spartans were?”
Faith: “Wild stab: a bunch of guys from Spart?”

Oz: “Sounds like we missed a lot of fun.”
Xander: “Then we’re telling it wrong.”

“Well, he saved me from a horrible flamey death. That sort of makes me like him again.” - Willow, re: Angel

Cordelia: “Okay, but when there’s a big massacre, who gets the ‘I told you so’?”
Xander: “You get the ‘I told you so.’”
Cordelia: “Just so we’re clear.” (from the original script)

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