"Goodbye, Iowa"
Written by Marti Noxon; directed by David Solomon

The Scoobies are still in Giles’ apartment (see “The I in Team”) and Buffy is filling them in on what happened with Walsh. Spike criticizes Buffy for picking another dud boyfriend and says that her relationship is to blame for what happened - Riley must have had something to do with Walsh’s set-up. Buffy asks the others if they feel the same way, the points out that Walsh sent Riley away before she tried to kill Buffy. Willow agrees that Riley doesn’t seem like the sort of person who would be involved in something so secretive. However, Buffy does acknowledge that the rest of the Initiative is against her, and that Walsh can’t be happy with the Scoobies. Giles wonders why Walsh would have it in for Buffy, and she thinks that she might have been asking too many questions and getting too close to something. Back in the Initiative, Adam smiles to himself.

Buffy tells the gang to grab weapons and Xander believes that they’re preparing to storm the Initiative. Buffy has an different idea - hide. Xander’s relieved. She suggests that they hide out in his basement, since the Initiative won’t think to look for them there. Giles protests, thinking that the Initiative won’t come after them at all. Riley arrives and is relieved to see that Buffy’s all right; she explains that Walsh tried to kill her. Xander wonders how Riley knew that something had happened, but Riley is distracted by the fact that he’s spotted Hostile 17. Spike attempts to lie again, but finally drops the act. Riley asks Buffy why she kept information about him from the Initiative as Spike leaves, giving Riley a thumbs-up in case he’s trying to kill Buffy. Riley tells Buffy that he doesn’t know what Maggie was up to, and believes that something else was controlling her, because she ordinarily wouldn’t act that way. Giles and Buffy ask if he knows anything about 314, but he is in denial that the Initiative could be about anything but ice cream and puppy dogs.

Adam wanders through the woods, asking a little boy what he is. “You’re a monster,” the boy replies. Adam asks what the boy is and the boy tells him. “How do you work?” Adam wants to know. The boy doesn’t know. “What’s that for?” he asks, pointing to Adam’s bone skewer. Adam smiles. Angleman returns to 314 to find Adam gone and Walsh dead. The next morning, the Scoobies hang out in Xander’s basement post-sleepover. Buffy and Willow watch cartoons and Giles wakes up cranky, having slept on plastic furniture. Willow tries to comfort Buffy, telling her that things with Riley will work out, and Anya encourages Buffy to get a boring boyfriend. Like Xander. Except not Xander, because he’s Anya’s. Buffy says that things were going well, and announces that she’ll have to make it work out. Xander brings breakfast downstairs and tells the Scoobies to turn on the TV. They see a report about the boy Adam spoke to, who was skewered and mutilated. Buffy remembers the Polgara demon (again, see “The I in Team”) and thinks that it was sent after her but found the boy instead. She tells the Scoobies to research the Polgara demon while she heads to the crime scene. She wants to find the demon and kill it horribly, but realizes that she doesn’t come across as adamant as usual because she’s wearing “yummy sushi pajamas.”

Riley returns to his frat house and Forrest congratulates him for spending the night with Buffy. Riley tells him that he went off on his own and reveals what Buffy told him about Walsh. He suspects that Buffy is right and that Walsh is hiding something. Forrest says that Buffy probably snooped too much and that Walsh just tried to take care of things. Riley taunts that Forrest doesn’t like Buffy because she’s a better fighter. Forrest says that Buffy is a spy and is using Riley to get information on the Initiative. He suggests that Walsh tried to kill Buffy because she deserved it. Graham arrives and gives them the news that Walsh is dead. In the lab, Forrest and Riley look at the body and Forrest says that it looks like Walsh was staked. Riley points out that she could have been skewered by the Polgara demon, but Forrest is convinced that Buffy killed her. Angleman breaks up their fight and tells them that the Polgara demon escaped the previous night. They Initiative has been ordered to lock down until a team from Washington arrives to investigate. Later, Riley tells some commandos that, despite Angleman’s orders, they should go out and look for the demon.

Forrest and Graham come across Spike’s crypt and don’t realize that he’s hiding under some bones in a coffin. Riley runs into Buffy at the crime scene and she apologizes for everything that happened earlier. He tells her that Walsh is dead and asks if she’s happy now. She deduces that the Polgara demon killed her and promises Riley that she’ll kill it. Willow goes to Tara’s dorm room and says that she likes hanging out with her. Tara says she’s been thinking about their last spell (see “A New Man”). Willow asks her to help conjure the goddess Thespia to locate demons. Buffy goes to see Willy (last seen in “The Zeppo”), who promises that he’s moving away from the bad stuff. She asks if he’s heard anything about the Polgara demon and he says that he’s keeping away from demon gossip. She realizes that she’ll have to hit him for information and does so. He can’t give her much information.

As Buffy is asking about 314, Riley enters and gets mad that Buffy is talking to demons rather than killing them. He gets irritated with Willy, who is trying to be nice, and threatens to take him to the lab. Buffy tells him that Willy’s human and notes that Riley is shaking. He demands the truth from her, but she tells him that he knows the truth. Riley spots a woman leaving and pulls a gun on her, demanding that no one leave until he gives permission. Willy tries to stop him, but Riley says that he can’t trust him or anyone else. He finally puts the gun down and asks Buffy what’s happening to him. She takes him to Xander’s basement and gets him to lie down. She sees that he’s scratched his hand and he says that it feels like something is growing inside of him. She wraps his hand with her bandanna and tells him to get some rest. He says that he can no longer tell who the bad guys are and worries that he’s one of them. Buffy tells him not to think that way.

Buffy tells the Scoobies that she wants to find out what’s wrong with Riley and thinks that Walsh may have kept records on him and 314. She tells Giles and Anya to keep researching and recruits Xander to go with her to the Initiative, since he still has military knowledge (see “Halloween”). Willow and Tara prepare to do their spell - they have set up a square that symbolizes Sunnydale, and Thespia will create a mist over the places on the “map” where demons are located. They take up some powder and summon Thespia. While Willow’s eyes are closed, Tara hides her powder and pretends to blow it over the map when Willow blows hers. Willow is confused when the spell doesn’t work, but Tara keeps quiet.

Buffy, dressed as an Initiative scientist, and Xander, dressed as a commando, head for the elevator in the frat house. Xander is impressed upon seeing the facility for the first time. He spots people coming and tells Buffy to pretend to make out with them so they won’t be noticed (because it works in the movies). Buffy refuses, saying that scientists and commandos don’t make out. Willow heads back to the basement, telling Giles that the spell didn’t work. Giles and Willow reveal that the Polgara doesn’t usually kill and mutilate kids, and that it wouldn’t have an easy time hiding after it’s escape. Riley, now awake, asks where Buffy is and is upset when he learns that she went to the Initiative. Willow tries to stop him from leaving, but he shoves her aside and skedaddles.

Buffy and Xander overhear Angleman telling someone that the commandos are in danger because they’re off of their normal medication schedule. He orders someone to find Riley because he’s too important to die. Spike heads to Willy’s Bar and is greeted by a demon who wants to beat him up. Buffy catches up with Angleman and demands to know what happened to Riley and what’s going on with 314. Riley arrives and tells Angleman that the security monitors aren’t working. Angleman orders Riley to take Buffy to the stockade, but she tries to convince Riley that Angleman can give them information. Angleman confirms that Walsh wanted Buffy dead for her own reasons then reveals that Project 314 has escaped. Riley refuses to believe that Walsh was a bad guy and Buffy informs him that she was drugging him. Riley accuses her of doing something to him and as she tries to convince him that they just need to figure out what 314 is, a dead commando is dropped to the ground near them. They look up to a platform and see Adam.

Adam pontificates about the world, admitting that he killed the boy because he wanted to see what was inside him. Now he wants to learn more about himself. He says that Walsh loved him and that he was created for a purpose. He looks at Riley’s files and says that Walsh “created” him as well, but Riley refuses to acknowledge Walsh as his mother. Adam tries to tell him that they’re brothers because they have the same mother - Walsh taught Riley how to think and act. Riley protests that he’s not like Adam and Adam offers to let him find out what the plan is and how things will end. Buffy and Riley start to fight Adam, who kills Angleman with his skewer. He also stabs Riley, taking him out of the fight. he manages to get the better of Buffy, then leaves, calling the experience “very interesting.” Forrest arrives and Riley tells him that Adam killed Angleman and that they need to go after him. The commandos prepare to take Riley to the hospital, and Forrest informs Buffy that she can’t come, because it’s a military hospital.

Outside Willy’s, the demon is done beating on Spike for fighting other demons. He warns Spike not to cross his path again. Buffy and Willow walk on the campus, Buffy saying that she’s not allowed to have any information about Riley. She says that it seems as if Walsh created Adam to be a superior warrior and that he’s fast and intelligent. Willow says that there must be a flaw to him. Buffy worries about Riley, who has just discovered that everything he knew is wrong and is now alone. In an Initiative hospital, Riley rests in bed, looking at Buffy’s bandanna.


GRADE: C+ Why, hello, Adam. Please forgive me for saying that you’re the worst big bad ever.

MEMORABLE QUOTES - Buffy: “So Maggie sends me down into the sewers with one of those blasto guns, and the next thing I know it's raining monsters.”
Xander: “Hallelujah.”

Buffy: (to Riley) “Maggie tried to kill me.”
Anya: “It didn't work, but they're all upset anyway.”

Buffy: (watching a Wile E. Coyote cartoon) “That would never happen.”
Willow: “Well, no, Buff, that's why they call them cartoons, not documentaries.”

Willow: “It'll be okay, Buffy. Riley's just confused, that's all.”
Buffy: “I don't know. It just seems like things could get heavier. His whole world's falling apart.”
Anya: “And after everything you've been through with Angel. You really should get yourself a boring boyfriend. Like Xander. You can't have Xander!
Buffy: “That was the idea. Riley was supposed to be Mr. Joe Guy. We were going to do dumb things like hold hands through the daises going, ‘Tra-la-la.’”
Willow: “Poor Buffy. Your life resists all things average.”
Anya: “So dump him. But you can't have Xander!”
Buffy: “I'll try and remember that.”

“I totally get it now. Can I have sex with Riley too?” - Xander, upon seeing the Initiative for the first time

Buffy: “This is the Initiative, Xander. Military guys and scientists do not make out with each other.”
Xander: “Well, maybe that's wrong with the world. Ever think about that?”

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