Written by David Fury; directed by Fred Keller

Wesley lectures Angel at the Hyperion, gleeful that Angel isn’t the one in charge anymore. He does, however, have his own little desk and has the task of getting coffee for everyone else. In a park, a hooded figure interrupts a couple of kissing teens. Back at the hotel, Angel tries to be nice to Cordelia, who still doesn’t trust him. “We’re not friends,” she tells him. Suddenly, she has a vision of the hooded figure attacking teenagers in the park and the guys head off to the rescue. On their way out, Angel tells Cordelia that she should take the rest of the night off. As she’s leaving, Cordelia encounters Harmony (Mercedes McNab) and they have a happy reunion. Harmony explains that she “just broke up with someone” (see “Crush”) and came to L.A. for a break. Cordelia offers to let her stay with her while she’s in town. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn arrive at the park and find the robed figure, a vampire who’s chasing a woman. After they’ve defeated the vampire, Angel notes that the robes Cordelia said she saw in her vision were a different color. As they decide to look around the area just in case, Wesley spots a symbol on the robe and wonders if the vamp belonged to a religious sect. He starts to call Cordelia, but Angel tells him that he gave her the night off. He wonders if flowers could help earn back her trust, but Wesley says that he won’t be able to buy that back. (Has he met Cordelia?)

Cordelia and Harmony are enjoying their reunion at Cordelia’s apartment, reminiscing about their popularity in high school. Cordelia reveals that she’s happier than she was in high school because she’s doing worthwhile work. She asks Harmony how things are going for her; Harmony declines to reveal that she’s now a vampire. Cordelia doesn’t notice Harmony studying her neck and briefly vamping out. That night, Harmony sneaks into Cordelia’s room while she’s asleep. The door slams shut thanks to Phantom Dennis and Cordelia wakes up. Harmony apologizes, saying that she thought she could control her “urges,” but she’s finding it hard to keep her distance. Cordelia misinterprets her feelings and suspects that Harmony is a lesbian. She assures Harmony that she’s not judging her and Harmony, thinking that Cordelia knows she’s a vampire, asks her not to tell anyone. The next day, Cordelia calls Willow (Alyson Hannigan) in Sunnydale and tells her that Harmony is in L.A. They have a cryptic conversation and Willow finally clears things up by saying that Harmony is a vampire. Cordelia says that she thought Harmony was a lesbian and Willow apparently fills her in on her own sexual preference. She warns Cordelia that Harmony is dangerous and that she should get out of there. Before she can, Harmony appears and asks Cordelia where she’s going. Wesley does some research on the vampire’s robe as Gunn talks to some contacts. Angel receives a call from Willow filling him in on what’s going on with Harmony.

Angel and Wesley arrive at Cordelia’s apartment to find the girls doing typical girly things. Cordelia explains that Harmony came to her for help, not to kill her, and that she’s helping because it’s part of her job. Wesley tells Cordelia that Harmony isn’t the same friend she used to be, but Angel wants to give Cordelia the benefit of the doubt and let her make her own decision. Wesley tells Cordelia that they need her at the office and isn’t sure that she should leave Harmony in the apartment. Harmony wants to come along anyway, since she doesn’t want to be left alone with Phantom Dennis. At the Hyperion, Harmony gets in the way as Wesley and Angel try to figure out the meaning of the symbol and a bird that Cordelia saw in her vision. Harmony wants to know how Angel can resist killing humans after so long. Gunn arrives, meeting Harmony and wondering whether the MoG actually kill vampires anymore. He shares news that robed vampires have been grabbing people in the area for awhile, but they haven’t heard anything about it because not a lot of bodies have been left behind. Angel realizes that the vampires are siring their victims instead of killing them. Wesley notes that someone must be building up an army. In a theater, a crowd of vampires gather and listen to a vamp named Doug, who appears to be the vamp equivalent of a motivational speaker. He shows them his plan, which involves each vamp siring two more, who in turn sire more, and so on and so on. The new vampires then join the “co-op” by bringing in a human for the “food bank.” Everyone is excited and begins chanting the co-op’s catchphrase: “You turn two, and the rest is food.”

At the Hyperion, the MoG figure out where all of the missing humans were taken from. Harmony tells Cordelia that she can’t believe this is her job. Cordelia finds out that the symbol is from a former pyramid scheme run by Doug. The feds caught on to the scheme and went after Doug, who disappeared. Harmony accidentally causes some more trouble and Wesley orders Cordelia to get her away from the MoG’s work. Harmony laments her decision to come to L.A., telling Cordelia that no one understands what she’s going through. Cordelia decides that they need a break and that Harmony needs to meet someone else who “understands a little something about pain.” They wind up at Caritas, where Harmony sings “Memories” and Lorne notes that her name isn’t exactly fitting. Unfortunately, Lorne says that he can’t give Harmony guidance for her future - Cordelia can. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn arrive, wanting Cordelia to drive around the area and see if anything is familiar from her vision. Harmony stays at Caritas as the MoG head out, Gunn wondering if they’re actually going to kill the vampires for once. Outside, though, Harmony catches up with the MoG, reminding Cordelia that Lorne said to stick with her. She decides that this means she should be on the side of good and join up with the MoG.

The MoG drive around L.A. as Cordelia tries to see anything familiar and Harmony yaps about being an evil fighter. They pull over at a theater with a phoenix statue in front of it, though the bird in Cordelia’s vision was red. They start to leave, but stop when Angel turns on a neon light, which makes the bird look red. Wesley organizes the MoG as Harmony wonders what she’s supposed to do. Wesley tells Harmony to stay in the car, trying to forbid her from hurting anyone. As Wesley and Gunn head for the theater, Angel pulls Cordelia aside; he tells her that he tried to keep quiet, but he finally has to say that Harmony can’t work with them. Cordelia promises that it’s a temporary arrangement and notes that Harmony seems happy to have a path. Angel warns that Harmony will turn on Cordelia because it’s in her nature as a vampire. Cordelia points out that he’s a vamp, too, and Angel reminds her that he has a soul. She asks if he thinks that makes him better than Harmony; he says that it does. She’s still upset that he betrayed her, and, on top of that, gave away her clothes (see “Blood Money”). Cordelia was worried that Angel was reverting to Angelus and says, “Imagine what could have happened if you’d gone nuts and slept with Darla.” He denies that he would ever do that (that will be important in “Offspring”). Wesley and Gunn return, reporting that the building is secure and they can’t see inside. Angel offers to go inside and pretend that he wants to join up, but the others think that he’ll be recognized. Cordelia realizes that Harmony can make it inside without being recognized or fingered as a spy. Harmony decides that this would be a good step in finding her purpose and the others reluctantly let her go in.

In the theater, Harmony is given Doug’s book (Selective Slaughter - Turning a Bloodbath Into a Blood Bank) and hears him talking about vamps taking control of their (un)lives. She learns that, as each vamp graduates to the next level, he or she gets to kill a human as a reward. Out back, the MoG worry that Harmony is running late and wonder if she ran into trouble. Angel thinks that they might have to rescue her, but Gunn doesn’t like the idea of saving a vamp from vamps. Harmony finally shows up, leaving a door open for the MoG to sneak in. She thanks Cordelia for giving her a chance to find her purpose and thanks the MoG for not killing her when they wanted to. As they head inside, she says that she’s happy about finding her destiny and feeling like she belongs somewhere. Unfortunately, she thinks that she belongs with the vamps in the co-op. Harmony is praised by the vamps for bringing in her “two to turn and one for food” already. The fighting starts and Cordelia takes the opportunity to get in a hit on Harmony. As Wesley frees the trapped humans, Doug tells Angel that he should be killing humans, not saving them. Cordelia threatens Harmony with a crossbow and Harmony tries to talk her into staying friends, even though she’s evil now. Cordelia refrains from shooting Harmony but tells her that they’re not friends and she wants her to stay out of L.A. As the MoG leave, having defeated the co-op, Cordelia tells them not to say anything about her bad decision. At the Hyperion the next day, Angel tells Wesley that he’s going to give Cordelia space and time to forgive him. They hear a scream from the outer office, where Cordelia has found clothes that Angel has bought for her. Of course, this is enough for her to forgive him. She celebrates by singing, “La, la, la, la, la, new clothes! I have new clothes!” “I got her clothes,” Angel tells Wesley happily.


GRADE: B+ Call me crazy, but I like Harmony.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Harmony, Willow

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “It’s pig’s blood.”
Harmony: “Ugh, well, that’s gonna go straight to my hips.”

“This is gonna be great! I am an evil fighter! That’s why I suck at being evil. I was meant to fight evil!” - Harmony

“Now we saving a vampire from vampires? I got two words for that: nuh and uh.” - Gunn

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