"Blood Money"
Written by Mere Smith and Shawn Ryan; directed by R.D. Price

Wesley and Gunn are at Cordelia’s apartment, seemingly preparing to fight each other but actually playing a board game. Cordelia kicks them out, wanting her place to herself. The boys decide that they want to redesign their business cards and are distracted by their conversations when Cordelia has a vision. She tells them that she saw a two-headed creature that breathes fire in the sewers under a school; the guys rush off. On the street, Angel runs into Anne (aka Lily from “Anne” and Chantarelle from “Lie to Me”), who’s carrying a box of clothes. (They apparently don’t recognize each other, even though they briefly met in “Lie to Me.”) She explains that she works at the East Hills Teen Center and is taking donated clothes to the kids, who are a mix of homeless and runaways. He praises her for working with kids who need her. Angel goes home and reveals that he swiped Anne’s wallet, which contains a photo of her with Lindsey. Wesley and Gunn make their way through the sewer and encounter the huge demon, which they reluctantly attack. Angel heads to Merl’s place to get information on Anne. Merl tells him that Anne runs the shelter but Wolfram & Hart bought the lease on the place before she could lose it. Angel thinks that Anne is working for Wolfram & Hart now. He points out that the firm saved the shelter pro bono, but Merl tells him it’s completely legit. At the shelter, Anne tells a girl that a guy can’t come in if he’s drunk. Angel arrives with a bag of clothes and he and Anne introduce themselves. He gives her the clothes, explaining that they belonged to a friend (Cordelia) who left them at his place. She gives him a tour of the shelter and she tells him that Wolfram & Hart has been a big help. She says that they’re holding a “hold up,” a charity ball with a Wild West theme that will benefit the shelter (TV stars pretend to rob guests for their donations). Anne is happy for the firm’s help but Angel is still suspicious.

Merl gets a visit from a demon named Boone, who wants to know what he does for Angel. Boone explains that he and Angel have “an unfinished history” and wants to know what kind of people Angel has Merl check out for him. Merl tells him about Anne and Wolfram & Hart; Boone asks for more information on the lawyers. Angel pays Lilah a visit in the parking garage of Wolfram & Hart, telling her that he feels slightly responsible for her big promotion (see “Redefinition”). She says that she and Lindsey can change things now that they’re in a “position to affect policy” and he replies that he gets “the game.” She screws with him, and now he gets to screw with her. “That’s gonna be great!” he says. Lilah goes to Lindsey’s office and tells him about her encounter with Angel. He tells her that Angel was just trying to scare her, since he doesn’t kill humans. Boone arrives, telling Lindsey that he wants to talk to him about Angel. He explains that they’ve been rivals since the 1920s, when they fought over the same woman. He says that Merl told him Angel is going after Lindsey and Lilah; when he comes after them, Boone wants Angel to find him instead. Lilah tells Boone that they can’t let him kill Angel; Lindsey pulls her aside and says that they should hire Boone. She reminds him that the Senior Partners want to keep Angel alive, but Lindsey doesn’t care. Lilah points out that the Senior Partners will blame them if Boone kills Angel. Lindsey says that if Angel won’t play by the rules, they don’t have to, either. Back at Cordelia’s apartment, Wesley and Gunn tell her about their fight with the demon and revel in their victory. Cordelia tells them that she found a possible new office for them, so they head out to check it out. However, they have a hard time trying to decide what to call their new agency.

Lilah and a Wolfram & Hart flunky ambush Merl in his lair, asking him what he promised to do for Angel. He explains, after some roughing up, that he’s been following Anne. Angel heads back to the shelter, showing her surveillance photos he’s had taken of her and returning her wallet. He admits that their accidental run-in wasn’t accidental and warns her that Wolfram & Hart aren’t as great as she thinks. He tells her that after the charity ball, they’ll take most of the money. Anne is reluctant to believe him, since he’s basically been stalking her. Lindsey arrives and tells Anne that he wished he could have gotten there earlier to protect her from Angel. Boone appears and starts fighting Angel, who runs off. Lindsey is able to take the opportunity to pretend that Anne should be grateful he was there. Anne notes that Boone wasn’t human, telling Lindsey that she’s not completely unfamiliar with the world of the supernatural. Lindsey explains that Angel is a vampire and accuses him of lying about Wolfram & Hart cheating the shelter out of money. Anne says that Angel has proof; Lindsey tries to convince her that he doesn’t. Later, Lindsey discusses this with Lilah, worrying that Angel really does have proof that they’re cheating the shelter. Lilah figures that Angel has them on tape and is going to use it to disgrace them. Lindsey orders extra security for the charity ball, including a vampire detector. Angel goes back to the shelter and Anne tells him what Lindsey said about him. She tells him that she’s not afraid of him because he’s a vampire, since she actually met one (well, a bunch) years earlier. She says that even if she doesn’t get all of the money from the ball, she’ll at least get enough to help out the shelter. He asks her to help him get into the party, where he can show the tape and reveal what Wolfram & Hart is really up to. She says that she can’t.

At the ball, the guests watch a video of Holland talking about the shelter. Lilah meets up with another Wolfram & Hart lawyer, Nathan Reed (Gerry Becker), and explains the ball to him. She introduces Anne to Nathan and tells her that she’ll need to give interviews later in the evening, since she’s the face of the charity. Lindsey talks with a security guard, telling him to contact Boone if the robed vampire detector indicates that a vamp is there. Up at the podium, Lilah talks about Holland, then brings in the “celebrity bandits,” stars of a show called Life Lessons. The four of them start “robbing” guests as the guests talk to them about their roles on the show. The vampire detector pulls back his hood, revealing that he’s Angel. He turns around and runs into Boone. Wolfram & Hart lawyers remove some money from the donations and Lilah thanks the TV stars for their work. Suddenly, everyone realizes that Angel and Boone are fighting on the upper level; the TV stars are skeptical of their stunts and makeup. Lindsey frisks Angel, trying to find the tape, and Boone asks Angel if he’s okay. Angel thanks Boone for getting him into the ball and Lindsey realizes that Angel and Boone were working together. Lilah spots Anne heading towards some video equipment and announces that she has Angel’s tape. Lindsey and Lilah run over to her but are too late. Anne puts the tape in and Wesley shows up on the screen. We see Wesley and Cordelia messing around with the video camera instead of anything incriminating against Wolfram & Hart. Angel notes that Lindsey and Lilah made fools of themselves for a tape that wasn’t even about them. He reveals that he didn’t have any evidence against them in the first place. Lilah asks if Angel hired Boone and he says that he didn’t - the firm did. Lindsey looks for the money and realizes that it’s gone.

Angel leaves, encountering an angry Anne, who’s upset that she didn’t get the money after she risked everything. She says that she doesn’t care that it was tainted and he replies that that’s the difference between the two of them - she does still care. Nathan meets with Lindsey and Lilah in Lindsey’s office, where they’re blasted for their bad decisions. Nathan advises them to start doing some good things, but Lindsey points out that it’s hard when they’re not allowed to kill Angel. They’re told that Angel is a key player in the coming apocalypse, but no one’s sure which side he’s on, so they have to keep things gray. Nathan thinks that if Angel goes so far as to kill (or try to kill) Lindsey and Lilah, they would know that he’s willing to join up with Wolfram & Hart. He says that Lilah and Lindsey are expendable, but Angel isn’t. Boone heads over to the Hyperion, giving Angel the money and jewelry from the ball. However, he still wants to know whether he’s more powerful than Angel. It turns out he’s not, because Angel winds up taking the money to Anne at the shelter. She promises that she can keep it from Wolfram & Hart and notes that there’s blood on the money. “It’ll wash,” she says.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Wolfram & Hart are evil. Oh, wait, we already knew that.

GRADE: B Eh. The jury’s still out on Anne.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Anne, Nathan

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Wesley: “Uh, well. We’ll take another look and then we’ll….”
Gunn: “…Die!”

Anne: “Hey! Guy I ran over.”
Angel: “Hey. Girl who ran over me.”

Lilah: “So, what if this guy is actually as good as he says and actually kills Angel?”
Lindsey: “Boo hoo! Let me wipe away the tears with my plastic hand!”

“And Gunn hits him from behind, yelling, ‘Look at us when we kill you!’….” - Wesley

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