"The Girl in Question"
Written by Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard; directed by David Greenwalt

Angel and Gunn discuss taking care of something, Gunn wanting to hurry up and do it and Angel wanting to analyze everything first. Gunn is afraid that they’re going to have another situation like the one with Amanda and the Fell Brethren in “Time Bomb.” Angel agrees to leave things up to Spike, who’s currently lounging around Angel’s office, playing a video game. Gunn explains that they need him to get the body of the Capo di Famiglia of the Goran demon clan, which they want before a demon war starts. They have 26 hours to go to Italy and bring the body back to give to the Capo’s family so that they can perform the proper rituals and restore his life. Spike doesn’t want to go, but Angel wants him gone. In the middle of the discussion, Angel gets a phone call concerning Buffy. Later, as he’s leaving the firm, he tells Spike that Buffy has encountered Angel and Spike’s old enemy, the Immortal. When Gunn learns that Buffy’s in Rome, he reminds Angel that that was where the Capo died. Angel wonders if the Immortal killed the Capo to lure him to Rome and kill both Buffy and Angel. He decides to go to Rome, but now Spike wants to tag along. They fly to Rome, fighting on the plane about saving Buffy and wanting to play hero. Angel points out that he’s already seeing Nina (see “Smile Time”), but then denies that their relationship is serious. He tells Spike that they need to work together to stop the Immortal, save Buffy, and get the Capo’s body.

Later into the flight, Angel and Spike try again to get drunk on little bottles of booze (see “Shells”). Angel reveals to Spike that he’s been having someone watch Buffy to make sure she’s all right. Unfortunately for the guy, she spotted him and beat him up. Angel and Spike start reminiscing about the last time they were in Italy, leading to the best Angel flashback ever. In black and white, Spike and Drusilla are in a hip nightclub in the 1950’s, dressed fashionably and saying, “Ciao.” Angel reminds Spike that he wasn’t there and they subject us to a flashback from 1894, when the Immortal chained them up in his Room of Pain. After they escaped, they tracked down a disheveled Darla. In the lobby of Wolfram & Hart, Illyria laments the fact that she can’t communicate with plants anymore (see “Time Bomb”). Wesley warns Lorne that she’s still unpredictable and they should stay on her good side. Suddenly, Fred’s parents appear and reveal that they were on their way to Hawaii but had a layover in L.A., so they stopped by to see Fred. In Italy, Spike and Angel go to Buffy and Dawn’s apartment, where they’re greeted by their houseguest Andrew (last seen in “Damage”). He tells them that Buffy is out with the Immortal; he soon realizes that Angel and Spike didn’t realize that they’re dating.

Back in 1894, Angelus and Spike fear that Darla is hurt, but soon learn that she slept with the Immortal. Not only that, but Drusilla has as well. Angelus and Spike swear revenge on the Immortal, but when they try to ambush him at a party, they find that they can’t enter. In the present, Angel and Spike wait in the parlor of a house and are watched by a demon butler. They wonder if Buffy is under a spell, since they don’t think she would be with the Immortal otherwise. A demon maid brings them a bowling ball bag, which contains the Capo’s head. Angel and Spike return to Buffy’s apartment, but she’s still out. In L.A., Wesley takes the Burkles to his office and starts to tell them that Fred is dead. Before he can, Illyria enters in Fred’s form and pretends that everything is normal. Back in Rome, Angel and Spike talk to a bartender, who points Buffy out to them. Spike tries to go over to check on her, but Angel doesn’t want him to be the hero. As they’re arguing, the demon butler steals back the Capo’s head. The vamps try to chase him but are stopped by henchmen. Over Dean Martin’s “Take Me in Your Arms,” the henchmen fight Spike and Angel in a confusing battle that leaves Angel and Spike hitting each other. They chase the butler into the street, but he takes off in a car. Spike grabs a scooter and Angel reluctantly jumps on the back to ride with him. After a brief chase, the butler knocks them off and destroys the scooter.

The vamps decide to stop fighting and focus on getting the Capo’s head back. They go back to the club and ask for Buffy again, but the bartender tells them that she and the Immortal left. Angel and Spike agree that if they were in L.A., they’d have beaten the Immortal by now. Spike realizes that they might have an advantage after all, since Wolfram & Hart has a branch in Rome. They head over and meet the incredibly friendly Ilona, the CEO of the Roman offices of the firm. Back in L.A., “Fred” shows her parents around the science lab. As the Burkles head up to Fred’s office, Wesley asks Illyria what she’s doing. She says that she couldn’t handle any more grief and thought pretending to be Fred would be more convenient. Angel and Spike tell Ilona about Buffy, but she doesn’t think that she’s under a spell, since the Immortal doesn’t like spells. She passes on a ransom note for the Capo’s head, which is supposed to take place in less than an hour. Angel and Spike want an assault team and a helicopter, but Ilona says they need to stay civilized and pay the ransom. The two find themselves back in the street, bantering as they wait for the demon butler to come by with the head. In L.A., the Burkles leave and Wesley asks Illyria if she got what she wanted out of the experience. She says that it was “informative” and he tells her to never do it again.

In Rome, Angel and Spike note that they were right about the Immortal being behind everything. They fight the henchmen, who play keep-away with the head, then make their ransom payment. The butler and henchmen leave, and Angel and Spike discover that instead of a head, the bowling ball bag contains a bomb. After the bomb goes off, Angel and Spike are fine, but the same can’t be said for Spike’s jacket. He’s upset, but Angel thinks he should get over it. At the Roman Wolfram & Hart, Ilona gives Spike a new jacket that looks like his old one, while Angel winds up with a loud motorcycle jacket. She tells him that first-timers in Italy always wind up with a bomb. Spike and Angel want to try their hand with an assault team again, but Ilona tells them that they may have to depend on a higher power. Angel replies that they make their own fate, then gives up on trying to get in to see her and decides to just go home. Spike and Angel return to Buffy’s apartment, where Andrew is getting ready to go out for the evening. He tells them that Buffy isn’t under a spell - she fell in love with the Immortal on her own. Angel complains about waiting around for Buffy while she’s off having fun. Andrew tells him that the Immortal has flaws, but since Buffy has moved on, they should, too. He then goes out with a couple of girls, even though he’s totally gay and not at all suave.

“Fred” drops by Wesley’s office and talks about how Wesley used to love the real Fred. He’s disgusted by the fact that Illyria likes playing Fred. He tells her to turn back and not pretend to be Fred anymore. Angel and Spike return to the firm; Angel tells Gunn that they lost the Capo’s head and he should start preparing for a demon war. Gunn tells him that the head is actually in Angel’s office. Angel finds it and sees a note from the Immortal on the bag. He and Spike banter about their past relationships with Buffy, and Spike wonders if they can just lock her up like the did to Pavayne (see “Hellbound”). Angel doesn’t think that would work, since Buffy’s pretty strong. They decide that their only choice is to move on, as Andrew suggested. They’re not too convincing.


R.I.P.: Spike’s jacket

GRADE: B+ The stuff with the Burkles is dumb, but the Angel/Spike adventure is fun.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I just wanna see you happy. Well, not too happy, ‘cause then I’d have to stake ya. Second thought, have at it.” - Spike to Angel

Angel: “Look, don’t you guys have, like, an Italian Wesley here?”
Ilona: “Yes. Yes, we have, but he’s taking a nap.”

Angel: “I helped save the world, you know.”
Spike: “Like I haven’t.”
Angel: “Yeah, but I’ve done it a lot more.”
Spike: “Oh, please.”
Angel: “I closed the Hellmouth.”
Spike: “I’ve done that.”
Angel: “Yeah, you wore a necklace. You know, I helped kill the mayor and, uh, and Jasmine and--.”
Spike: “Do those really count as savin’ the world?”
Angel: “I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.”
Spike: “Buffy ran you through with a sword.”
Angel: “Yeah, but I made her do it. I signaled her with my eyes.”
Spike: “She killed you. I helped her! That one counts as mine.”

Angel: “But she’s not finished baking yet. I gotta wait till she’s done baking, you know, till she finds herself, ‘cause that's the drill. Fine. I’m waitin’ patiently, and meanwhile, the Immortal’s eatin’ cookie dough!”
Andrew: “Uh, Spike, is Angel crying?”
Spike: “No. Not yet.”

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