Written by Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard; directed by Jefferson Kibbee

A doctor named Rabinaw heads through a locked door at a psychiatric hospital and tries to do a crossword puzzle with a nurse. He’s suddenly informed that a patient is in trouble and rushes to check on him. He learns that the patient received the wrong medication, which means that another didn’t receive thorazine. This patient, Dana, follows Rabinaw and a nurse and pushes a door off of its hinges. Rabinaw tries to calm her down, but she panics when she sees him holding a hypodermic needle and grabs the gate between them. After some fighting, she slits a nurse’s throat with a saw, decapitates him, and decorates herself with his blood. At Wolfram & Hart, Gunn argues with the DA and reveals to Fred that he plays golf now. He notes that she’s still not completely comfortable with working at the firm, but he tells her that he thinks they made the right decision. However, when they join Angel, Wesley, and Lorne in Angel’s office, Angel admits that they might have made a mistake. Angel wants to fire Eve (see “Soul Purpose”), but Gunn thinks she should be kept around, since she’s a tie to the Senior Partners. Angel finally agrees and Gunn assures him that they’ll keep an eye on Eve. Harmony arrives and announces what happened at the psych hospital, mentioning that the girl might have been possessed. Wesley starts to organize a team to check things out, but Angel wants to go on his own first.

Angel runs into Spike at the hospital; he’s not happy that Spike considers himself a hero now (see “Soul Purpose”) and wants to find out what happened to Dana. Angel looks through her room and finds a bunch of drawings of monsters. Rabinaw tells him and Spike that Dana’s family was murdered in their house when Dana was ten, and the murderer kidnapped and tortured Dana for months. A few months ago, she became agitated and started exhibiting super strength. Spike thinks that she’s possessed and heads off to find and exorcise her. After Rabinaw leaves, Angel asks a nurse what he’s not saying. The nurse reveals that Rabinaw videotaped all of his sessions with Dana. Dana heads to a supermarket, has a snack, and breaks a stock boy’s arm. She grabs some clothes and has a flashback of her torturer holding a saw. In the present, a security guard tries to subdue her, but she turns on him with her saw. Angel watches a video of Dana speaking in a foreign language and trying to get out of a straightjacket. After a few minutes, Angel hears Dana speaking another language and recognizes it as Romanian. Spike watches as the police go to the supermarket and check out what happened. Angel calls Wesley and tells him that Dana isn’t possessed. The girls in her pictures aren’t her, and she was speaking a number of different languages. As Spike tracks Dana down in a warehouse and tries to talk to the demon he thinks is inside her, Angel tells Wesley that Dana was yelling about being chosen - she’s a Slayer. Spike, unaware, vamps out, which makes Dana happy.

Dana and Spike start fighting. Dana says something in Chinese and Spike replies, “Sorry, love. I don’t speak Chinese.” She throws him out a window as Angel arrives. Angel tells him to stay out of the way because people are coming to take care of Dana. The two of them head back to Wolfram & Hart, Spike stunned that Dana is “a psycho Slayer.” Angel isn’t happy that Spike let her get away. Spike thinks that he can handle Dana, since he killed two Slayers. Angel tells him not to do anything, since Wesley called Giles (last seen in “Chosen”), who’s sending “his top guy” to get Dana. Angel and Spike join the other MoG in a conference room and are surprised to learn that Andrew (Tom Lenk; also last seen in “Chosen”) is the so-called “top guy.” Andrew is shocked to see Spike and starts blathering about Gandalf and Lord of the Rings. He then takes over Wesley’s discussion on Slayer mythology, picking up his story of the Slayer of the Vampyrs and stealing exposition from “Get it Done.” He then tells the MoG that Willow used a scythe to give power to all potential Slayers (see “Chosen”). Wesley thinks this was a great idea, but wonders how the Slayers will be trained now that the Watcher’s Council is kaput. Andrew explains that Giles and some “Sunnydale alum” have found some potentials and are training them. Dana is a special case, however - she’s probably gone crazy because the dreams she’s had of other Slayers fighting demons now seem real.

Spike says that Dana must have thought she was the Chinese Slayer when they were fighting. He heads off to look for her, but Angel tries to stop him, telling him that the two of them are the last two people who should go after her. Spike leaves anyway and Angel warns that Dana will probably kill him. Spike notes that they’ve done worse to people than what was done to Dana. Angel replies that he’s still atoning for that. Spike tells him to let it go already. Dana heads to the docks, having another flashback to her torturer. Back in the conference room, Angel wonders if he should just go over and find Dana. The MoG talk him out of it and he starts to figure out what she’s looking for instead. Lorne suggests going to her childhood home and Angel decides to try it. He wants to get Andrew’s help, but he’s already gone. Andrew tracks Spike down at the docks, wanting to do work on the streets. He tries to prove that he’s manlier than before, but when he trips over the body of a guy Dana has killed, he screams like a girl. Angel and Lorne go through Dana’s house with a psychic, who flashes back to Dana’s abduction and her family’s murder. He mentions something about the smell of molasses and a basement. “That’s where her pain lives,” he says. Dana goes to the basement of a building, which turns out to be where she was held captive. She flashes back to her torturer injecting her with various drugs, and when she looks up at his face, it’s Spike.

On the docks, Andrew catches Spike and the audience up on the Scoobies’ activities - Xander’s in Africa, Willow and Kennedy are in Brazil, Buffy and Dawn are in Rome, and everyone else mostly hangs out in England. Andrew guesses that Buffy doesn’t know Spike is alive and wonders why he didn’t tell her. They don’t realize that Dana is watching them from a nearby rooftop. Angel and Lorne return to Wolfram & Hart, where Angel says that he wants to find Dana’s torturer. On the docks, Spike follows the scent of blood but leads himself and Andrew into an ambush. As Spike and Dana fight, Andrew tries to shoot Dana with a tranquilizer gun, but he’s unsuccessful. Spike chases Dana to the basement, where she starts repeating what her torturer once said to her, adding in some Slayer talk. He tries to explain that she’s dreaming of other Slayers. Dana starts thinking that she’s Nikki (see “Lies My Parents Told Me,” if you must) and recognizes Spike as William the Bloody. She injects him with something which knocks him out. She flashes back to her torturer - still looking like Spike - chaining her to pipes and starts talking to Spike the way she thinks he once spoke to her. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel and Gunn figure out where Dana is and send a tactical team after her. The other MoG figure out that, based on the smell of molasses, Dana was in a distillery. Andrew arrives and announces that Dana may have grabbed Spike. Back in the basement, Spike awakens to discover that Dana has cut off his hands.

Dana starts telling Spike that he can’t hurt her again, but he tells her that she’s thinking of someone else. She finally remembers who her torturer really was as Spike says that she’s remembering what other Slayers have seen. She notes that he killed two Slayers and doesn’t seem to care that he didn’t do anything to her. Angel arrives with info on the real torturer and tells Dana that he’s dead. She’s still upset and fights Angel, but someone takes her down with a tranquilizer dart. Spike is taken to the hospital (along with his hands) and Andrew tells Angel that he’s taking over with regards to Dana. Angel wants to take care of things, but Andrew notes that she’s a Slayer, which leaves her in the care of the new Council. A bunch of Slayers appear to help Andrew make his point. Andrew says that he’ll clear things with Buffy, but Andrew says that his orders are from her - none of the Scoobies trust Angel now that he works at Wolfram & Hart. “Don’t fool yourself…we’re not on the same side,” Andrew says. Angel lets Andrew and the Slayers take Dana, then tells Wesley that she’s there responsibility now. They have enough to worry about anyway. Angel pays Spike a visit at the hospital, pre-hand reattachment, where Spike admits that he’s never really thought much about what being evil means. He thinks that Dana is one of them now - someone turned her into a monster. He and Angel note that they were innocent victims once, too.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Don’t mess with a crazy Slayer.

GRADE: B+ Ooh, spooky.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I think I liked you better when you just wanted to hit people.” - Angel to Gunn

Angel: “What happened?”
Spike: “Oh, I just thought I’d see what it was like to bounce off the pavement. Pretty much what I expected.”

“Think we’re just gonna let you take her back to your evil stronghold? Well, as they say in Mexico…no. We’re not…gonna…let you.” - Andrew to Angel

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