Written by Tracey Stern; directed by Regis Kimble

Angel and Wesley are trying to decide how to make an escape, eventually realizing that they’re trapped. It turns out that they’re at a performance of A Doll’s House, starring Cordelia, who can’t remember her lines. “And I though I knew eternity,” Angel laments. After the performance, Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley head home and Cordelia asks them how they liked the play. They try to lie diplomatically, but Cordelia is soon distracted when she spots a talent manager named Oliver Simon. (He gave Angel his card in “City Of.” Cordelia notes that Oliver is with a TV actress named Rebecca Lowell; Angel and Wesley have no idea what she’s talking about since neither of them has a TV. Angel sees a car pulling away from the curb and quickly rushes over to Rebecca, pushing her out of the way of the car. Oliver ignores Angel and makes sure Rebecca’s okay, while Cordelia asks Angel, “What was she like?” She tells Rebecca that it was “an honor” for Angel to save her life and, when Rebecca shows no interest in talking to her, says that Angel doesn’t even know who Rebecca is. Rebecca spots the press and Oliver takes her to explain to them what happened. Angel’s disappeared, so Cordelia gives Rebecca a card for Angel Investigations. At the office the next day, Cordelia excitedly reports that the news is all over the papers. She’s also thrilled to see that there’s a photo which barely shows her elbow. Angel is surprised and slightly disappointed to learn that there’s no mention of him in the papers. Cordelia wants to use what happened, since Rebecca hasn’t been on TV for awhile; she thinks that when people find out that Angel saved someone famous, they’ll get a lot more business. Rebecca arrives and asks Angel if they can talk.

In Angel’s back office, Rebecca says that it’s nice to meet someone who doesn’t know who she is. He says that she seems to be surrounded by people who care about her, but she replies that they’re paid to care. Rebecca shows him some letters from a stalker and says that she hasn’t called the police because she doesn’t want the tabloids to find out. She believes that some of the letters are written in blood but Angel is able to determine that they aren’t. She thinks that she can trust Angel not to spill the story because he didn’t ask for anything after he saved her. He tells her that the car that almost hit her was stolen, then says that he can’t take her case. “Are you insane?” Cordelia shouts through the closed door, then pretends to sneeze. Angel tells Rebecca to give the information about the stolen car to her “people,” stating that she doesn’t need him. After Rebecca leaves, Cordelia blasts Angel for chasing away her first big connection in L.A. Wesley surmises that Angel likes Rebecca and is afraid to get close to her because of his whole one-moment-of-happiness curse. Cordelia pretends to have a vision that Rebecca is in danger but Angel and Wesley don’t buy it. She thinks that “just knowing a star makes your life better” and says that she would do anything to be able to live in Rebecca’s world. At Rebecca’s house, she’s unenthusiastically listening to a girl talk about her plastic surgery. That night, she throws a party which is interrupted by Angel, who’s chasing after a guy in a ski mask. The guy runs out and when Rebecca looks at herself and Angel in a mirror, she notes that he doesn’t have a reflection. One of Rebecca’s bodyguards tells her that he’s going to call the police, and while she’s distracted, Angel splits.

Later, Rebecca convinces Oliver that he doesn’t need to stay with her since a bunch of cops are looking after the house. After Oliver and the police leave, Rebecca announces that she knows Angel is there. He says that he’s not what she thinks and she replies that she figured out he was a vampire. She wonders if he’ll be cold if she touches him; she touches his cheek and comments that she’s “felt colder.” He’s surprised that she’s not afraid of him, but she says that she’s different from most people. She admits that she lied to Oliver and doesn’t want to spend the night alone. The next day, Cordelia is surprised to learn that Angel decided to take Rebecca’s case after all. Wesley reports that Angel wants them to find information on the stolen car. Cordelia wonders if Angel spent the night with Rebecca; Wesley doesn’t think that she should worry about his curse, but she points out that he wasn’t around the first time he reverted to Angelus (see “Innocence”). Wesley says that he doubts Angel will find true happiness with an actress, but Cordelia wants to check up on her just in case. She heads over to Rebecca’s house, coffee and cross in hand, and notes that Angel must still be Angel because “Evil Angel never would have worn those pants.” Rebecca went out to lunch and left Angel at the house, since it’s daytime. Cordelia is surprised to hear that Rebecca knows Angel is a vampire, then quickly tries to make it all about her. Rebecca has lunch with Oliver and learns that her meeting with someone was postponed and she’s now expected to read for a part. She returns home and complains to Angel that she hasn’t had to read for a part for a long time. A maid brings Rebecca a tux and Rebecca tells Angel it’s for him - she’s going to a premiere that night and has to bring her bodyguard along.

At the premiere, Angel and Rebecca get out of their limo and are greeted by the crowd shouting the name of Rebecca’s former TV character. “They think that I’m the character I play,” she says. As they walk the red carpet, we see that a guy in the crowd is carrying a gun. Before the movie starts, Angel and Rebecca sneak out into an alley; Rebecca explains that she only goes to premieres for the photo ops. Angel spots the guy with the gun and pushes Rebecca out of the way, jumping up onto a landing and stopping the guy from shooting Rebecca. After some fighting, Angel knocks the guy out and comforts Rebecca. Oliver arrives while the police are taking Angel’s statement and Rebecca tells Oliver that she’s seen the stalker before - he’s a stuntman who Oliver used to represent. Oliver admits that he wanted to give Rebecca some publicity and promises that he never would have let her get hurt. Rebecca is upset that she didn’t get the part she wanted and that, now that her former show is in syndication, people will always compare her to the person she was when she was 22. Oliver tells her that sooner or later she has to accept the fact that “nobody stays young forever.” Rebecca, of course, looks over at Angel. At the office the next day, Wesley tells Angel that the bullets the guy fired were blanks. Angel reveals that he figured it out; he went back and saw that there were no holes in the wall. He doesn’t think that Rebecca knows and doesn’t want to have to tell her. Rebecca and Cordelia go shopping downtown (Rebecca wants to get Angel a present) and do some bonding. Rebecca asks what Angel’s story is and Cordelia asks if she has eight hours.

That night, Rebecca shows up at Angel’s apartment as he’s getting ready to leave to see her. She’s chosen champagne as a present for him and awkwardly tries to confirm whether or not he drinks things other than blood. She notes that his apartment looks a lot like what she imagined as well as a little different. Angel starts to tell her that her stalker wasn’t a real stalker but she tells him that she already knows. They link arms and drink champagne, but Rebecca spills some on Angel’s shirt, so he goes to change. While he’s gone, Rebecca pulls some powder out of her purse and puts it in Angel’s glass. When he comes back, Rebecca toasts “to the end of an ending and to the beginning of a beginning.” Wesley goes to Cordelia’s apartment, having been summoned by a page, and she tells him that Rebecca was asking a lot of questions about Angel that afternoon. She reveals that Rebecca asked how a person might become a vampire and worries that Rebecca wants to become one in order to stay young and save her career. Back at his apartment, Angel is woozy and is telling Rebecca that he used to be a really bad guy. She says that Cordelia told her how he saved the world and he points out that he also tried to destroy it (see “Becoming, Part 2” - though, in “The Girl in Question,” he tries to argue that that was an instance where he helped save the world). Rebecca asks him if he agrees that he deserves some happiness, but Angel replies, “That’s probably not a good idea.” Rebecca encourages him to bite her and he says that she doesn’t understand what she’s getting into. He says that when she looked in the mirror and only saw her own reflection, she was seeing what she always sees. She doesn’t want to stay the same, she wants to disappear. He pulls her into the kitchen and shows her a bag of blood, making her drink some to show her what she’d be doing for eternity. Suddenly, he realizes that she put something in his drink and she admits that she gave him a “happy pill.” He confirms that he is happy, then suddenly bites her, completely his retransformation into Angelus.

Angelus thanks Rebecca for freeing him, then says that he’s going to kill her (“I’ve never killed a famous person before”). She claims that she’s not scared and says, “This isn’t you.” “They always mistake me for the character I play,” he replies. He offers to torture her for awhile to help her determine whether she really wants to be a vampire. He chases her for awhile, and after she tells him she’s not running anymore, she takes off again. She heads up to the office, where Cordelia calls her a slut and accuses her of sleeping with Angel. Rebecca admits that she gave Angel something “to help loosen him up,” adding that it’s a tranquilizer which Wesley recognizes as one that “induces bliss.” He says that since Angel’s happiness was synthetic, his return to Angelus is an illusion. After learning that Angelus bit Rebecca, he decides that they should leave the building until the drug wears off. Suddenly the electricity goes out and Angelus joins the group. Wesley tries to convince him that his transformation isn’t real, but Angelus doesn’t seem to care. Wesley says that he’ll do what he needs to in order to defend himself, but Angelus taunts that he doesn’t have the guts. Angelus mocks Cordelia, insulting her performance in the play, and she threatens him with water, convincing him that it’s actually holy water. She throws it in his face and at first he thinks that it really is holy water. “And the Oscar goes to…,” she comments. Wesley pushes Angelus into the open elevator shaft, knocking him out.

Angel wakes up in bed, where Cordelia and Wesley have chained him so he can’t move. “Are you still evil?” Cordelia asks. Angel apologizes for what happened and Cordelia asks for “another reading on that line.” She tells him that Rebecca left and won’t be seeking his services as a bodyguard again. Wesley tells Angel that he doesn’t need to apologize but Cordelia objects. Wesley points out that the drug was to blame and thinks that they should try to put what happened behind them. As he leaves, Wesley says, “You walk a fine line Angel. I don’t envy you.” Angel compliments Wesley’s fighting skills and then starts to apologize to Cordelia again. Cordelia agrees with Wesley (for the first time, at least in L.A.) that they should put everything behind them. She knows that Angel really mean what he said about her acting and says that, as evil as he is, Angelus is at least honest. (Just wait until season 4.) Angel asks if she’s going to untie him, but she gives him a “pfft!” and leaves. “Wesley?” Angel calls out. “Cordelia? Guys?”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Drugs are bad, even if they make you happy.

GRADE: B- Angelus was more fun on Buffy.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Angelus

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “I’m not what you think.”
Rebecca: “You’re not? Because no reflection, dark, private office, instantly knowing those letters weren’t written in blood, I guess what I would think is vampire.”
Angel: “Then again….”
Rebecca: “Which is impossible. Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman, they’re vampires.”
Angel: “Frank Langella was the only performance I believed, but….”

Rebecca: “You’re not a killer.”
Angel: “I gave that up.”
Rebecca: “Well, there is a support group for everything in this town, I guess.”

Rebecca: “According to those, I’ve slept with Ernest Borgnine, and I’m bulimic.”
Angel: “I hear Borgnine is a very skilled lover.”

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