"Double or Nothing"
Written by David Goodman; directed by David Grossman

Gunn and Fred are at the Hyperion, trying to decipher the names on some of the MoG’s files. Fred mentions that Wesley was supposed to take care of a couple’s case, then stops herself to try to cover up the fact that she said Wesley’s name. (See “Sleep Tight” and “Forgiving.”) Lorne wishes that Angel would talk to them, but Gunn thinks he should be alone, since probably still has a good grudge going. Fred wonders if Angel will finish Wesley off, but Gunn says that he probably won’t, since he doesn’t think Wesley will get close enough to Angel to let him. Cordelia and Groo arrive (see “Couplet”) and automatically realize that something isn’t right. Cordelia heads upstairs, where Angel is still sitting alone in his suite with Connor’s empty crib, and tells him that she’s sorry. At a casino inhabited mostly by demons, the owner, Jenoff, gives a repo man (er, demon) a card from Angel Investigations and tells him, “Bring him in. His marker’s up. It’s time to collect his soul.” The next morning, Cordelia returns to Angel’s suite and lets him know that she’s going to stick around. Downstairs, Groo and Lorne discuss a book and Groo reveals that Cordelia has been teaching him about stuff in this dimension. Groo notes that Lorne is packing up Wesley’s things and Lorne warns that he might not want to say that name in the Hyperion. Gunn and Fred meet with a demon couple (Syd and Monica) who originally met with Wesley and want to know where he is. They talk about a squatter demon they’re having trouble with and Fred is impressed to learn that Syd and Monica have been married for three centuries. After the couple leaves, Fred tells Gunn that she thinks their relationship is beautiful. Groo arrives as Gunn heads off to fight the squatter; he tells Lorne that Gunn is lucky to have Fred around. Lorne stashes the box containing Wesley’s things and heads off for a reading.

Gunn goes to Syd and Monica’s lair (which has a welcome mat that reads “Gurforg bless our home”) and fights the squatter. Cordelia and Angel continue to do nothing in Angel’s suite while downstairs, Groo practices answering the phone. The repo man enters and mistakes Groo for Angel. Fred takes Wesley’s things to his hospital room and reveals that she and Gunn found his notes on the Nyazian prophecies. She’s sorry for what Angel did to him, but she also understands why he did what he did, because Wesley should have told the MoG what was going on. She warns that if Wesley comes back to the hotel, Angel will kill him. On her way out, Fred reveals that the prophecy about Angel killing Connor was false: “It was all for nothing.” Back in the lair, Gunn finishes off the squatter and turns to see the repo man. Gunn flashback! It’s 1995, and Gunn is entering Jenoff’s demon casino. The repo man frisks him and then lets him in; Gunn is surprised that Jenoff knows who he is. Gunn gives Jenoff a picture (which we don’t see) and Jenoff says that he can get what Gunn wants if Gunn trades his future. They shake on the deal and Jenoff’s ring cuts into Gunn’s hand, drawing blood for Gunn to sign a contract with. In the present, the repo man reminds Gunn of the contract he signed and accuses him of trying to get out of it by wanting to give his soul to Fred. Gunn wants to see Jenoff and try to trade something else. The repo man gives him 24 hours to get to the casino for the trade; if he tries to run or cheat Jenoff, they’ll take both his soul and Fred’s. Gunn returns to the Hyperion and runs into Cordelia, who’s taking a dinner break and can tell that something’s wrong with Gunn. She thinks that he feels guilty for being happy about his relationship with Fred while Angel and Wesley are miserable. She encourages him to let himself be happy and he says that he should enjoy his future.

The next morning Wesley’s doctor tells him that he’ll be released later that day. Of course, Wesley has no one to pick him up and take him home. Fred is awakened by a phone call from Gunn; she tries to guess what clothes he’s wearing that day. He brings her takeout from the diner where they always have breakfast and tells her that they have the day off and are going to spend all of it together. They then share a “pancake kiss,” which I’d rather forget. Angel and Cordelia are back in Angel’s suite; Cordelia is reading and Angel is staring into space. He finally speaks, saying that he thinks Connor was going to be left-handed. He talks about how he eventually loses everyone, since he’s lived so long, but he didn’t expect to lose Connor so soon. Later that day, Fred and Gunn eat in an outdoor café, having spent the morning doing practically everything you can do in L.A. He tries to get her psyched to do more fun stuff, but Fred says she’s had enough fun for one day. She realizes that he’s been trying too hard and suspects that something’s wrong, namely that he’s sick. After confirming that he’s okay, Fred demands to know what Gunn is hiding from her. Instead of telling her anything, Gunn turns cold and breaks up with her. Back in Angel’s suite, Cordelia tries to give Angel a pep talk, assuring him that his life will go on and he’ll be okay. She adds that they’ll keep helping people, since that’s their job. They hear Fred crying outside and she tells them that she thinks Gunn is in danger. Gunn returns to the casino (just as Jenoff finishes sucking someone’s soul) and tells the repo man that he’s ready to pay his bill. Back at the Hyperion, Fred explains to the MoG and Groo that she thinks Gunn is in danger because he broke up with her. Cordelia is confused by her logic, and Angel is confused by the fact that Fred and Gunn are/were dating. Fred says that Gunn hurt her because he wants to protect her from something. “Then I guess we better help him,” Angel announces. “We are not losing another member of this family.”

Wesley goes home with his things as Cordelia tries unsuccessfully to get in touch with Gunn. Angel tells Cordelia and Groo to go to Gunn’s place while he and Fred go to some of Gunn’s “haunts.” Groo suggests leaving business cards at every place they visit, showing them the repo man’s card and explaining that he was there the previous day looking for Gunn. Angel recognizes the repo man’s name and says that he works for Jenoff. Back at the casino, Jenoff prepares to suck Gunn’s soul but is interrupted by Angel, Groo, Fred, and Cordelia. The fighting begins and the MoG wind up surrounded. Angel faces off with Jenoff and tells him that if he lets Gunn go, he’ll let him live. Jenoff tells his men to kill Angel, but Angel stops them by saying, “Double or nothing!” Jenoff says that Angel can’t wager his own soul since he’s a vampire; apparently he’s the only demon in the world who doesn’t know about the gypsy curse. Jenoff appears to agree, and the MoG huddle to figure out what they’re going to do. Angel and Jenoff are each confident that he will win. (However, just in case, Angel gives Cordelia a stake, telling her to kill him if he loses and has to give up his soul.) Angel and Jenoff decide to simply cut the deck and have the highest card win. Jenoff winds up with a five of clubs and, though he’s confident that he’ll beat that, Angel draws the three of hearts. Cordelia raises the stake, but instead of killing Angel, she drives it through Jenoff’s hand. Angel cuts Jenoff’s head off with an axe, the other demons in the casino settle their bets, and Gunn smacks the repo man. Too bad Jenoff can regrow his own head. Instead of fighting him again, Angel riles up the other demons and gets them to attack Jenoff, giving the MoG the chance to escape. Later that night, Fred and Gunn sit in his truck and Fred makes Gunn apologize for breaking up with her. She asks him what he traded his soul for; he stalls, but finally admits that it was his truck. He points out that he used the truck to help people and says that when he was younger, he didn’t think he had a future anyway. Of course, now he does, since he’s with Fred. Back at the hotel, Angel starts to fold up Connor’s crib, taking a step towards getting on with his life.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Soul, future, blah blah blah.

GRADE: C Gunn traded his soul for a truck? Please.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Groo: “He is very fortunate to have such a woman looking after his weapon.”
Lorne: “I’m not touchin’ that one.”

“So, let me get this straight. You and Gunn are dating?” - Angel to Fred

Cordelia: “Angel--.”
Angel: “I know.”
Groo: “We are surrounded.”
Angel: “I know.”
Fred: “We have to save Charles!”
Angel: “I know!”

“Oh, Charles. Your soul wasn’t worth air conditioning?” - Fred

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