Written and directed by David Greenwalt

Groo brings Cordelia a drink at the Hyperion, wanting to relieve her tension. He also offers to give her a massage, though she thinks he wants to have sex. Angel returns and tells Cordelia that he found Holtz but didn’t kill him (see “Benediction”). Cordelia is happy to hear that Angel wants Connor to live with him and that Holtz is going to let that happen. At the other hotel, Justine implies to Connor that Angel killed Holtz. She offers to help him kill Angel, but Connor has other ideas. (Be patient.) Later, Angel and Cordelia look at different rooms in the Hyperion to figure out which would be best for Connor. Angel is nervous that Connor won’t like him, but Cordelia gives him a nice pep talk. Lorne arrives and announces that he’s heading to Vegas - a friend of his has a club and an opening for a seer/singer. He admits that Connor is part of the reason he wants to go, warning that they shouldn’t trust him too implicitly. Justine and Connor take Holtz’s body to a meadow, where Connor says that they need to destroy it so that he won’t come back. Justine is reluctant to do this, but she remembers killing Holtz and promising him that she’d do whatever he needed her to. Lilah catches up with Wesley at a bar and talks to him about Connor. Wesley doesn’t really want to talk to her. As Connor and Justine burn Holtz’s body, Gunn and Fred return to the Hyperion and meet up with Groo, Angel, and Cordelia. Upstairs, Angel tries to get Cordelia to tell Connor about the birds and the bees. They tease each other a little and, downstairs, Angel learns that Connor ran off after overhearing Gunn and Fred (again, see “Benediction”). Angel realizes that Connor will go to find Holtz and find him gone, since Holtz supposedly left. Connor arrives and goes along with the “Holtz left” story. Angel gives him Holtz’s letter and Connor announces that he’ll give living with Angel a try.

Later, Angel and Connor talk in Connor’s new bedroom and Angel says that he’ll take Connor to his first movie that night. Connor asks Angel to tell him how he fights; this leads to some training in the lobby with Gunn and Fred. Cordelia goes home for some alone time with Groo, but he tells her that their relationship isn’t going to work. “I am not the one you love,” Groo says. “He is.” Lorne stops by the Hyperion to say his last goodbyes to Angel, as well as to give him a CD. He has another gift as well: the news that Cordelia feels the same way about him that he feels about her. In both locations, Lorne and Groo tell Angel and Cordelia, respectively, that they’re perfect for each other and should be together. After imparting their wisdom, Lorne and Groo both leave (Groo for good, Lorne just temporarily). That night, Angel, Connor, Fred, and Gunn go to a drive-in theater and watch a movie with a helicopter and rockets. Suddenly, a real helicopter appears (“how’d they do that?” Connor asks) and some commandos descend. A searchlight centers on Angel’s convertible as Angel yells for Fred to get down; he, Connor, and Gunn start fighting the commandos. Linwood and Gavin watch the fight from nearby and discuss how much they want to know what’s going on with Connor. They note that Angel and Connor both seem to want to protect each other. The losing commandos are told to abort their mission, but before Linwood and Gavin can get away, Angel catches up to them. Linwood tells Angel that they’re even now, but Angel isn’t happy and wants to kill him. Connor fights Linwood, announcing that his name is Steven, not Connor. Back at her apartment, Cordelia looks at photos of herself with Angel and Wesley, wondering if she really loves Angel. She sees an apparition of herself, which agrees, “It’s ridiculous.” The apparition announces that she’s in love with Angel and the real Cordelia realizes that it’s true. “I’m scared,” the apparition says. “But I know it’s right. I know somehow, it’s all gonna be all right.”

Back at the Hyperion, Angel gets a call from Cordelia, who says that she wants to talk to him in person about how they feel for each other. They agree to meet at Point Dume a little later. Angel tells Connor that he’s going out that night; Connor says that he’s happy that Angel is happy. Fred hopes that Angel isn’t too happy. Wesley and Lilah wrap up their evening at Wesley’s apartment, getting friendly. He kicks her out, telling her that there’s nothing substantial to what happened between them. Angel arrives at Point Dume and makes sure he’s ready to meet Cordelia. Cordelia drives on the freeway, doing the same. Angel starts to make a call on his cell phone but drops it off a cliff, into the ocean. In the car, Cordelia suddenly starts glowing and the traffic around her stops completely, everyone frozen. Angel is shocked to see Connor at Point Dume and asks him why he’s there. “We’re family,” Connor replies. “And I wanna show you how I feel about that.” He tackles Angel and they fall over the cliff onto the beach. Cordelia gets out of her car and runs into Skip (last seen in “Birthday”). After Cordelia makes sure that she’s not dying, Skip says that her time on this plane is over and she needs to move on - she’s become a higher being. Cordelia is reluctant to accept this news. Angel and Connor keep fighting on the beach, but Angel loses when Connor zaps him with a taser. Connor then uses a flashlight to signal to a boat; on the boat, Justine signals back. Cordelia tries to talk Skip out of the higher plane thing, arguing that she’s just realized she’s in love with Angel. Skip tells her that he can’t tell Angel what’s happening to her. Angel awakens later in the evening to find himself lying in a metal casket; Connor is working on screwing it shut. Connor accuses him of killing Holtz and says that Angel doesn’t get to die - he gets to live forever. On the freeway, Cordelia says what her apparition said earlier, deciding that she’s doing the right thing. She’s pulled up into the sky in a beam of light. Connor screws Angel into his coffin as Angel tells him that he loves him. Justine and Connor shove the casket into the water and it sinks. At the Hyperion, Fred and Gunn wonder where everyone is. As Cordelia continues to rise into the air, Angel sinks to the bottom of the ocean.


GRADE: B- The ending’s the best part.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Angel: “Okay. Vampire.”
Fred: (making claws with her hands) “Grrr.”
Angel: “Vampire. You’re not in Cats.
Fred: (quieter, and with smaller claws) “Grrr.”

Skip: “And they gave you a lot of power.”
Cordelia: “The glowy thing.”
Skip: “Which you used well - to fight evil, and heal Connor.”
Cordelia: “And only that one time as a nightlight.”

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