"You're Welcome"
Written and directed by David Fury

Angel, Gunn, Fred, and Wesley try to track someone named Greenway, who is mad about a racketeering charge. They discover that Greenway has killed some nuns and Wesley realizes that he’s committed a ritualistic murder in order to jump dimensions. Angel gets frustrated and announces that he can’t live this life anymore - he’s quitting. In a hospital, Cordelia (last seen in “Home”) has a vision of Lindsey’s symbol tattoos (see “Destiny”), the same symbols in Eve’s apartment, and Angel in pain. Suddenly, she wakes up. The next day, Angel repeats to the MoG that he’s quitting. He’s sick of negotiating with demons rather than just killing them. Gunn warns that the Senior Partners won’t be happy if Angel tries to leave. Angel counters that Gunn might not want to leave. Gunn admits that he doesn’t, because he thinks they’re doing the right thing at Wolfram & Hart. Angel wonders if Gunn doesn’t just like the legal knowledge he’s been given. Angel gets a phone call and tells the others that it’s about Cordelia. He and Wesley head to the hospital, where they first see a woman who is either dead or comatose. Cordelia pulls a curtain around her and reunites with Wesley and Angel. She tells them that she remembers everything from the previous year and says that she hopes the MoG took care of Jasmine (see “Peace Out”). She’s ready to leave and is excited to learn that she doesn’t have clothes, which means she’ll get to go shopping. She says she’s not quite ready to go back to the Hyperion, which Angel and Wesley are relieved to hear.

Angel and Wesley take Cordelia to Wolfram & Hart, which she is reluctant to enter. She gets spooked when a lawyer walks through with Sebassis’ slave (see “Life of the Party”), who’s been living off the toner in a copier (see “Destiny”). Cordelia reunites with the other MoG and asks after Connor; everyone except Angel has no idea who she’s talking about. Before Angel has to explain, Harmony arrives and Cordelia is surprised to learn that she’s working for Angel. After everyone else leaves, Angel tells Cordelia that they’re doing good work at MoG and can save anyone. She denies that he can save himself and tells him about her vision. Before she can tell him too much, she spots Eve. Cordelia doesn’t care to meet Eve and Angel cares even less to have Eve around again (see “Soul Purpose”). Cordelia isn’t happy to hear that Angel and Eve got friendly in “Life of the Party.” After she leaves, Cordelia tells Angel that he’s made a deal with the devil. He tries to protest, but he’s not too convincing when a devilish-looking demon reminds him that they’re playing racquetball later. Spike does some physical therapy for his hands (see “Damage”) at his new apartment and is visited by “Doyle.” “Doyle” tries to bond by telling him about how he got his own hand cut off years earlier (see “To Shanshu in L.A.”). He reminds Spike that he still has a job to do; Spike says that when “Doyle” has another vision, he’ll do his job. “Doyle” gets a call from Eve, who tells him about Cordelia and warns that she’s inadvertently sending Angel in his direction. “Doyle” decides that they’ll have to change their plans.

That night, Angel returns to his apartment to find Cordelia watching the tape of Doyle from “Hero.” “The first soldier down,” she comments sadly. She says that at first, she was mad at Doyle for the way he left them, but she knows now that he “used to his last breath” to make sure that Angel would keep fighting evil. Cordelia starts criticizing Angel for letting Wolfram & Hart seduce him, and he stops her by mentioning Connor. He explains that the others don’t remember him, and that reality was altered so that Connor could have a good life. Cordelia isn’t happy that Angel made this deal with Wolfram & Hart and let them take the memories of the MoG. She thinks that the Powers That Be gave her the vision and woke her up because they want her to get Angel back on the right path. He tells her that the Powers don’t care about him anymore - they’re backing Spike now. Cordelia is shocked that Spike has a soul and is considered a hero now, while Angel works for Wolfram & Hart. He tells her that he’s lost without her and needs her to remind him who he is. Cordelia says that he’s the guy who used to fight no matter how gloomy he was, and that gave him a little light. She starts to admit that she fell in love with him, then stops herself. She asks if he ever wonders what might have happened if they’d met up in “Tomorrow,” as they’d planned. He says that he thinks about it all the time, but maybe people like them aren’t meant to be happy like that. She tells him that there aren’t people like them.

Eve and Lindsey, post-friendliness at Eve’s apartment, discuss Cordelia, whom Lindsey thinks is making the Powers That Be nervous. He’s mad that the Senior Partners gave Angel everything that Lindsey worked for; Eve says that Angel seems to be the center of Lindsey’s universe. The next day, Cordelia looks through Wesley’s books for the symbols in her vision, regretting her suggestion that they do research the old-fashioned way - themselves. She notes that no one is talking about the things that she said last year, when she was taken over. She apologizes for killing Lilah (see “Calvary”) and Wesley says that it wasn’t really her. Cordelia suddenly spots the symbols, which Wesley says are of the Enochian alphabet and are part of a concealment spell. The person with the symbols tattooed on him is keeping himself hidden from mystics, higher powers, and modern surveillance. Lindsey heads into Wolfram & Hart, unseen on surveillance monitors. He kills a demon and takes the crystal it’s wearing. Cordelia tries to make her way through the labyrinthine hallways of Wolfram & Hart and runs into Spike, who bites her. He steps away from her and is attacked by Angel, who warns him not to go near Cordelia again. Spike says that he bit her because she’s evil and says that she doesn’t taste like she is. He reveals that he heard about her return from a “source” who gets visions. Cordelia and Angel tell him that the vision was a rerun, since Cordelia was possessed last year. After learning that the source is tattooed and calls himself Doyle, Angel and Cordelia start putting things together. Down the hall, Eve fills Lindsey in on the phone; he tells her he’s almost there and she should get out. Angel and Cordelia grab her to talk to her, and Cordelia calls her “Lilah, Jr.”

Angel fills Eve in about “Doyle,” mentioning that he told Spike to save Angel from the parasite in “Soul Purpose,” which makes Angel think that “Doyle” and Eve are working together. Cordelia is especially upset that this mystery man is using Doyle’s name. Harmony arrives and tells Angel that everyone in the building has left. Lindsey heads to a holding chamber in the basement, does something with the crystal, and starts a timer. Gunn goes to Angel’s office and tells him that someone put out a “code 7,” which made them evacuate the building. Cordelia tells Angel to torture Eve for information; Harmony takes the initiative and tackles Eve. Eve finally admits that the Senior Partners put a failsafe in the basement which will destroy Angel. It can only be shut off from the basement; the MoG determine that “Doyle” started it. Angel asks Spike for more info and pieces together that “Doyle” is Lindsey. The MoG start to leave and Angel tells Harmony to guard Eve, a job she is happy to do. He tells the others that he wants to go alone, in case it’s dangerous, but agrees to take Spike along, since he doesn’t care about him. Cordelia refuses to let them go without her, so the three of them head to the basement, accidentally setting off an alarm which unleashes zombies. Spike announces that he’ll fight them while Angel and Cordelia keep moving. They reach Lindsey, whom Angel calls Doyle, and he asks if he’s supposed to start promising to never do it again. Angel tells him that he had his chance at redemption and didn’t take it. However, when Angel tries to attack, Lindsey easily fights him off.

Faced with Angel’s sword, Lindsey changes his pocket knife into a sword and the two start fighting while Cordelia tries to figure out how to shut down the failsafe. In Wesley’s office, the other MoG work on a spell that requires blood from a demon. Lorne isn’t thrilled to have to donate. Angel and Lindsey continue fighting, and though Angel takes a sword to the chest, he doesn’t back down. Cordelia gets the crystal, which takes away Lindsey’s sudden strength and allows Angel to pummel him. Lindsey’s tattoos disappear and Wesley and Fred share a special post-spell moment. A portal forms above Lindsey and he’s taken on a little ride to speak with the Senior Partners. (He’ll be back in “Underneath.”) Back in the lobby, the MoG kick out a revenge-swearing Eve, then leave to get a drink. Cordelia follows Angel to his office, where Angel admits that he doesn’t feel like he accomplished much. He does, however, think that he can face whatever comes in the future; she tells him that she agrees and just wishes she could be there to see it. She says that she has to leave, since this isn’t who she is anymore. Angel tells her he needs her and she says that she just stopped by because the Powers That Be let her. “We take what we can get, champ,” Cordelia says, “and we do our best with it. I’ll be seeing you.” She starts to leave, then turns around, saying, “One for the road?” They kiss for a little while (that will be important in “Power Play”), then are interrupted by the phone. Angel goes to answer it and Cordelia says, “Oh…and you’re welcome.” He answers the phone and learns that Cordelia, who is gone from the room, died without waking up from her coma.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: You can run, but you can’t hide.

R.I.P.: Cordelia

GRADE: A- Happy 100th episode!

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “So, how was the coma?” - Harmony to Cordelia

“Feel my wrath, gorilla throwing barrels!” - Spike to video game

“Okay, Spike’s a hero, and you’re CEO of Hell, Incorporated. What freakin’ bizarro world did I wake up in?” - Cordelia to Angel

“You and me and the books, kicking it old school, as they say. And I never will again.” - Wesley to Cordelia

“I heard you weren’t evil anymore, which kind of makes the hair silly.” - Cordelia to Spike

Cordelia: “I thought he had a soul.”
Spike: “I thought she didn’t.”
Cordelia: “I do.”
Spike: “So do I.”
Cordelia: “Well, clearly mine’s better.”

“Get out of that chair and I will feed you those Manolo Blahniks. Which are stunning, by the way.” - Cordelia to Eve

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