Written and directed by Tim Minear

Angel is still shocked by Lilah’s appearance in the lobby of the Hyperion (see “Peace Out”). She’s back from Hell, and she’d like some ice water. Wesley doesn’t think it’s really her; Lilah replies, “There’s a signed dollar in your wallet that says different.” She urges Angel to tell Wesley that it’s her, and he does. Gunn wonders if Angelus sired Lilah (see “Salvage”), an idea which disgusts her; she points out that Wesley decapitated her anyway to prevent that. (This is why she’s wearing a scarf around her neck.) Lilah explains that she’s a messenger sent by Wolfram & Hart, and she’ll go back to Hell when she’s done delivering the message. Angel notes that her contract with Wolfram & Hart wasn’t broken when she died - she still has to work for them. He asks what game she’s playing and she replies that there is no game. In fact, the MoG have won the battle with Wolfram & Hart (makes sense, since everyone in L.A.’s Wolfram & Hart is dead) and Lilah is there to make them a big offer. After the MoG hear the offer, they’re all shocked into silence and Gun has to ask Lilah to go over it again. The deal is that the MoG get the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart - the Senior Partners are giving them the building and everything in it. Fred points out that the Beast destroyed the building (see “Habeas Corpses”), but Lilah tells her that it’s already been rebuilt and de-zombied. She says that Wolfram & Hart is the MoG’s reward for ending world peace. The MoG aren’t thrilled to be blamed for that, but Lilah doesn’t care. She heads off, telling them that if they want a tour of the building, there will be a limo outside the hotel just before dawn. Elsewhere in L.A., Connor wanders through the chaos and finds a cop on the edge of a roof. The cop is distraught that he’s lost something and Connor has to stop him from killing himself. He tells the cop to go home and the cop shows him pictures of his family. Connor is upset that the cop was going to abandon his family and starts beating him up.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley tries to figure out where Cordelia is based on where Jasmine was heading when Connor killed her (see “Peace Out”). He thinks that if they find Connor, they’ll find Cordelia. Gunn isn’t happy about Wesley’s plan to just look around until they find Cordelia; he’d rather work through Wolfram & Hart to find her. Wesley tells him that he can’t be serious, but Gunn is considering Lilah’s offer. He sympathizes that it couldn’t have been easy for Wesley to see Lilah again; Wesley agrees that it was awkward. Lorne returns to the hotel after taking a look around L.A. and seeing the chaos. Wesley has no info on Connor for Angel, who’s determined to find his son. Gunn starts to bring up Lilah’s offer, then backs off when he notes that Angel doesn’t want to hear it again. Angel says that he can’t stop anyone from getting in the limo and taking the tour at Wolfram & Hart, but he thinks that they’ll be corrupted before they even get to the firm. Angel heads off to look for Connor and the others head to their respective homes to get some sleep. Later that night, Fred sneaks out of her room at the Hyperion and heads downstairs to the lobby. She heads through the garden, spotting the limo, and encounters Wesley. She says that she thought she’d be the only one going on the tour; Wesley says that he knew he wouldn’t be the only one, but he didn’t think Fred would show up. Gunn arrives, agreeing that they should at least see what Wolfram & Hart is up to. “What are the odds the humans would be the most corruptible?” Wesley wonders. As they near the limo, they meet up with Angel, who seems to be coming along just for the heck of it. He opens the door so everyone can get in and they see that Lorne is already there. “So it’s an evil limo. I get that,” Lorne says to the driver. “But does that mean we don’t restock the cherries?” At Wolfram & Hart, Angel is greeted by a number of lawyers. “There’s no way this is gonna go well,” he tells the MoG.

Lilah greets the MoG and tells them that since they have different areas of expertise, they’ll receive tours from five different people. Angel thinks that she’s trying to separate them so that they’ll be easier to corrupt. Angel refuses to let the MoG split up, but Gunn is happy that his guide might be a hot woman, so he’s not on the sticking together bandwagon. Lilah points out that if they wanted to hurt the MoG, they would have blown up the limo. A man arrives with some weapons and Lilah says that if the MoG would feel safer, they can grab some guns to take on their tours. Wesley agrees that this is an honorable deal and everyone else is convinced that they’ll be safe. A guy named Preston takes Lorne on a tour of the entertainment division, Rutherford Sirk (Michael Halsey) takes Wesley on his tour, Lacey Shepard heads off with Gunn, and Fred meets Knox (Jonathan Woodward, last seen as Holden in “Conversations with Dead People”), who works in the science division. Angel is left with Lilah, who says, “Come on, Charlie. Let me show you around the chocolate factory.” On his tour, Gunn tells Lacey that he thinks they’ve separated the MoG so that Angel will be isolated. He wonders why Wolfram & Hart thinks that he has a unique talent, since he’s just the muscle. He suspects that he’ll be heading up security, but Lacey tells him that they have something “grander” in mind for him. Elsewhere, Knox informs Fred that she’ll be heading up the state-of-the-art science division. Fred is impressed with his computer skills and calls him “the MacGyver of Wolfram & Hart.” Sirk shows Wesley the ancient prophecies wing, which Wesley thinks is unimpressive because it doesn’t contain many books. He soon learns that the books actually contain every text the firm, which can be accessed just by speaking their names. Wesley wonders if the Watcher’s Council knows that the firm has stolen the only known copy of a text; Sirk reminds him that there is no Council anymore. “These are complicated times,” he says. “Lines become blurry.” Wesley punches him out and shoots a cable into the ceiling to make an escape.

Lilah finishes her tour with Angel in his new office, which has a private elevator and comes with a dozen cars. Angel is still uninterested, so Lilah shows him something else special - all of the windows in the building are made with necro-tempered glass, which protect him from the sun. Angel still doesn’t want the job, even though Lilah calls it “an opportunity.” She points out that he could help a lot of people with the resources at his disposal. “Nothing in this world is the way it ought to be,” Lilah says. “It’s harsh, and it’s cruel, but that’s why there’s you, Angel. You live as if the world were as it should be. With all this, you can make it that way. People don’t need an unyielding champion. They need a man who knows the value of compromise and how to beat the system from inside the belly of the beast.” Angel counters, “The beast’s belly? Doesn’t that usually mean you’ve been eaten?” She hands him a file from Sunnydale which contains an amulet; she says that it plays a crucial role in “some kind of final battle.” Angel says that Buffy can handle it herself (see “Chosen”) and starts to leave. Lilah says that they have missing persons cases and Angel is finally interested. He asks where Cordelia and Connor are; she says that she doesn’t know, but he could find out easily. Angel declines, starting to leave again, but Lilah receives a call telling her that the Senior Partners want him to “test all the amenities” before he declines for good. She shows him a TV, where he sees a report about Connor taking a bunch of people hostage with a bomb. Angel accuses Lilah of setting everything up, which she denies, and tells her to get the Senior Partners to stop it. Lilah blames Angel for the way Connor behaves, then tells him that if he leaves the office, he can’t make his deal with Wolfram & Hart. Angel replies once again that he doesn’t want to make the deal, and instead has one of his own for Lilah.

Gunn and Lacey head to the white room, even though Gunn isn’t thrilled with this idea. He encounters a black panther and decides that he would prefer to meet up with the little girl (last seen in “Habeas Corpses”) again. The police have surrounded the sporting goods store where Connor has taken his hostages, and Connor isn’t being very nice to the hostages. Angel arrives, and Connor isn’t surprised to see him. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Wesley heads to the records room; Lilah appears and tells him that she didn’t think it would take him that long to get there. Wesley notes that she wanted him to see what he did and wanted him to fight his way there. He finds the clause in her contract that keeps her working for Wolfram & Hart and sets it on fire. “You’ve suffered enough,” he tells her. “I want you to find some peace.” It turns out that burning the paper doesn’t break the contract, but Lilah is touched by the gesture. Connor sets off a small explosion at the sporting goods store and tells Angel that he shouldn’t move too much, since everyone is rigged. “Can’t save ‘em all, Dad,” he says. “Don’t know who’s gonna be first. Could be any one of ‘em. Could be me. Could be her.” He points to Cordelia, who’s also rigged with explosives. Angel tries to talk to Connor about Jasmine’s love, but Connor tells him that he never felt that love - in fact, he never feels anything. He’s upset that Angel was never a part of his life. Angel tries to tell him that he loves him, but Connor accuses him of lying, saying that no one has ever loved him. Angel says that Darla sacrificed herself for Connor because she loved him (see “Lullaby”). Connor is upset that Angel didn’t love him enough to stop Holtz from taking him (see “Sleep Tight”); he’s also upset with Cordelia for saying that she loved him and then leaving him. He adds that no one deserves what Jasmine wanted to give them. Angel wants to start over, but Connor doesn’t think that they can. He says that the only thing that changes anything is death - “everything else is a lie. You can’t be saved by a lie. You can’t be saved at all.” He reaches down to set off the explosives.

Angel stops Connor from hurting anyone by hitting him. They start fighting and Angel gets the upper hand, knocking Connor aside long enough to free all of the hostages. Father and son start fighting again and Connor tries to go after Cordelia. Angel throws a knife into his leg to stop him then grabs the knife and tells Connor that he really does love him. “So what are you gonna do about it?” Connor asks. “Prove it,” Angel replies. He brings the knife towards Connor’s throat. Suddenly, we’re back at Wolfram & Hart, where Lorne is singing “Something’s Coming” and the MoG are gathering in the lobby after their tours. Fred wonders if the firm made Gunn taller; he tells them that he’s taking the deal. Wesley says that they could do a lot with the firm’s resources and Fred is surprised that he’s suggesting they take the deal. Angel arrives and announces that he’s already accepted the offer. Lilah appears and Angel makes sure that she’s kept up her part of the bargain. She assures him that Cordelia is safe and will get the best care possible. Angel quietly tells her that he wants to see Connor, but Lilah tells him that that’s not part of the agreement. She finally agrees, telling him that he can take a limo to see him. “Who’s Connor?” Fred wonders. Angel takes the limo through the mountains to a home where Connor and “his” family are celebrating his good grades. Angel watches from outside the window as Connor, obviously happy, spends time with the family he thinks he’s always been a part of. (He’ll be back in “Origin.”)

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Magic takes care of everything.

GRADE: B- That was kind of anti-climactic.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Sirk, Knox

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Wesley: “It’s a lie.”
Lilah: “Lah. It’s a Lilah.”

“I don’t think you’ll want it, but you’ll take it, because this is the offer of a lifetime. (beat) Just not, you know…mine.” - Lilah

Gunn: “You want to give us your evil law firm? We ain’t lawyers.”
Fred: “Or evil. Currently.”

Angel: “She was eating people.”
Lilah: “They knew what they were getting into.”
Lorne: “Her stomach?”

“This is what you came back from the dead for? To play Let’s Make an Evil Deal?” - Angel to Lilah

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