Written by Mere Smith; directed by Joss Whedon

Lilah sneaks into Lindsey’s office at Wolfram & Hart and is caught by a lurking Darla, who thinks that sneaking around gives Lilah a “naughty little thrill of control.” Lilah says that she likes to know what Lindsey is up to, and he’s probably in her office doing the same thing. Lilah notes that Darla has Calynthia powder, which must be the way she keeps Angel asleep when they’re together (see “First Impressions”). Darla starts talking about dreams and seeing what people are hiding. Lilah asks what Angel keeps hidden and Darla replies, “Horrors.” Angel wakes up at the Hyperion and goes downstairs, where Cordelia and Wesley are bickering. They claim that they were trying to decide whether or not to pay Gunn for his help. Wesley doesn’t want to because he thinks that offering Gunn money will offend him, but Cordelia thinks they should, because Gunn has been doing good work. Angel says that he’ll think about asking Gunn and Cordelia orders him to pay him. Angel remarks that he could just fire Cordelia, but she points out that he can’t, since she’s “vision girl.” Wesley asks Angel about his recent sleeping habits, but before he can answer, Cordelia has a vision of a girl running away from someone in an alley. Angel runs off to the rescue and Cordelia tells Wesley that he’ll be too late. In the alley, the girl runs away from two men and is about to be stabbed when a dumpster smashes into the two men, pinning them against a building. Angel arrives at the alley after the police and paramedics and pretends to be a detective. An officer tells him what happened, but there’s no word on the girl who was there. Angel heads off and the real detective arrives, confusing the officer.

Angel winds up in an empty warehouse, where he finds the girl, Bethany. He tries to convince her that he wants to help, but she warns that she’s upset. When he tries to stop her from leaving, a piece of rebar goes through his shoulder. Bethany says that she tried to tell him and starts to leave, but stops when Angel pulls out the rebar. He confirms that she stopped the men from hurting her and finds out that she’s alone and new in town. He gives her a business card in case she needs a place to stay; she says that she’s staying with a friend. Angel tells her that he won’t hurt her and that she can’t hurt him. After she leaves, though, he collapses. Bethany heads to an apartment, where she’s greeted by Lilah, her aforementioned “friend.” Apparently, Lilah spoke at Bethany’s school and Bethany saw her as a role model. Lilah tells her that she’s special and that people will know soon that she has “a power” about her. Back at the Hyperion, Cordelia bandages Angel up and criticizes him for not getting Bethany’s name. He replies that he couldn’t think clearly since he’d just been impaled and she mentions that she knows what that’s like (see “Lovers Walk”). Angel says that Bethany isn’t from L.A. and may be from the northeast, so the MoG decide to look for runaways from the northeast who may have connections to supernatural events. Wesley wonders if Bethany is a demon, but Angel doesn’t think she is. He decides that they should do some research on telekinesis. Gunn arrives with the coolest weapon ever, a battle axe with a blade made from a hubcap. He’s disappointed that Angel wants him to do some leg-work, since that won’t allow him to use his new axe. Angel wants him to find out who the guys after Bethany were. Gunn leaves and Cordelia bugs Angel to pay Gunn for his time. Angel heads back to bed, even though he’s only been up for a few hours.

While Angel tries to sleep, Bethany sleeps in her bed at Lilah’s, dreaming about a little girl in an attic. A man approaches the girl, calling her “Rabbit,” and tells her that they should go downstairs. Lilah watches Bethany sleep and smiles as things around the bed start to rattle. In the attic, a jar of pennies rattles as the man takes the girl downstairs. In the bedroom, a lamp flies off of the nightstand and hits Lilah. Bethany wakes up and apologizes, then runs off. In a house somewhere, Darla and Angel make out and Darla reminds Angel of when he killed the gypsy girl (see “Five by Five”). Angel bites Darla and she returns the favor. He wakes up and heads downstairs to learn that Cordelia and Wesley haven’t found any leads. After a minute, Cordelia announces that she was wrong and notes that Bethany is there. Bethany finally introduces herself and the others assure her that she’s safe there. At Wolfram & Hart, Holland notes what Bethany inadvertently did to Lilah and wonders if “the alley scenario was too much.” He thinks that Lilah might have lost control over Bethany and that Bethany might not make a good assassin. Lilah promises to find her and gloats when Bethany calls her. At the Hyperion, Angel tells Bethany that he knows about having a power that needs to be controlled. Bethany replies that she doesn’t want to control her power, she wants to get rid of it. Cordelia watches their conversation and tells Wesley that she gets a vibe from Bethany, like Bethany might have a thing for Angel. Bethany tries to describe what happens to Angel when she loses control of her power, explaining that it’s not something she can use on purpose. Wesley enters and says that Bethany doesn’t want their help, so they shouldn’t waste their time when they could be helping others. Wesley suggests that Bethany go back to her friend’s place, or possibly go back to her father’s. Wesley suddenly flies back against a wall. When Angel tries to go to Bethany, he flies against a wall as well.

Cordelia blasts Wesley for not being more cautious with Bethany and wonders why the mention of her father made her upset. (Because it’s a Joss Whedon show, Cordelia.) Wesley explains that the power she’s shown can be caused by abuse, and, “statistically speaking,” it made sense that she’d been abused by her father. Angel tells Wesley to leave so that Bethany will feel more comfortable; Wesley agrees to go. Angel thinks that Cordelia should leave as well, just in case, so she goes, too. Angel finds Bethany in “the one room in the house that may collapse” but which somehow makes her feel safe. Later, Angel has more Darla dreams; this time, while they’re biting each other, Bethany, not the gypsy girl, is tied up nearby. He wakes up to find Bethany in his room, offering to have some fun with him. She says that she can make him happy and he replies, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m happy.” She talks about having sex with a lot of guys and putting on a fragile, innocent act. Angel tries to convince her that people are generally good and she replies, “Oh, right. You love the people. Love them so much, you got a hundred rooms to be all alone in.” He tells her to try to get some sleep and she leaves, passing a hidden Darla. At Wolfram & Hart the next day, Holland notes that Angel isn’t sleeping well and tells Lilah that this makes things harder for Lindsey’s “project.” He tells Lilah to get Bethany out of the Hyperion. At the hotel, Angel helps Bethany practice controlling her power. Cordelia gets a call from Gunn summoning Angel to Brentwood. Cordelia offers to take Bethany shopping to keep her company. Angel meets up with Gunn at an apartment belonging to one of the guys from the alley. Angel casually tries to offer Gunn money on a case-by-case basis and Gunn nonchalantly accepts. Suddenly, the barrier keeping Angel out of the apartment disappears, indicating that the guy is dead. Angel hits the redial button on the guy’s phone and winds up calling Wolfram & Hart.

That night, Cordelia and Bethany finish up their shopping expedition with a stop at an old carousel. Cordelia bluntly tells Bethany not to sleep with Angel and Bethany protests that she doesn’t want to. Cordelia tells her that she didn’t have to hurt the men in the alley. She mentions that she saw Bethany in a vision and understood how scared she was. A man passing by pushes between the two women and injects something into Bethany’s neck. Bethany gets dizzy and two guys grab her, dragging her away. Cordelia stops them by throwing coffee in their faces and tries to lead her away, but some guys in white jump out of a van to get Bethany. Cordelia encourages her to squish them, but Bethany doesn’t have time. Angel and Gunn arrive in Angel’s convertible and Cordelia sends them after the van. As Gunn drives, Angel jumps into the van and tosses the guys out. Lilah gets a call telling her that Angel has taken Bethany back to the hotel; she orders the person she’s talking to to “pull the trigger.” At the hotel, Angel tries to convince Bethany that Lilah is bad news and sent the guys after her. She refuses to believe him and thinks that he’s messing with her. He tells her that she can control her power and that if she kills them, the bad guys win. She starts to head out the door but is stopped by her father. He greets her with, “Hello, Rabbit,” and the building starts to shake, all of the windows blowing out. Bethany’s father tells her that he and Lilah want to help her. Bethany seemingly agrees to leave with him, then starts to float her father in the air and choke him with his tie. Angel tells her to “finish it” and Bethany flies her father out the window, stopping him just above the sidewalk before letting him fall the rest of the way. Back at Lilah’s apartment, Bethany packs her things as Lilah tries to convince her that she’s not done helping her. She says that she was trying to make Bethany stronger and Bethany replies, “Good job.” Angel arrives to meet Bethany and Lilah tries to turn her against him by mentioning that he’s a vampire. Bethany doesn’t seem to care. Angel says that Lilah will have to find someone else to play mind games with. “Yeah, we have someone in mind,” she tells him. He leaves, saying “good night,” and she replies to herself, “Sweet dreams.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Abuse is bad. In case you didn’t get that from “Beauty and the Beasts.”

GRADE: B- Sigh. Enough with the daddy issues.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Cordelia: “We were just discussing whether or not we should offer to pay Gunn.”
Angel: “No, you weren’t.”
Wesley: “Well, our discussions tend to go about three minutes, then it’s strictly name-calling and hair-pulling.”

Angel: “I’ll think about asking him, all right?”
Cordelia: “No think. Pay. That’s an order.”
Angel: “Hey! How about we pretend that you work for me?”
Cordelia: “You are really unpleasant when you….”
Angel: “Then why don’t we pretend that you don’t?”

“You call, I come. Loaded for bear, ready for battle, and something else that starts with B.” - Gunn

Angel: (to Wesley) “You’re gone.”
Cordelia: “You can’t fire Wesley. I’ll quit, too! Unless you’re firm!”

Bethany: “So, are you and Angel…?”
Cordelia: “Oh, no! I like my men less broody and more spendy.”

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