"Deep Down"
Written by Steven S. DeKnight; directed by Terrence O’Hara

The MoG and Connor are sitting around a table full of food. Cordelia notes that Angel isn’t eating and he says that he wants to “freeze this moment” and bask in the fact that everyone is safe and happy. They all toast, then start passing food around, but none of the dishes are passed to Angel. He finally grabs a platter, which is empty, and knocks his glass to the floor. He looks down to see that he’s ankle-deep in water and his skin is cracking. “Freeze the moment, Dad,” Connor says. “It’ll last forever.” The table is now deserted in bare. At the bottom of the ocean (see “Tomorrow”), Angel awakens. Back in L.A., Fred and Gunn run from a vampire and jump into Gunn’s truck. More vamps arrive in a convertible and Fred announces that she and Gunn just want to find a girl named Marissa. A vamp sends them her way and Fred and Gunn fight the vamps with some help from a just-arrived Connor. The three of them head back to the Hyperion, where Fred tells Connor that he shouldn’t run off when they’re trying to do battle. As punishment, Gunn makes him clean his hubcap axe. After Connor leaves, Fred and Gunn debate telling him something, not sure that they should get his hopes up again. They exposition that three months of searching for Angel and Cordelia have yielded zero results. Fred is upset that Lorne hasn’t returned any of her calls from Vegas. On top of all of that, they’re about to lose the hotel. They decide to meet with Marissa and then try to find some paying clients. Gunn isn’t sure that Marissa will be helpful, but Fred thinks that she will, since Angel’s car was found on a bluff at Point Dume and Marissa used to feed there. Connor overhears the tail end of their conversation and wonders who they’re trying to meet with. At night on the bluff, Angel meets up with Cordelia, realizing that this isn’t reality. They do some kissing and Angel vamps out, biting her. He apologizes but goes back to biting her, then wakes up in the underwater casket.

Fred and Gunn fill Connor in on Marissa and he says that he wants to go with them when they talk to her. Fred finally allows him to come, much to Gunn’s dismay; he thinks that trying to get information out of Marissa will take some work, and Connor might get impatient too quickly. Fred suggests getting information out of Wolfram & Hart, because she apparently doesn’t grasp the concept of arch enemies. She starts to suggest getting Wesley to help, but Gunn quickly vetoes that idea, saying that Wesley doesn’t care about them. Wesley is currently in his apartment, getting friendly with Lilah (again, see “Tomorrow”). This time she starts to leave voluntarily to go back to work, but not before bringing up the subject of Angel again. Lilah wants to know if Wesley has any idea where Angel is; Wesley says that he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. After Lilah leaves, Wesley opens a closet to reveal a cage in which he has captured Justine. “Let’s go for a boat ride,” he says. They head out on a boat, where Wesley tries to look for Angel and Justine complains that since she’s been in the cage, the only thing she’s been able to do is, um, fill her bucket. Wesley wonders if Justine’s sister Julia (see “Dad”) is proud of the actions Justine has taken and says that she and Holtz deserved each other. Justine is proud of the way they got Wesley to kidnap Connor (see “Sleep Tight”) and the way she got Connor to sink Angel in the ocean. Wesley taunts that it didn’t take him long to get her to tell him what had happened to Angel. Justine picks up a wrench and prepares to smack Wesley with it while his back is turned, but he stops her by threatening to take away her bucket. Gunn, Fred, and Connor arrive at Marissa’s lair, first believing that she’s out but soon realizing that she’s just hiding. Connor threatens her and she gives chase but can’t get too far away from him. Believing that she saw something she shouldn’t have, Connor stakes her, then tells Gunn and Fred that he had to, since she attacked him. Gunn blasts him for killing the only lead they had and Fred tells him to be more patient with Connor. Gunn doesn’t think that Connor is much of a good guy, Angel’s son or not.

Connor is on a roof, looking out over the city; he’s joined by Angel, who says that he’s not going anywhere. They see some vampires and start laughing, then fight them. When they’re done, Angel snaps Connor’s neck, then wakes up. In Vegas, Lorne has his makeup done and gets a call from Fred. He tells her that he hasn’t gotten any helpful information from his contacts but will let her know if he hears anything. He adds, “Make sure Fluffy is getting enough love” before hanging up. (That will be important in “The House Always Wins.”) Gunn is still pessimistic that they’ll be able to work things out, but Fred thinks they’ll succeed at finding Cordelia and Angel. At Wolfram & Hart, Linwood tells Lilah that Gavin has managed to locate Angel (though not specifically), as well as discovered that Lilah and Wesley are hitting the sheets. Back on the boat, Wesley and Justine pull up Angel’s coffin and open it. In response, Angel grabs Wesley’s throat. Wesley puts Angel on a table in the main cabin and gives him some blood, explaining that vampires can live forever without feeding, but it can cause brain damage. Justine criticizes Wesley for saving Angel when Angel hates him. Connor returns to the hotel and worries that Gunn is going to yell at him for running off again. Gunn compares Connor to Angel, but Connor doesn’t like that thought. Connor heads upstairs and Gunn and Fred start kissing but are interrupted by a phone call. Back in the main cabin, Angel tells Lorne that everything around him eventually gets destroyed. Lorne says it’s just Connor. Justine tells Wesley that Angel keeps talking to himself. Angel tells Wesley, “I have to do it” and his hallucination of Lorne starts singing him a lullaby. Angel looks up to see Connor and says, “I should have killed you.” Wesley realizes that Angel needs something other than pig’s blood and Justine refuses to let him cut her. Wesley says that her blood is too thin, then cuts his arm and lets Angel drink from it.

Lilah undergoes an evaluation at Wolfram & Hart and is told that she might do better at a different office. Lilah apologizes for her mistakes, then asks why the firm hasn’t brought in Connor or located Angel. She thinks it’s because Linwood is afraid, which leads to weakness. She reveals that she’s spoken to a Senior Partner, then activates a blade, which cuts off his head. Lilah announces that the Senior Partner has put her in charge; she kicks everyone out except Gavin, who she gets to remove Linwood’s head from the room. Back at the Hyperion, Fred brings Connor a snack and tells him that she can’t imagine everything he’s gone through. However, she’s going to make him pay for what he did to Angel. Confused he looks up at her just in time for her to zap him with a taser. Later, Connor finds himself tied up in the office downstairs with Fred standing over him, still holding the taser. She and Gunn explain that Angel was found in the ocean and Connor’s going to be in trouble when he gets home. Gunn wonders if Connor did something to Cordelia as well. Fred gets worked up and demands to know how Connor could betray them when they were so nice to him. She zaps him again and Gunn has to pull her away. On the boat, Justine warns Angel that Wesley will turn on him and the MoG. Wesley gives Justine the keys to the handcuffs he has her in and tells her that she can choose to free herself if she wants to. At the Hyperion, Connor baits Fred and says that Angel got what he deserved. Wesley brings Angel by, then starts to leave again. Gunn asks why he waited so long to tell them what Connor had done; Wesley thought they were safer that way. He tells them he’s leaving to get more blood and heads off. Connor frees himself in the office and starts to fight Gunn and Fred, then finds himself face-to-face with Angel. Connor tells him that he deserved worse than what happened and Angel reveals that he didn’t kill Holtz - Holtz had Justine kill him. Angel wonders (rhetorically) what Connor deserves and asks if he did something to Cordelia. Connor says that he didn’t, but Fred and Gunn don’t believe him, though Angel does. Angel says that he wants Connor to be a “champion,” but until he can be one, he’s not welcome in Angel’s house. Connor leaves and Angel tells Fred and Gunn that he needs to find out where Cordelia. Up on her higher plane, Cordelia complains, “…I am so bored.”


R.I.P.: Linwood

GRADE: B The dreams are kind of interesting, but the rest is pretty basic.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Fred: “He’s lost the mission, bro.”
Gunn: “Well, we’re about to lose this whole place, and you know you can’t say ‘bro.’ All right. You need to start hustling up some paying clients.”
Fred: “We will. As soon as I find Marissa. Can I say ‘dawg’?”

Fred: “And who’s Fluffy? Are you Fluffy?”
Gunn: “He called me Fluffy?”
Fred: “He said make sure…. Wait. You don’t think he was referring to anything of mine that’s fluffy, do you? Because that would just be inappropriate.”

Lilah: (re: Wesley) “I’m not sleeping with him for information.”
Linwood: “Please don’t tell me it’s the chiseled jaw.”

“So, how was your summer? Mine was fun. Saw some fish.” - Angel to Connor

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