Written by Mere Smith; directed by Terrence O’Hara

Angelus has just gotten the upper hand on Faith and is feeding on her (see “Release”). He realizes that something isn’t right, and in an (altered) flashback to “Release,” we see Faith injecting herself with something before Angelus bites her. “You spiked--,” Angelus accuses before passing out. Wesley asks Faith if she’s okay; she announces that she won, then passes out as well. Later, Gunn brings the still-unconscious Angelus to the Hyperion and tells Fred to keep her tranquilizer gun handy as he calls for Connor. Wesley arrives, carrying the also still-unconscious Faith, and tells the others to shackle Angelus up in the basement. As Wesley, Lorne, and Fred gently tend to Faith in a bedroom, Connor and Gunn make sure that Angelus is shackled tightly in the cage in the basement. Connor notes angrily that Angelus fed on Faith. Angelus starts mumbling, “Kill you…kill you…” as, upstairs, Faith mumbles, “Scratch you out….” Lorne is shocked to realize that Wesley let Faith inject herself with something and then let Angelus bite her. Upstairs, Connor fills Cordelia in; she notes that this isn’t the first time Faith has been in a coma. (And it won’t be the last.) Cordelia tries to make sure that Angelus can’t escape from the cage, then criticizes Connor for seeming to have a little crush on Faith. She tries to get his oath of loyalty, then plays off her emotions on hormones. In Faith’s room, Lorne explains to the other MoG that Faith injected herself with a drug called Orpheus (see “Release”). Fred notes that because Faith is a Slayer, the drug will have a different effect on her and Angelus. “It leads you down to Hell,” Wesley notes. “And leaves you there.”

Angelus might not be in Hell, but he’s in a flashback to Ellis Island in 1902. He watches as Angel disembarks, then realizes that Angel can walk through him as if he’s not there. Angelus is joined by Faith; neither of them is completely sure why she’s in his flashback. She figures that she’s there to “baby-sit” until Angel gets his soul back. Angelus and Faith wind up outside a lounge in the 1920s; Angelus remembers what happened there and is upset that they’re seeing it. In the flashback, Angel runs in front of a car to save…a puppy. (This gives Faith a large amount of glee.) “I’m in Hell,” Angelus laments. “This is Hell, and I’m in it.” The puppy’s owner thanks Angel, but he’s tempted to bite her and chases her off. Faith laughs over the fact that Angelus has to relive Angel’s good deeds. Back in reality, Wesley tells the MoG that they have to re-ensoul Angel. Connor objects, wanting to kill him instead. “I don’t think so,” announces a voice. Everyone turns to see that Willow has arrived. “I think you need a witch.” Willow meets Connor (“Angel’s handsome, yet androgynous son”) and Fred, then reunites with Wesley (“the Marlboro Man. Or at least his extra stubbly, mentally unstable, insomniac, first cousin”). She explains that Fred called her (see “Lies My Parents Told Me,” if you dare), which makes sense to Wesley, since Willow is the only living person to ever restore Angel’s soul (see “Becoming, Part 2”), but makes sense to no one else, since “LMPTM” aired after this episode. Willow compliments Fred on her intelligence and Fred seems to develop a little girl crush. Willow asks after Cordelia and Connor tries to bar her from visiting, but Wesley thinks that they would want to catch up.

Cordelia and Willow do a little catching up in Cordelia’s room and Cordelia wonders if Willow really thinks she can re-ensoul Angel again. Holding a knife under her blanket, Cordelia asks about the Muo-Ping (see “Awakening”) and Willow notes that it will be hard to release the soul when they don’t even know where it is. The Muo-Ping is impervious to magic, as Willow discovered when she tried to find it with a locator spell, and Wo-Pang said before that there’s no way to release the soul from a distance. Willow decides that they can break the jar instead of figuring out how to get the soul out of it. Wanting to stab her, Cordelia asks her to hand her a glass, but Willow is so excited about her new idea that she ignores her. She can use something called Delothrian’s Arrow to move Angel’s soul from the ether back to him. As Willow leaves the room, Cordelia throws the knife but hits the door. In Faith’s room, Lorne tells her that everything will be all right, then sings “MacArthur Park” to her. Back in Flashback Land, Angelus and Faith head into a 1970s donut shop, where Angel puts “Mandy” on the jukebox. Faith takes the opportunity to taunt Angelus about Angel’s love of Barry Manilow. Angelus hears a buzzing sound and starts swiping at the air. He laments that he always wanted to show himself when Angel was around people, but Angel never let himself out. Faith tells him that this is because Angel, not Angelus, is the one who belongs on the outside. Angelus tells her that even if Angel gets his soul back, Angelus will always be there.

Faith and Angelus watch as the cashier is shot by a robber, who then runs off. Angel tries to help the cashier as Angelus mocks him and wonders where the buzzing sound he keeps hearing is coming from. At the Hyperion, Cordelia uses a crystal to try to get in contact with Angelus, but he’s not cooperating. In the lobby, Wesley and Willow start their spell to conjure up Delothrian’s Arrow. He wonders how she can use it on a sacred object like the Muo-Ping; she explains that the jar itself can be broken, since the soul inside is what’s sacred. She notes that he seems grumpy and he admits that he thinks he’s giving in to the darkness inside him. She tries to convince him that she knows how he feels by mentioning that she flayed someone alive (see “Villains”). Wesley tries to match her by talking about how he kept Justine chained in a closet (see “Deep Down”), but he’s not as impressed with himself as she pretends to be. He notes that she seems exactly the same as the last time he saw her; she declines to mention that she no longer likes boys. Back in the donut shop flashback, the cashier dies and Angelus starts talking to Faith about choices. Angel vamps out and feeds on the cashier as Faith looks on in disappointment. Angelus wonders if Angel didn’t save the cashier on purpose; he notes that Faith knows how blurry the line is where murder is involved.

Lorne tells Connor that Faith probably doesn’t have much time left. Wesley arrives and Connor tells him that he did the right thing - Faith was brave, and if she dies, she’ll have done it while battling. Down in the lobby, Willow and the MoG prepare start the spell and Gunn heads to the basement to keep an eye on Angelus. Before Willow can start, a bolt of energy hits her and the Beastmaster tells her that she won’t succeed. Willow tries unsuccessfully to get rid of the Beastmaster’s voice, telling Wesley that there’s someone in her head. The Beastmaster tells Willow that as long as she has Angel’s soul, no one will be able to do anything to it. (She also accidentally bites her tongue.) Willow keeps going with the spell; upstairs, Cordelia challenges, “You wanna go, Glinda? We’ll go.” Despite being knocked down by more energy and having to deal with an earthquake, Willow keeps going. Lorne tries to comfort Faith, who suddenly sits up. Angelus and Faith wind up in an alley, where Angelus tells her that she doesn’t have much time left. She tells him that she can hear Willow’s spell and that he’s about to “get what’s coming” to him. They watch Angel eat rats and Angelus says that after what happened in the donut shop, Angel vowed never to feed on another human. Faith says that he’s paying for what he did, but Angelus considers it hiding from what he really is. He wonders why he has to see all of this again. “Maybe ‘cause it’s not about you,” Angel tells him.

Back at the Hyperion, Connor says that “there’s something evil rising in the hotel.” Upstairs, Cordelia chants in front of the Muo-Ping. A giant demon head appears in the lobby and Willow tells everyone to ignore it, continuing the spell. She sends a glowing ball towards the Muo-Ping and Cordelia stops it, complaining that Willow is really bothering her. Willow sends a marble towards the jar and Cordelia stops it as well, remarking, “If only this were a few weeks later.” As Willow orders the marble to break the glass, Fred notes that Connor has left the lobby. He tries to get into Cordelia’s room, and while she’s distracted by his arrival, she loses her concentration. The marble breaks the Muo-Ping and releases Angel’s soul, much to Cordelia’s frustration. Back in the alley, Angel wonders what will happen to Faith after he gets his soul back; Angelus knocks Faith to the ground. Angel and Angelus announce that they’ve been wanting to face off for a long time, then start fighting. Angel yells for Faith to get up, but she tells him that she’s dying. “It’s a lot easier than redemption, isn’t it?” he asks. As Connor finally gets into Cordelia’s room, she hits him over the head with a vase, then pretends that she thought he was the floating demon head. She says that Willow must have unleashed something evil into the hotel, and Connor says that he’ll stop her. Cordelia tells him that she’s too powerful, but he can stop what’s happening by killing Angelus.

Downstairs, Willow explains that Angel’s soul will remain in the ether until she channels it into an Orb of Thesulah. As Fred and Willow prepare to do this, Cordelia tells Connor to go kill Angelus already in order to save the world. Angel and Angelus keep fighting; Angelus is frustrated that Angel keeps talking to Faith. Connor passes Willow as she does her spell and heads to the basement. Angel tells Faith that they pay for everything, no matter how much it hurts. In the basement, Connor knocks Gunn out. Angel urges Faith to fight, then gets knocked out by Angelus. Faith jumps up to fight, but before Angelus can swing back, she disappears. At the Hyperion, she wakes up and runs out of the room. Angelus and Angel start to glow, then come together into one person. Connor raises a stake to kill Angelus, but Faith stops him, saying, “Break me off a switch, son. There’s about to be a whoopin’.” She fights Connor, who winds up against the bars. Angel grabs him and assures him that he’s Angel again. Later, Faith has decided to go to Sunnydale with Willow; she and Angelus say a cheerful goodbye and make sure not to hug. Faith and Willow say goodbye to the other MoG; thinking that Fred has a crush on her, Willow informs her that she’s seeing someone. On their way out, Willow tells the MoG to call her first if they ever decide to bring Angelus back again. As the MoG prepare to revel in the fact that things are okay, Cordelia comes downstairs, dressed to show off her pregnancy. “If this is the speech about how the worst is behind us,” she says, “you may want to save it for later.”


GRADE: B Yay, Angel’s back!

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorne: “Aah! Angelus! He’s in the hotel.”
Gunn: (to Fred) “Gimme steel shackles.”
Lorne: “Oh, uh, but maybe we’re already aware of that.”

“Dude, you just rescued a puppy.” - Faith to Angelus

Willow: “How’ve you been?”
Cordelia: “Higher power. You?”
Willow: “Ultimate evil. But I got better.”

“Hear me, Angelus. Heed my warning. Awaken at once. Return from the darkness. Or just lay there and let that red-headed meddler put your soul back. Whichever!” - Cordelia

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