"Dead End"
Written by David Greenwalt; directed by James A. Contner

It’s a wonderful new day in L.A., and Lindsey is just getting out of bed to go to work. He turns off his alarm with his plastic handless arm. He shaves. He puts on his new plastic hand. He puts on a tie. He looks longingly at his guitar. Elsewhere in the city, a man named Joseph Kramer and his family also prepare for their days. As his kids and wife are heading outside, he grabs a knife and stabs himself in the eye. At the Hyperion, Cordelia has a vision of Joseph stabbing himself. She seems more traumatized by this than by past visions as the other MoG tend to her. Lindsey, Lilah, and Nathan attend a meeting at Wolfram & Hart, where Lindsey and Lilah bicker about some of Lindsey’s ideas. After the meeting, Lilah and Lindsey discuss their upcoming evaluation, during which one of them will be promoted and the other fired (or worse). Nathan calls Lindsey into his office and tells him that he made an appointment for him for later that day. At the Hyperion, Cordelia tells the other MoG that Joseph seemed perfectly normal before he stabbed himself. She has no idea where the stabbing occurred, so the MoG decide to start contacting hospitals and morgues. Lindsey meets with a doctor, who explains that, in exchange for Wolfram & Hart’s funding of his clinic, Lindsey has been moved to the top of a transplant list. In a few hours, Lindsey will have a shiny new hand. Not long after, the surgery begins and the doctor calls in a Pockla demon, which chants something and sprinkles powder over Lindsey’s hand. The powder closes the wound, leaving no evidence that there was an operation.

That night, Gunn calls hospitals from the Hyperion and keeps an eye on an abnormally quiet Cordelia. Wesley and Angel return and the MoG note that no one gathered any information. Angel decides that they need to ask Cordelia more questions about her vision; she says that she’s been going over the vision all day and hasn’t come up with anything new. She tries again, this time seeing that Joseph has kids who might attend the Delancy School. The next morning, Lindsey goes through his morning routine again, this time with two hands. This time, he gets to play his guitar. At the office, Lindsey and Lilah meet with a client named Irv Kraigle. Lindsey starts writing on a pad, not noticing until later that he’s unknowingly been writing “KILL” over and over. He ducks out and heads home, testing his hand to see if it will do anything else strange. Angel has lunch delivered to the Hyperion to try to cheer Cordelia up; she’s pleased with his actions. She has another flash of her vision and notes that Joseph seemed happy about his eye, as if it were new. Wesley and Gunn enter, having found more information on Joseph and discovered that his house was recently cleaned completely. Angel decides that their only option to find out more is to head to Caritas. Cordelia and Wesley aren’t happy with this idea. When they arrive, they are surprised to find Lindsey singing and playing his guitar onstage. Lorne tells them that Lindsey used to come to Caritas all the time before Angel cut off his hand (see “To Shanshu in L.A.”). Angel is jealous that the other MoG think Lindsey is a good performer. Lindsey comes over when he’s done, wanting to know what Lorne read, and Lorne tells him and the MoG that they’re all there because they have a common enemy. Angel and Lindsey aren’t thrilled to realize that they’re supposed to work together, but Angel notes that Lindsey and Joseph both recently received new body parts. He grabs a glass Lindsey set down, which has his fingerprints on it, and wonders who the hand used to belong to.

Lindsey sneaks into Nathan’s office and takes a look at Lilah’s file, then at a file for the clinic where he had his surgery. Angel returns to the Hyperion with information on Lindsey’s hand’s first owner, an ex-con. Wesley is impressed that Angel got the information so quickly; Angel admits that he hired a PI to get it for him. Wesley and Gunn point out that they’re supposed to be private detectives. Cordelia learns that before he was in jail, Lindsey’s hand’s original owner worked for Wolfram & Hart. Gunn wonders if the firm waited until he was out of jail, then cut off his hand to give it to Lindsey. On his way out of Nathan’s office, Lindsey spots Lilah stealing a file from a storage room. Lindsey heads to a parole officer’s apartment, wanting to know where Wolfram & Hart gets its body parts, but the parole officer isn’t very forthcoming. Before he can shoot Lindsey, Angel arrives to help out, despite Lindsey’s protests. Angel asks the parole officer about Lindsey’s hand’s previous owner; the officer reveals that he took the owner to a place he was ordered to but doesn’t know what happened to him there. At the Hyperion, Cordelia is still having a hard time dealing with her vision; Gunn and Wesley note that the aftermaths of her visions are lasting longer now. Wesley thinks that they’re harder for her because she’s not half-demon, like Doyle was. Through the office door, Wesley and Gunn hear Cordelia talking to Angel and think that she’s losing her mind. They burst in to discover that she’s on the phone with Angel and thinks they’re crazy.

Angel fills Lindsey in on Joseph as they head to the address the parole officer gave them. Lindsey is confused by his newfound desire to “share.” Angel notes that Lindsey seems sadder the more he gets what he wants. Angel, Lindsey, and the bound and gagged parole officer wind up at a travel agency; Angel puts the officer back in the trunk as he and Lindsey head inside. They break in, fighting guards rather than worrying about sidestepping security procedures. They head through a trap door into the basement, where they find people in cells with missing body parts. Angel notes that the place is blessed by a Pockla and explains that they’re demon healers with the ability to regenerate flesh. Lindsey realizes that he knows the guy who used to own his hand. The guy begs Lindsey to kill him. Lindsey asks Angel what he should do; Angel replies that he knows what he would do, but this is Lindsey’s choice. Lindsey decides to let his hand’s original owner die, but he helps Angel free the other captives. After they’ve succeeded, Angel sets off an explosion in the building. At the Hyperion the next day, Angel checks on Cordelia, who is trying to accept that her vision aftermaths are part of the job. Lilah and Lindsey head to their evaluation and it looks as if Nathan is going to let Lilah go. She starts to pull out the file she stole and Lindsey tries to calm her, telling her that she just doesn’t have what it takes. Lindsey starts playing around with the other lawyers, talking about his evil hand and the craziness it’s been causing. He shoots a security guard in the foot, blaming the hand. He tells Nathan that he would’ve chosen Lilah if he’d been asked to, since she’s been working harder and happens to having incriminating files on the others. He announces that he’s bored with Wolfram & Hart and is taking his evil hand elsewhere. That night, he’s packing up his stuff in his truck when Angel shows up to say goodbye. “The key to Wolfram & Hart - don’t let them make you play their game,” Lindsey tells him. “You gotta make them play yours.” Angel thanks him for the advice and sees him off, smirking at the “cops suck” sign on the back of the truck. (Don’t worry, Lindsey fans - he’ll be back in “Destiny.”)

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Sometimes you should look a gift horse in the mouth.

GRADE: B I like that Lindsey is more three-dimensional than a lot of other villains.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Wesley: “Let’s start by calling the hospitals.”
Gunn: “And say what? ‘Did my uncle check in with a knife in his eye?’ They only give out information to relatives.” (Angel and Wesley look at him) “I just got the calling-the-hospitals job, didn’t I?”

Gunn: “Angel’s gonna sing?”
Cordelia: “Isn’t there some other way?”
Wesley: “There has to be. Think, da%$@#!”

Angel: “You know, when I was in charge here, nobody questioned my methods or my singing.”
Cordelia: “You’re half right.”

Lindsey: “What - why aren’t you trying to kill me?!”
Angel: “Excuse me. I’m on a case here, Lindsey. Does everything always have to be about killing you all the time?”

Angel: “You might want to listen up.”
Lindsey: “You don’t tell me what to do.”
Angel: (to the parole officer) “He’s so immature.”

Angel: (to the parole officer) “Why would I kill you when I could live off you for a month? Hmm, can’t you just taste that butter fat?”
Lindsey: “You are really gross, you know that?”

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