Written by Tim Minear and Jeffrey Bell; directed by David Grossman

Cordelia and Angel are in the basement of the Hyperion and Angel is teaching Cordelia a little about fighting demons with a sword. He mostly wants to teach her how to fend off an opponent until he can come to her rescue, but she wants to know how to fight on her own. He teaches her a little choreography, which she picks up quickly, thanks to her experience as a cheerleader. Lilah heads into her office at Wolfram & Hart to meet with Gavin and Billy, the guy Angel freed from his cube o’ fire in “That Vision Thing.” Billy apparently left home for a little while, even though he’s not supposed to go out on his own. His uncle, Congressman Blim, arrives to take him home and thanks Gavin and Lilah for returning him safely. After they leave, Lilah tells Gavin not to get involved in any of her cases again. Gavin suddenly turns violent, insulting her and roughing her up. Outside the room, Billy watches happily. The MoG hang out in Wesley’s apartment, Gunn and Angel playing video games while Wesley tells Cordelia that he admires her for getting into training with Angel. He contemplates doing the same kind of training with Fred and Cordelia teases that Fred might be able to help him fight better. She suggests that he invite her to dinner alone instead, implying that he only invited everyone to his place to spend time with her (and had everyone else come because he was nervous). Wesley isn’t sure about the MoG having office romances, but Cordelia encourages him to talk to Fred. Suddenly she has a vision of a man attacking his wife in a convenience store; however, he murdered her the week before. She wonders why she received the vision after the fact.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley brings Cordelia a file with information on the murder from her vision. Angel looks at photos from a surveillance camera and notes that Billy was in the convenience store just twenty minutes before the murder. Angel has to explain to Cordelia who Billy is; she blames herself for the woman’s death, since she was the reason that Billy was released from the cube o’ fire. Angel, however, blames himself, since he did the actual releasing. Angel heads to Lilah’s apartment (though he can’t go in), where she tells him that he won’t be able to get to Billy. Angel wonders why Lilah would want to protect Billy, but she just tells him to stay away from her client. Angel, Gunn, and Wesley head to the Blim estate and Angel hops the gate, leaving Wesley and Gunn behind. Angel finds that he can enter the house without an invitation; he asks Billy why he likes to hurt women, but Billy says that he never has - he just likes to watch. Angel tells him that he’ll be returning to the cube o’ fire. A couple of police officers (one male, one female) arrive and arrest Billy. Billy touches the male officer, Sanchez, and in the car, he turns on the female officer and attacks her. Back at the Hyperion, the MoG learn of another murder connected to Billy. They wonder why he confesses to his crimes, realizing that he won’t stay in jail for long. Angel decides that he needs to get to Billy in his holding cell before Lilah can get him released. Cordelia worries that Billy will work his mojo on Angel, but Fred reports that it’s too late - she heard on the police scanner that Billy has escaped from his patrol car.

Angel, Gunn, and Wesley head to the scene of the crime and Gunn decides to go to the hospital to talk to the female cop about what happened. Wesley gets a sample of Billy’s blood and takes it back to the Hyperion while Angel heads off to look for Billy. At the hotel, Cordelia grabs a weapon and tells Fred that she’s going to run an errand; Fred tells her that she shouldn’t get involved in the Billy thing. After Cordelia leaves, Wesley returns and asks Fred to help him test Billy’s blood. Cordelia goes to Lilah’s apartment and demands to know everything she does about Billy. Lilah refuses to “switch sides” like Lindsey, adding that this sort of thing is usually Angel’s job. Cordelia admits that she feels responsible, though Lilah’s the one who really is responsible. Lilah tells her that Billy “brings out a primordial misogyny” in men, turning them into killers. Cordelia wonders why Billy didn’t do that to Angel and Lilah tells her that it might take awhile before Angel feels the effects. She laughingly hopes that Angel doesn’t turn on anyone, saying that she’s seen his dark side; Cordelia tells her that she hasn’t. Cordelia tells her that she wants to find Billy because she knows what it’s like to feel helpless and Billy makes women feel the same way. Angel talks to a couple of cab drivers, one of whom says that he knows why one of his fellow drivers beat up a female fare. Angel roughs the guy up and asks where the driver stopped before he attacked his fare. In a suite in L.A., a few guys play pool; one of them, Dylan, is informed that his cousin is there. Billy enters and Dylan turns nervous. At the Hyperion, Wesley and Fred discover that Billy has some demon blood in him; his mojo must be transferred through blood, or possibly through sweat or saliva. Wesley asks where Cordelia is, suddenly turning aggressive and confusing Fred.

Fred attempts to sneak out, claiming that she wants to call Cordelia, but Wesley orders her to stay put. He starts criticizing her clothing, using the “you’re asking for it” argument. She tells him that she’s uncomfortable, but he just gets angrier, finally slapping her. She runs upstairs and he nonchalantly goes into the lobby, spotting a battle axe. Angel heads to the suite and learns from Dylan that Billy has already left. Dylan tells him that there are all sorts of rules about Billy, including not letting him touch anyone. Angel wonders why Dylan would invite him in after he said that he wanted to kill Billy. Dylan tells him that Cordelia was already there and mentioned that Angel would be by. He sent her to Santa Monica, where his family has a plane, since Billy said he wanted to fly somewhere. Back at the Hyperion, Wesley heads upstairs, axe in hand, and stalks the hallways. He calls out for Fred, finally finding her hiding under a bed. “Why do you make me do this?” he asks. He throws her against a wall and starts to kiss her, but she fights back and gets away from him. Cordelia catches up to Billy in Santa Monica, telling him that she’s the reason he was released from the cube o’ fire. She zaps him with a taser and tells him she’s going to make sure he goes back to Hell. Fred runs from Wesley at the hotel and winds up with Gunn, who helps her hide. Billy tells Cordelia that he hates men as much as he hates women; she’d rather threaten him with a crossbow than listen. Angel arrives, telling Cordelia that he can’t let her hurt Billy, but will do so himself. Too bad Billy touches Angel and passes on his mojo.

Gunn and Fred barricade themselves inside a room and Gunn asks what happened to Wesley. Fred tells him that he must have contracted Billy’s mojo from his handprint. Unfortunately, Gunn has also touched the blood. He unbarricades the door, telling Fred to lock it behind him, but they hear Wesley swinging his axe in the hallway and have to think of another plan. Fred gets impatient, leading Gunn to almost turn on her; he stops himself before he can hurt her and realizes that he can’t let things get too far. Angel orders Cordelia to leave as Billy encourages him to give in and attack her. Angel turns on Billy instead, telling him that he has no power over Angel. At the Hyperion, Gunn breaks a chair, hands Fred a leg, and tells her to knock him out. She doesn’t think she can, but he keeps encouraging her to, then baiting her. She finally knocks him out just as Wesley axes his way through the door. Angel and Billy fight while Cordelia tries to get a clear shot with her crossbow. Shots ring out and Billy drops, having been shot by Lilah. Wesley finds Gunn unconscious in the room and taunts Fred, saying that after living in a cave for five years, she’ll probably instinctively run to a cave-like place. He looks around the room for her, opening a closet door and spotting her behind him in the mirror. “You were right about me liking dark places to hide in,” she says. “But you forgot I also like to build things.” She pulls a rope, which makes a fire extinguisher swing towards Wesley and knock him through a tarp into a hole in the floor. The next day, Cordelia and Angel are training in the basement again; Cordelia wonders why Billy’s mojo didn’t affect Angel, and he says that it’s because he’s not a human. He let go of the anger and hatred that Billy brought out in the humans he affected. Wesley is alone in his apartment, staring into space when Fred arrives. He’s upset and sorry for what he did to her, but she wants him to come back to work. She tells him that the person who came after her wasn’t really him, but he’s not sure. “I don’t know what kind of man I am anymore,” he says. She leaves him crying alone in his apartment.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

GRADE: B+ Angry, sexist Wesley is scary.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Cordelia: “Angel feels responsible for this guy because he brought him back from Hell. I feel responsible because he did it to save me. You, who are actually responsible for the entire thing, feel nothing at all, because you are a vicious b%$@#.”
Lilah: “So? You know me.”
Cordelia: “Please. I was you - with better shoes.”

Dylan: “Well, she said that a melodramatic guy named Angel would eventually show up.”
Angel: “Cordelia…thinks I’m melodramatic?”

Gunn: “So you’re saying that Wes turned into a psycho killer because of that bloody handprint that I picked up and looked at?”
Fred: “When you put it that way, it kinda worries me.”

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