"I Will Remember You"
Written by David Greenwalt & Jeannine Renshaw; directed by David Grossman

Angel winds up a clock (which displays the time as 8:53) and puts it on the desk in his office. He watches a pencil roll from one side of the desk to the other as Cordelia asks Doyle when Angel got back. (See “Pangs.”) She mentions that he was in Sunnydale for three days, trying to save Buffy from whatever it was that Doyle saw in his vision (see “The Bachelor Party”), and he’s not as gloomy as he usually is. She thinks that this means the encounter was worse than usual - “batten down the hatches, here comes Hurricane Buffy.” Doyle wonders if Angel is over Buffy and Cordelia says that he’s naïve. She sees Angel take a stake from his drawer and she and Doyle rush in, telling him not to kill himself. Angel tells them that he was going to use the stake to level out his desk. He reveals that Buffy didn’t even know that he was in Sunnydale and that they’re not together, so he has to move on. Cordelia thinks that Buffy would be upset if she knew that Angel was in town and didn’t see her. From the doorway Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) confirms that she is.

Buffy tells Cordelia that she came to L.A. to see her father and just wanted to stop by to see Angel. Cordelia and Buffy exchange brief pleasantries, and then Cordelia pulls Doyle out of the room so that Buffy and Angel can be alone. Buffy demands an explanation from Angel, thinking that he avoided her in Sunnydale just to hurt her. She doesn’t think it’s fair that he got to see her when she didn’t get to see him. He says that he did what he thought was best, but she accuses him of not thinking that she was important enough to tell that he was in town. Buffy says that she doesn’t need him “skulking around” and trying to protect her, then realizes that he did help out with the fight at the end of “Pangs.” “I was in the neighborhood, skulking,” he confirms. Outside the office, Doyle tells Cordelia that he thinks Angel’s actions hurt Buffy. Cordelia tells him that that happens a lot with the two of them. She tries to get him to leave with her, telling him that Angel and Buffy will be fighting for awhile. “We still have time for a cappuccino and probably the director’s cut of Titanic,” she tells him. Angel apologizes to Buffy for handling things in a different way than she would have, but he didn’t know what else to do. She thinks that it would be best if they went back to their previous agreement, which was to avoid each other until some time has gone by. She starts to leave, but runs into a Samurai demon with a red jewel in its forehead. She and Angel team up to fight it. Cordelia and Doyle are on their way out of the building when they hear the fighting in the office. Cordelia thinks that Buffy and Angel have moved on to the physical part of their fight and doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get involved. Angel stabs the demon, and some of its green blood gets on his hand. The demon jumps away and escapes through a window. Angel and Buffy decide to go after it, but first Buffy wants to change clothes.

Buffy and Angel head through the sewers, Angel following the scent of the demon’s blood in the direction of the ocean. The two of them bicker about research and weapons until Buffy says that she wants to get this over with. Angel says that he can handle the demon on his own, but Buffy wants to repay him for helping her out in Sunnydale. On their way through a tunnel, Angel announces that he feels weird and Buffy tells him that she does, too; it’s confusing to be fighting a demon with him again. He replies that he feels weird because he came in contact with the demon’s blood. He adds that things are confusing and that it’s easier to be away from her, even though it still hurts. They agree that they have to deal with the hurt because they can’t have a future together. They try to convince themselves that they can’t give in to how they feel in the present because they would only end up getting hurt again. Buffy reveals that she may be on the brink of another relationship back home, and he says that he wants her to have one. (Yeah, he won’t exactly be saying that in “The Yoko Factor.”) The two of them decide to split up, despite the fact that Angel doesn’t want Buffy to fight the demon on her own. Angel heads through some tunnels, watched by a pair of glowing eyes. The demon attacks Angel, cutting his hand and breaking Angel’s axe. After some swordplay, Angel stabs the demon through the heart, getting the demon’s blood in his own cut in the process. The cut closes up and light spreads from Angel’s hand through his body. He collapses, and when he gets up again, his heart is beating. “I’m alive,” he realizes.

Cordelia and Doyle head back to the office, surveying the damage and noting that Angel and Buffy must have had a huge fight. Cordelia spots a pile of dust and briefly thinks that Buffy killed Angel before she realizes that she’s just not good at cleaning. Angel arrives and Cordelia asks him if he had sex with Buffy; she warns Doyle not to get too close. She realizes that Angel came in from outside, even though it’s daylight. At first, Cordelia thinks that he used an umbrella, but Doyle and Angel set her straight. Angel says that things seem more real now that he has a mortal body, then announces that he’s hungry. He grabs some food, thrilled that he can enjoy the taste again. Cordelia mentions cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream, warning that it’ll go straight to his thighs. Angel sends Cordelia to find Buffy, but asks her not to tell her that he’s mortal again until they know what it means. After Buffy and Cordelia return, Angel finds a picture of the demon in a book and discovers that it’s blood has “regenerative properties.” Angel admires his reflection in a window and says that this explains what happened, but not why. Doyle doesn’t think it matters (“the demon’s dead, you’re alive! It’s happy fun time”), but he admits that the Powers that Be are the only ones who could have made Angel mortal again. Angel wonders if his new condition is permanent and decides that he needs to talk to the Powers that Be. Doyle says that they don’t live in the same world and suggests that Angel try talking to the Oracles, even though that still might be dangerous.

Angel and Doyle head to an underground chamber called “the Gateway for Lost Souls,” which happens to be under the post office. Doyle summons the Oracles, gaining Angel entrance, then leaves. The Oracles ask Angel if he brought them an offering; he didn’t, so he gives them his watch. The Oracles note that Angel isn’t a warrior anymore and tell him that the Powers that Be weren’t involved in his transformation. He will continue his life as a mortal and die a mortal death. Angel is sent out of the chamber and Doyle says that he just went in a second earlier. Angel tells him that his mortality is real, and now that he has his life ahead of him, he doesn’t know what to do. Doyle says that he can do whatever he wants, then asks what he does want. Apparently he wants Buffy, because he finds her at the beach and they start making out. Back at Angel’s office, it’s 5:00 and Cordelia is complaining that Buffy’s presence has killed one of Angel’s plants. Doyle is confused by this logic and wonders if Cordelia is jealous of Buffy. She mentions that Buffy and Angel have been in his apartment for two and a half hours and that them having sex probably won’t have good consequences (see “Surprise”). Doyle points out that they don’t have to worry about Angel’s soul-losing curse anymore, and they might not be having sex anyway. (Just how naïve is he?) In fact, Angel and Buffy are having tea. He apologizes for kissing her, thinking that they might be jinxing things by rushing back into their relationship. They both wonder if his mortality is a trick, or if there’s a loophole that they don’t know about. Angel thinks it might be worth it to wait and see what will happen, especially since he doesn’t want Buffy to get hurt again. She’s hurt by this and starts to leave so that they won’t be tempted. However, their willpower isn’t too great, and they wind up getting friendly.

Later, post-coitus, Buffy and Angel enjoy some food in bed. There’s some inappropriateness with some ice cream that I won’t go into. Cordelia and Doyle drink at a bar, Cordelia worrying that she’s out of a job while Doyle wonders if this means he no longer has to be connected to the Powers That Be. He thinks that he’ll be able to go out and do whatever he wants in the world, but before he can get a start on that, he has another vision. This one is of the demon attacking Angel again. Back in bed, Buffy enjoys the sound of Angel’s heartbeat and the two of them decide that they’ll be able to make their relationship work. She tells him that she finally feels like a normal girl with a normal boyfriend. Later, Angel leaves his bedroom, where Buffy’s sleeping, and runs into Doyle, who tells him that the demon regenerated itself. Angel says that he’ll have to kill it again, but Doyle points out that he’s mortal now and can’t be as strong as he was before. Plus, if the demon can regenerate itself, Angel might not be able to make it stay dead. Doyle asks Angel if he wants to bring Buffy along, but Angel wants to let her sleep. Angel and Doyle head to a saline plant (since the demon needs a lot of salt to survive), where Doyle repeats that he thinks Buffy should have come along. Angel wants to prove that he can still fight demons on his own. The demon appears and Doyle is knocked out of the fight pretty quickly; Angel doesn’t fare much better, eventually choosing to run instead of try to fight on his own.

Buffy catches Cordelia putting sticky notes on various objects around Angel’s office, since Angel never set up a severance package for her. Buffy asks where Angel went and Cordelia replies that she’s not supposed to tell. Buffy blasts her for being immature and Cordelia blasts her back for being selfish by wanting to have Angel and save the world at the same time. She accidentally lets it slip that Angel went to fight something and Buffy catches on. The demon chases after Angel, and just before Angel gets shish kabobed, Buffy arrives and fights the demon. Angel realizes that it’ll die if the jewel in its forehead is smashed, so Buffy does so, succeeding. Later, Angel returns to the Oracles (bringing a Ching dynasty vase as his offering) and says that the demon told him the “end of days had begun.” He asks what will happen to Buffy when that time comes, and the Oracles reply that she’ll die, just like every other mortal. He tries to beg for her life, but the Oracles can’t give or take life. He asks them to take back his mortality instead, but they say that they can’t do that, either. Their only bargain is that they “swallow this day, as though it had never happened” - everything will go back to exactly twenty-four hours from the moment Angel was first attacked by the demon. Angel will be the only one who remembers what happened. Back at Angel’s apartment, it’s 8:56. Angel tells Buffy that he went back to the Oracles and asked them to take back his mortality. He doesn’t want her to fight and die alone, and they can’t be together, because it’s not safe. Buffy is incredibly upset by this decision, especially since they don’t know what they could have had. In their last minute, Buffy repeats over and over, “I’ll never forget.” There’s a white flash, and everything goes back to the previous day, when Buffy started to leave the office. The demon arrives and Angel calmly smashes the jewel with his clock. He and Buffy share a few words, and Angel notices that his clock has stopped at 9:02. When he looks back up, Buffy is gone.


GRADE: B+ “Pangs” was better.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I love chocolate! Uh, but not, as it turns out, yogurt. Urgh!” - Angel

“They’ve got the forbidden love of all time. They have been apart for months. Now he’s suddenly human? I’m sure they are down there just having tea and crackers.” - Cordelia

Angel: “Why didn’t you ever tell me about chocolate and peanut butter?”
Buffy: “Well, I figured if your vamp taste buds couldn’t really savor it, then it would only hurt you, you know? By the way, I’m over the whole needing to be mature thing. That time you just spent in the kitchen? That was enough time apart.”

Doyle: “I’m finally free to go out in the world and make me own mark in the world.”
Cordelia: “We had a cat that used to do that.”

“I’m good for exactly two things: international superstardom, or helping a vampire with a soul to rid the world of evil. That makes for a short but colorful résumé.” - Cordelia

Cordelia: “You know, I’m in real pain here and all you can do is talk about Angel. Has it even occurred to you how this whole turning human thing might affect me?”
Buffy: “Regrettably, no.”

Doyle: “So, Buffy and Angel, it’s always been pretty...volatile?”
Cordelia: “That was nothing. One time they kicked the daylights out of each other at the mall - I was too embarrassed to shop there for, like, weeks.”
Doyle: “It must have been good sometime....”
Cordelia: “At first he was just hanging around in the shadows, spying on us - boy, a lot’s changed there, huh? I was seeing someone at the time, so I guess he sort of fixated on her.”
Doyle: “And eventually they got together.”
Cordelia: “Did they ever - on her 17th birthday. Which kicked in his knowing a moment of true happiness curse, and then it really got ugly.”
Doyle: “He went bad, tried to kill her.”
Cordelia: “He tried to kill everybody. You weren’t really goin’ out much after dark in those days.... Then she ran him through with a sword, sent him to Hell. He popped out four months later, which was like a hundred years of torment in demon time or something.... His hair’s never really been the same.” (from the original script)

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