Written by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker; directed by Craig Zisk

In Irkutsk, Russia, Vaughn meets with someone named Anatoly to discuss something called Black Thorine, a vial of which was stolen. Anatoly is shot, but before Vaughn can be harmed, Sydney appears and the two of them fight some soldiers. Back in L.A., Sydney returns home to find Sloane visiting with Nadia. She kicks him out and tells Nadia that Sloane has an ulterior motive other than just bonding with her. Nadia notes that Sydney agreed to work with him, but Sydney says that she wanted to keep an eye on him. She can’t believe that Nadia would let him into their house knowing everything that Sloane has done. Nadia replies that she’s not naïve but she thought Sydney had reconciled her past. At APO, the agents discuss Black Thorine, which is so powerful that just a drop of it can decimate a city block. Sloane says that his sources report the Russians are panicking over its disappearance; Sydney would like to know who his sources are. Jack reports that a man named Boris Tambor seems to have bought the Black Thorine, so Sydney’s mission is to get into his Monte Carlo hotel suite and gather more information. After the meeting, Sydney complains to Dixon about Sloane’s visit and admits that she’s not sure she can work for him after all. Dixon tells her that he dreams about Diane a lot, and every time she tells him to do the right thing. The only way he makes peace with Sloane is to do the right thing every day.

Sydney meets up with Nadia at a shooting range and apologizes for her behavior the previous night. She lets her know that she understands her situation because when Irina returned, she wanted to get to know her, too. The two sisters then do some side-by-side shooting. In Monte Carlo, Nadia dresses as a maid and vacuums outside Tambor’s suite in order to mask the sound of Sydney drilling a hole in the wall. She feeds a small camera through the hole so she, Nadia, Vaughn, and Weiss can spy on Tambor. The four wait for him to leave his suite, but he appears to be staying in for the night so he can watch soccer. The four learn from the agents back in L.A. that Tambor owns one of the teams playing, so he won’t be leaving. Sydney and Nadia spot women’s perfume, shoes, and magazines in the room and determine that Tambor has a girlfriend they can use to get into the room. Sydney decides that she’s probably in the hotel bar, so she and Nadia just have to get her to bring them upstairs. Nadia snags clothes from another hotel guest so she and Sydney can make a costume change. Vaughn and Weiss are both impressed with them. In the bar, the sisters quickly find Tambor’s girlfriend and bond with her over how men suck. They get a little tipsy and the girlfriend, Bridget, invites them back to her suite.

Nadia distracts Tambor with a discussion about soccer while Sydney clones his hard drive. The guys are again impressed. Nadia then gets Tambor’s PDA and passes it to Sydney by using a trick that Weiss taught her. Weiss asks Vaughn if it would be weird if they were dating sisters. Tambor gets up before Nadia can slip his PDA back in his pocket, and a minute later he notices that it’s missing. He tells his guards to search Sydney and Nadia’s bags, so Nadia pretends that she found the PDA on the couch. The sisters leave, happy that their mission was successful. Back in L.A., however, Sloane isn’t happy about the way things turned out, since Nadia and Sydney didn’t follow orders. Sydney is dismissive but Sloane reminds her that she answers to him and it’s unacceptable for her to question his authority. Sydney tells him exactly how much she hates working for him. Marshall interrupts the tense situation to announce that the Black Thorine will be sold in 16 hours. Later, Jack tells everyone that Tambor is selling the Black Thorine on his yacht, which is currently in the Black Sea, which means APO will have to attack stealthily. Tambor’s safe is difficult to crack, so Marshall provides a wireless monitor and a small camera contained in a ring (which he pretends to propose to Jack with). Sloane wants Vaughn and Dixon to go on the mission, but Sydney and Nadia want to finish what they started.

After the meeting, Jack and Sloane argue about whether or not their daughters should go on the mission. Sloane doesn’t want them to think that their behavior in Monte Carlo is being rewarded. Jack notes that Sloane isn’t going to make any progress with Nadia if he keeps her from working with Sydney. On his yacht, Tambor entertains guests while Bridget tries to cause trouble for him. Sydney and Nadia arrive via scuba diving and head below deck, where Nadia tries to open the safe and Sydney watches the men in the next room. Sloane spots a familiar face and tells Marshall to look up information on a man named Leo Orissa. Dixon gives Nadia the code to the safe, but when she opens it, she sees a lot more Black Thorine than expected. Sydney and Nadia have to hide while one of Tambor’s guards approaches to open the safe himself. Tambor asks Orissa what he plans to do with the Black Thorine; Orissa reveals that he plans to take over his organization. With some help from Bridget, Orissa goes after Tambor and their guards fight each other. Sydney and Nadia have to jump overboard and get to a dock, where they tell the agents back in L.A. that there’s a ton of Black Thorine on the boat. Jack and Marshall determine that Tambor has figured out how to make Black Thorine, and if Orissa knows where the lab is, he’ll get to all of it. Sloane tells Nadia to take out all of the guards while he speaks to Orissa through Sydney. This requires her cooperation.

Sydney returns to the boat and tells Orissa that she works for Sloane. While Nadia takes out guards, Sydney informs Orissa that Sloane wants 50 percent of his profits. Bridget tries to talk him out of this but Sydney points out that she basically led her there. Orissa isn’t happy about this. Orissa agrees to the deal and Sloane tells Sydney to ask for insurance, namely the location of the lab. While Nadia struggles to keep the upper hand, Sydney relays a story Sloane tells her about a man he killed. She informs Orissa that she knows what kind of man Sloane is and if he makes the deal difficult, Sloane will come after him. Orissa gives up the location of the lab, which ticks Bridget off so much that she kills him. Sydney and Nadia fight Bridget and kill her. At APO, Jack tells Sloane that he did what he had to do, but Sloane doesn’t think he’ll be working with Sydney again. On the yacht, Sydney and Nadia toast their success and Nadia talks about how she used to think not having connections like family would make her a good spy. Now she’s not so sure. Back in L.A., Weiss tries to regale Nadia with card tricks and Sloane congratulates Sydney on a successful mission. She tells him that she’ll never forgive him for what he’s done to her and the people she loves.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Oh, I’m sorry, I ordered a French maid.” - Weiss to Nadia

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